I see you.
Friday, October 20, 2006

So ya, not quite, but close for a tribute picture. It was a halloween pic on my art site.



Saturday, October 21, 2006 7:44 AM


"I can see you."

Definately a creepy River moment.

Sunday, October 22, 2006 4:34 PM


Uh...looks more like one of Wash and Zoe's physically impossible (it's the eyes, cuz as someone with blue eyes...I know it's a recessive trait) kids gettinig all River-y;)

Still...mighty fine work here, Misstressahara:D


Sunday, October 22, 2006 7:02 PM


Kids...meant to say "physically-impossible kids"

Monday, October 23, 2006 4:28 PM


I never said it was exact. I hadn't even thought of it being River till I was half way through it and thought oh shit, I'm channeling Firefly.


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Enterprising Jayne Hat
Found this just now on an image site. Tre' bon, d0n't you think?

Niska Burns
"Excellent. You do this thing for me, we are solid."

Following the Simpson's/Firefly theme I did of the crew.

The Firefly
I've been working on this picture for months,
cause I keep doing little bits.

Explanation. There was a mix of Muppets and Firefly a year back (I did a few) and got it in my head to do a Simpson's/Firefly crossover. Easier said than done. Who Mal and Inara were going to be was a given, but like the muppets there aren't many female characters to choose from. I toyed around with a few people (the pairings became weird.) I finally came up with this. The girl playing Zoe is Apu's wife because Marge's sister's, Mrs Krabaple and others didn't work. She did (especially in the outfit.) And of course Serenity's gotta be in there (the ship's not finished but I wanted to show you something)

As for that background, I tried to make it like the movie poster, but it turned into an ice planet. Ah well, that's the Simpson's for you.

I see you.
So ya, not quite, but close for a tribute picture. It was a halloween pic on my art site.

Jayne's Pin-up image
Allo, allo. I loved that pin-up picture of Jaynes and said if I found the image I would replicate it. So I did on an art site called 2draw. It's very much like painting (just digital art) and yes, it's all freehand. Now she doesn't look exactly like the original, and some things are slightly off squew, and I left out the peace symbol because it was the one thing I hated, funkified the background a little, but it's pretty good. Hope you like.

Super-ambiguous Man
Before anyone says anything I did this because of the Superman is Gay thread started by Chrisisall and someone said they'd have to do an image of Supes in a more.... feminate color. The idea lodged in my head and wouldn't go away so .... ya, here he is. I'm so sorry and I promise I won't ever do this again. But I laughed while I did this.

Remember, blame Chrisisall.


Gonzo Tam
Kermal this is Gonzo, Gonzo this is our Captain.

How'd you like a taste of these green apples, America
Okay, I know it was a strange pic to do, but I saw a screen shot from The Muppets Movie and this automatically popped into my head and I HAD to do it. Damn Piggy gave me problems having to paint over some roses, and had to fix Kermit. On the plus side I got to look at the captians booty before I painted him out. Hmmmm booty...

"Your gonna come with us."
Fraggle Kaylee. I won't bore you with what I did, but if you can tell then I didn't do a good job blending. Whoop whoop, the family's coming together.

"We should look for Pignara, I think she's wearing gold."
Easiest one yet. Some please, do you have a good site for Sweetums pictures? Help. Oh, and enjoy.