How about Windows XP Firefly Edition? :)
Saturday, August 14, 2004

I got tired one day of looking at the normal WinXP boot screen while waiting for my pc to load and decided to make my own. This is only my first attempt, and i am more of a pencil and paper artist than digital, so it's not perfect but i don't mind waiting for pc to load anymore. I'm interested in what you guys think.



Saturday, August 14, 2004 11:57 PM


That's great! Are you able to share the image you used and info on what you did to get it to use that image instead of the standard one??

Sunday, August 15, 2004 2:23 AM


verry nice

Sunday, August 15, 2004 5:26 AM


My question is, does it make the OS more stable to have those outboard thrusters?

Sunday, August 15, 2004 5:37 AM


It's more stable because it's "just too pretty to die".

Sunday, August 15, 2004 3:50 PM


O.K., You have to tell us how you did this, or else we might go nuts, like completely insane.... See I am good with graphic design but I don't know how to fool around with windows, I suck at that stuff. So, anyway, if us other browncoats don't get this we might die!!

Sunday, August 15, 2004 6:42 PM


That is gorramned genius!

Now, before I go insane, tell me how you did it, and can I do it to Windows 2000?

Sunday, August 15, 2004 8:27 PM


There are a couple of programs you can get (like BootSkin and BootXP) that let you change the boot-up screen on XP, so if you could post the image you used it would be great! I wish I had some talent...!

Monday, August 16, 2004 1:42 AM


Beware! Not all versions of boot screen programs will work with all versions of Windows, even XP. If you download a program, make sure it can be uninstalled. Refresh your skill at going into Safe Mode.

Monday, August 16, 2004 3:39 AM


Dont tease us so much. Cna you post what you did/

Monday, August 16, 2004 7:37 AM


Re: BootSkin and BootXP programs... They worked fine on my XP computer, but I had to un-install them before installing the new service pack (SP2). I haven't tried re-installing them yet though... But I'd still like this picture posted, cos it's great!

Monday, August 16, 2004 7:58 AM


Aw, c'mon ChristopherRobin...pleeeeze put up the info pretty please?

Monday, August 16, 2004 1:28 PM


Wow, thanks to all who have expressed interest i wasn't really expecting such a huge response. I took a break from the computer i was buiding and took a mini-trip to a friends house and when i got back my inbox was full from here, the OB and a few others.

I will answer your questions just give me a few minutes
and Yes of course i would be happy to post the file for everyone to share it. Also as requested i am working on a brand new one for all the Cappy fans out there so stay tuned.

Monday, August 16, 2004 1:58 PM


O.K. Answers to questions from the various boards.
Where i get the Idea? I was building a computer,(shiny discounts given to all browncats ) which i do on the side, for a future Browncoat(although he doesn't know it yet) and you constantly have to add a driver reboot, add a patch reboot, add a fix reboot, and as it says above i got tired of seeing the same damn boot screen over and over and said there has got to be something better and there were but nothing really caught my eye. I though hey we need a Firefly one Gorramit! So i learned how it was done and stayed up till 4am trying to make one myself and you see the result above.
More answers coming...

Monday, August 16, 2004 2:09 PM


How did you do that?
As several very sharp individuals pointed out i hacked a windows executable file called the NT OS kernel stored in the system/system32 foler of Windows.

Britchick: yes i will share the file and how to change it on your pc. Not exactly sure how to post an OS file but maybe I'll ask Haken if he will put it up here or i can put it up at my own website which is still under construction but useable here

Gojiro: Can honestly say it hasn't crashed once since i put this boot screen on it! :biggin:

Monday, August 16, 2004 2:28 PM


Anonymous: Yes, it's just a boot screen so far.

Legomaniac: I'll post how i did it after i get the file and instructions up in some form or other so people can start using it. I know some are waiting.

TenthCrewMember: It is only WinXP Home so far and with a few additional modifications it will be ready for use on WinXP Pro (working on it) hopefully today or tomorrow.
Not sure about Win2000 it uses some of the same files and so should work but i will need a copy of the file in Win2000 to be sure and all my boxes i build and own have XP on them.

NeoDoug: Good ideas... haven't used either software personally and don't wish to recommend anything that will cause a possible software conflict for people. I've found that simpler is usually better when working with and building computers so i will post instructions for doing it manually without any software required. It only takes a few minutes to do.

Monday, August 16, 2004 2:39 PM


Evans: You nailed it right on the head my friend. You are obviously one very smart individual.

Anonymous: KDE theme? Someone must've stolen my thinking cap as i can't think what that stands for. Can anyone else clue me in?

Gwyneth: Very soon my dear. I don't want to put the file up without good directions or some people may harm their computers trying it all by themselves.
Also there are several variables like Service pack 1 and now 2 to contend with as well as different builds of Windows.

Monday, August 16, 2004 2:56 PM


Yes, Christoferro the portrait artist and ChristopherRobin the REI/computer builder are one and the same. Some forums don't allow more than 12 characters for a name (ahem.. OB Prospero) So i went with an Italian version of my name instead.

No my website is not ready yet, but a construction page is up at

No I haven't done any BDH portraits yet I am currently finnishing a portrait of my cousin as a present for her 11th birthday. (an Easter egg I've hidden on my site will show what it looks like so far) But i will be doing Firefly cast next as soon as i decide on who to do first. Any suggestions?

Monday, August 16, 2004 6:30 PM


Thanks a ton for the update, I think that would truly top off my "firefly" computer, I have a Kaylee wallpaper, my startup sound is "Take my love, take my land, take me where I can not stand." and my shutdown song is "You can't take the sky from me." (I cut up the mp3 of the teme) and I am currently trying to figure out how to create a theme with icons and pointers and stuff, oooooo would that be nice, so thanks a ton!!!

Monday, August 16, 2004 9:45 PM


(struggles under a ton of thanks)
Legomaniac: Ha that's awesome. I have almost exactly the same setup.
Same intro from the theme song but my shutdown outro is "Have no place i can be since i found Serenity" I also have Jayne saying "Gorramit" with any errors and when a new menu appears Early says "Well here i am."
My wallpaper is constantly changing (thanks to Neroli and cohorts) but is currently Irish's Serenity "Time for some thrilling heroics" wallpaper only I Photoshoped in the correct Date for the BDP (Big Damn Premiere)and added the ship to the background.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004 6:36 PM


Cool, gotta love trippin' out the old computer to do what you want it to, ahhh, it gives me a fuzzy feeling inside!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004 12:51 AM



Good one CaptainHarbatkin.

Thanks Sabrina

The wait is over BRITCHICK

All set Gwyneth

Thanks Tomerai, i dig the stuff you post too.

O.K. Legomaniac you don't have to go maniacly insane now... well at least not any more maniacly insane than a legoManiac is... already er enjoy the file

Hey Tenthcrewmember, need your help buddy. I don't have a copy or Win2000.
I may need a copy of a small file from you to see if i can apply this boot logo to Win2000.

Thanks too all the rest as well goto my newest post in the Blue Sun Room the get the file and instructions.
I tried to address every question that might be asked i could think of so the directions are very thorough while still being as simple to read as i could make.
Download 'em, read 'em and you're about 2 minutes away from having your very own Firefly Edition of Windows.
Go here --->ᵛ
read the first post and let the downloads begin.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004 11:18 AM


WOW that's awesome!!! Too bad my computer is broken!! I'm on my brother's comp.

Sunday, August 22, 2004 1:41 AM


Hey you guys. How cool is this!!!

Adam Baldwin saw my "Hero Edition" boot screen
and responded to me with a post over on the O.B.
The thread is here --->


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River - a first attempt.
As some of you know (most probably do not) I used to draw quite a bit and then got busy with work/life and somehow just never seemed to find the time. Almost 5 years passed with no serious drawing, a few doodles a year, well a few months back i did a portrait of my cousin as a present for her 10th birthday.
It turned out pretty shiny so i got it in my head to try the BDH's.
My only other creative outlet recently has been the 5 Firefly themed WindowsXP boot screens last month.
Well this taght me a few things,
1. Whew am i rusty. :P
2. I know my cousins face much better than i know Rivers.
I wasn't really going to post this first attempt because i am not really pleased with the result... but since others have i guess i will too. Just remember when commenting that this is only my second real drawing since the new Millenium. Any comments or constructive criticism from other artists is welcome and will hopefully make my next attempt better. Channain? IronCladOtter? Any others?

A little Captain in Cappy?
This idea hit me whilst i was looking at Angelic's last image and I couldn't resist.
The look on his face... his pose...coincidence?

BLUE SUN Edition now available for all
Finally the wait is over and I am happy to share with you guys the much anticipated BLUE SUN Edition. It is now ready for download off my website here --->
Remember people this is for WindowsXP Home with Service pack 1 and WindowsXP Professional with Service pack 1 only.
If you have WinXP Student version, or a WinXP version made for a country other than the US these boot screens will not work for you! Email me here ---> and I will see about getting you a set of files that will work for your version of Windows XP. Also remember this has not yet been tested with Service Pack2.
Read all the instructions (which are included with the file) and enjoy Blue Sun, you know you want to. ;)

"Hero Edition" is now ready to download!
Hero Edition is now available for download at my site here--->
Click the Firefly button then click the image of your choice to download.
Blue Sun will be ready as soon as I get some more time this week.
I also made a few aesthetic enhancements to the other Boot Screens as well.
Nothing major but feel free to grab a newer copy of Firefly or Tight Pants Editions if you like.
I've got a new "Serenity Edition" in the works now too so stay tuned.
It is a major improvement over the original I think.
Questions? email me @ or click the mailbox on my webpage.

Website updated
I just updated my website and made a page just for these boot screens. The first two are ready for download and the last two should be ready in the next week. Enjoy

How about WindowsXP BLUE SUN Edtion!
Several people here have noted similarities between Microsoft and Blue Sun but i believe it was TCM who first suggested the idea to me for a Blue Sun Edition boot screen. So to all who have asked here you go. It is nearly completed and will be available soon.

How about Windows XP Hero Edition
Not to leave out T.M.T.C.J. (The Man They Call Jayne) and Adam Baldwin fans i decided to try one based on the clay statue in Canton.

How about WindowsXP Tight Pants Edition. :)
To all the Fillionaires and Cappy fans in general i am working on a new creation just for you. I have almost fallen out of my chair twice i was laughing so hard while working on this.
HAAAAA! My sides are killing me but it was worth it.
It is not ready for prime-time yet but here is a sneak peak, so post away and let me hear what you guys think.

WindowsXP Firefly Edition now available to all. :smile:
Here you go fellow browncoats for those of you who have been requesting it.
It's now newly improved and tested on WinXP Home with SP1 and WinXP Pro with SP1 and ready to share. Let the downloads begin.

How about Windows XP Firefly Edition? :)
I got tired one day of looking at the normal WinXP boot screen while waiting for my pc to load and decided to make my own. This is only my first attempt, and i am more of a pencil and paper artist than digital, so it's not perfect but i don't mind waiting for pc to load anymore. I'm interested in what you guys think.