Serenity Two Story Part One
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

serenity two in script form. This is my first fanfic, so tell me what you think.


Disclaimer: All Serenity and Firefly places, people and ideas owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. This is Fan Fiction.

Serenity Two

Mal enters engine room.

Mal: Kaylee, you almost done repairing this thing? Simon found us a job.

Kaylee: Simon?! When did-?

Mal sits on a box and puts his head in his hands.

Mal: Kaylee, you know that we’re broke, and that Serenity needs at least 9 more expensive parts to get her flying?

Kaylee: 16

Mal: Sorry?

Kaylee: She needs 16 more parts to get her going.

Mal: No, you said 9 at minimum.

Kaylee: That will get her in the air, yeah, but not-

Mal: That’s what I need.

Kaylee: Captain, 16. There’s the catalyzer and the correlater, which starts the enu-

Mal: ‘kay, sorry for not making this clear. I need it done in 9. Less if you can. Now we need cash, so Simon got us a job.

Small explosion from a gizmo in the engine, starting a fire. Mal yells and runs to the smoking thing, rips it out, and stamps on it. His coat catches fire, and he yells. Kaylee grabs and extinguisher and douses Mal and the gizmo. When the fire is out, Kaylee picks up the smoking thing.

Mal, frowning: I liked this coat.

Half of the bottom of the coat has been burned away.

Mal, looking closer at the object: Oha, no, that was not one of the fuel cells. Er zi de bowdai. Kaylee, how’d it do that? No, never mind, just fix it.

Mal walks out of the engine room. Enters dining room, where Jayne is drinking.

Jayne, slightly slurred: Hey, we got any jobs yet?

Mal, passing: wha-uh yeah, Simon got us one.

Mal continues on to the bridge.

Jayne, yelling after Mal: What’s the job? We gotta pick some fancy clothes from fairyland?

Mal enters the bridge. River, fixing a panel, looks up.

River: I’m not going.

Mal, throwing his hands up: Little one, you read my mind one more time-

River, raising her eyebrows: And we’ll miss another great conversation. I’m not going.

Mal: Why are people disagreeing so much today?

River, cocking her head to one side: Maybe because you’re telling them things they don’t want to hear.

Mal: I don’t have time for this. You’re going.

Mal walks out, heading for the cargo bay. Simon is there, and Inara, playing Vanquish, a game involving large sticks and what looks like a garden gnome.

Mal, stopping to look at Simon: Isn’t there something you’re not doing?

Simon, focusing on the game: No. Everything’s ready except method of transportation. Are we taking Serenity or the airtrain to Osiris?

Mal, firmly: Airtrain.

Simon: Then River and I can’t come.

Mal: Your arrest warrant was pulled from the Cortex last morning.

Simon, stopping dead, shocked: Wha-why? Mal: No idea. Good for you though.

Simon: Why didn’t you tell me this?

Mal: I didn’t care enough to. Anyway, I’m guessing you and your sister can go anywhere as long as she doesn’t go kooky-like. And ’sides Serenity ain’t running well as she should. This job is to get her running again.

Inara, realizing the game is over: So, what did you two come up with to make us rich this time?

Simon: Um, okay, Captain Reynolds, Jayne, River, Zoe, and I take the airtrain from Persephone to Osiris. There we meet an official who needs a cargo transported to him.

Mal: We get the cargo, give it to him, and he pays us enough money to get the ship running again.

Inara: Hmm, sounds legitimate. I’m impressed.

Simon: Oh, actually, it’s not.

Mal: The problem is the cargo.

Inara: Why, what’s the cargo?

Mal, suddenly looking sheepish and scratching his ear: Well, geisha dolls.

Inara, laughing: The wobbly headed ones?

Simon: Yep, the problem is that this time, the geisha dolls are bigger, and inside the wobbly heads are grenades.

Inara, recovering: So, where are you getting the goods?

Simon: A place I used to go as a kid. Hu Xung’s Toys and Crafts.

As Simon finishes, the ramp opens and Zoe comes up holding a package. Mal walks up to her as the ramp closes behind her.

Mal: So, what have we got? Bows and arrows?

Simon, explaining to Inara as they exit the cargo bay: Guns are banned on airtrains and on Osiris, so Zoe was out getting… Zoe: Something more high tech than that.

Mal: Rocks?

Zoe pulls four tubes and packs of darts from the package.

Mal: We protect ourselves with sticks?

Zoe, shaking her head: Sir, these are blowguns. People on Earth-That-Was used ‘em. These are tranquilizer darts. Here, let me show you.

Zoe puts a dart into the blowguns and blows into it. The dart whizzes out and hits Jayne, who has just entered the cargo bay. Zoe looks shocked as Jayne tumbles and hits the deck.

Mal, looking at Jayne’s corpse on the deck: Nice shot. I guess they work.

Zoe, looking away: Y-yeah. And….

Zoe takes out three blowgun tubes stuck together.

Zoe: Shotgun.

Mal: Hmm. Teach the crew to use them. Hope we don’t use ‘em.

A loud bang and crackling sound is heard from bridge.

River, loud and out of sight: Tamadafei-oo

Mal rushes to the bridge and nearly crashes into Simon. They run to River, who is getting up from just in from of the entrance, soggily (it’s a word, damnit) electrocuted.

Simon, stopping speechless, then turning to Mal: What did she just say?

Mal, unfazed: motherf***ingbulls**t.

Simon, rushing to River: River, never say that again. Are you hurt?

River, looking shaken: I was fixing the wires and the power started. And I hear you say it when you and Kaylee are-

Mal, frowning: whoa, you say the power started? I thought Kaylee cut the power up here?

Kaylee runs onto the bridge.

Kaylee: Cap’n, we just got struck by lightening.

Mal: Well, its not raining outside, so there better be a good reason that my boat bein’ shocked.

River, looking out window: The lion has a thorn in its paw.

Mal: What, something on Serenity? Where?

River grabs a gun left on the pilot’s console. She starts for the cargo bay.


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Very interesting:)

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You hurt the coat? Monster...


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Serenity Two Story Part One
serenity two in script form. This is my first fanfic, so tell me what you think.