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Wednesday, November 9, 2011 8:21 AM


I am looking to create a new Firefly fan film or series of web videos. What I want is an original script that does not include or reference the original characters or the Serenity. This would be created as a single film and possibly expanded to a series, depending on the response.

This is not what fan films usually end up as, someone with a camera and some passion. I have been shooting video professionally for nearly a decade, and I regularly work production jobs on set and otherwise. I'm actually working on a small special effects job right now- a few minutes ago I hit Brian O'Halloran (from Clerks) with an energy blast.

The production is to begin with the creation of an LLC to hold liability. Fundraising through crowdsourcing will then be pushed to raise enough funds to build sets, get proper actors, costumes and everything else. I also have names of certain people who have shown interest in large personal investments. This would be done correctly to create a truly cinematic, professional show. I would like to then see enough attention build that we can raise funds for a second episode, but that remains to be seen. None of this can happen, of course, until a polished draft is ready. Note that I live in the San Francisco Bay area (north bay), so besides my existing contacts and resources I can find a lot of talented people around here.

The writer I work with needs to be ready for rewrites, familiar with screenplay formatting and possibly willing to write more later on. That last one's not a deal breaker. Multiple writers are fine. Storylines can be anything really, as long as it doesn't conflict with the existing media. They could be a new crew in a new ship, the originally colonists leaving Earth, something focused on the Alliance... anything.

If you'd like to be that writer, I need you to email me, message me or post here with a couple of things. The first is a title and logline. If I can't get the basic idea from a quick line I won't be bothering to look at what you have. If already written you need to include a page count as well, and I would like to see a quick description of locations, characters, expanded story, any sort of short paragraph that tells me what you think I need to know. My email address is . It might be best to post here if you're comfortable with it, since that way people can be inspired even if I don't pick yours.

The other thing I need is word that a team is being built. If you have writer friends, even if they've never tackled the FF universe, let them now. Or just friends that could be helpful on set here in the SF Bay. I want to make this big. Lord of the Rings has 'The Hunt for Gollum', we'll have this. Please respond quickly, as script development takes time. Thanks.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011 8:35 AM


As an afterthought on this, if people would like to join the marketing team to raise awareness once we get moving I'd also like to hear from you. This would be handling social media more than anything.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011 8:57 AM


"Fool Me Twice"!/pages/Fool-Me-Twice/131531913523793

An Alliance Sergeant,
sent to squelch former-Independent businessmen who have turned to smuggling
under UAP rule,
re-examines his life at the end of his career.

25 page script, costumes, props, shooting schedule
and no production company.
Also on the East Coast.

I guess if I was in a position to actually consider a partnership, I'd want a little more info to back YOUR credibility.
I remember "Courage: The Series" all too well.
A lot of bluster that pulled in some talented folks,
only to produce a piece of work that was poorly done.

I also question the ability to create an LLC that is producing a work in another person's/ companies' intellectual property.

If you do figure a path and start a project,
let me know for inclusion in this thread:
Firefly Fan Film Roundup
currently the most complete, all-in-one listing of Firefly Fan Films
with over 11,000 views.



Wednesday, November 9, 2011 9:08 AM


I definitely understand the hesitation on partnership, and I want to be clear that I don't consider a post or email to be an offer- just an offer for discussion. So if you're hesitant based on that, post anyway and we'll clear it up later.

As for the legalities, I intend to get permissions wherever possible. That's something I'm still pursuing and can't say anything seriously on until I have a first draft for sure.

And thank you for replying.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011 10:55 AM


Im unclear. Are you asking for writers to handle individual stories? It seems more like you want someone to basically "create" the series for you - characters/concepts/potential storylines/etc.

"Goram it kid, let's frak this thing and go home! Engage!"


Wednesday, November 9, 2011 11:18 AM


That's about right. My experience is with production more than anything. I have a large cache of equipment and all sorts of know-how behind the scenes, but I don't really think much of things I write on my own. I can write with a partner, so I can help develop characters and dialog, but it's just not my strong point. So what I want is a script to shoot; any interesting story in the Firefly universe. It doesn't even have to be a setup for a series, I'm really only concerned with the first production. What I'm hoping for is that someone already has an outline or even a script, as with the first reply, which can be developed further. A starting point for creating a high quality addition to the Firefly universe.


Friday, December 9, 2011 6:14 PM


There will be fire and brimstone and Earth will be destroyed!... in several billion years!----------------------------------------- "Well, so long Earth. Thanks for the air... and what-not." -Philip J. Fry

Wondering, what about a series about a relative of one of the characters using thinly veiled references like "I have a cousin, twice removed, that has his own ship..." Or "I have a daughter, she's a mechanic on a starship..."

Or is that murky legal waters?

BTW, good luck. I haven't been able to feel much connection about past crew suggestions. There was something about Firefly that was such... poetry. Warm tones and textures and visual imagery and art just came together and made the characters feel live. I'm not saying nobody but Joss could get it done, but I don't envy you the task. I really do hope it's just amazing('cause nothin short of amazing will do ).


Monday, December 12, 2011 6:49 PM


There will be fire and brimstone and Earth will be destroyed!... in several billion years!----------------------------------------- "Well, so long Earth. Thanks for the air... and what-not." -Philip J. Fry

Did ya see the Vigilence post?







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