Hello From Miranda
Friday, January 22, 2010

I am not sure where to place this so I am putting it here.


Howdy from Miranda, or should I say from planet X!

Hello, my name is Zeg. I come from a world way out in the boondocks as is said here on this planet, and I have answers. Excuse me if I speak poorly, I am used to communicating with my brain only.

Ok then, this is my 1009th post as I sign on to your internet and tour it‘s pages. At some time I will post my first thread on and I will have some of the answers to questions that humans have been asking for a millennia. Mind you, I can not tell all, that would lead to the total destruction of the world as it is known, and I Can’t. have that can I?

Just as you humans have what is known as “A Boss” I have the same and I have to keep WUG happy. Wouldn’t look good on my resume if my last assignment read “ Overseer of Earth that Was” because it truly was “Earth that Was” after it blew itself up. I might not be able to get a dishwashing job on Orch 3 if that happend!

Anyway, I am one of the Overseers of your world and I like the browncoats so I’ve decided to share what I know about the universe, at least some of it. For each different forum that I visit on the www I will have to more or less appeal to the interest of that group of fans so if it seems as though I know something about the forum it’s because I do! Also am I a crackpot? Well that’s really what I hope you’ll believe because I don’t really want you to know what is going on with me. Just like the governments on this planet, if I can muddle things up then who’s to know what is real and what is not?

One of the reasons I’ve chosen is because the Joss universe isn’t too for off the mark when it comes to Firefly. Yes he was wrong about aliens, but he wasn’t wrong about Parliament. There are truly powers that be on this world that none of you could ever imagine. There is lots of speculation of who’s running the world here but let me tell you that the people of this planet don’t have a clue. The powers that rule are hidden and their ultimate goal is to remain that way. The only thing I can tell you is to not take things at face value. That’s all.

So there, I will conclude my introduction and later move on to my first post and some really confusing things that you will consider only theories and hypothesis. It’s your choice. I only hope to open your mind.

Thanks for your attention, Zeg

Btw, could I have one of them virtual browncoats?



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Hello From Miranda
I am not sure where to place this so I am putting it here.