The Hunted - Part One
Saturday, June 5, 2004

Ok, this fic has a bit of a weird opening but I'm trying to be original. If you could take the time to read my small fic it would be greatly appreciated. The crew are given a simple pick up and drop off mision but unsurprisingly things don't go according to plan. They soon find themself being hunted down by a seemingly invincible killer who won't stop untill he has got what he was sent for.


“Let her go!”

“Where is he Mr. Reynolds?”

“He’s long gone! No idea where he is now!”

“It’s not wise to play dumb when I have a well made sword at your crew member’s throat.”

“I can take ‘im!”

“Jayne don’t do anything!”

“We dropped him off at Leonda!”

“Cap’n don’t tell ‘im”

“Mr. Reynolds you have ten seconds to give me Raiden’s real location or there is gonna be a lot of innocent blood spilt on your beautiful cargo floor.”

“I told you!”


“He’s on Leonda!”


“I have a shot!”


“Jayne don’t!”




“Doc stay back!”


“She’s slipping.”


“We’re all going to die.”


“River not now!”


“He’s not here!”



In one movement the sword slit across her neck. Kaylee looked shocked for a second before she fell lifelessly to the floor. Jayne was the first to attack. He fired furiously at the intruder who dodged the bullets with ease. The intruder front flipped through the air and landed behind Jayne. Before Jayne knew what was going on the same sword which killed Kaylee was sticking out of the front of his chest. He staggered a bit before he fell and landed on his stomach, Vera still clenched in his right hand. Mal, Zoë, Wash and Book opened fire. The intruder back flipped and landed on a platform above them. He took a millisecond to aim and then took Book out with a head shot. Blood splattered across the side of Wash. He stopped shooting and looked down at himself in shock. The blood of a preacher stained his body. The killer saw an opening and took it. Taking his sword out of its holder he threw it directly at Wash. It pierced his chest and went all the way in. Wash looked at Zoë who had the same look of shock on her face that he had. He squeezed her arm affectionately before falling backwoods onto the floor. Sword still sticking out of his chest. Zoë stood and started at her husband’s dead body for a few seconds before rage took over grief. She dropped the two pistols she had been using and instead picked up a Shotgun. She then ran for the intruder who flipped down to the cargo floor to meet her.

“Zoë no!” Mal yelled trying grab her and hold her back but missed by a few inches.

Zoë fired shell after shell at the agile intruder but he continued to dodge them while walking up to her. After a few shots Zoë dropped the gun and went in empty handed. He ducked a punch easily and snapped her neck before she could do anything else. He looked over and saw River standing in a corner looking at him in amazement. Mal tried taking him out with a metal rod to the back of the head but he ducked it and sent Mal flying into a wall with a back kick.

“Not your time yet” he said before turning round and continuing his way to River.

The girl made no attempt to move or even run for that matter. But the look of amazement was replaced by a look of pity. “Dark soul” she said with her typical aloofness.

“I should take you back with Raiden” he said looking down at her face. “But you’re such a pretty girl. Would be a waste to hand you back to those wankers an—“

Mid-sentence the intruder leaped in the air and just missed being hit with the backend of a gun which Simon was holding. He kicked Simon in mid-air and sent him to the floor. Blood began to pour out of Simon’s nose.

“That was noble of you” he said with a chuckle before kicking the gun Simon had used off the ground and into his hand. Without stopping he filled Simon up with holes.

River began screaming as she ran over to kneel next to her brother’s dead body. Cradling his head in her arms. The gun was pointed to the back of her head and there was a loud bang. River dropped over her brother’s body.

“Well…now that’s taken care of” the intruder said as he began walking over to where Mal struggled to get to his feet.

He passed Wash’s body on the way there and yanked the sword out of his torso. He kicked the captain down just as he was getting up.

“You know” he said raising his sword. “This all could have been avoided.”

“You sick bastard” Mal spat as blood came out of his mouth.

This made the man chuckle. “It’s a popular theory.” He raised the sword high and in one clean movement beheaded the captain. He looked around at the corpse littered cargo floor. “That was interesting.”

Two Weeks Earlier

“Mr. Reynolds I’m glad you could make it” the butler said as he opened the door for Mal, Zoë and Jayne.

“Try an’ keep us away” Mal said flashing his trademark smirk.

Once inside the three of them looked around in amazement. This was only one part of the mansion but half the stuff in it was probably worth more than Serenity and the whole crew.

“This way sir” the butler commented as he pointed to a nearby door. “Mr. Wiseman is waiting for you in his study.”

Mr. Wiseman, or Alan Wiseman as he was known to some, was the single most powerful person on the planet Nidia. Not only that but he was one of the richest people in the galaxy. He had nothing before The Alliance took over. After the war people were in a state of confusion and Wiseman had taken full advantage of that. It was also known that he had strong connections to The Alliance. He was hardly the type of person Mal liked to do business with but on this occasion the money had been far too good. How could he say no?

“Ah Malcolm Reynolds” Wiseman said getting out of his chair and walking over to shake his hand. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

“The pleasures all mine” Mal said taking his hand and shaking it. Mal had figured out that when you were in situations with people you really didn’t like that sometimes it was best to suck up.

“Please have a seat” he said gesturing to three seats in front of his desk. Mal, Zoë and Jayne sat down while Wiseman sat on the other side. “I like you Malcolm Reynolds.”

“Excuse me?” Mal asked slightly shocked.

“It’s a gift I can tell instantly about people. You look like a loyal person who will go to any lengths. Which is just what I need for what I want transported.”

“And what is that?” Zoë asked suspiciously.

“That is not important. All you need to do is transport what I give you.”

“It is important” Mal interrupted. “For the amount of money you are paying us it would be a hell of a lot cheaper to send it through The Alliance’s fine postal system.”

“Ah you know how strict The Alliance is about their transport system.”

“So it’s illegal then?” Mal asked. There was something not right about this and he wanted to get all the facts before he uploaded anything on Serenity.

Wiseman waved his hand dismissively. “Legal, illegal what’s the difference? Long as no one is being harmed. Besides I heard you had no problem doing anything against The Alliance?”

“I don’t but---“ Mal began.

“Look I can see you want more facts but I can’t tell you anymore. What if I add an extra 700 on your wage? Will that maybe sort this out?”

Mal thought over this for a while. This whole thing made Mal feel uneasy but with that much money he could keep Serenity running for months. Hell he could even treat the crew to a proper meal instead of lumps of protein. “Fine, we’ll do it.”

“Great” Wiseman chuckled. “Now I have had a few of my men take my cargo to your ship so it will be waiting for you there. Under no circumstances do you open it. You understand?” he asked in a serious tone.

“Got it.”

“And—’’ Wiseman continued.

“When do we get paid?” Jayne interrupted. Mal and Zoë glared at him. “Half now and half once you make the drop at Ariel.”

“Sounds reasonable” Mal said.

“Well I think I’ve coverd it all. You should be leaving now. Faster you leave faster my stuff gets to Ariel” Wiseman said with a laugh as he escorted Mal, Zoë and Jayne to the door.

As soon as the door closed and the three of them started walking back to Serenity.

“Don’t say it” Mal warned as Zoe opened her mouth. “I got a bad feeling bout this too.”


Saturday, June 5, 2004 6:52 AM


interesting start, but i've gotta say i hope the intro was a dream:(:(:(

Saturday, June 5, 2004 10:31 AM


If that intro was how this story is going to end up that I am going to be all kinds of unhappy. Just don't do a Dallas on us and make it all something dreamt up in the shower. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Monday, December 5, 2005 9:40 PM


Not a fan of character death in the Firefly 'verse but it's kinda intoxicatin' all the same.



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The Hunted - Part One
Ok, this fic has a bit of a weird opening but I'm trying to be original. If you could take the time to read my small fic it would be greatly appreciated. The crew are given a simple pick up and drop off mision but unsurprisingly things don't go according to plan. They soon find themself being hunted down by a seemingly invincible killer who won't stop untill he has got what he was sent for.