The Birthday Gift - 7
Friday, March 31, 2006

Jayne gets Kaylee out of hot water and into the sack with a snack.


Disclaimer: Not mine, not paid. Love ‘em, all the same. They’re getting waterlogged so I thought I’d let ‘em dry off a bit, have a snack.

Thanks: To dear Jacqui, my best beta buddy and to Rion, my own Big Bad Man, who is so very inspirational.

Rating: You asked, so I’m gratifyin’ ya - NC17/R. Sex and food and more sex.

Feedback: Oh yes, kind readers. I grovel nicely, do tricks even. Praise or gripe, it's appreciated, especially if you like a particular bit. To read the previous six chapters or any of my other stories, click on my name. Makes a lot more fun when you’ve read the lead-up.

The Birthday Gift

Chapter Seven

“Happy Birthday, Kaylee, that’s number five…” The little mechanic trembled and then stilled in his arms, breathing hard.

The candles were burning down, the water had grown cool and both of them were wrinkled as a pair of prunes. Jayne noticed that Kaylee was starting to get gooseflesh from the chill and sat them both upright.

“Pull that plug, hon, and let’s get you out and warmed up some. Don’t want ya getting’ sick or nothin’.”

He pushed himself up and stepped over the rim of the tub, wet and glistening like some ancient sea god, then steadied Kaylee as she climbed out. Her face, as she looked up at him, was all soft and smiley and she looked more than a little drunk.

“Made me a little weak in the knees, there, ‘ya know, “ she grinned.

“Good thing, since that was exactly what I was aimin’ for,” he chuckled. He took one of the big red towels and began to gently and methodically dry her off like he would a small child.

“Gimme yer foot.”

Kaylee put an arm across Jayne’s shoulder to steady herself. “That’s alright. Ya can just lean on me. Ain’t gonna let ya fall.”

Having burnished her dry, he grabbed the robe hanging nearby and slipped it around her to keep her from getting chilled. Another towel and he quickly wiped himself down, then blew out the candles. Beaumond’s twin moons had risen and their light pooled on the bedroom floor, fragmented by the lace across the window.

His lips brushed her forehead, then he slipped one arm under hers and around her back, the other under her knees and easily lifted her to rest against his chest.

“Bed’s gotta feel a hell of a lot better than a tub a cold water. Hang on here…” He carefully maneuvered them through the doorway and set her gently down on the edge of the bed, then went back for his clothes.

That was when Kaylee saw the birthday cake, lit by the soft glow of the oil lamp, all pink and white like the party dress she’d hung at the foot of her bunk. Across the side she could see a distinctly bare streak, where Jayne had scooped off the icing. She giggled.


Kaylee pointed at the cake. “Now I get the pink stuff.”

He grinned, “Well, I had to be sure it was fit to eat. You never know what people might put in a cake. Once got me a hacksaw blade that way.”

He patted his naked stomach and then began to root through his pants pockets until he found his knife. “You hungry? Cause I sure as hell am.”

Kaylee stared wide-eyed as he carved a fat wedge from the confection and plopped it onto an empty plate from the nearby dresser.

Jayne glanced at the long icing-smeared blade and deftly licked it clean before giving it a final wipe with a napkin, clicking it shut and dropping it on top of his pants. From the other treats on the tray, he selected fruit and assorted cookies.

Kaylee shook her head in wonder, gaping at the amount of food Jayne had piled onto the little china plate.

“Here… “ He shoved the plate into her hands. “Hold this for me.” It was all she could do not to burst out laughing at the naked mercenary serving up a midnight snack.

Jayne noticed the plum wine and grabbed up the chilled bottle. “Guess we even got us a little somethin’ to wash this all down with, huh?” Ignoring the single delicate glass provided, he eased the cork out with his teeth and set the bottle on the bedside table, then took the overflowing plate from Kaylee and made room for it nearby.

Jayne gently peeled the robe from her shoulders and kissed the nape of her neck before they slipped under the covers together. The pillows were fat and fluffy and the mattress seemed huge compared to the hard, narrow bunks they were used to back on Serenity.

Kaylee surveyed the splendor of the room and patted the coverlet. “Ooo! I really gotta thank ‘Nara. This is real shiny!”

Noticing their reflection in the dressing mirror, she looked sideways at Jayne, feeling somehow a little shy. “Guess this is the first time we’ve had a real bed to share, huh? Bunks on Serenity get kinda tiresome after awhile, ain’t really made for two.”

“Neither are stairwells, but that ain’t stopped us, has it?”

Jayne winked at her and took a big swig from the plum wine, toasting her as he did so. “To Kaywinnit Lee Frye, the sweetest lil’ gal in the whole ruttin’ ‘Verse.” He passed her the bottle and she took a slug, too.

“Tastes like Inara got ya the good stuff.” The merc smacked his lips.

He balanced the plate on his belly and alternately fed Kaylee bites and stuffed himself, picking little tidbits with his fingers and feeding them to her. The ice-cold sweetness of the wine helped to wash down the barrage of cake, icing, and treats and began building a nice buzz in both of them.

”That’s a bit stronger than that hooch ya brew back on Serenity.” Jayne noted. He wore the happy, open, goofy look that alcohol often gave him. Kaylee just looked especially smiley. Goofy was good. A goofy Jayne, especially dear.

When they’d managed to put a serious hurtin’ on the treats and the bottle was mostly emptied, Jayne belched amiably and piled the remains back on the bedside table as Kaylee giggled.

He turned to her and slipped his arm around her shoulder, drawing her close, snuggled up against his warmth. “Come here, gal.” She smiled up as he gently stroked his hand through her clean, damp hair. “You make me feel all quiet and peaceful inside, Kaylee, and that’s just not something I’ve felt much of in my hard-ass life.”

“It’s been catch as catch can for weeks on the ship an’ that was fun an’ all. But tonight, I just want it to be sweet an’ easy between us, want to give you back some of what you been givin’ me.”

Jayne studied the girl’s huge dark eyes and bent to kiss her tenderly, almost reverently. Kaylee thought about how different the man could be from one minute to the next. His focus and ferocity could be frightening, his passion overwhelming. Then there were moments when he amazed her with his gentleness. It was almost as if, with her alone, Jayne could be the man he might have been had life dealt less harshly with him.

His warm, moist lips moved over her face, placing kisses on her eyelids, her cheeks, falling again to her mouth. His closely barbered beard and mustache tickled and teased in a pleasant sort of way and rasped against her neck as he nibbled and mouthed the hollow of her jaw. She arched her neck to open the sensitive flesh of her throat to him, squirmed as he sucked hard at the offering.

She could feel the coiling warmth deep inside her again, the ache for him that built as he caressed her, big hands wandering over the landscape of her body, following the contours of her hip bones, the hollow beneath her rib cage. It was as if the mercenary was trying to memorize every inch of her terrain, lock it away in his memory against the day when she’d move on.

The electricity of his contact surged in her and she cried out softly, shivering at the intense pleasure of Jayne’s touch. He cupped a breast and softly cradled it, teasing her nipple until it rose to his kisses, his hot breath a blessing.

“Ai ya, ya got the sweetest titties, Kaylee. I could just nibble on ‘em all night. “

With lips and tongue he worried and suckled the tender peaks, moving from breast to breast and smiling to himself as she shifted responsively against him, grinding her heat and wetness against his thigh.

Kaylee sighed. She knew he would hold her at the edge, managing her pleasure so that she only found release when he was ready. She’d never had a lover who knew so exactly how to touch her, who sensed so instinctively what her body craved, even sensed the things she longed for but dared not ask.

He grinned up at her from his perspective just above her belly. “I think we stopped a few short on your birthday cummin’s, earlier. What was we up to, babygirl? About five?”

Kaylee panted. “Jayne, please…” and tried to rub herself against his hardness.

“Or… I could always just spank ya and get that part outta the way…” His laugh was low and provocative.

Kaylee squeaked, “Aw, come on Jayne. That ain’t nice. I really don’t need spankin’. I need you.”

“Mal might say otherwise.”

“Mal ain’t in here and I’m right sure he didn’t give you no orders to go spankin’ on me!” She struggled against his strength as he easily pinned her with his mass.

“I got a better idea. “ He shifted on the wide bed and lifted one of her long legs over his shoulder, then began to kiss and tease his way toward her aching nethers. Each kiss was like an electric shock and she jerked and shifted under him.

“Definitely a better idea.” She grabbed his short dark hair in her fists and steered him toward her center.


(To be continued...)


Friday, March 31, 2006 4:11 AM



Hot and sweet, and all kinds of wonderful. I love this side of Jayne. He's so tender with her, gives me the warm fuzzies.

Nice little intimate interlude, though I'm guessing by the ending that we're heading back into 'Guh!' territory next chapter.

Keep 'em coming. (No pun intended) ;P

Friday, March 31, 2006 4:13 AM


So shiny....... and hot!!! *sigh*

Your Jayne and Kaylee are so sweet and sexy together...

Keep 'em coming! (no pun intended!)

Friday, March 31, 2006 4:18 AM


Beautiful again! What a birthday celebration! Can't wait for more.

Friday, March 31, 2006 6:50 AM


Much better than birthday spankings! Just like Jayne to belch in bed, though. Looking forward to more, more, more!

Friday, March 31, 2006 8:10 AM


I don't know, birthday spankings from Jayne...anyway (fans self)...Great series so far, can't wait to read the rest!

Friday, March 31, 2006 1:18 PM


love it. it's hot and sweet at the same time. i love this side of jayne. can't wait for the next installment

Sunday, April 2, 2006 10:19 AM


i love that he calls her 'babygirl.' so so awwww.


Sunday, June 4, 2006 2:39 AM


*passes 'welcome to guh!-country' sign*




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