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Thursday, January 30, 2014 2:19 PM


I have been given the great gift of being able to do a research project on Firefly! Part of my project is to interview fans... If you all could help out that would be splendid!

What do you like about Firefly?
Why are you drawn to it?
How did you start watching it?
How do you watch it? (All at once, regularly, in a group)
Who is your favorite character and why?
Is there anything you don’t like about the show?
What do you think the show says about people in general?
What do you think the show says about cultural and humanity?
What do you think the show says about human nature?
Is the show light/dark, optimistic/ pessimistic?
How realistic is the show?
In what capacities do you interact with other fans of the show?
Do you feel that Firefly is important for others to watch? Why or why not?
Do you actively attempt to get others to watch Firefly? How to you go about pitching it?
What is your age, gender, and occupation? (For a census of a target audience)
Finally: Any other thoughts or opinions you may want to contribute to my research.


Thursday, January 30, 2014 5:30 PM


1. Have always had an affinity for anti-heroes, and there aren't many that aren't serial killers or sexual deviants. Plus it's space-y and I was a bottlefed Trekker, and FF just made more sense to me.

2. Independent folk thumbing their noses at a corrupt system. I'd hate think we'd finally made it to another solar system just to be trapped in the same fei-oo we've got here. FREEEEDOM!!!!!!!

3. Had seen everything else at the movie rental place and I had seen adverts couple years before, and thought it looked neat then, so I gave it a go.

4. Just get in a mood and watch one every now 'n then. Whichever disk I find, they're all good.

5. I actually identify with all of them a bit, I've always thought each character represented a piece of Joss's psyche or of people he knows, too.

6. That there isn't MORE of it, of course

7. I can't speak about people in general, as I'm not a fan of humanity myself. On that note, maybe its "Everyone has someone they'd like to see kicked through an engine." Ok, ok. if I have to get warm and fuzzy-It's about finding a family and some charming obsolete junk about loyalty.

8. Lotsa blending!! (lord knows we could all use some expanded horizons these days). And that patriotism is going to not mean as much to some.

9. Some people will always be fighters, and some people will always pretend not to see ANYTHING even if you poke their eyes out with it. Hocus pocus, do not focus!

10. At times, all of 'em. RANGE. It's a good thing!

11. Reavers are a stretch, as are certain tech aspects, but most definitely not any worse than anything else. 'Magination is alls we got, until I'm notified otherwise...

12. More'n I should(chat, RWED, main board, shindigs), but there's not a whole lot of things I like about the rest of the internet. You know that "You have reached the end of the internet" sign?? I've hit that a half-dozen times and I always come back here...Funny thing is I never really considered myself a fan in the fanatic sense, after seven years I'm sure others might- but I've met people from about 20 different countries here, and it's been a cool learning exercise. Picked up a few 'puter skills I never would have otherwise. Been to a couple charity shindigs too and had good times.
I've only had one other show grab me in ten years, and I've yet to meet any other Cumberbitches.

13. I'm not a fan of telling others what to watch, and I doubt some people would ever get it. But sure. I think it's good to have a healthy disrespect for anyone who says they wanna make laws for other people, since we know scientifically that a good measure of those people tend to be psychopaths. Insert something about "absolute power" here...

14. Used to ask people if they'd seen it, not so much lately (although the ones I have asked have said they'd seen it or the movie but most didn't know about both, heh.

15. early thirties, female, domestical mom goddess type Handy with tools, lover of furry critters, Eternal critic of our ineffective educational system of ignorance. Constantly wishing aliens would stop and ask if we'd like to bum a ride elsewhere. Hence the name...

16. Glad I found FF and this place. Woulda been an awfully empty seven years without it, entertainment-wise....


Friday, February 14, 2014 4:02 PM


1. Wow. How to say this in a few words...I love the language and the way that people in that society speak. I love the fact that these people are broken and somehow they have come together to create a family of sorts. It's the story. You learn more about the characters as the series progresses and the story is driven by the people. The fact that it is set in space is great too. I grew up with Star Trek.

2. I am drawn to the great writing of the series and the character development. I like the post-earth scenario. unlike the united federation of planets, this is another scenario that is messier but you get to conjecture the progression from nation states to the imperial state.

3. Unlike many people, I didn't watch it until it was already cancelled. I won't go into how utterly depressed I was when i watched the last episode. it really is the greatest series!

4. I don't know other fans really. I watch it a couple of times a year and follow up with Serenity.

5. I don't know that i have a favorite character. There are qualities of each of them that I am really drawn to. if I had to pick, I might say Kaylee, at least today.

6. well, one reason i didn't get into the show when it first aired (when you could find it!) was the opening song. I am not a big fan of that style of music. But since I have been watching, I have come around to liking it. My opinion is skewed by my love for everything Firefly/Serenity.

7. The show accepts the complexity of people. That is one of the powerful things about it. For instance, Jane is easily written off as a narcissistic thug but you find that he has a soul too. He has a child-like quality that is not unlike Kaylee but he expresses himself in a way that he has had to do to protect himself. It draws you in...the dynamic between Inara and the captain is just maddening. in one season, they accomplished a complexity of characters that other shows never attain.

8. this is the intriguing thing about the language and all of the mixed cultural imagery. i love that the distinct nature of very different cultures melded and new one arose from them. One note about humanity...resiliency.

9. Even in some future reality, we are human, capable of great kindness and great atrocity.

10. The show is realistic about human nature and in the end, i would say even a bit optimistic.

11. I think I already commented on that one.

12. I kind of missed the boat on that. this is my first foray into the fan realm. It would be cool to go to a gathering where other people feel like i do.

13. it is important because it is great art. so yes.

14. I do encourage others and i mention it as a hobby. i have a shirt with the serenity symbol on it to identify with others. No one has mentioned it yet though!

15. I am a 50yr old male. Episcopal Clergy.

I have an illogical hope that the series will come back or at least another movie will be made.






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