Sleep Tight.... Chap. 2
Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jayne's best night ever....


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Jayne took a sip of his beer as he and Mal waited for the contact to come to inform them of a job. Zoe usually accompanies them, but Zoe had asked permission to go somewhere with Inara and Kaylee.

So, Simon was ordered to stay on the ship, and while he was at it, to find where his moon-brain sister was hidin'. That girl sure needed to be dealt with, thought Jayne. Talkin' nonsense an' reading peoples mind just up and freaked him out.

As he sat there waiting and drinking, he looked around to see if there was a willing woman around, so that he could have a bit of fun before he had to go back to the ship. Only problem was, was that there was no one that caught his eye. For some reason, his usual type just didn't interest him no more, and that plumbed out scared him. The problem was that he was looking for someone like her. Someone like the girl they had found in an incubator; the one who always acted out but could also be lucid and have fun; the one who never looked hotter than when she stood as a weapon amidst the dead carcasses of those ruttin’ reavers.

"Jayne," said Mal, snapping Jayne back to what he needed to be doing. Mal took a sip from his drink as he said, "you follow my lead. Don't go do anything stupid that could get us killed, dong-ma?"

"Ah, hell, Mal," said Jayne, “when have I ever screwed up a job?"

"Do you want me to go down the gorram list?" said Mal, fully ready to answer the question, but before he could utter a word, the lights in the bar went dim.

Looking at each other, confused, they placed their hands on their guns, getting ready for any trouble that might start. Then three spotlights shone on the stage, which made them relax a bit. Hell, once Jayne saw the shadows of the three women, he got all happy. What came next, though, was something that neither of them expected. "Hwoon-dahn," said Mal in disbelief.

Jayne spit out the beer in his mouth at the sight. Kaylee was wearing a red A-line cut dress that went a little past the knees and had short sleeves with the bottom fringe in the sleeves and dress lined with white fur. Zoe had on a halter dress that came down to the knees; it too had white fur at the bottom of the dress. Inara wore a red silk dress that was low-cut in the front and that formed around her body nicely and had a gold chain belt around her waist.

"It's a Christmas get-up," said Mal as he looked at little Kaylee, and in utter shock at Zoe, and trying not to look at how good Inara looked.

"Wh.." Jayne could hardly speak, "What month is it?" he was finally able to ask, "Is it Christmas already?" he looked at Mal and realized he would not be getting an answer. Damn, those girls sure do look hot he thought as he smiled a crooked smile.

The music started playing, and he realized he's heard this song before. It was a song from earth that was. You barely ever heard songs from earth that was now-a-days.

Then from behind the stage another girl came out, and he got excited as ever, thinking to himself this was the best night of his life. He couldn't yet make out how the other girl looked. The girl started singing:

I don't want a lot for Christmas There is just one thing I need I don't care about the presents Underneath the Christmas tree I just want you for my own More than you could ever know Make my wish come true All I want for Christmas is you

Jayne’s jaw just about dropped to the floor…

"Wh...RIVER?!" said a very shocked Jayne. Once he saw that it was River he got all excited. She looked beautiful with a velvet red tank top dress that came to her knees and red knee-high, high-heel boots with straps going from top to bottom, and she had on red lipstick, Her hair was pulled back into a bun. ‘Who wudda known she was crazy?’ Jayne couldn’t help thinking.

They continued to sing the song as Mal and Jayne watched in disbelief. When the song had finished River took a seat on Jayne’s lap before any protests could be made.

God, thought Jayne, he was getting really excited, what with all the girls wearing those outfits but truth be told he had the best one sitting on his lap, he could barely control his excitement as he shifted his position. Jayne knew if the Shepard was around he'd tell him that he was going to go to the special hell. As if hearing what he was thinking River looked at him with a knowing look.

"I still need to be dealt with," River whispered into his ear with her lips an inch away from his skin. Jayne’s breathing got heavier as River moved up closer for a kiss...

"Jayne! Time for your shift!" said Mal, kicking on his door.

Jayne opened his eyes with a start and looking around he realized it was only a dream. “What a dream,” he said, as he lay on his tummy in his bunk. "What the hell was that crazy-girl doin' in my dream?" he asked himself confused. Remembering how she looked, he smiled, "Sure looked good. What am I sayin'? That girl beat you up on Beaumonde." Remembering when they were at the pub and she went all war-crazy beating up everyone there, including him.

“Jayne?” Mal called out again.

"Alright. I'm comin'!" yelled back Jayne.


When Jayne got to the bridge he took a sit in the co-pilot's chair, Nobody sat in Wash’s chair unless it was necessary. Everyone in their own mind just didn’t think it right to sit where Wash oughtta be, still had his gorram dinosaurs around, but he wasn't about to remove them. He wasn't sentimental about them, it's just that Wash's death was a blow to all of them, and having the dinosaurs was a nice memento of him. Wash should have seen Zoe in that slinky dress, thought Jayne, as he was remembering the dream. He started humming the song and smilin'. Jayne continued to think of the rest of the dream, and how excited he got when River sat on his lap and whispered in his ear.

"I still haven't been dealt with."

Jayne whirled around to see River peeking into the bridge with a smug smile on her face and then left.

"Gorram, crazy-moon-brain girl," Jayne muttered to himself getting all uncomfortable as he sat alone on the bridge, but she sure did send his mind in a whirl, ain’t right thought Jayne....



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