So Jewish Israelis and Arab Pakistani and Somali Moslems were dancing on the rooftops on 911, cheering as the WTC imploded crashing down killing thousands of Americans.

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Sunday, September 8, 2019 9:24 AM


Revisionism, memories re-programmed from your tv? A conspiracy maybe one time said. Your brain is re-wired by radio and magazines

People DID CELEBRATE on 911

Reading history

Do Empires get played into endless wars, by factions who have no loyalty to their host nations?

The 911 Terror attacks.
Donald Trump said some moslems were there in joy and dance and celebrate the event, a number of people who hear and see the attacks on day of 911 celebrated, people dancing 911 rooftops.
I am not an American, I've been in the US, worked there a while but I remember that day well, I remember it myself clear, very sick PEOPLE DID CELEBRATE
You can even go to radio and media archives, celebrations in Chicago, Detroit and New Jersey.

American allies mourned gave their support and sympathy. The Germans mourned, people placed flowers at an embassy, they spoke of their support for the USA, England mourned, the British gov phoned the United States president and so did they French they said they would give military support if needed, deliver medical supplies, which the USA typically rejects because on principle the USA is said to have enough money to look after its own, Argentina said it supported America, Thailand the Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra condemed the attacks, Japan wanted to give money was against terrorism, even Vietnam which would have been a Colwar rival to the USA which America would have bombed not too long ago, Vietnam's leaders sympathized with the United States and condemning terrorism, most people and nations supported the USA.

but some people in certain parts of the world celebrated
Even INSIDE the USA there were people who celebrated the attacks?

Some Jews probably celebrated on 911, in a weird way they might have been holding back intelligence, the attacks come and the Jewish State would know a big flow of Missiles, Cash and Aircraft would flow as a favor to Israel.

A group of Palestinians filmed celebrating in streets after hearing the local news reports of attacks on the World Trade Center and the deaths of thousands of Americans, did they see New York as too-Jewish or their Moongod Al Lah does not like the USA's values and sees America the Great Satan, in other parts of the Middle East reports of muslims cheering the terrorism, shooting guns in the air, clapping in celebration

Dancing Israelis FOIA Photos REVEALED

This was not just a problem with 'allies' there was a larger internal failure the FBI, the Police, the CIA they knew it was coming for years, 1993 World Trade Center bombing, 1984 United States embassy annex bombing in Beirut by Iran backed islamists, the bombing of Khobar Towers, at first political pressure would want to blame the Iranians but it could be the allies, carried out by Islamic militants, Saudi connected and including many veterans of the Afghan War during the Cold War.
the 9/11 report's deleted, censored, classified '28 pages' about potential Saudi Arabia link to the 911 attacks.

One of the saddest most pathetic and stupid parts of the US Presidential election, was not the rigging of the election against Bernie, it was not the fact they were running another of the Bush Dynasty nor was it the film of Hillary Clinton having a spaz attack, wobble legs and then chucked into the back of a car just like a farmer chucks a bag grain on the back of his truck, Clinton burnt out, medical condition in meltdown as security stood around stupefied and hope the media cameras would not catch the event...what was more sad and stupid?

One of the most pathetic parts of the November 2016 - 2017 Election was the Media madness, the media going badshit crazy over Trump pointing out something that happened in reality, a Fact that was real, it factually happened

Listen to the phone in calls on that filth shock jock Howard Stern, people would ring in with reports of guys dancing on the roof tops in celebration

People celebrated

Is the media a worthless whore, bought and sold out countless times to some other creepy aganeda? Foregin powers from Saudi, France, England, Israel who the fuck knows, but maybe Anti-Americans...someone else is running the media... maybe its greed, the Dollar or maybe just Drunk Stoned Commie Degenerates, maybe they are Open borders globalists ... people who do not support truth do not support the United states seem to be running a lot, they run a good chunk of the US media.

People were there and celebrate

and Everyone had a bullshit story across the mainstream media pretending Nobody celebrated on 911 everyone around the world is nice, and everything is going to work out perfectly






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