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Mal and Inara, in motion.


Rating: NC-17 Word Count: 472 Pairing: Mal/Inara Spoilers: None Author's Note: Drabble, written to alleviate boredom and because some days you need to scrap punctuation and caps.
motion by anjulie and 2x2
the air is hot sticky almost Inara can feel sweat on the small of her back on her legs, where their skin touches her hands grab at the bed covers, gripping and clutching at them head back revealing the delicate curve of her throat eyes closed mouth wide and panting she rocks her hips against his feeling the heavy thickness of him inside her back arching breasts reaching upward a moan, low and needy, keens in her throat

Mal’s lost in her her wet heat wrapped around him driving him out of his mind but he can't take his eyes off her face the beauty of her beneath him he can watch her unguardedly when her eyes are closed move harder or faster depending on her sighs or gasps and he's surprised, startled, to find that it's become more about her than him at this point that he's begun to make love for her not just to her it's a surprising revelation because he's always considered himself a selfish man – at least since the war their first encounters were good but somehow they were about what he could keep of her suddenly he finds that it's what he can give her so he watches every expression notes each curl of her fists remembers what it is that made her open her eyes and cry out and when her eyes meet his he smiles leans down and kisses her because he loves everything about her her taste her beauty her being it overwhelms him at times how much he needs her and then he pulls away and he begins to move a little harder a bit deeper faster when she asks him to loves her nails on him scoring his back her whispers against his neck tickling his ear and he bucks his hips just a bit harder to punish her for teasing him his eyes meet hers again, this time seeing the smile in hers because she's a witch beneath him a witch who's woven him up in a spell he'll never be free of will never want to be free of that's the beauty of her magic then while he's preoccupied with this incredible, sly nonsense that he'd never admit to she does something beneath him some twist some thing and he's falling dying never even knew what hit him it's just pure, dark, sweet desire pulling him down, down and he's lost nothing until he comes back to himself and when his head clears enough to open his eyes she's watching his face he smiles weakly to acknowledge her the same pleasure he's in her arms and she’s had him the whole time kept him and he won't let himself think about what that means instead he just pulls her closer, then closer still wraps her around him and sleeps


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Pure poetry! Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

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nice to see someone play with form and language - very dreamlike. (not that i have those kinda dreams - koff koff!)

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It couldn't have been more wonderful then this...*sighs*

Keep flying ;)

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It is such an art form to be able to express the erotic. No need for being graphic to express the sexiness of it. I can feel the heat and desire in every well placed word. Beautifully done.

gentle journey,


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