Old wounds don't heal: Teaser.
Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Gabriel Tam receives a visit from a pair of Blue Sun's finest, whose presence may prove ominous for Serenity's crew.Post BDM.


This is just a teaser for a larger fanfic that i intent to write. The fic would basically focus on the BDH's as they are forced to confront two sets of enemies each wih their own unique links to own heroes. Diclaimer (or a statment made to save my ass): I do not own the rights to Firefly or Serenity or the characters that feature in them. Joss rules all. Yay fanfic!

Old Wounds Don’t Heal. The pearly light of Osiris’s moon shone down upon the considerable expanse of the Tam estate, glittering across the electronic security fences and the large bright windows of the manor itself. The moon light was briefly eclipsed as a ship, state of the art and iridescent blue, glided down gently until its curved and contoured form landed on the lawn in front of the manor’s main entrance. Silently a pair of men disembarked, each one dressed in identical black suits and ties, and each with their hands clad in a pair of blue latex gloves. Silently they advanced upon the doorway and were met there by a man in his early fifties with white streaks in his hair and rumpled smoking jacket hastily fastened around him. “Gabriel Tam?”, inquired one of the men. The man in the smoking jacket nodded slowly, visibly mustering up that form of courage that borders on naivety and arrogance which those with money seem to so casually possess. “How may I help you gentlemen?”, he replied “May we come inside sir? We have much to discuss. Preferably in private.”, replied the blue gloved man. Gabriel Tam eyed his two peculiar callers up and down. One was a hair shorter than the other, and the taller of the two was also at least a decade older than the other, which placed one in his forties and the other in his thirties. The younger of the two carried a black leather briefcase, remained silent and stood as if he had been rooted to the same spot since the dawn of time and had every intension of still being there once it ended. Gabriel mentally named them ‘Senior’ and ‘Junior’. Something broke through Gabriel’s reverie, and it took him a moment to realise that Senior had repeated his question. Briefly Gabriel considered demanding to see some form of identification before allowing the men entrance into his house, but then he caught the look on Junior’s face which said quite plainly that they were coming in with or without his permission, so he ushered them hurriedly into the living room and tried in vain to ply them with brandy and comfy seats, both of which they declined. After pouring himself a large, stiff brandy Gabriel Tam positioned himself in a large armchair directly across from his two peculiar guests. Swirling the brandy round his glass in a meditative manner Gabriel attempted to collect himself. It had been nearly three years since his son’s disappearance and in that time he had become accustomed to the occasional visit by federal officers, most of them asking peculiar and cryptic questions, although they usually had the good courtesy to call during the daytime. “So what exactly can I help you with gentlemen?”, asked Gabriel. “ We were wondering sir, if you might be able to tell us anything that you know about your son’s present whereabouts”, said Senior, putting a very slight emphasis on the ‘sir’, not quite enough to be offensive but only just. “Look, I told this to the last five federals when they called by; I haven’t heard from my son in nearly three years. I have absolutely no clue as to his whereabouts present or otherwise.”, replied Gabriel, his voice weary from lack of sleep. “Well in that case sir, might you be able to tell us anything about your son in general? Something which maybe you neglected to mention to the various officers who called before. Something like the time when your son was arrested for consorting with known dissident elements in a surveillance blackout zone, and how you bailed him out of jail and used your considerable influence with local government to have the incident tucked quietly away.” Senior smiled sardonically, “Something like that.” Gabriel sat momentarily stunned, looking as if he had just been slapped across the face. “Now you have to understand…”, began Gabriel, “My son had a brilliant career in front of him. His paranoid delusions were jeopardising that career. I just wanted to do what was best for him”. Gabriel leant forward and rested his head I his hands. Looking down on the distraught man Senior rolled his eyes in boredom. “Mr Tam, your son’s previous exploits are of little interest to us. However, his current career in kidnapping, theft and aiding and abetting known criminals and political dissidents most definitely is”. As Senior reeled off this new list of offences Gabriel’s head shot up shock written across his features. “Simon would never do such a thing!”, protested Gabriel. A smile quirked upon Senior’s face. “Oh really?”. As if at some hidden signal Junior reached into the briefcase that he was carrying and withdrew a thick metallic disc about the size of his palm with a lens at it’s centre. Placing it carefully on the floor, Junior took a step back and the holo-projector burst into life. The holo-vid that it showed was the security feed from the Alliance facility, which had been viewed by the Operative several months previously. It showed Simon’s rescue of his sister, River, and their escape (which resulted in two alliance scientists being incapacitated in the process). Once it was finished Junior picked it up delicately and replaced it in the brief case, before removing in turn a large palm pilot like device upon which he began to type . Meanwhile Senior leaned close to the shaken and distraught Gabriel Tam and spoke in a quiet, deadly voice. “You knew about this, didn’t you Mr Tam? A man with your contacts and influence how could you not have.” Gabriel nodded mutely, just once. “Did you tell anyone about this?” “No.” “Not even your wife?” Gabriel looked up suddenly, fear written across his features. “She knows nothing. This has got nothing to do with her, understand?” Senior inclined his head in confirmation. “So, what happens now?”, he said, his mouth dry and his throat hoarse. “For you sir? Nothing.”, replied Senior. “If you know nothing else then you are of no further use to us. And if you do, then you are withholding information from government authorised agents and thereby aiding known criminals which makes our next actions perfectly justified.” Gabriel frowned, confused and off kilter. “What actions?”, he asked. Without warning and in utter silence Junior reached inside his jacket and in one smooth movement pulled out a silencer fitted sig sauer. He calmly fired two rounds through Gabriel’s temple without so much as glancing up from his palm pilot. Gabriel’s corpse slumped backwards in his armchair, his eyes staring blankly ahead as blood began to flow from the entry and exit wounds. A woman’s voice called out from upstairs and Junior shot a look of askance at his partner. Senior nodded and Junior placed his palm pilot carefully upon the coffee table along with his brief case before setting off in the direction of the noise. Senior turned and began to peruse the various works stacked in bookcases which stood against the walls of the living room. As he did this he muttered to himself. “Fitzgerald, Dickens, Dumas… and yet not a Shakespeare or Milton in sight”. Turning to Gabriel’s still cooling body he continued. “I’m afraid my estimation of you has just dropped considerably Mr Tam.” There followed a loud thud from upstairs, and after a few moments Junior re-entered the room. He completed what he was typing and placed the palm pilot on the coffee table, before closing and picking up the briefcase and standing ready to leave. “It’s primed”, he said simply his voice conveying no emotion whatsoever. Senior, who had returned to scrutinizing the Tam’s literary collection, nodded briefly and the two of them left the house closing the door carefully after them. As they made their way across the lawn towards their waiting ship Junior paused and turned his gaze upwards to the darkened heavens. His eyes glittered in the light of the stars and a rare smile spread across his face. “And when Alexander saw the breadth of his Empire he wept; for there were no more worlds to conquer”, his voice tremulous and vibrant. But then the moment passed and his face was blank and emotionless once more. Silently Junior followed his partner back into their waiting ship and barely a minute later it rose gracefully from the lawn of the Tam estate and sped silently out in the black. Silence fell once more across the Tam estate and nothing stirred save for the thin blades of grass as they swayed gently in the breeze. Ten minutes after the ship bearing the strange begloved men had vanished into the inky darkness of space the palm pilot, which Junior had placed so innocently on the Tam’s coffee table, detonated, engulfing the entirety of the estate in a bright blue fire ball, and leaving nothing but smoking wreckage in it’s place.


Wednesday, April 4, 2007 11:26 AM


Interesting variation but I wonder why the Hands of Blue shot Gabriel Tam in the head instead of using the thin stick device which causes those afflicted to bleed from the eyes, nose and ears before dropping dead. Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Wednesday, April 4, 2007 11:33 AM


Because they were trying to be covert and screaming bleeding people tend to draw attention. Plus it wouldn't have been as sudden.

Thursday, April 5, 2007 1:28 AM


looks interesting.

Good work


Thursday, April 5, 2007 7:40 AM


Wow, they killed him.
Didn't see that coming, good job :)

Thursday, April 5, 2007 8:13 AM


I always did wonder why they'd leave such a mess behind, it didn't seem fitting for covert government agent types.

Intriguing start! I look forward to seeing where you go with it.

Monday, April 9, 2007 9:40 PM


I gotta wonder too. You have the HoBs kill both Gabriel and Regan, and turn their mansion into a cloud of atomized particles. Having Gabriel and Regan die from the effects of the sonic wand thingy Hands of Blue carry would have stayed within established behaviour and not matter since the evidence of such injuries wiped out;)

Still...definitely a mighty intriguing start to things, MrBlueSun! Can't wait to see more;)



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