The Trio (The Nerds)
Friday, September 29, 2006

I brought up this subject matter on another board not too long ago and I thought I would share my thoughts on it here with some adjustments.

Those three nerds that were giving Buffy and the scoobies grief on BtVS were actually some pretty good characters. Good characters to the point where I seriously believe that some of the stories with them could have carried BtVS straight into season 9. These characters were used as a wasted resource by the writers. These characters could have added new dimensions to the show.

What really bothers me about Warren and the other nerds is the fact that they were brilliant, brilliant to the point where they could have made a large amount of money with their inventions that they could have been rich beyond their dreams. Also, if they wanted a taste of fighting the big bad, they could have offered their services to Buffy and the Scoobies. Buffy would have never had to worry about money, so there would have been no stupid Double Meat Palace episodes.

Between Buffy and the Scoobies and tech support from the nerds, Buffy and her group would have been a serious force to be reckoned with more so than the team that Buffy had in the show. Two Slayers, two powerful Witches, Two Vampires with a soul, a Vengeance Demon, and Tech Nerds with clever inventions, spells, and money...Buffy's group could have dealt some serious damage, and Tara would still be alive. Matter of fact with this group, the whole deal with Glory and the key would have been easier to deal with. With the Nerds, Buffy might not have had to sacrifice herself in the episode called "The Gift."

But no, the writers saw fit to making the nerds idiots, and then having Warren shoot Buffy, killing Tara and putting an end to any real use of these talented guys in which they could have placed a tech-spin in the Buffyverse benefiting our heroes in a positive way.

Come on, I personally think an invisible Slayer would have make a smash hit in the demon world. Or a Slayer wielding a freeze gun??? Buffy would have seriously kicked some royal ass with these technologies.

Wasted talent and resources don't you just hate that?



Friday, October 6, 2006 7:34 AM


Interesting thought, but I don't think it would have worked.

The show isn't really about how well Buffy slays. It's about Buffy herself, and her friends, and how well (or not) they cope with the world around them.

Giving her lots of nifty toys is a bit like having the Firefly cast on a big Alliance cruiser. The story is about their struggle. You take that story away and you're just left with some nifty special effects.

I mean, think about the stuff you mentioned - Buffy's death, Tara's death... those were huge events, planned well in advance, that brought the overall story arc forward. Without those events the show just wouldn't have had the same impact. I don't think, anyway.

It's still an interesting point though. In fact, I think it merits a thread sometime so we can have a long debate on the subject :)


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