The Cape episodes 1.01 and 1.02 descriptions.

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Here are the official descriptions for The Cape's first two episodes. The episodes will be aired back to back Sunday, January 9th 2011, making it a two hours movie premiere.

1×01 – Pilot
WHEN A COP IS UNJUSTLY FRAMED FOR CRIMES, HE IS FORCED TO TEAM UP WITH CARNIVAL MISFITS AND TAKE ON A NEW IDENTITY, FIGHT CRIME AND WIN HIS FAMILY BACK — Fueled by a desire to reunite with his wife Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) and son Trip (Ryan Wynott), former police officer Vince Faraday (David Lyons) becomes “The Cape” — his son’s favorite comic book superhero — and takes the law into his own hands and to battle criminal forces that have overtaken Palm City. Faraday is joined by Max Malini (Keith David), the ringleader of a circus gang of bank robbers, who mentors Faraday and trains him to become “The Cape,” as well as investigative blogger Orwell (Summer Glau) who wages war on crime and corruption in Palm City. Together, they must battle Ark corporation billionaire Peter Fleming (James Frain) — The Cape’s nemesis — who moonlights as the twisted killer “Chess.” Also starring are Vinnie Jones (as Scales), Martin Klebba (Rollo), Dorian Missick (Marty), Izabella Mike (Raia) and Anil Kumar (Ruvi).

1×02 – Tarot
WHEN ARK CORPORATION THREATENS TO PRIVATIZE PALM CITY’S PRISONS, THE CAPE MUST FIND A WAY TO STOP THEM BEFORE THINGS TURN DEADLY — The Cape (David Lyons) must battle Chess (James Frain) and his latest accomplice Cain — a/k/a Chef (guest star Raza Jaffrey) — as they try to take down Patrick Portman (guest star Richard Schiff), the Secretary for the Bureau of Prisons, in an attempt to take over Palm City’s jails. After narrowly escaping death, The Cape must rely on Orwell (Summer Glau), Max Malini (Keith David) and the circus gang to nurse him back to health and then help him save Patrick before it is too late. Also starring are Vinnie Jones (as Scales), Martin Klebba (Rollo), Dorian Missick (Marty), Izabella Mike (Raia) and Anil Kumar (Ruvi)






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