Firefly: After Miranda Parts 1 & 2
Saturday, July 2, 2011

The crew of Serenity heads back to civilization after Miranda. Mal has a choice to make. Inara goes back to the training house.


The wave that shocked the verse, the Miranda incident, the Reaver revelation, the broadcast that had been seen by nearly the entire verse was known by many names. To the crew of Serenity that broadcast and the events surrounding it would always simply be known as Miranda.

…..and Miranda had changed them all.

- 1 -

Captain Malcolm Reynolds lay awake staring up at the ceiling of his bunk, thinking. Thinking was something Mal had been doing a lot of since Miranda. It had been a little over two month since Serenity lifted off from the Alliance’s repair station. Just over four months since the events of Miranda itself. Mal had Serenity stay away from any real civilized place for weeks, unsure of the fallout that was certainly happening. That was until now. Mal knew that Serenity would only be a few hours away from landing at the Companion Training House, only a few hours from Inara leaving Serenity, and him again. Unless…..

Mal rolled out of bed and over to his sink. He splashed some water over his face. Look up from the sink he stared at the mirror, his reflection silently stared back at him.

Finally he broke from his own gaze and dresses. Climbing out of his bunk he headed to the bridge to make sure they were on course. He almost hoped something was wrong, something that would keep Inara on the ship.

On the bridge Mal saw the now familiar sight of River sitting in the pilot’s seat. Since Wash’s death River had been quickly taking over his role as Serenity’s pilot. Simon had been telling the truth about things coming naturally to the girl. She took to flying like a duck to water. Mal knew that part of it was the love for his ship.

“Well, my li’l albatross, how we doin’?”

“We should be landing in about 4 hours, Captain.” River said without removing her gaze from the black in front of her.

Moving next to her he checked the nav sat and groaned “Always good to be on time, aint it?”

River looked at Mal, “Not for you…”, then looked back into the black, “….or for her.”

“I would ask what you know about that, but I suppose you know most everything.”

River turned back to him, “Not everything. I don’t know if she will stay if you speak the words. Just know that she will leave if you don’t.”

Mal leaned in and gave his new pilot a kiss atop the head. “I’ll consider that.”

As Mal reached the bridge door River added, “Serenity wants her to stay. Serenity is not the same without gold and incense.”

Mal stopped, half turned around like he was going to say something then continued to the galley.

“Nether am I.” he whispered to himself. On the bridge River smiled.

It was just over a week ago Inara had come to Mal asking if she could use her old shuttle to visit a client. Mal had refused, even after she had offered to pay for the rental. Of course she accused him of being unreasonable and demanded an explanation. Mal did not give her a good one, even though they both knew why. Mal could not bear the thought of her with anyone else. He could have told her how he felt when she asked if there was any reason for her to stay on the ship if she could not conduct her business. Instead he just said he could not think of one. That lie hurt both of them.

The smell of fresh coffee filled the air as Mal entered the galley. Inara was there, preparing her normal morning tea.

“Tea and coffee must be a big day.” Mal announced.

“Good morning Mal,” she smiled, “I figured people would be getting up pretty soon. Would you like a cup?”

“Think I might.” Mal smirked as he took a seat at the table.

Inara retrieved Mal’s usually cup from its place and filled it.

“So, still plan on taking your leave.” Mal asked as Inara place his coffee in front of him and sat down with her tea.

She was, but a powerful part of her wished she wasn’t. Why can’t he just ask me to stay she asked herself. She also wondered why she needed him to. It was obvious how they felt about each other. Nandi had seen that. The truth was her feelings scared her. Inara had been fond of others before, even thought she loved some, but with Mal it was different. She thought back to the time when Saffron had called herself his widow and pangs of fear that swept through her as she raced to find him. She prayed every step of the way that she would find him alive. It felt as if she was drowning.

“That is the plan. Sheydra told me that the girls are looking forward to my return,” she responded breaking from her thoughts.

“Bet they are, who else can tell them tales of whoring around the verse,” he responded annoyed by her answer.

Angered by his comment Inara got up, “Well so much for a civilized conversation,” she shot as she headed to the door.

As she tried to pass Mal grabbed her arm and stood to face her. His mind raced. The last thing he wanted was for the stupidity of that comment to destroy any smell hope for…

“Listen Inara…” he started, “I….um…” Mal gathered himself and looked her straight in the eye and said, “I love you Inara!” his eyes then slowly trailed off again, “I know I haven’t…well…”

Inara suddenly leaned in and kissed him full on the lips. It took a second for this registered with the Captain, but once it did he was kissing her right back, long and hard. What are you doing a voice asked in the back of her head? She ignored it and focused on the other parts of her that had given it to what they wanted.

After some time Inara pulled back and looked at Mal. “I love you to, Mal.”

Their lips meet again for a time and then they fell into each other embrace. They stood there in the galley just holding each other, faces buried in each other’s necks. After what seem like a small eternity Inara tilted her head and jokingly asked, “I can still pickup my things, right?”

“Well, that depends. Do you have enough to rent a shuttle from me? “Mal said deadpan.

Inara lightly kicked Mal in the shin to which he gave an over reactive, “ouch”.

They both smiled and continued to hold each other, nether wanting to let go…..ever.

- 2 -

“All right, nice and easy now” Mal said from the co-pilot’s seat.

Zoe stood behind pilot’s seat as River slowly guided Serenity down towards the small landing area attached to the Companion Training House.

“I think she’s good, Sir.” Zoe commented to the Captain.

“Well, we’re coming down a bit fast. Plus she’s a might close to that edge.” said Mal as he looked over the consoles.

River ignoring both of them announced, “Touchdown in three……two……one…” with only the slighted bump Serenity settled onto the landing pad.

“Nice landing little one” Zoe stated, placing a hand on River’s shoulder. “Wouldn’t you say, Sir?”

Mal settled back in his seat and turned towards them. “Well the touchdown was a bit hard, but otherwise….” He noticed both women giving him incredulous looks. “OK, it was a good landing, but you have to understand….” he continued as he got up and headed off the bridge, “…if I ain’t criticizing, I ain’t doing my job.”

“He tries so hard doesn’t he?” Zoe said after the Captain was out of ear shot.

River smiled, “He does, he really does.”



Jayne Stepped into the infirmary just as Simon looked up from his notes, “Is there something I can do for you Jayne?”

“Um, ya Doc, there is. While we here I was fixin’ to go into town and do some shoppin’.” Jayne said unsure of himself.

“Okay” Simon said, confused on where the conversation would be going, and why Jayne was acting the way he was.

“See, I’m aiming to get everyone a lil somethin’, and I’d like you to go and help me.” Jayne continued.

Simon looked at him even more confused, “Why me, Jayne? “

“Well, ain’t no one else really. Captain probably be mopin’ around since we dropping off Inara. Zoe, well I don’t think she would go with me, Kaylee’s, goin’ to be too enamored with all the pretty, and ah, your sister…..well I don’t think you want me takin’ her by myself, do ya?”

A slight smile cracked on Simon’s face, “Alright, Jayne, I’ll go shopping with you.”



Serenity’s cargo door slowly lowered reveling her crew to Sheydra and a number of other girls that where waiting to greet them. As the crew disembarked Inara stepped forward and met Sheydra ahead of the others. The two companions embraced and exchanged greetings.

The Companion Training house was a beautiful structure that resembled some type of mystical castle. It had been built on the side of a small mountain miles outside the nearest city. The surrounding landscape was filled with waterfalls, mountains, and deep green valleys.

“Sheydra let me re-introduce you to the crew of Serenity.” Inara began. She introduced that crew to Sheydra and the others in turn finishing with “and this, of course is, Captain Malcolm Reynolds.”

“It is very nice to see you all again. It is especially nice to finally meet you, Captain Reynolds.” Sheydra announced. At the mention of his name some of the girls behind Sheydra giggled. Mal had not left Serenity when they had dropped Inara off at the training house before Miranda.

“Glad to be here, and to meet you all.” Mal said trying to sound as generous as possible while wondering what was so funny.

Sheydra smiled and turned back to Inara. “I have to say I was not expecting your wave, but I was not at all surprised that you decided to stay on Serenity.”

“Huh” Jayne let out, his look of confusion was only matched by the huge smiles on River’s and Kaylee’s faces. Simon, who had a slightly surprised look turned towards Zoe, but her expression had not changed.

“Are you serious, Nara? You’re really staying?” Kaylee asked hopping with all her might she had not heard wrong.

Inara smiled at her, “Yes, you, I’m staying.”

Kaylee stepped forward and hugged Inara. “This is the shiniest news ever!”

“Well I hate to break up this fest of shininess, but we should start loading Inara’s things.” Mal interceded.

“Captain Reynolds,” Sheydra began, “Our house boys will be happy to load Inara’s belongings onto your ship. Besides I believe Inara has plans for some of the crew.”

Mal turned to Sheydra, then to Inara “She does now, does she?”

“Yes Mal, I’m taking Zoe, Kaylee and River with me for a few hours, if they would like to?” Inara stated looking at each of them.

“Why not, if that is okay, Sir?” Zoe asked while River and Kaylee simply smiled back at Inara.

Mal looked at Inara. The look let her know that he did not appreciate being left in the dark. “Fine, why would I care if you take and hold the majority of my crew enthrall?”

“Thank you, “Inara said as she leaned in gave him a quick kiss, much to the surprise of the crew and Sheydra. This also caused more giggles as well as some whispers from the other girls. “I will have your crew back to you unharmed.”

Inara turned and took Zoe and River by the arms and smiled at Kaylee, “Let’s go girls.”

Kaylee quickly ran back to Simon and planted a kiss on him, “See you later, hon.” She said with a smile.

“Bye, have fun.” Simon said brushing some hair away from her face. Kaylee turned and quickly caught up with the other women as they walked into the training house.

Mal looked at Jayne and Simon, “Well boys it looks……”

“Actually, Cap’t me and the Doc where planning to take the Mule to the city and pick up some supplies.” Jayne said, cutting the Captain off.

“Yes, I asked Jayne to help me procure some supplies for the infirmary.” Simon added.

Mal looked at them both, “I am sure glad that no one thinks to keep me informed of plans anymore. Plus I have to wonder why we need more supplies for the infirmary. I thought we were fully stocked.”

“There are a few specific medications that we don’t have. Meds that aren’t standard, but I would like to have just in case, Captain. I would also like to get another auto-infuser.” Simon said.

“It might not be a good idea, Doc. Never know when you may run into some Feds.” Mal cautioned.

“I understand your concern, Captain, but you know we have not been able to fine any warrant for River or myself. We can’t even find anything that suggests we really exist.” Simon reminded. He was right. Since Miranda any evidence that River or Simon Tam existed was gone from the cortex. No birth certificates, no school records, nothing. Simon had even found that his class picture from the medical academy had been altered to remove him.

“Fine,” Mal huffed, “but don’t take too long. Although I don’t know how you are going to get the Mule down the mountain.”

Sheydra cut in, “There is a large freight elevator right through those doors. It leads to a tunnel through the base of the mountain. Your crew is free to use it if they wish.”

“Um, thanks.” Jayne said as he grabbed Simon’s arm and they headed into Serenity to get the Mule.

“That’s great, I guess I will just……..something.” Mal said aloud to himself.

“Captain Reynolds,” Sheydra started, “if we could, I have some business I would like to speak to you about.”


Saturday, July 2, 2011 6:00 PM


There's only one small mistake here, and that is that the training house is not on Sihnon. The planet that the training house is on is never specified, but it's a rim world in the Blue Sun system - that's the reason in the movie that Inara is complaining about how different things are out here and how discipline is lax compared to her training at House Madrassa.

Saturday, July 2, 2011 6:23 PM


Thanks for the heads up. I did a quick edit.

Saturday, July 2, 2011 11:29 PM


Pretty interesting start. Some of the crew seem a little off personality wise. Not bad just a little. Like how quickly Mal and Inara made up for example, and Zoe seems less stoic than I would expect. Minor stuff, just thought I would mention it. Anyways looking forward to what you do next.

Sunday, July 3, 2011 7:25 AM


Aw yeah...Mal's gonna get the Shovel Speech from Sheydra! That and some business opportunities...Companions don't lie, they omit negative remarks ;P

Sunday, July 3, 2011 8:06 AM


Agree with BEB here about Mal and Sheydra.
Good start, and I'm eager to see where you take this.

Sunday, July 3, 2011 12:18 PM


What's a Shovel Speech? Just a few little spelling/typos, the one I liked best was Sheydra at the end telling Jayne and Simon they could use the 'fright elevator' - guess it must be scary! Be interesting to see where you take this story with the novelty of Mal and Inara finally admitting their feelings for each other. Ali D :~)
"You can't take the sky from me!"

Sunday, July 3, 2011 12:22 PM


Not scary anymore, thanks for the correction. It's hard for me to proofread my own writing and I really don't have anyone to do it for me.

Sunday, July 3, 2011 5:25 PM


I had to Google "Shovel Speech" too...I think Sheydra is more likely to ask Mal for a favor though; pay some dues in exchange for taking Inara from the Guild, could be interesting.

Sunday, November 6, 2011 7:55 AM


Updated 11-06-2011.

Some corrections and re-writes.


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