Buccaneers - act three
Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"Imagine the worst thing that you can do to a character, then do it."-Bujold. (Heads up, Zoe!) When it hits the fan, it splatters on everyone.


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Int – Back to Serenity’s galley then en route. Mal is the first to recover and heads toward the bridge, considerably more hurriedly than River.

Mal What the hell is that? I don’t want no complications now. River It’s complications. Mal I don’t want none. (He turns to yell over his shoulder.) ZOE! (She’s right there) Zoe Right here, sir. Mal See what you an’ Jayne can do about hidin’ that ore. Zoe (Beat while she looks at the mountain of boxes.) I’ll see what I can do, sir. Jayne You got to be kiddin’ me. Mal (Having reached the bridge way before the strolling River and seeing the Buccaneer looming over them close enough to touch and matching velocity) Pi hua zhuan. Where the hell’d that come from? River (moving past Mal to the pilot’s console) It’s stealthed. We could’ve flown right up their atmosphere intake and we wouldn’t have noticed until they started the engine. Mal Well get us the hell away from it. River (giving Mal a pitying look) Have a look at the port shuttle bay.

Ext – Camera swings around to the port shuttle bay. There’s no shuttle but there is a massive pyramid of pipes.

Int – back to the Serenity’s bridge.

Mal What the gorram … What is that? River Rocket launchers. We run and they’ll open us like a can of tinned beef at Christmas.

The comms screen indicator suddenly kicks into life. River and Mal turn. Pause.

River You want me to get that? Mal I surely do not. (Beat) But I don’t see as we got a whole lotta other choices.

River hits a switch and the screen comes to life. It’s Declan.

Declan Firefly class transport, Serenity, this is Captain Rodriguez Declan of the Buccaneer. Mal This is Captain Reynolds. What the gorram hell d’you want? Declan That’s not very polite, Captain Reynolds. Mal Nomore’s sneakin’ up on a man stealthed to hell and gone. Declan Difference is Reynolds, I got me 18 heat seekers and 4 radar guided missiles all aimed up yer pi gu and if you ain’t nice to me, I’ll be firin’ one. I can collect that ore off your ship pressurised or I can scavenge it off your driftin’ hulk and I really don’t care too much as to which way I do it. Mal That’s a compellin’ point. Declan Damn right. So here’s how it’s gonna happen.

Ext and Int – As he describes the next sequence of events – the shuttle launch etc. – we see it happening.

Declan I’m gonna launch my shuttle and it’s gonna attach to yer topside airlock. When my guys (Rhampal, Wingnut, Moira and Gintrap, in armoured suits) come on-board yer gonna have everyone, absolutely everyone, in the galley and they are gonna be sittin’ on the floor unarmed. Two of my guys’s gonna search the ship (the other two secure the prisoners, one covering with his gun, the other two duct taping everyone’s hands and feet) and so help me, I will blow you into floatin’ junk if you ain’t all there or you try anythin’.

Int – Fade to Serenity’s galley. Serenity’s crew are now all bound: their hands are duct taped together behind their backs, feet hobbled with tape and wire so that they can’t move more than 20 cemtimetres. Declan, Rhampal and Gintrap face them in a loose circle; only Declan is not overtly armed; his pistol is holstered. His is a leering presence, directing covetous looks at the female crew.

Declan Some mighty fine talent here.

Rhampal nods.

Declan Still, business first. (beat) What y’reckon, Rhampal? Rhampal Could work. Declan (After a “thoughtful” pause) I’m assumin’ you got a contact for that ore. Mal Nope. Took it on spec. Declan Pi hua I ran a load a year ago. Yer takin’ it t’ Tzu on Persephone. (Pause while he waits for Mal to answer; no way.) Trouble is, Tzu and me never parted on the best o’ terms… an’ if I show up haulin’ another load, he’s gonna know somethin’s humped. Mal Guess my cargo’s no good t’ you then. So if you’ll just be untyin’ us, we’ll be on our way an’ everythin’ forgotten. No hard feelin’s either way. Declan (Amused) Ain’t gonna happen. You’re gonna run the load for me. Mal (Even more amused) Really? Declan (Menacingly) Really! ‘Cause if y’ don’t, I’m gonna start cutting pieces off them of yer crew I keep on the Buccaneer.

He surveys the crew.

Declan Pretty obvious that one’s yer mechanic,…

Angle on Kaylee – fearful

Declan …so she stays on board, more’s the pity. This yer pilot?

Angle on Simon – determined

Simon No.

Mal shoots him an “I’ll do the talking, idiot” look.

Mal If you loosen these, I’ll point her out. Declan (Amused) We’ll loosen them when we got the hostages next door. Which? Mal River. River Me. Declan Shame. I was lookin’ forward to knowin’ you and now you gotta stay too. OK. The big one,…

Angle on Jayne – cunning, dangerous

Declan …he’s a risk; we’ll lock him up on the Buccaneer. The other two mei nu go over as well. I gotta have somethin’ to do while I wait. The pretty boy…

Back to Simon Declan …I dunno. (To Rhampal) You wan’ him? Rhampal Don’t look dangerous but y’ can’t always tell. Declan (As decisive as Mal) We’ll take him. Simon No. I’m staying here. Declan Only way you stay on this ship is as a corpse. I decided. Kaylee Simon. Go. You gotta look out for Zoe anyways. Declan (Seizing on it) What? Why? Simon She’s… Zoe (Quickly) …been unwell. Simon’s our medic. Declan (Stepping back a bit and loosening his gun in the holster.) Unwell? Anythin’ catchin’? Simon (Thinking quickly.) No. (beat) Not unless you exchange body fluids. Declan (After a disappointed pause) Companion was always gonna be the cream o’ the crop. Get it? The cream?

Angle on Mal. He is livid – barely suppressed fury.

Rhampal Ok. Them’s as goin’, get up and get to our shuttle. The rest stay down.

Zoe, Simon, Inara and, reluctantly, Jayne struggle to their feet. They shuffle off toward the airlock while Gintrap covers them from a safe distance. Rhampal keeps his weapon on the remaining crew.

Ext – Cut to the Buccaneer’s shuttle detaching from Serenity and manoeuvring the short distance between the two Fireflies. Camera swings around and tracks back to Serenity.

Int – Back to Serenity’s galley. Wingnut and Moira have joined Rhampal.

Rhampal The story is simple. Declan don’t give a rat’s arse you live or die. We go to Persephone, do the deal and get back, he’ll give you back your crew pretty much as you left ‘em. On the other hand, you try anythin’, Declan’s gonna kill each an’ ever’ one o’ your crew he’s got aboard. Your choice. Mal Why? Rhampal We get your cut of the job. Straight forward piratin’ really. Mal No. Why my choice? Rhampal Declan has a habit o’ makin’ enemies… Mal (Sarcasm dripping) I hadn’t noticed. Rhampal … include Tzu when we did the run, so this way, it all goes smooth. Mal … unless you got tape round your wrists. Rhampal I cut it off as soon as we arrive at the drop.

Mal gives him a huge, completely insincere smile of thanks.

Int – Inside the Buccaneer. Declan, Gintrap and our heroes are disembarking, covered by Aziz.

Declan Put them in the lock-ups – one room each. (beat) Except this one, (grabs Inara) I’ll take her.

Aziz gestures toward the stairs. Simon moves past, then Zoe. As Jayne moves past, he explodes into action. He headbutts Gintrap in the face, who drops like a stone, then slams into Aziz, toppling him over the railing. Aziz grabs the railing with one hand, his pistol dropping to the cargo bay floor below where it discharges – a bullet ricocheting around like an angry hornet. Declan throws Inara to the ground and fires twice. Jayne jerks back, struck in the shoulder and thigh. Aziz lets go and falls, landing hard.

Declan (covering everyone) Aziz, Gintrap! Aziz My leg. I broke my leg. (Broken thigh – very nasty.)

Gintrap stands up, blood streaming from his nose. He steps toward Jayne.

Gintrap Ni hun dan zi yan! (Kicks Jayne – much screaming in pain from him.) Simon (Struggling back) NO! Declan (Pointing his pistol at Simon) You want a bullet too. Simon I’m a medic. I can fix him. Declan Not after my next shot, you can’t. (Aims at Jayne’s head) Simon You want your boy down there to walk again? I can fix him. Declan You will fix him. Simon Not unless you let me save Jayne. Package deal. Declan You can be just as dead. (Swings his weapon back to Simon.) Simon And your man will be just as crippled. Zoe He ain’t bluffin’. Did it with his own girl once. Simon (Beat while he gives Zoe a hurt look.) Take the easy road, Declan. Declan (Beat) OK. This one (Inara) is hostage. Gintrap, cut him loose.

Ext – Serenity’s logo then pull back to show the whole ship; she’s approaching a planet.

Int – the galley. The three crew are still bound. Wingnut enters, draws a BIG knife. Very menacing. Rhampal enters, pistol out.

Rhampal Getting’ close. Cut them loose.

Wingnut frees first Kaylee then River. Rhampal is covering them with his weapon.

Mal (Gesturing with his bound hands) Ahhh. Ahem. Rhampal What? Mal Ain’t you gonna cut me free too? Rhampal Not so much. You ain’t got nothin’ to do till we land.

Ext – the Buccaneer in space, tracking in to the name on her prow, then

Int – in the window and down to Declan’s room. He is lying on his bunk, apparently asleep under a blanket. Inara is sitting on the corner, her arms crossed tightly over her chest hugging herself. She is weeping silently.


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Wednesday, December 13, 2006 4:23 PM


Oh...Mal's got some killin' to do and the perfect target laying in his bed right now! And I mean "killin'"...slow, painful life draining. Not some quick, painless fei hua he would go for usually when faced with opponents who won't back down<:(



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