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Tuesday, October 4, 2005 10:27:10 AM

So here's a different take on a review for SERENITY. I am part of the movie reviewing team at http://www.horror-web.com I recently lured my partner into watching FIREFLY which he loved so rushed out to watch SERENITY. Even though we review horror movies we decided to push the envelope and do a dual review and here it is. Enjoy! (BTW, I am Jekyll)

WE KNOW IT'S NOT HORROR! Now on with the show!

Jekyll : Jekyll & Hyde are breaking the rules and doing a review for SERENITY. No power in the 'verse can stop us!
Hyde : None at all unless you're the Wench and then we apologize in advance.
Jekyll : Yes, a big ole apology and I'll take some lashings if really needed to redeem this duo.
Hyde : Hopefully that wont be necessary-- but we love Joss Whedon and the worlds he has created in the past. So we should support him even if it's not out and out Horror.
Jekyll : Although horror fans, you will get a good amount of horror related moments. Can't go wrong with cannibals is what I say!
Hyde : Yes, Joss shows off his suspense skills and creates a few creepy, edge of your seat type moments. Not to mention a few not-so-pretty images.
Jekyll : Yes, kudos to the F/X department when it comes to skeletons tied to the front of a ship....opps, have I said too much?
Hyde : No, not at all. But fans jonesing for a little tough chick fighter action (and who doesn't miss Buffy) will be throwing their hands in the air and screaming for more. The film is full of fighting and sci-fi action,
but at the same time has a heart, and plot which you don't find often.
Jekyll : And for those who are hesitant because they either know nothing about the incarnation of FIREFLY (shame shame) or haven't seen a preview for SERENITY don't you fret....the movie will appeal to fans of the show and the newcomers....just ask Hyde.
Hyde : Yes, I'd only just started watching the show (which is damn good and worth the 49.99) But the film welcomes all in and gives enough back story to move the newcomers along smoothly but any fan of Buffy or Angel will notice Whedon's knack for clever writing and character development. Not to mention his love of surprising the audience.
Jekyll : Yes, the actors in these roles were meant to be - they deliver the story with precision and keep you locked on the screen to the very end. No dozing off here (unless you are me and on viewing number 3 after the weekend premiere party)
Hyde : Tsk tsk Party animal
Jekyll I can't help it. How often will I have the chance to dress up as the man they call Jayne
Hyde : LOL
Jekyll : On to some important aspects for reviewing. Comments on the F/X Hyde?
Hyde : Amazing, the show and the movie both show a very realistic and believable future with just a little sci-fi flare thrown in for fun.
Hyde : But let's talk cast for a moment-- most of the cast you've seen before in the Buffy/Angel verse (plus if you watched the show) They are great talents, not just there because they're pretty, they're there because they are a talented crew that works well with each other ( not to mention all very pretty anyway-- hey it doesn't hurt) Terrific actors who pull you in almost as much as the storyline - you care about them and what happens to them
Jekyll : And to throw in a quote from the show to back that up...."because we are so.....very....pretty!" Can't go wrong with eye candy in the movies, both male and female!
Hyde : Yes, not to mention Gina Torres who just plain kicks ass-- not as much as Summer Glau (who plays River) who not only is gorgeous but kicks ass better than Buffy.
Jekyll : Whedon and his love of powerful women just makes me feel all giddy!
Hyde : Me too! I think what appeals most about SERENITY is the fact that it's a fun movie. You have to think a little, but at the same time can enjoy the onscreen action and witty banter
Jekyll : ....and you feel like you are on that ship with the rest of them. Any movie to pull you in for a couple hours out of this crazy world is definitely worth admission, even 3 times!
Hyde : Very true, my devoted counterpart. Very true.
Jekyll: So to wrap this up so we can lure others into the verse......?
Hyde : With the recent bombardment of remakes, sequels or just crappy movie-- SERENITY is a breath of fresh air that movie goers should (and hopefully) will embrace.
Jekyll : And if you don't see this movie I might just have to get Vera out to talk for me. Don't know what I am talking about? Watch the show, too.
Hyde : Hopefully all of you will take a break from your hectic lives and check out a good damn movie.
Jekyll : The Big Damn Movie with our Big Damn Heroes
Hyde : That's a lot of "damn" in once sentence, I love it and I love this movie, and you guys will too. Go see it!! Any other comments you'd like to make o' partner of mine...
Jekyll : I think we have covered it. If we get fired from this job well, I think it would be worth it. I've done my job to spread the word of SERENITY and here's hoping our effort will bring in just a few more fans.
Hyde : Us get fired? Oh please! Wench knows we're valuable................please don't fire us!
Jekyll : Yes, please just let us off the hook this one time.
Hyde : Plus-- If you guys liked our new way of reviewing a movie, please post in the cesspool or email us and let us know what you think. We'll start doing more movie reviews like this, if you guys like it.
Jekyll : Jekyll signing off
Hyde : Hyde signing off as well.....Can't Stop the Signal






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