Sunday, June 11, 2006

Jayne gets a little help from the girls.


River’s hands never shook.

Jayne was grateful, sure. But also scared as hell.

He turned his head, trying to catch sight of the action going on behind him, “You sure you can do this?”

She slapped his ass. “No moving.”

He scowled at Kaylee who sat on the table against the wall, her hair pulled back from her face. “This is all your fault.”

“My fault?” She grinned, “River designed it.”

“Whole thing was all your idea.” He could feel the girls exchanging a look over his back and he shifted. River smacked him again. “Hey!”

“No moving.”

At least now his ass stung on both sides. Almost took away some of the pain on his shoulder.

“Don’t go blamin’ me, Jayne. It was your idea, I only managed a way to do it.” Kaylee smiled, “I think it‘s sweet.”

“Ain’t supposed to be sweet,” he grumbled and rested his chin on his arm, deciding that the bed in the infirmary was much less comfortable when he was laying on his stomach.

“He would approve.” River told him softly. The confidence in her voice calmed him more than the words. If anyone would know, it was her.

A comforting silence fell about the room after that. He could feel the girl leaning against his side, the soft material of her dress letting her warmth bleed in through his skin where she touched him.

Best not to be thinkin’ about that, he had to remind himself, focusing on the numbing pain at his shoulder blade instead.

He was having to remind himself more and more often.

“She doesn’t mind.”

The words were so quiet, he wasn’t sure he heard them with his ears or his brain. “She should.”


“What are you two mumblin’ about?” Kaylee interrupted.

Good to know River‘s powers were limited to readin‘ his mind and not talkin‘ to it.

“Jayne likes me.”

He jerked on the bed, raising his voice, “Gorram it, Girl! I do not!” She hit him hard enough to feel the imprint of her hand on his ass. “Hey! That hurt!”

“She said not to move.”

“You keep doin’ that, might start to think ya like it,” He retorted.

Kaylee giggled again. The gorram girl was always gigglin’ and smiling’ about something. ‘Nough to turn a fella mad. “Can’t blame her if she does, Jayne. You make a mighty temptin’ target.”

River pressed the needle back to his skin, “Bad puppies need chastising.”

“I ain’t a puppy!”

Giggling again, the both of them.

“Ain’t you done yet?” He glowered, flexing his fingers to keep from turning over and throttling her before the job was done.


He looked to Kaylee again, wincing as River slapped him. “It look alright?”

She slid from her spot across the room to stand at his other side. Her hands came to rest on his back as she looked him over. And now her warmth was bleeding into him too.

“Doesn’t mind either.”

“Oh, River,” Kaylee’s voice bubbled up with enthusiasm, “It’s perfect!”

“Ya sure?” He turned his head, trying to see the fresh tattoo on his shoulder. “She remembered right?”

“Girl wouldn’t forget,” River set the needle aside, pushing away the tray that held the ink Kaylee had procured.

“No, Jayne, it’s exactly right.” Kaylee handed him a mirror after he stood up, and angled it just so.

Feeling a warmth all his own well up in his chest, he gazed at the exact replica of the cross on Book’s Bible now permanently etched in his skin.


Sunday, June 11, 2006 6:26 AM


Awesome story.

Sunday, June 11, 2006 7:22 AM


good stuff. I like that he got a cross.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006 6:18 PM


*giggle* I'm so glad you posted this over here! I love their friendship and flirting (especially that River is the one aware of Jayne's thoughts and she is letting him know some interesting things!).


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