Looking for name of a battle in the Independent War

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Sunday, November 6, 2011 4:17 PM


I'm looking for the name of a battle in the War between the Alliance and the Independents to insert into one of my fics. The context is, that the battle is in the early part of the war, and the Independents aren't yet hanging on by their toenails. The only named battles I really know about are the Battle of Serenity Valley (of course), the Battle of Dhu Khang, and the Battle of Sturges (space battle). What I'd like is a land battle that Mal and Zoe plausibly could have participated in, so something involving infantry. The scenario in my story is that Mal missed this particular battle because he was temporarily assigned to a duty that took him away from his regular unit. I don't have the RPG handbook, so if there is any info on battles/war history in there, I don't really have access to it.

Anybody have any info or suggestions?


Sunday, November 6, 2011 5:36 PM


Actually, I don't recall that the RPG or any of the other resources specifically name any other battles besides the three you mentioned.

Early in the war there was that one skirmish where the Indies managed to ambush an entire naval battlegroup and take out the cruiser I.A.V. Alexander using information from a double agent, but no name given there either. Other than that, I guess it's up to your imagination.

But I figure early in the war when the Alliance thought a show of intimidation and that people would go back to their homes when told to, they weren't taking things very seriously, and the Indies may have had a fighting chance.

You might try Athens for the world, the RPG does mention that it was an Alliance supporting world at first, then the indies came in and tried to hold it, until the Alliance took to bombing their own cities. Now there's a lot of salvage that goes on in the ruins - which you're supposed to have a license for, but you know how it is, the extra-legal activity will find a way. There's also a rumoured secret Blue Sun facility.

Or, you could take a leaf out of the unfilmed script Tim Minear produced. A guy who was formerly in Mal's unit bombed a factory and the civilians on Verbena, and the crew of Serenity nearly took the heat for it before bringing the perpetrator to justice. But the act put the whole world into an uproar, the economy has slumped, the population is restless and angry, and they now hate browncoats on sight.


Monday, November 7, 2011 6:13 AM


I'm cool with making it up...just wanted to check that I wasn't re-writing canon before inventing the name of the battle.

The Dead or Alive script offers some interesting fodder for the fanfic writer--and so do earlier drafts of some of the episodes, with scenes that were re-written or cut before filming. Gives some insight into the thoughts behind the production.


Monday, November 7, 2011 6:30 AM


Oh yeah. Every now and then one of the writers or actors will drop a plot bunny right on top of the fanfic writers. It's usually pregnant and has a litter right there on your lap. And while the baby juices are drying on your legs, they hop down and get into the pen with the other plot bunnies, then they draw little switchblades on each other. Fun times.

That metaphor kinda got away from me. I mean, where did the switchblades come from? They tend to be both longer and wider than the animal's entire digestive tract. More likely to be a near fatal obstruction than anything a rabbit could reasonably pull out for its defense. And yet, this is the reality we live in.

My bet's on Silver.


Sunday, November 27, 2011 7:11 AM


You could also do battles that happen in conjunction with those mentioned and place them on the same planets. It's possible that smaller battles happened at the same time on the same worlds elsewhere as forces were divided or as reinforcements tried to reach the larger battle sites.







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