Love Nuns
Sunday, January 28, 2007

Serenity returns to Copia. Mal faces the music. Half naked men wrestling.


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All characters are property of whomsoever wrote them first. No money has changed hands, this is strictly recreational.

Scene 1: (Serenity. Bridge. River and Kim are sharing a chair and looking at the stars.)

KIM: So are they still looking for you? RIVER: Not terribly diligently at the moment. KIM: Maybe they’ve given up? RIVER: No. KIM: This crew can hide from anything, I reckon. RIVER: (giggles) Now you sound like the captain. KIM: That a bad thing? RIVER: They have tools to find me. Peek a boo, can’t see you. KIM: (pulls her close) I’ll keep you safe. RIVER: You’ll try. It’s very sweet of you. Ultimately futile, but sweet. KIM: I’ll still try. RIVER: Carpe diem, tempus fugit. KIM: Sheh me? RIVER: Life’s short. Make the most of it. We’ll be docking soon. (she crosses to controls) Let’s go gather some rosebuds. KIM: Where are we going to find roses? RIVER: You’d be surprised.

***** Scene 2: (Serenity. Galley. )

MAL: (to crew) Walk wary, all of you. ZOE: Soon as we’ve made the sale we’ll let you know. KAYLEE: There anything we can bring you back? MAL: Word the Alliance gave up huntin’ us would suffice. KAYLEE: I was thinking more foody like things. MAL: Decent cup of tea? KAYLEE: Done! MAL: Don’t forget the mail. RIVER: Shr ah. Kim can help me carry it. MAL: Kim, don’t you let her get lost. No pilot, no job, dong ma? KIM: Yes Sir. You still dead to the ‘verse? MAL: Wouldn’t be keeping to Serenity if I weren’t. KIM: Should I ask around, see if anybody knows who wanted you dead? MAL: No direct inquiries, but if you notice anybody carrying a banner says “Malcolm Reynolds is dead, hooray” you can take names for me. JAYNE: Gonna be a long list. RIVER: (rolls eyes) Come on Kim, I’ll let you pick the flavors. (She pulls him in her wake). MAL: (to Jayne) Speaking of long lists, bring back the change. And no whorin’. JAYNE: Gai si. MAL: Not today. Xie xie. ZOE: Time’s wasting Sir. MAL: It is at that. I want everyone back here in four hours. ZOE: Four, Sir? MAL: Much more’n four hours of the Doc pokin’ at me and I’ll have to shoot him. KAYLEE: I’ll be back in two. MAL Much obliged. You all get going. Any problems you holler. JAYNE: What good’s that gonna do? MAL: We’ll know where to start looking for your body. No sense dragging the river if you died on the hill. Zoe. ZOE: Captain? MAL: Keep your ear to the ground. ZOE: Always. MAL: Zhu yi, we don’t know how close they’re watching. ZOE: Sir. Let’s go you two. Jayne, grab the crate. JAYNE: How come I always end up haulin’ the crate? ZOE: Because I don’t like you and Kaylee would break a nail. Let’s go. MAL: Have fun kids. Be back by supper. SIMON: (offstage) Ready when you are. MAL: (after crew) Or sooner!

*** Scene 3: (Serenity. Infirmary. Simon is putting away his tools, Mal is putting his shirt back on.)

SIMON: Can we stop getting shot now? Bullets are getting repetitious. MAL: You’d maybe prefer explosions? SIMON: How about poisoning? It would be a change of pace. MAL: So long as you’re the one getting poisoned? Fine by me. SIMON: We’ll have to settle for alcohol intoxication in that case. MAL: Soon as you clear me for it I’ll see to it. SIMON: You, captain, are as good as .. well, not new, but at least as good as you were before you died. MAL: That the best you could do? SIMON: Considering what we had to work with, yes. MAL: And here’s you callin’ yourself a doctor. SIMON: I could take it all out and send it back.. MAL: It’ll do. SIMON: You’re certain of that? I’d hate for my reputation as a butcher to be sullied. MAL: Fine work, doc. Feels good. Keep the change. Next time I get killed I’m coming to you. SIMON: In that case let’s go damage our livers. I know where there’s some sake someone’s been saving. MAL: You been holdin’ out on us? SIMON: Kaylee’s, but I don’t think she’ll mind. MAL: Girl loves to share. Her own blend? SIMON: Purchased. MAL: Shouldn’t go blind then. Lead the way.

**** Scene 4: (Serenity. Cargo bay. Crew is returning from foray.)

KAYLEE: Here’s your tea, Cap’n. (busses him on the cheek, sniffs.) You been drinking? MAL: Not a tot. KAYLEE: I love my Cap’n, but he’s a lousy liar. Better go get Serenity ready. Places to go, crime to do. MAL : Hey, we do honest shipping time to time. KAYLEE: More fun to call yourself a pirate. (she traipses out singing ) Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. MAL: (deadpan) Arrr. (takes a sip of tea) ‘S not half bad. Zoe: Well I hope you’re proud of yourself, Sir. You’re officially the stuff of legend. MAL: How do you mean? ZOE: Back from the dead, keeps his heart in a box. All you need’s a shiny sword as sings and someone’ll be obliged to write an epic saga about you. MAL: Had enough of swords for one life, can’t stand songs lasting over fifteen minutes. Zoe: ‘Fraid you’re stuck with it. There is a long poem in your future. MAL: Does it have daffodils? ZOE: Most like. Need to let on you’re dead a while longer though. MAL: News of my demise is not grossly exaggerated? ZOE: Not so’s you’d notice. (Kim and River enter, Kim carrying a large load of mail, River smelling a miniature rose bush, both quietly talking and smiling. Neither seems to be noticing anything around them.). MAL: Kim? ZOE: River’s using persuasion to keep him occupied. MAL: Simon know about that? ZOE: Kaylee’s using persuasion to keep him occupied. MAL: Who’s occupying Jayne then? ZOE: Jayne can occupy himself. (Jayne walks by with huge crate of paperbacks.) SIMON:(enters) What’s that? JAYNE: Literature. Let you borrow it when I’m done. MAL: Gonna start charging you freight. Man’s picked up a habit. JAYNE: So long’s it don’t affect my work it ain’t a problem. MAL: Walking library of smut is what you are. JAYNE: First one’s free. (tosses one to Mal) MAL: Island of the Sequined Love Nun? Does it have a story? JAYNE: Dunno. Cover looked good. MAL: (flipping to title page) This thing’s first run was about 600 years ago. Jayne, did you know you’re reading classics? (tosses it back) SIMON: Have you tried Shakespeare? JAYNE: What’d he write? MAL: Murder, revenge, sex, war.. JAYNE: Sounds good. (exits) SIMON: Did you just convince Jayne Cobb to read the works of William Shakespeare? MAL: All in how you sell it.

*** Scene 5: (Serenity. Galley.)

RIVER: Ready here. MAL: Take us out of the world, Little Albatross. RIVER: Aye, Captain. (ship accelerates rapidly) MAL: Weren’t so apt, I’d swear she was tryin’ to kill us. ZOE: Next time you’re not getting the ship back. MAL: How’s about my stuff? Do I get that back? ZOE: I’d sell it, but it’s not worth the effort. MAL: Point... ZOE: Kaylee got all sentimental on us or I’d have let Jayne toss it out the airlock. MAL: Remind me to give that girl a raise. ZOE: Just as soon as we’ve got some coin to pay her. This job took care of fuel out. Docking fees hereabout are painful. MAL: Yeah, but I’m worth it. ZOE: Pretty face doesn’t buy fuel. MAL: Which leads us to our current heading. What is it? ZOE: Haven. Picking up the last of our stash, what we aren’t leaving for good and all. MAL: Then where to? ZOE: Shanty wants you home,pronto. MAL: Still sure you won’t shoot me? ZOE: Are you joking? I want to watch.

*** Scene 6: (Copia. Farmhouse. Hall outside parlor door. Kasmir enters hall and shuts door behind him. Turns to see Mal.)

KASMIR: So you live! (bear hug) This pleases me. MAL: Thanks. Think it’s gonna please QBG? (nods at door) KASMIR: You have quite a welcome awaiting you, Captain Reynolds. MAL: Reckon she’ll be gentle on account of my recent demise and all? KASMIR: I would not wager my own money. MAL: Thought not. Woman’s a born sargeant. I asked Zoe to just shoot me, said she wanted to watch. KASMIR: I too, would enjoy seeing this exchange. It could prove instructive. She has been quite upset. MAL: How upset? KASMIR: Jazmine has alternately burned and undercooked everything she has made, broken four strings and two picks, dropped and broken three items of crockery, and the entire house has been scrubbed. Twice. MAL: All that? KASMIR: All that in the last week, my friend. MAL: (a beat) Would you shoot me? KASMIR: It is best to simply stand and take it like a man, I believe. MAL: Do I gotta? KASMIR: You could always come be my love toy. Hiding you from her would be a challenge, but it is not impossible. MAL: Believe you me right now that is a tempting offer, and that’s saying a bit considering my preferences. She’d just hunt us down. No sense gettin’ her sore at you too. KASMIR: Look abject. She will tire... eventually. MAL: Promise? KASMIR: (waggles hand) You have died already, what more can she do to you? MAL: Been tryin’ not to cogitate too hard on that. KASMIR: Should you reconsider my offer... MAL: That bein’ the case? You can scrape me off the wall and have your will with what ever’s left of me. KASMIR: From you this almost sounds attractive. I must go now. (pats his shoulder in passing) Remember her anger comes from love, it will pass. MAL: Xie xie. (knocks gently on door) KASMIR: (over his shoulder) Remember also to duck. JAZ: (inside) Qhing jin. MAL: (cautiously opens door and waits for projectiles) Honey, I’m home!

***** Scene 7: (Copia. Farmhouse garden. Kim and River are considering the rosebush.)

KIM: You sure you don’t want to keep it on the ship? RIVER: Belongs here. There, that sunny spot by the wall. I’ll ask Shanty for some garlic. KIM: Garlic? Why? RIVER: To keep it company, silly. KIM: Right. Speaking of company.. RIVER: We don’t have any? KIM: That was my thought. RIVER: Simon’s watching from the window, don’t look. We’re probably safe kissing, but not for long. KIM: Dahng rahn. Where’s Kaylee when you need her? RIVER: Sneaking up on him.

**** Scene 8: (Copia. Farmhouse bedroom. Kaylee has Simon on the bed and is tickling him.)

KAYLEE: That’s what you get for being nosy, mister. SIMON: I was not being nosy. I’m just keeping an eye on my sister. KAYLEE: Simon, they’re just kissing. Guan ni zi ji de shi. SIMON: Kissing leads places. KAYLEE: He’s a boy, she’s a girl. Normal boys and girls kiss. It’s good for her. SIMON: It’s not the kissing I’m worried about. Much. KAYLEE: Simon. She’s not a little girl anymore. She’s near enough nineteen to kiss a few boys. Heck, I was doin’ a lot more than kissin’ when I was that age. SIMON: You were? KAYLEE: Weren’t you? SIMON: Well I .. uh. I mean. KAYLEE: You’re blushing. I like it when you blush. Well nineteen regardless, you’re an old married man now. What say we take a trip out by the lake? SIMON: River.. KAYLEE: Will. Be. Fine. Kim’s a nice boy and she’s got the whole crew lookin’ out for her whether she wants it or not. Time to let her grow up a little, big brother. ‘Sides, she’s up on her shots, ALL of them. Just in case. And she’s had the talk. You think Shanty, Zoe, or me’s gonna let her walk into womanhood all unprepared? Chu fei wo si le. SIMON: I really don’t want to think about that. KAYLEE: Which is why the women are. Now how’s about that walk?

**** Scene 9: (Copia. Parlor. Jazmine is seated on couch, Mal is standing at something approaching attention)

JAZ: Do you have any idea how much trouble you’ve put people to Mister Reynolds? MAL: No Ma’am. JAZ: Would you like me to tell you? MAL: No Ma’am. JAZ: Do I need to explain exactly how worried you had me? MAL: I purely wish you would not, and I do apologize for dying. JAZ: Good. MAL: Forgiven? JAZ: Before you landed, but I want to make one thing abundantly clear to you. MAL: Ma’am? JAZ: Anyone kills you again, it’s gonna be me. Dong ma? MAL: Shr ah. JAZ: Then haul your carcass over here and let me fuss over you. MAL: With a will, Lotus Flower. JAZ: You forgot to write one. Forgot this too. (hands him his coat) Mended that sleeve and snugged down the buttons. MAL: You patched my coat on me? JAZ: Wanted you looking shiny in the hereafter. Wouldn’t do to have you chilled for want of a toggle. MAL: So you weren’t sure I’d be coming back? JAZ: I’d have left it for you if I had been. MAL: How long that been a burr under your saddle? JAZ: About as long as I’ve been looking at it. Couldn’t pry it off you long enough before this. MAL: Right fine work you done there. Much obliged. JAZ: Bu yong xie, now kiss me before your daughter wakes up. MAL: You tryin’ to get me out of my clothes long enough to wash ‘em or something? JAZ: Laundry was not what I had in mind. MAL: Zhu fu ni.

**** Scene 10: (Copia. Farmhouse. Hallway. Dead of night. Jazmine is walking quietly down hall, fastening her robe. We hear noise from Grace’s nursery. Jazmine pushes partly ajar door to find Jayne pacing the floor with the baby.)

JAYNE: (singing) ...once there was a way to get back home. Sleep pretty darlin’ do not cry, I will sing a lullabaaeeee.. JAZ: (speaking)Gonna carry that weight a long time. Haven’t heard that one in a while. JAYNE: (startled, turns) Skipped some. JAZ: No, really. Once you pick her up she won’t go back down without a fight. JAYNE: She was fussin’, I was just passin’ by. Figured I’d quiet her down ‘fore she woke up the other two. House full of hollerin’, ain’t nobody sleeps. Wait a minute. You tellin’ me I’m spendin’ the gorram night on my feet? JAZ: Try the rocker. I’ll go get you a quilt. (she ducks out) JAYNE: (to Grace) Women. Just born devious ain’t ya? JAZ: (returning with quilt) Here we go. JAYNE: Last time I.. JAZ: (cuts him off, sits in rocker) Hand her over, I was just kidding. I do not expect you to sit up with my child all night. Her papa, on the other hand, is fair game. JAYNE: You want I should go toss him down the hall here? JAZ: Let him sleep. (Kisses him on the cheek as she takes the baby) Thank you Jayne, it was very sweet of you to help. JAYNE: Nothin’ sweet about it. Ankle biter starts screamin’ I ain’t gettin’ any sleep either. Just lookin’ out for my own self. JAZ: This from the man who once slept through a riot in the comfort district? JAYNE: Different when it’s quiet out. JAZ: I’ll tell the crickets to keep it down, shall I? JAYNE: Just you do that. (stomps off) JAZ: (to Grace, quietly) Who’s da big marshmallow den? Is it da big scary mercenary? Yes him is! We won’t tell anybody though, will (as baby starts fussing) All right all right, no need to be that way about it. golden slumbers fill your eyes, smiles await you when you rise, sleep pretty darling do not cry, and I will sing a lullaby. Once there was a way to get back home. Once there was a way to get back home. Sleep pretty darling do not cry, and I will sing a

**** Scene 11: (Copia, barn. Serenity parked in it. Mal inspecting ship. Jazmine inspecting Mal.)

MAL: (turns, sees her) So, you conjurin’ to clip my wings? JAZ: I know you better. Besides, you’d just hare off to spite me. No dear, you’re not grounded. MAL: Playtime gets a mite dangerous. You know that. JAZ: I’ve seen that first hand, Bamboo. Are you hinting you’d like me to beg you not to go out there again? MAL: No. No. Just seein’ if you’d run out of steam yet. JAZ: Malcolm, I could no more keep you from the black than you could keep me from humming while I cook. I just have to make sure you’ve got reason enough to come back for a spell. MAL: (Kisses her) Gonna be three persuasive arguments for that soon enough, Lotus Flower. JAZ: Zoe’s got a couple herself so I expect she can exert a little pressure as needed. MAL: Not necessary. Did you really try to hire her away? JAZ: You were dead. MAL: Isn’t anybody gonna let me live that down? JAZ: Nope. Would you prefer I try Zoe again now you’re breathing? MAL: Absolutely not. You pay too good. JAZ: Fine, but you die on me again and all bets are off. MAL: Fair enough.

***** Scene 12: (Copia. Farmhouse. Kitchen. Court is in session.)

KASMIR: I am late for a very important engagement. Do not bother me with such trivialities. SOVAY: But cousin, he- KASMIR: Sovay. Enough! You should not display fruit you are not willing to part with. If you do not wish a man to become too familiar then close your blouse around him. Should you get drool down your cleavage it is no one’s fault but your own. You, boy. Your pappa taught you better manners. Use them. I will not tolerate this foolishness. I have spoken. (They exit, glaring at each other.) Married within a year, I am thinking. My dears, you will please excuse me, I have a pressing engagement with a beautiful young lady. ZOE: What could tear you away from all this? KASMIR: Tea. With my daughter. She is five, and you have not yet seen a womanly scorn such as is visited upon me if she must wait for the cookies. She gets that from her mother. JAZ: Save yourself from the pout of doom, by all means. Go my friend. KASMIR: Tell Sovay I handed you my slipper. She will behave. JAZ: The shoe of authority. KASMIR: Wield it with force and determination. (exits) JAZ: What an odd custom. Now a heavy boot to the head I could see having some real effect, but a slipper? ZOE: Some people juggle geese. JAZ: Shen me? ZOE: There’s a moon where they juggle baby geese for fun. JAZ: That I have got to see. Remind me to look it up later. ZOE: So, now that jurisprudence is done what do you have planned for the afternoon? JAZ: I thought I’d make a few calls, chat with some friends, see if I can figure out just how hairy it’s getting out there. There’s still an outstanding warrant on the Tams, but now Mal’s considered deceased they dropped the flags on Serenity. I’m worried I haven’t heard from anyone in the Companion’s Guild lately, not even the maids. It does not bode well. ZOE: If it’s as bad as you think it may be? JAZ: I cash in all my credits for coin, stock the larder and batten down. ZOE: Won’t that raise a few eyebrows? JAZ: It gets that bad, nobody’s going to notice in the general rush. Just another raindrop in a storm. ZOE: Mal’s not going to want to stay put. He loves the storms. JAZ: I know. I’ll just make sure the home port is as warm and inviting for Serenity as I can. ZOE: How about safe? JAZ: There was a very paranoid ex military type a few owners back. He left some things lying around. I’m going to be having settlers here soon. Friends that want a change of scenery for a spell. Short of an all out attack from orbit by an armada, we should be fine. Just don’t forget the password. ZOE: That’s assuming we can make it back. JAZ: You, madam, have to make it back. ZOE: Me? Why me specifically? JAZ: I can tell Hobie and Maddie about you, but you’re the only one who can tell them about their daddy. Just one more reason to bring everyone back safely. ZOE: One in a long list. Shouldn’t you be saying this to Mal, though? JAZ: Already did. You gonna need a kiss to firmly plant the concept too? He swore he’d forget without it. ZOE: No, I think I’ll remember without one. JAZ: Good, ‘cause you’ve got lunch in your teeth. Made you look. ZOE: You know.. Kim doesn’t use enough garlic. JAZ: I miss flying with you too. My place is here right now, and we both know it. ZOE: Mal mopes. JAZ: He’ll be too busy to notice. I’ll talk to Kim about the care and feeding of my crew. ZOE: We still your crew? JAZ: You’re Mal’s first, last, and always. That’s as it should be, but you’re still under my protection, the lot of you, for whatever that’s worth. Besides, traditionally it’s my place as his lady. ZOE: That make him xian sheng? JAZ: mmm.. no. ZOE: Thought not. Good to know Captain’s got backup. JAZ: Got a gorram fine minder for himself, too. I sleep better knowing you’re with him. ZOE: Feel the same way about this place. Better go see to packing. Won’t be long before we’re working again if I know Mal. (starts out door) JAZ: There’s chubby toes need eating up. Give them enough kisses to last till you get home. ZOE: We’d never leave. (exits) JAZ: Truer words... now, what can I put in their lunch sacks? We’ll start with fresh herbs. To the garden with you woman, and stop talking to yourself or people will stare.

****** Scene 13: (Copia. Barnyard. Jayne is working out, Kasmir is acting as spotter.)

KASMIR: Twenty five and hold. It is a beautiful day, is it not? JAYNE: (exhales and resumes repetitions) Great. Be a good day for a ren-dez-vous somewhere, if you get my meanin’. KASMIR: Our thoughts are traveling the same path, more or less, yes. And that is ten, the weight please. JAYNE: (Hands it over and sits up.) Pity there ain’t trim around as is willin’. KASMIR: None? (hands Jayne water) JAYNE: Well, your cousin seems willin’.. just not with me. KASMIR: Ah. So. JAYNE: Just can’t seem to find a grapplin’ partner of late. Disconcertin’s what it is. Speakin’ of which I ain’t sparred with no one in a while neither. You willin’? Might even be able to take me, you’re pretty big. KASMIR: You have no idea. (Removes shirt) Let us grapple. JAYNE: (Strips shirt) Well let’s dance. (They slap hands and begin wrestling). KASMIR: It seems a pity your needs are unfulfilled. (lunges in to grip )Raaaagh! JAYNE: Unh! If’n Mal’d just lay over at a whore house.. rrrf!.. I’d get em seen to. (slips out of hold, swings around to reverse the advantage) Uff! Ain’t stoppin’ long enough of late. Hrrrah! (They start getting winded as they wrestle. Jayne manages to hook his leg under Kasmir and brings him to the ground) KASMIR: Nnngah! None of the women here are interested? (He squirms out and rolls on top of Jayne) JAYNE: Whooft! Not so’s you’d notice. KASMIR: You have.. grrr..asked? (Jane rolls back on top) JAYNE: Hah! Repeatedly. KASMIR: Rrrrraaaagggh!! (Reverses their positions and pins Jayne) Perhaps you have not been looking in the right direction, hmm? JAYNE: Tag’s good,(pants) your round. I looked in every..hold on, you mean men? KASMIR: (Lets go and leans back, but does not get off)That would be a different direction, yes. JAYNE: (rises to elbows) Got no problem workin’ with them as is, but I ain’t sly. KASMIR: You are certain of this? JAYNE: Just weren’t raised that way. KASMIR: It was not the most prominent component of my upbringing either, my friend. JAYNE: You sayin’ what I think you’re sayin’? KASMIR: If you are understanding this as a proposition? Yes. JAYNE: Ti wo de pi gu. I thought you were married, with kids. KASMIR: One never knows unless one asks. My wife and I are in agreement on many topics, the desirability of our own sexes being one of them. We have an arrangement. She does not sleep with men, I do not sleep with women. When she is wanting another baby I visit. The doctors take care of the rest. (gets up and offers hand to Jayne) JAYNE: (Jayne takes it and stands) How many kids you got? KASMIR: Seven. Probably I will be making another pilgrimage soon. JAYNE: You really go with fellas? KASMIR: Muscular buttocks and pretty eyes and I am as a puddle of butter. JAYNE: You weren’t tryin’ that hard with the sparrin’ were you? KASMIR: Had I done so you would have been pinned well under ten seconds from the beginning. JAYNE: Figures. KASMIR: Do not feel bad. You are remembering Yuri? JAYNE: That big guy Mal picked a fight with? KASMIR: My little brother. I have been fighting with him since we were small. JAYNE: Ai ya. You can pin him? KASMIR: Only because in his head I am still the taller by a foot. JAYNE: Deng yi miao. He sly too? KASMIR: Ha!! Yuri? He is an incorrigible chaser of women. Drinking and whoring with you would be a delight for him. JAYNE: Huh. Sounds promisin’. We ever get off this rock to another one as has whores, that is. KASMIR: You are not upset by my offer? JAYNE: Not if you ain’t upset about my turnin’ you down flat. Hell, ain’t the first time I been hit on like that. Had to shoot one feller, wouldn’t take a no. Matter of fact this was the politest anyone’s been. Least ways you didn’t grab my cod. Not too many places to avoid each other on a ship after that, neither. KASMIR: I will leave your gao wan in peace. JAYNE: Appreciate that. Now you want to go a round like you mean it? KASMIR: You are enjoying the taste of dirt that much? JAYNE: Let’s see what you got.

***** Scene 14: (Copia. Farmhouse. Mal and Jazmine in bed late at night.)

MAL: Zoe’s got us a job lined up with Badger. We’ll be gone a spell. JAZ: She does, does she? Mind yourselves. MAL: Gettin’ ugly out there then? JAZ: It is. MAL: You’ll be needin’ our services soon? JAZ: Not for freight. There’s ships so big Serenity would be as a shuttle to them working on moving goods and people around. You may see some familiar faces here soon. Maybe for some quieter runs, though. MAL: Belike I can stop playing dead? JAZ: Word’s going to get out sooner or later. Those doctors are quite proud of their work. They want to publish. I talked them out of putting River’s name in the list of authors, very good of them to offer to include her really. I’m just worried about what happens after. MAL: After? JAZ: Dead, you’re not a threat. You can move quietly and not be bothered. Back from the dead..well, in some circles you’re something of a martyr already. MAL: Tzao gao. So alive.. JAZ: You become a rallying point. A very visible one at that. Biggest damned hero in twelve sectors at least. People are going to want to use that. People who may not want to take no for an answer. MAL: People you don’t trust? JAZ: Them, and some as I would otherwise. Then there’s the whole issue with the Alliance presuming you’re behind another Browncoat uprising. MAL: I am doing no such thing. JAZ: Grapevine says it’s so. You remember those people who are holding you up as a martyr? They’re using your name in vain too. MAL: They’re saying..? JAZ: Sargeant Reynolds , a Hero of Serenity Valley, was raising an army for another try. Murdered by the Feds, such a pity. No scapegoat like a dead scapegoat. You’ll be promoted to General before you know it. MAL: Gorram fei hua, that ain’t even like to true! You reckon that full well. JAZ: It hardly matters what I know, Malcolm. You know that. Convince the Alliance. MAL: Damned if I’m dead and damned if I ain’t. jing cai. JAZ: You do seem to find the most interesting pickles. MAL: Well, if anybody’s going to put words in my mouth it gorram well ought to be me. I’m alive and I ain’t afraid to let anybody know it. JAZ: I am. MAL: Rest your mind easy, Lotus Flower. Nothing to be done about it tonight. I’ll sleep on it. You just gave me quite a bone to gnaw, though. JAZ: Sleep then. I’ll be up all night. MAL: Why for? JAZ: Laundry’s not finished. That and worrying. You’re going to need a clean shirt and plenty of socks for the trip. MAL: What trip? JAZ: That job... MAL: Oh, right. General, huh? JAZ: Malcolm...



Sunday, January 28, 2007 3:42 PM


In then middle of there, Jayne singing one of my favorite songs to the baby.
Got me all teary eyed, old softie that I am...

Sunday, January 28, 2007 5:55 PM


Huzzah! The Jaz storyline is back and brilliant as ever!


Amazing work here, stinkingrose! Definitely loved Mal's reaction's to returning home to Jazmine and Jayne's conversation with Kasmir:D


Sunday, January 28, 2007 10:46 PM


Love the inner visuals of half naked wrestling [G]. Maybe you've been accidentally channeling the fic in which I got Jayne briefly into oil wrestling for money [GGG]. I'd have thought he'd have been angrier at a sly proposition myself, but maybe Kasmir's getting to him.


Thursday, February 8, 2007 4:32 PM


Kinda fond of those visuals my own self.


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This is a setup.

Lonesome Albatross
Sniff sniff...sob. Teenage angst. Also flying bullets.

Love Nuns
Serenity returns to Copia. Mal faces the music. Half naked men wrestling.

Big Rosie
Back story for the 76th.

Come The Ressurrection
Fairly short (for me). He's baack!