Firefly Doctor Who Crossover Chapter Five: Discovery
Tuesday, May 22, 2007

“Getting in trouble is in the Doctor’s job description, but what happens when the Alliance discovers a weird blue box from Earth-that-was?” By Joss Whedon and Russel T. Davies (can be read: “By gods…”), just read, review, and ignore the fact that I can’t summarize!!


* * * Alliance ship: Interrogation room: Perspective: The Doctor He looks about the room, thinking less of his TARDIS, and more about the now of the situation. He’d been taken from the cell, relieved rather swiftly of his sonic screwdriver, taken through some standard big-government-spaceship nondescript hallways, and to another room of middling size. In this room, he found a well-dressed member of the Alliance sitting at a table, waiting for him. In the man’s hands, there was an open folder, with a few sheets of electronic paper. He noticed an empty chair at the other end of the table, but decided against it, and stood off the end of the table. When the man sitting down at the other end of the table nodded at the man at the door, and he left off, leaving the two of them alone. When alone, the Alliance officer cleared his throat. “You’re different,” the man said, flatly. “Yes, I am. I’m –“ “You’re not human. You,” he said, continuing his interruption, “aren’t from here. You, whatever else you are, are alien. And you’re the first alien the Alliance has met. And as such, I’m bound by the Parliament to start an investigation.” The Doctor’s face sank visibly; this was a common enough thing when he was recognized as alien, but, he thought, slightly more upbeat, this time, it appeared he had a chance to stop it. Except to do so, he’d need his sonic screwdriver, and he’d just remembered they’d taken it. He sighed, and sat in the chair, thinking about how he’d get out of it this time. As the Alliance officer sat at the other end of the table, reviewing his files in the newfound silence, he pressed a button set into the table. * * * Serenity: Feds searching the engine room As the group enters the engine room, the first thing they notice is the blue box off to the right. The second thing is that it’s not a standard part of the Firefly class, and doesn’t appear to be a part of this one, either. And the third thing is that it’s open. ((Cue the “Mystery of the TARDIS” theme. And you who’ve seen enough of the new seasons should know what this is, despite my naming. Mind, it might be the “Bad Wolf” theme, but I’m woefully ignorant.)) These three observations, made separately, and not connected in any way might not have bothered the leader, though the three sequential observations put him on edge. He made a hand signal to stay where they were, but fan out for cover positions. As he approached the box alone, he raised his hand slowly, bringing the radio to his mouth, to report this to his superiors and ask for instructions. * * * Alliance ship: Interrogation room: Perspective: The Doctor He’s busy sulk-thinking about how to get out of this one this time, when he heard the table over at the officer’s end beep. Another button was pressed, and then it appeared to be talking, though it was obviously recognizable as a person. Probably over some sort of portable communications device, he thought. “Sir, this is Evans, reporting on the search of the Firefly class Serenity? There’s something we think you need to know. Over.” The man on the radio paused, waiting for confirmation of receipt and the go-ahead to continue. “Yes, Evans, go on,” prompted the man at the end of the table, intent on the speaker, now. As was the Doctor, but he couldn’t afford to look as such, because if he looked interested, he might be noticed again, and if he was noticed again, he would probably end up being sent away to some medical lab somewhere. “There’s this… blue box. In the middle of the engine room. And it’s open… It’s got some labeling on it, and I’m gonna go ahead and read that out to you. But first, I think that it most resembles the old Police Call boxes on Earth-That-Was… sir, honestly, that’s what this looks like. Up top, it says just that: ‘Police Public Call Box’, and it looks like, hold on a second… yes. It’s on all four sides, including the front. Also on the front is a plaque that says some stuff about it being open for the use of the public for emergencies… but…” he trailed off, hesitant to say something. The Doctor knew exactly what he was going to say, because he’d heard the creak of the TARDIS door opening further, and even the subtle hum that was ever present in the control room. However, the Alliance type at the other end of the table didn't, so he had to ask the plain and simple way. “Yes, Evans, go on,” prompted the man again, impatient this time. In the brief pause after he said this, he looked up at the Doctor, sitting at the other end of the table. “Sir, … it’s…” Evans began again, and trailed off again. “Bigger on the inside than the outside… but that’s impossible, isn’t it?”, say both Evans and the Doctor at the same time, though Evans’ inflection is one of disbelief and amazement, and the Doctor’s is one of obvious sarcasm and scorn. Oh, I’ve gone and done it now, haven’t I? He sighs, because now that he’s said something about it, he knows he has to own up to it being his, and he might as well continue his mockery of the human race. It is his favorite hobby, much to Rose’s dismay. Of course, he’s always raving about how great the human race is too, so she lets it slide. “Yes, it does seem that way. Well, actually, it is that way.” The Doctor lets out a bit of a scoff. “Everyone says it. Every time someone else steps foot in that thing, that’s the first thing they say. Or something equivalent. Most everyone anyway. There are probably notable exceptions I’ve forgotten. And you,” says the Doctor, raising his voice so as to be heard over the radio, “Mr. Evans! You’re not gonna wanna go in there, I’m tellin’ you! Just go ahead, step out of the funny blue box, and close the door.” Well, thinks the Alliance officer, this won’t do. I’ve got to go ahead and get him out of here. A new cell, I think, and I don’t think we’ll be giving him back his little toy. He presses another button on the end of the table, holds it briefly, and says just: “Two for a different cell.” After this, he turns his attention back to Evans. “Evans,” he prompts, “are you still there?” “Yes sir. Awaiting orders. Am I to pull back, sir?” “N-,” starts the Alliance officer, but he’s immediately overridden forcefully by the Doctor, who has now stood and is halfway around the table by the time Evans even begins to ask. “YES. You’re to leave that box RIGHT NOW.” Unfortunately for the Doctor, this is also when those ‘two’ that the Alliance officer had called for step in the door, and the fact that he’s standing right by the officer in question isn’t boding well for his respectability at the moment. However, in all the excitement, he’s able to procure the topmost of the sheets of electronic paper from the man’s folder, and carefully puts it in his pocket. While he’s doing so, the two security people, for that is what he assumed them to be, crossed the room. Just as he had finished and resumed a normal standing position (not that they waited, he was just this fast,) they had taken him forcefully by the arms, and were leading him out of the room. “G’bye then. Can’t say it was fun meeting you,” he quips, just as he leaves the room. [I[Though, he thought, this sense of humor might just get me killed one day.

Alliance ship: Perspective: The Doctor, entering cell six, currently occupied by River In his new cell, he was re-fitted with handcuffs, and had the dubious honor of returning to a different cell than he’d come from. In fact, in this cell, there was already a person: a small girl laying back restlessly on the bunk. This time, when the door closed, the security types set to patrolling the hallway with their heavy footsteps. “Right, then,” he muttered to himself. “That’s one way not to do that. Still don’t have my screwdriver. I needed that…” As he stood there, rather pointlessly, he considered the room, and its other occupant. “Hello, then,” he said, cheerily as one might in the current happenstance. “You don’t fit. Lost. Don’t know why you’re here. But now you’ve found me…. Out of place.” River looked up at him from the bunk with a gaze of such unaccustomed clarity, because she’d found the one thing that made sense to her. “But I understand. Different. You’re the only one, now.” “And who’re you, then? You surely do go on a lot, though, don’t you?” Though he said this, he knew she was right. He just didn’t know how, is all. It was more than a bit discomforting. He regarded her more closely, actually looking at her, rather than just noticing that she was there. She was small, no more than 17, and had long, wavy hair that looked like it had been just taken out of the water. But her eyes said loads more: she saw that which was true. “Her name is River. But she knows who you are: you’re the wanderer. You haven’t a home, so you wander. And they’ve taken her. She is alone without you, and they’ve taken her and you don’t know what they’ll do. Afraid. Both of you. Because you know it’s happened before. But not like this, because the other times they didn’t get in.” He was getting slightly unnerved and sat down on the ground of the cell, regarding the girl. People don’t like it being described normally, and he was finding it more than a bit odd that she was talking about him and the TARDIS like that. “Do you know what’s going on, then?” “They’re meddling. Poking about, and they haven’t the right. She’s not happy with you, she says.”

Yegads, a wee bit Doctor-centric this chapter. I mean… wow. I guess this chapter was really just kinda to move it along, ‘cos… there’s not much substance in here. Am I that sort of writer, really? Oh, that’s fantastic(! Nine-ism with sarcasm!) Also, I hate this chapter – it's rather suckage. (If you can convince me otherwise(Feh, that's probably not happening, though), the new ones may show up faster – I have six and seven written and waiting for edit/post.) By Joss and Russel, I hate this chapter. I'm just posting it so you lot can gloss over it, get the gist, ignore my crap writing that took at least a month of ignoration and editing, and get on to chapter six, that should be less crap. I hope. And If not, there's always chapter seve, and chapters eight and nine are coming on fine. IT RHYMED!! LAWLZ... (Okay, I'm just typing this to procrastinate, now, so, posting. Now)


Wednesday, May 23, 2007 10:03 AM


I dunno...*scratches nose*...I think this was a pretty nifty chapter. I certainly think you got the spirit of Eccleston's Doctor down with his spiel about how everyone makes a comment about the TARDIS's nature of being "dimensionally transcendental" (insides bigger than the outside).


Still looking forward to more chpaters though:)


Wednesday, May 23, 2007 10:13 AM


Gladly - there are more. I am working on up to Nine, now... lawlz. And, BEB... I'm glad, 'cos it seems everyone does that when they "write a first contact with the TARDIS" scene.


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