Indulgences, Ruminations and Other Causes of Heartburn
Monday, November 22, 2004

Another late night. Another small circle of illumination. My desk, some music, a computer and a mug of hot tea. I can start now.

I've missed blogging for awhile and can only partially attribute that to my lack of an internet connection. (I've been logging in a couple of times a week at the local library.) My only excuse is that I suddenly found it hard to climb back on this particular horse. For some reason, despite the flood of goings on, I really didn't know what to say. So tonight I decided to try and jump-start things by indulging myself. I skipped dinner in order to meet with our sound engineer and casting director, so, after I got home, I decided that I would put on some good music, open a tin of smoked oysters, some cheese, a packet of crackers and a bottle of artichoke hearts. As indugences go, it's not too over the top nor is it too expensive. Could be worse. I could still be smoking... Unfortunately like most indulgences, this comes with a Damoclean kind of predicament...but for that, God made pepcid...

The film preparations are moving forward. We finished casting on Saturday and I've spent the last couple of days getting everyone to sign up for the website in order access the Cast-only section with schedules of upcoming rehersals.

I cannot express how fantastic the San Diego Film Commission has been to us. Kathy McCurdy introduced us to a thoroughly delightful lady named Mickey Harrison who has been instrumental in helping us with casting and a thousand other details that we might not have been aware of until it was too late. Interestingly, I've stumbled upon one of the most fascinating secrets about movie-making that I would never have guessed. The sheer volume of details that have to be taken care of before filming begins help to keep the Salvador Dali/"Alice-In-Wonderland" feeling in check for most of the day. It also helps to supress most "gosh-wow" reflexes that might ordinarily overwhelm a person and bring forward motion to a complete halt. (Layer that sarcasm on!)

Still, there are moments when nothing can stop a small bubble of enthusiasm from rising to the surface like well... a bubble. This week I saw words that Rod and I wrote read by someone who gave our characters a unique voice. And, for the last several weeks, we've heard only good things about the script from everyone who reads it. These reasons alone are worth pushing this project through despite the financial costs.

My life aside from the work on the film has been pretty much ok. Strangely, the longest drought in San Diego history ended the week after I finished moving into my new apartment. Since then there's been light flooding interspersed by warm weather followed by unseasonal cold, more warm weather and then snow in nearby communities. I'm ready to head across the boarder the moment I hear that a tidal wave swamps New York or a bunch of killer tornadoes take a stroll down Wilshire Blvd.

Well, I shouldn't overdo a good thing. My mug is empty, the crackers and oysters are gone and the last of the artichoke hearts is not long for this world. Plus, it's past midnight and I promised myself I'd do shot lists for three more scenes tonight before I crawled into bed. Guess I'll end this while I'm ahead.

By the way, I've always felt a little guilty about using this forum for my blog. I'm a huge fan of Firefly, but I really haven't been writing about it much and it seems unfair to take up this space so I'm moving the entire blog over to I'm writing under the handle Rkangel for anyone who cares to track how the movie is doing. I'll probably hop back on here now and again to check out the news and write down Firefly thoughts as they happen, but keeping the same blog in two places would seem kind of wasteful.

Anyway, I hope to see you guys at the opening of Serentiy. Moreover, I hope to see you guys at my movie.

Fifteen people. We have fifteen people in our cast. Fifteen actors are going to help us tell our story. I know it ain't a big-budgeted movie, but the sheer idea of it is just too cool for words!

St. Elmo's Fire
- John Parr


Tuesday, November 23, 2004 11:59 PM


Nice to see you made it back from overseas. The link is

Hope things have been going good for you. Let me know what you're up to.


Tuesday, November 23, 2004 1:11 PM


rite on man. Good to hear from ya. I've been a ghost myself as of late. send me the link again to the official site.

thanks bro



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