Interstate Migration.

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Thursday, January 3, 2019 4:54 PM


I heard that some figures were released regarding migration.
Seems it came from IRS, for 2016.

Apparently the leading State for loss of migration, was Democrat stronghold New York. Followed by New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, California, other Libtard Utopias.

So, one viewpoint is that Blue States will lose Electoral Vote Power. The other side is that idiot voters are invading rational lands, and will dilute the reasonable Vote.

The data seems to be for 2016, with NY having a net loss of 76,200 households. IRS defined 2.1 persons per household.
41,900 for Illinois.
25,900 for New Jersey.
25,900 for California.
19,500 for Pennsylvania.
14,500 for Massachusetts.
13,200 for Ohio.
12,200 for Connecticut.
12,000 for Maryland.
10,300 for Michigan.

Gainers were topped by Florida with net gain of 95,000 households.
30,400 for Washington.
25,600 for North Carolina.
24,600 Colorado.
24,200 Arizona.
21,700 Oregon.
19,400 Texas.
18,500 South Carolina.
17,700 Georgia.
14,200 Nevada.

Other gainers: Idaho, Tennessee, Delaware, New Hampshire, Montana, Utah, Maine, South Dakota.

The 25 States with the highest Taxation Rates had a combined net migration loss of over 286,400 households to the 25 States with the lowest Taxation rates. A total of 578,269 people.

Of the 25 States with Highest Taxation, 24 had a net loss of migration. Only Maine had a net gain.

The 25 States with lowest Taxation Rates (State & Local Taxes on Sales, property, personal income taxes - as a percentage of personal income):
Alaska is under 5%.
Delaware is under 6%.
TN, FL under 7%.
NH at about 7%.

OK, SD, AL under 7.5%
MT, VA a little over 7.5%.

SC, ID, WY, MO are at or under 8%.
CO, GA, TX, WA, AZ, NV, NC round out the best 20.
NC, UT are around 8.3%, and are the highest SALT Rates among net migration gainers, except Maine.
LA, MI, KS round out the lowest 25.

By comparison, NY has 13% Tax Rate. HI is about 11.6%. ME, VT are at or over 11%. MN is about 10.4%.


Thursday, January 3, 2019 5:11 PM


I ran across a report from CATO which graded Governors from 43 States.

The 17 highest ranked were all (R), and of the top 23, only 1 was (D). Of the bottom 12, 2 were (R).


Thursday, January 3, 2019 8:05 PM




Originally posted by JEWELSTAITEFAN:
So, one viewpoint is that Blue States will lose Electoral Vote Power. The other side is that idiot voters are invading rational lands, and will dilute the reasonable Vote.

I wouldn't worry too much about this.

At least in the case of Illinois, it's not Democrats that are fleeing the state.

Who are the people most likely to stay in Illinois right now? I can think of three categories.

1. Anybody benefiting from the government dole.
2. Union workers.
3. Rich people.

How many of them do you honestly think are not Democrat?

If you look at a map of Illinois, most of the state is red. We're getting a lot of the people fleeing from Illinois. Doesn't seem to be changing our voting demographics in the slightest.

On the flip side, it's not going to help non-Democrats much either. Anybody fleeing one of these failing states to move to a non-failing state is moving to a state that largely votes against Democrats anyhow.

Do Right, Be Right. :)


Friday, January 4, 2019 1:07 AM


A related thread is tid=62325


Friday, January 4, 2019 3:28 AM


OK, I finished adding data to the OP.

Now, in terms of effects upon the Electoral College, it looks like about 600,000 people of net migration. If that happens every year for 10 years, that is 6 million.
With US population of about 330,000,000 then that is about 1% of the total. With 435 Seats, that is about 4 moving, with 4 being lost and 4 being gained.
7 States have the minimum of 1 Seat in the House: MT (989,400), SD, ND, VT, DE, WY, AK. The remaining 43 States divvy up the remaining 428 Seats. MT will gain a Seat after the next Census.
The 2 Seat States are RI(1,052,900), NH, ME, HI, ID(1,567,600).
CA had 37,252,900 Population for its 53 Seats. (702,880 per Seat).

So if 2016 is an accurate snapshot of the larger trend, then IL(20>19), NJ(14>13), CA(55>54) would lose a Seat in the House, and NY(29>27) would lose 2. All 5 of those Electoral Votes went to Hilliary.

And WA (12>13) would gain a Seat in the House. If FL(29>32) gains 3 Seats, NC (15>16) could gain 1 Seat. But if FL(29>33) gains 4 Seats, NC wouldn't likely gain a Seat. WA went to Hilliary, and the other 4 went to Trump.

So if all States vote the same after the next Census, GoP could gain 4 Electoral Votes (with Dems losing 4) merely on migration alone. And 4 House Seats, which are less likely to be diluted by migrating idiot voters. Dems could lose 4 House Seats, but that is dependant upon Gerrymandering - those 4 States could take out 5 GOP Seats with Gerrymandering.

Currently, FL is tied with NY for the 3rd most Electoral Votes, behind CA and TX. Clearly, after 2020 it will be alone in 3rd place.

After 2010 Census (counting Illegal Aliens equally as Citizens), NY and OH lost 2 Seats, FL and WA gained 2 Seats. PA (21>20), IL, NJ, MI, MA, LA, IA, MO lost a Seat. CA and NC remained the same. Utah gained a Seat (5>6), also AZ, GA, NV. TX gained 4 Seats (34>38).
The Population had increased 27.3 million from 2000 to 2010.


Friday, January 4, 2019 6:44 AM


... stay crunchy...


Originally posted by JEWELSTAITEFAN:
I heard that some figures were released regarding migration.
Seems it came from IRS, for 2016.

Cites? You rarely have any cites to back up your nonsense - why is that?

"The data seems to be for 2016" How can you have data and not know where it came from? Kiki?






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