Waiting Lists for Single Payer Health Care

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Monday, July 31, 2017 8:09 PM


I keep seeing Libtards denying that there are horrific and catastrophic waiting lists for single payer health care systems, particularly in Canada - patients/victims must wait until after they die before being allowed health care.

All at the same times that I keep hearing about the horrors of waiting lists, and Death Panels, like in Canada, UK, etc.

So here are some linkies which seem to clearly show the failures of the single-payer health care systems. Hope it clarifies some things.




Does this seem sensible enough, or is their plausible deniability remaining?

I see charts showing 40 week wait time before treatment is allowed.

In terms of specialized treatment, national wait times were longest for neurosurgery (46.9 weeks) and shortest for medical oncology (3.7 weeks).

Neurosurgery: 46.9 weeks
Orthopaedic surgery: 38
Ophthalmology: 28.5
Plastic Surgery: 25.9
Otolaryngology: 22.7
Gynaecology: 18.8
Urology: 16.2
Internal medicine: 12.9
Radiation oncology: 4.1
General surgery: 12.1
Cardiovascular: 8.4
Medical oncology: 3.7

I see 28 weeks just to get an appointment with a Specialist in the field of your ailment, assuming the GP got it right the first time.
And then over 20 weeks to get scheduled for treatment.


Monday, July 31, 2017 9:41 PM


Goodbye, kind world (George Monbiot) - In common with all those generations which have contemplated catastrophe, we appear to be incapable of understanding what confronts us.

It would be far better to list wait times for PROCEDURES rather than doctor types. For example, a wait time for dermatology may seem excessive - unless it was for acne. A wait time for an orthopedist might seem excessive - unless it was for an elective cartilage trimming.

This gives a more accurate rendition of wait times in terms of procedures:

Yet there is emerging evidence that lengthy waits to get a doctor’s appointment have become the norm in many parts of American medicine, particularly for general doctors but also for specialists. And that includes patients with private insurance as well as those with Medicaid or Medicare.

The study found that 26 percent of 2,002 American adults surveyed said they waited six days or more for appointments, better only than Canada (33 percent) and Norway (28 percent), and much worse than in other countries with national health systems like the Netherlands (14 percent) or Britain (16 percent). When it came to appointments with specialists, patients in Britain and Switzerland reported shorter waits than those in the United States, but the United States did rank better than the other eight countries.

... it turns out that America has its own waiting problem. But we tend to wait for different types of medical interventions. And that is mainly a result of payment incentives, experts say.

Americans are more likely to wait for office-based medical appointments that are not good sources of revenue for hospitals and doctors. “It’s the primary care where we’re really behind, with many people waiting six days or more” to get an appointment when they were “sick or needed care.

In our market-based system, patients can get lucrative procedures rapidly, even when there is no urgent medical need: Need a new knee, or an M.R.I., or a Botox injection? You’ll probably be on the schedule within days. But what if you’re an asthmatic whose breathing is deteriorating, or a diabetic whose medicines need adjustment, or an elderly patient who has unusual chest pain and needs a cardiology consultation? In much of the country, you can wait a week or weeks for such office appointments — or longer if you need to find a doctor who accepts your insurance plan or Medicare.

In other countries, people tend to wait longest for expensive elective care — four to six months for a knee replacement and over a month for follow-up radiation therapy after cancer surgery in Canada, for example.

So, in the US, people wait longest when they're urgently sick. While in other countries they wait longest for elective procedures. SHORTER WAITS FOR URGENT CARE AND LONGER WAITS FOR ELECTIVE CARE SEEMS REASONABLE - WOULDN'T YOU AGREE?

And then of course, in those other countries everyone and everything is covered - even long-term nursing home residence for the elderly infirm. That's compared to the US where many people STILL don't have general medical coverage; and some things - like nursing home residence - aren't covered at all.

Trump is not the problem. He set himself against the Deep State's agenda. And the Deep State's been heading for WWIII for years.
As for you, you're just a Deep State useful idiot, furthering its agenda. So I hope you enjoy cesium in your coffee. You've earned it.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017 6:56 PM


132 views with 2 posts in one day?
I wonder if these are FFFs, or robo-links.






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