A Battle for Serenity Valley Fic looking for Beta

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012 10:21 PM



As the title suggests, my fic is my imagination on how Battle for Serenity Valley happened. I have 3 chapters written, a forth one almost done, but the length of this entire fic is looking to be at least 15-20ish. Each chapter is under 2K words.

I wanted to stay true to the canon, which from the series was simply the Battle took place over 3 days, Mal (sergeant) was in command of 4 thousand-ish troops (a logistical nightmare, btw, to have soooo many Lieutenants and higher ranking officers die, but it will happen, lol). There are apparently other info on various wikis, but I am not going to go out of my way to include those.

I would say this fic is action, but I also like to include the politics and some amount of characterization for the main OCs that I am using. There are a lot of OCs, an obvious given. I do have one OC that might appear to be a deux ex machina, but he will be crippled by politics and other situations such that the battle is on even grounds.

So, if anyone is interested, please let me know. I'll send you what I have, and you can see if you are interested enough in my style/plot/idea to want to beta this story.



Thursday, January 5, 2012 4:27 AM


Hello Gstormcrow!

Your story sounds interesting. I’ll offer some advice and have a few questions that may lead to getting what you want here.

1) The story is already written so all you’re needing is a beta reader right? I would try getting someone that you know to help you with this. If need be print it out and have them make corrections right on the paper. They needn’t be a Firefly fan to beta.

2) Although your beta does not have to be familiar with the series, it’s a big help if they are. There are many folk here, on this site, and even elsewhere online that can help, and will be happy to do it. Sorry, but I’m not volunteering myself. I’m really not that good at it.

3) I will say that writing battle scenes are tough! I’ve done several myself, and special care has to be taken when doing it. Since you already have nearly 4 chaps written, I feel that posting them one at a time in the BSR, and giving a space of a few days for readers to find them and make comments is the best way to go. There may be questions a reader has and you can clear things up before continuing.

4) Stay focused and if you already have an ending in mind work to achieve it. Part of the enjoyment of fan-fic is the journey getting there.

Good luck & I’m ready to see you posting…..ZBP


Thursday, January 5, 2012 1:00 PM


Thanks for your advice, zzetta13!

I do have a friend who I ask to beta for grammar/spelling error/general pose, but he is not really into action fanfic, or firefly for that matter, so I can't exactly ask him to critic the overall progression of the plot, so that is my purpose for asking around here.

I am very excited to write battle scenes! I have written a very short sniper scene so far, but I am still finishing up with the setup and character introductions. I will get to my first skirmish soon.

I actually got the idea for my fic by randomly imagining the ending. I haven't written it yet, and the ending scene has evolved in my head as I wrote in unplanned OCs, but I am excited to (eventually) get there!

The main issue I have with this fic is time. I wrote my first 4 chapters over the course of one semester of college (so about 4-5 months), a very slow rate, and so I want to have a few more chapters written before I start to post it, otherwise it could very well read like a dead fic...







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