Please help! Can't remember fic name.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011 6:35 PM


So i haven't been on the site fora very long time. I had a few stories book marked on my old laptop and i found one of them, adam's rib. well there is another one i'd really like to find but i can't remember the name of it but here is everything i can remember about it:

either serenity has landed on a planet to do a job or they were forced to land becuase some part went bad. they go to this guy who is kind of like a big time leader, he's building a city and wants to make a real hospital. mal gives him the ambulance kaylee and wash had made in exchange for parts from a crashed or derelict firefly not far from the mans homes. some wild, or mountain, or maybe just criminals take over the mans house. kaylee is in the ship finding parts and one of the mans sons is killed outside by the criminals and one is shot inside. i can't remember if river kind of possesses kaylee or not and fights one of the criminals through her (might be another story). kaylee takes a bunch of mattresses to protect herself and the guy that survives when the criminals try to kill them on the derelict ship. she then uses them to create a bed or sling of sorts to protect them from the g-forces and she fires the engines for a second and the forces kill the criminals. at the end of the fic kaylee i think is sitting in her room with river and tells her the story of the ship that saved her life, she had found it's name somewhere.

anyway, if ANYONE knows the name of this story please let me know. i think the name of the story might have something to do with the name of the derelict firefly that was on the planet. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!







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