Firefly: Family - Chapter 6 and Epilogue
Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Tams on Blackwood, tissue samples taken from Jayne, the crew tries to make sense of it all.


Chapter 6

“How are Jayne and Simon doing?” Mal asked from the pilot’s seat, his wet clothing replaced by a dry pair of sweat pants and tee shirt.

Inara handed Zoe and him cups of hot coffee, “Jayne is stable and Simon is still asleep on the couch. Gabriel is watching both of them,” she finished as she leaned against the nearby console.

“Well, the doc certainly had a big day,” Zoe said from the co-pilots chair as she sipped her coffee. She had donned one of Wash’s sweaters and an old pair of pajama paints after getting out of her own wet clothing.

“Simon is very brave. I wonder how Jayne will take owing the doctor his life?” Inara asked.

“I’m still wondering why Jayne’s life was at risk in the first place…and what the guay the Tams have to do with it,” Mal stated worryingly.

“Could be they were a distraction, so whoever wanted them could get samples from one of us,” Zoe said.

“That begs the questions who would want samples and for what purpose?” Inara asked.

“Have to be someone high enough on the monkey pole to get River’s parents released,” Mal added taking another sip of his coffee.

“That still doesn’t explain why they needed tissue samples,” Inara stated.

“I’m I alone in thinking this might have something to do with Miranda?” Zoe questioned.

“No,” Inara and Mal answered in unison.

“Sir?” Zoe questioned seeing Mal’s brow furrow in thought.

Mal looked up at them, “Doc, said a person takes samples to look for evidence of disease or the like. We might’ve been exposed to whatever it was they used on Miranda, could be what they’re looking for.”

“I thought the bio-scanners didn’t pick anything up,” Inara stated.

“They didn’t, but they only look for certain things,” Zoe replied.

“We don’t know what the operative told the government, but if he did tell them we were on Mirada why would they need proof?” Inara asked.

“Maybe he didn’t tell them, someone might have put some pieces together,” Zoe replied.

“…or maybe they want to see if the planet is safe now and liken us to lab rats,” Mal added.

“Then why not just take us in?” Inara asked.

“That’s why I don’t think this is the Alliance’s handy work.” Mal responded.

“How’s that, Sir?” Zoe questioned.

“The Alliance would’ve just landlocked us on Persephone. Told us we broke some obscure health code, took whatever samples they wanted while we got tossed in a holding cell,” Mal explained.

“Who are you thinking then?” Zoe asked.

“Don’t rightly know yet…and that’s the problem.” Mal responded staring into his cup of coffee.

“If this moon had port control we might have been able see what ships had come and gone recently,” Zoe said.

“The people who took Jayne might still be on world,” Inara stated.

“Not likely, unless they have more to do. They likely got gone as soon as they could,” Mal corrected.

“Well, you know where that leaves us.” Zoe stated.

“Nowhere,” Inara answered disappointed.

The Captain took the last swig of his coffee and said, “Could be worse…we could be down a doctor and a Jayne.”



Simon awoke staring at the ceiling of the common area. He had fallen asleep after stabilizing Jayne and being wrapped in a blanket by Kaylee. He groaned in pain as he sat up, his muscles sore for exertion.

“Are you alright, Son?” Gabriel asked from the nearby chair.

“Yes, just sore. I should check on Jayne,” Simon responded.

“I just looked in on him,” Gabriel stated. “I want to say that am…”

“Sorry?” Simon interrupted, “Is this the part where you apologize after seeing me in danger and I’m supposed to forgive you?”

“I guess not…I am sorry though,” Gabriel said.

Simon slowly stood up, fighting his stiffness along the way, “I don’t want you to be sorry, I want you to change.”

“I thought saying sorry was the first step,” Gabriel said following his son into the infirmary.

Simon stopped and dropped his head, “Not for you.”

“What does that mean?”

Simon turned and faced his father, “You’ve said you’re sorry before, but you’ve never changed. It’s like you’re sorry because people disagreed with you. You say you’re sorry but then go back to what you were doing before until people just…give in.”

‘I can’t go back and change what happened,” Gabriel argued.

“That I know,” Simon said as he turned and began to check Jayne. “What you can do is accept the life’s River and I have now…and accept the life you and mom are going to have.”

Gabriel’s face contorted in anger, “You want me to accept that I and your mother are going to be living in a shack and that my son, who had a future as a brilliant surgeon, now gallivants around with miscreants. Not to mention my daughter, who could have done anything she wanted, is forced to pilot a rusted old cargo ship.”

“She’s not forced.”


Simon let the question linger in the air for a long moment before responding, “River has not been forced to do anything. She wanted to pilot Serenity. That’s what you don’t see…or refuse to. River and I are happy being on this ship.”

Gabriel turned to walk out of the infirmary, “That’s ridiculous.”

Simon followed his father out asking, “Why because it doesn’t if into you shallow ideal of happy?”

“My shallow ideal?” Gabriel asked as he stopped to face his son.

“Do you know what I’ve done in the last two day?” Simon asked.

“You mean other than almost get killed and strike me?”

“For the first time in my life I rode a horse for a reason other than show. I get to save people’s lives that I care about. The same people who care about me and it has nothing to do with my status in society. I have something real,” Simon explained.

“So the life your mother and I made for you wasn’t real?” Gabriel asked.

“No it wasn’t.”

“How dare you.”

“My god, how can you not see that you are still doing it?” Simon yelled. “You won’t listen to me. No, that life wasn’t real. How many of my friends came looking to me, how many of River’s?”

“Um…that doesn’t…” Gabriel stammered.

“That’s what I thought. I doubt any of your so called friends have asked any questions about where you are. They are just like you, too worried about themselves. That’s not real.” Simon turned and pointed into the infirmary, “That’s real. We stop everything to find our friend. I was the one to risk my life, but anyone on this crew would have done the same. How can you possibly be ignorant of that?”

Gabriel just stood looking at his son trying to come up with a reply, but none came.

“Hate to break up this touching family moment but we’ve got questions, Doc,” Mal said as he came down the stairway with Zoe and Inara following behind.



“Here it is,” announced Kaylee as she pulled the capture-photo from a box on her shelves of her room.

Kaylee had become somewhat Serenity’s archivist, recording the good times that came alone, although for awhile those were few and far between. The one’s she did record she now had Simon’s mother to share them with.

“Take a look,” She said cheerfully as she handed the moving photo to Regan.

As Regan took it as Kaylee and River took seats next to her on the mechanic’s bed.

With a touch the capture started.

“Wakeup sleepy head, it’s Christmas morning!” Kaylee’s voice called from off the picture.

“You could at least let me get dressed,” a shirtless Simon said from his bed.

As the scene continued Regan found herself thinking of her son and seeing him changing in the infirmary. His nakedness had not been the only think that has startled her. Two scares stood out on him, perhaps it was because she was his mother. His left thigh and stomach clearly showed the results of gun shots. While she had been told that Simon had been shot, seeing the scars on her son slammed the point home. Helping to dry off Jayne had not help matters for her. Regan couldn’t help but to notice that the man was a near road map of scars of all shapes and sizes. Was this the future for Simon?

Was it somehow her fault that Simon and River had to live like this? What could she have done differently? The thoughts raced through her mind but kept coming back to those scars on her son. She couldn’t help but wonder if River also had a few…


“What,” Regan said confused.

“Yes, I have a few scars. It’s okay. They just remind us that the past is real,” River said with a smile.

Regan looked stunned at her daughter for a long moment, “You are a…”

“Reader,” River finished.

There was an awkward silence before Kaylee broke it saying, “We all got scars. This is from just after Simon and River came on board,” she said as she gently pulled up her shirt exposing the circular scar on her stomach.

Regan couldn’t help but to notice that it was near the same place as Simon’s.

“Simon was the one that fixed me up,” Kaylee said.

“Has everyone been shot?” Regan said sounding scared to ask.

“No, Inara and I have not. My scars are from the Academy,” River said with a tone of sadness.



“It’s possible,” Simon said leaning again one of the infirmary counters.

“So than, you could test to see if we were exposed,” the captain replied from the infirmary doorway, flanked by Zoe and Inara.

“It’s not that simple Captain, I have little idea what to look for,” Simon replied.

“The name, G-32 Paxilon Hydrochlorate doesn’t tell you anything?” Inara aksed.

Everyone in the room including Gabriel looked at Inara for the way she remembered the name.

“What, I just showed the wave to Gabriel and Regan,” she replied.

“Well, no…” Simon said. “It not a standard chemical name. A hydrochlorate refers any number of salts made from hydrochloric acid and an organic base. The rest of it doesn’t have any meaning that I’m aware of.”

“So someone would have to know what they were looking for,” Zoe commented.

“Yes,” Simon replied.

Mal frowned and said, “If we’re thinking right, whoever took Jayne knows about the Pax…and Miranda.”

Zoe straighten up, “Do we have a plan, Sir?”

Everyone looked and Mal waiting for his answer.

After a moment he looked up and turned to leave the infirmary say, “What we always do, keep flying.”

“Ahh, why’s everyone talkin’?” Jayne said woozily.

Simon moved next to him and asked, “How do you feel?”

“Like I drank too much,” the merc replied.

“You almost died, Jayne,” Inara said as Mal reentered the Infirmary.

“What…happened?” Jayne asked.

“You were drugged,” Simon explained as he shined a light in Jayne’s eyes to observe their response. “You almost drowned as well.”

“If it wasn’t for the Doc here, you would have. He jumped into flood waters and saved you. Nearly drowned himself,” Zoe explained to the big man.

“Um, thanks…Doc,”

Simon gave Jayne a half smiled and then asked, “What’s the last thing you remember?”

Jayne thought for a moment, “I was with that there whore…she was,” Jayne stopped as a smile came over his him.

“Jayne!” the captain warned.

“Well, that the last thing. I’m I…okay” Jayne asked.

“Yes, Jayne, you’re fine. You just need to rest,” Simon reassured resting his hand on the merc’s shoulder.



That evening the table in Serenity’s galley was once again surrounded by eight people. The mood was different than it had been for breakfast. Gone was the tension between father and son, replaced by worry about the unknown. There wasn’t much talk until Gabriel cleared his throat as a sign that he meant to say something.

“Captain, I have to ask how much longer you are going to keep us on this ship, or what other plans do you have for my wife and I?” the elder Tam asked.

Mal looked up from his plate of food as if he had been waiting for this question, “Here’s how it is. I’m not going to take you aboard my ship…”

“Mal,” Inara interrupted.

The Captain continued despite her protest, “At one time we did have nine people aboard. Since we’ve had seven things have been a bit easier. While part of that is how we have been spending our money, part of it’s the simple truth that seven people eat and use less than nine. Not to mention I’ve got a hover craft in my hold that is going to need some fixing, sure that will cost some coin.”

“I want them to stay,” River said sternly.

“I’m sure you do lil’ one, but the way it is, is the way it is,” Mal replied.

“So you’re going to leave us here?” Regan asked.

An awkward smile came over Mal’s face, “Well, here’s the rub…no.”

Everyone looked at the Captain with different levels of confusion, accept for River.

Mal let that linger as he ate his last bit of supper and then explained, “Somebody placed you two on this rock for a reason. Don’t know what it was or is, but there is one. If we leave you, that somebody will know where you are and can pick you up anytime they like, possible to use you against this crew. Now your children are strong willed, they’d want to go a rescue you if that happened. The rest of us are just foolhardy enough to help them. I mean on preventing that.”

“If we ain’t takin’ um, and they can’t stay here what are we goin’ do?” Kaylee asked.

“We’ll take them, until we get to where we’re going to drop ‘em,” Mal explained.

“Back home, on Osiris?” Gabriel asked.

“That’s not a good idea,” Zoe responded.

“Unless you have some friends or family that could take you in,” Inara suggested.

“We don’t,” Regan said with sadness.

“Where do you plan on dropping us, Captain Reynolds?” Gabriel sternly asked.

“Don’t know yet. We’re not leaving tomorrow until after we’ve done a few things, got some folks to thank and all. Hopefully sleeping on it might give me an idea,” Mal responded.

“Sir,” Zoe said in a tone that let Mal know she want to talk to him about this alone.

The Captain stood up, “Since it looks like everyone is finished, Zoe and I will clean up.”

“But, Cap’n it’s…” Kaylee started only to stop because looks from Mal and Zoe.

As the others left the captain and first mate began the task of cleaning up the galley. They worked in silence until Mal started to wonder if Zoe had really wanted to talk to him.

“Unless I missed something, you wanted to speak to me,” Mal stated.

“You didn’t miss anything, Sir,” Zoe started as she cleared the last of the dished from the table, “Just wondering where you think we’re going to be able to put the Tams. It’s not like we have a lot of friends left.”

“I know,” Mal replied.

“I’m sorry if I’m interrupting,” Simon said as he walked through the galley doorway.

“That’s okay, Doc. This conversation affects your parents so you have some right to it,” Mal said.

“We’re talking about who might take then in, and the fact we’re lacking in friends right now,” Zoe explained.

“I have a suggestion,” Simon said.

Zoe and Mal both stopped and waited to hear what the young doctor had to say.



Mid afternoon of the next day Serenity lift off from Blackwood and head into the black once again.

“You understand what I want you to do lil’ albatross?” Mal asked standing over River as she guided Serenity into space.

“You want me to take Serenity to Blackwood and Fury’s L3 before setting course for our destination,” she responded.

“If by L-whatever you mean the opposite side of the planet than yes,” Mal said.

River rolled her eyes. After she had her course set she looked up at Mal.

“You got something on your mind?” he asked as he straightened up.

“I want my parents to stay with us,” she said.

“I know, but that’s not goin’ happen. Don’t think I have to tell you my reasons why,” Mal responded.

“Then I might stay with them. I haven’t decided.” River said.

“That’s your call,” Mal said as he turned to leave the bridge.

River spun in the pilot’s chair, “You’re suppose to tell me to stay.”

Mal turned back around to look at her, “You know I and the rest of this crew want you on this boat. I’m sure your parents what you with them as well. Thing is, your old enough to decide what way you want your life to go. Ain’t no one can tell you what’s best for you.” He turned and once again headed off the bridge, “You decide to take your leave, just let me know. I’ll need a new pilot.”

River watched him leave before turning and looking out at Fury in the distance. It had been so long since she had a choice on what she wanted, at least in a larger sense such as this. She was glad that she had awhile to think about it before they would land.



“You still haven’t talked to them,” Kalyee said disappointed.

“No, I haven’t,” Simon replied from the chair next to her’s at the galley table.

“It’s been three days since we left Blackwood,” the pretty mechanic said dropping her eyes to her cup of tea.

Simon took a sip of his own tea, “I know that. I still have time…I just don’t know…”

“Don’t know what?” Jayne asked as he entered the galley.

“Nothing, Jayne. How are you feeling?” Simon asked changing the topic and invoking a sign for Kaylee for doing so.

“Just fine…here,” Jayne replied sliding Simon’s holster and gun across the table to him.

Simon quickly noticed that the leather of the holster and blackstrap had been cleaned and conditioned; the pistol looked as it had been cleaned and oiled.

“Thank you,” the doctor commented.

“Least I can do…you know…for save me and all. You did get it all kinds of filthy.” the mercenary replied.

“You’re welcome,” Simon said with a smile.

Jayne walked into the small cooking area and retrieved his cup. As he started to pour himself some tea he said, “You really should talk to those folks of yours.”

“Not you too,” Simon said dismayed.

“I haven’t seen my pa for…hell, I don’t even know. Don’t even know if the man still alive. My mother has never once mentioned him in a letter. I hated him when I left home. Part of me still does. He’s still my pa…and it still hurts,” Jayne explained.

“Why haven’t you waved or wrote him?” Kaylee asked.

Jayne smiled, “Cause I’m a stupid hwun dan. Not at all like the jing tsai doctor here. Right, Doc.”

Simon signed and said, “Point taken.”



“Hello,” was all Simon said as he entered Shepherd Book’s old room.

Simon’s parents had been staying in that room since they came aboard Serenity. It was nowhere near as lavished as the bedroom they once had, but it had served its purpose the past week.

“Simon,” Regan responded.

Simon had been avoiding his parents since they left Blackwood. He was still angry with them but had made up his mind to try and come to some understanding. At least a part of him felt sorry to see them like this, in a cramped little room folding up hand me down clothing given to them by Serenity’s crew.

“Just wanted to talk to you…both of you,” Simon said.

Gabriel sat down on the corner of the bed and said, “Okay, talk.”

Simon looked at his father for a moment. Almost every memory of his father was one of him in a suit. Now he sat dresses in a ragged button down shirt most likely taken by Inara from Mal’s closet. His mother at least had some rather nice clothing from Inara. It did not pass by Simon that perhaps it was some type of sign that his father really had fallen just a bit further.

“I think it is obvious that I’ve been avoiding you,” Simon started. “I’ve been mad at you both for so long…and still am, but I still love you.”

“Simon, we never meant for any of this to happen,” Regan said.

“I know,” Simon responded. “I’ve even thought that if you’d tried to help me rescue River things may not have turned out as they have. I…I’m…”

Still angry, more so at me than your mother,” Gabriel stated.

“Yes,” Simon answered.

Regan responded, “Honey, you shouldn’t…”

“It’s okay, let him speak,” Gabriel interrupted.

“That night at the fed station, do you remember what you told me?” Simon asked his father.

There was a pregnant pause before Gabriel answered, “Yes…I told you that I would not come and get you out of trouble again. I told you, you would be on your own.”

“Gab, why?” Regan asked shocked at the revelation.

Before his father could answer Simon explained, “You left me to rescue River and try and keep her safe myself. Had I not come aboard this ship she would be back in the hands of the Alliance’s or worse. How you felt when you woke up in that shack on Blackwood was how I felt, alone. At least you had each other. I had River in a cryo-unit. I had to worry about myself and her, all while my parents were sitting in their estate.”

“Simon, we had federal officers come to our house after you left,” Regan started. “They said you and River had broken into a military facility and stole Alliance property.”

“I had to sell my shares of the firm and leave the board,” Gabriel added.

“I’m sorry about your seat on the board,” Simon said dismissively.

Mournfully Gabriel replied, “Obviously that does not compare to what you and River were going through.

“Simon we thought you had dragged your sister into some delusional fantasy, we never though…we didn’t listen,” Regan added almost to tears.

“Your right, you didn’t,” Simon said his tone almost sorrowful, “We can’t change the past. I hope we can move on, but you have to understand that I just can’t push away my feelings.”

“So what…what do we do?” Gabriel asked.

“How about you start by having lunch with just Kaylee and I…and listen,” Simon responded.

Regan smiled a bit, “I would like that.”



Once the dust settled from Serenity’s landing her cargo bay door slowly lowered so that her crew could meet the gathering crowd outside.

Mal led the crew down the ramp, wearing his usual brown coat. It was helping to fend off a chill in the early morning air. An older man with a long gray beard was walking up to meet him.

“It has been an age my friend,” the older man said with a kind smile.

Mal returned his smile and said, “Yes it has, Elder Gommen.”

“I hope you and your crew have been well,” Elder Gommen stated.

Mal’s eye dropped a bit, “We have, but Shepherd Book and Wash are not longer with us.”

“The way you say it I take it they have departed this mortal plane,” Elder Gommen said. “You have my condolences on the loss of your friends, and of your husband, Zoe,” the older man finished looking at Serenity’s first mate whom stood next to the captain.

“It’s appreciated,” Zoe replied.

“From your wave I understand you have some people who are in search of a new home,” Elder Gommen said.

“That’s right,” Mal started waving the Tams foreword, River walked closely behind them. “This is Gabriel and Regan Tam. They’ve come into some trouble and no longer have a place. They’re decent folk. The trouble was started by the government, not by them.”

Looking at the Tam’s Elder Gommen said, “Welcome to our little town. We don’t have much, but we will offer you a place. We own a debt to the good captain and his crew.”

“A debt that is more than repaid by this,” Mal commented.

“Thank you, we don’t know how to express our gratitude,” Regan said.

Gabriel added, “Yes, thank you. Not many would take in strangers.”

‘Well this town is filled with nothing but good folk,” Mal added.

“Come, we’ll get you settled,” Elder Gommen started. “Captain, I hope you and your crew have time to take your ease for awhile.”

“Unfortunately we can’t, got a job waiting for us on Greenleaf,” Mal explained.

“Sorry to hear that. Your wave said we may be taking in three, is that the case?” Gommen asked.

The captain turned to River saying, “I don’t know, she hasn’t told me.” Before she could respond he turned back to Elder Gommen and said his good bye. Before walking back onto the ship he looked at the River, Simon and Kaylee and said, “Say your goodbyes, we’ve got to get going. I want anyone who isn’t staying here back on board in ten.”

The rest of the crew said their goodbye’s to Elder Gommen and followed the captain back onto Serenity.

“Are you staying with us, River?” Regan asked her daughter.

River looked at both her parents for a long moment before saying, “No, I can’t. Serenity is my home. She needs me and I need her.”

“We understand, we love you,” Gabriel said hugging his daughter.

“We will always love you River, please be safe,” Regan said as River finished the embraced with her father and moved to one with her mother. Once finished River walked back onto the ship.

“It’s been very nice to meet you both,” Kaylee said as she hugged Regan.

“You to, and let us know if you guys make any plans for the future,” Regan smiled.

“Will do, mom,” Kaylee cheerfully said. “Mr. Tam.”

“Just call me dad,” Gabriel said embracing the cheery mechanic.

Simon hugged his mother, “Take care, I love you.”

“I love you to,” she replied.

That left only Simon and his father. The two looked at each other for a moment while the women they loved watched.

“Son…I,” Gabriel started.

Before he could finished Simon reached out and embraced him, “I love you, dad. Let’s just leave it at that.”

“Okay, I love you as well, son.”

Back on Serenity Mal an Inara watched from the catwalk as River, Simon and, Kaylee came back on board closing Serenity’s doors.

“Did you know River was not going to stay, Mal?” Inara asked softly.

“No, I didn’t,” he replied.

“I’m surprised you were ready to let her go, after all…all the sacrifice for her,” Inara said.

Mal continued to watch as River made her way up the stairs to the bridge, “That sacrifice was for her to be able to live her life, even if that means a life away from Serenity.”

“Then I take it you're happy she is staying, I know I am,” Inara said.

Mal stood up from leaning on the railing, “Of course, no one likes losing family. Now I have to go make sure my pilot gets us goin’ in the right direction.” He finished turning to head to the bridge.

“Don’t stay up to late, it maybe morning here, but it is late for us,” Inara said.

“I’ll be back in a few,” Mal replied.

Minutes later Serenity was once again lifting off and heading into the black. The captain walked onto the bridge and silently took a seat at the co-pilot’s station. He watched his young pilot as she guided his ship through Triumph’s atmosphere and into space. Once away from the planet River set a course for Greenleaf.

“I’m sorry,” River said.

“For what?” Mal asked looking at the nav screen on the control panel in front of him.

“For making you think I might leave, you were worried I would. I’m not going to leave you or Serenity.” River replied as she finished setting a course and looked up at the captain.

Mal turned his chair to face her, “Yes you will. Took me a long time to realize that nothing lasts forever and there’s no sense in trying to make it. Someday you’ll take your leave, or I will. In time everyone will.”

Mal stood up and walked over to his young pilot and wrapped an arm around her shoulders in a rough hug, “But for right now you’re my pilot and my ship’s good luck…and I’m glad you are.” As he stood up he kissed River atop the head and added, “Don’t stay up to long, we’ll get to Greenleaf pretty early.”

“Goodnight my captain,” River said with a smile as Mal left the bridge,

Mal replied, “Goodnight my lil’ Albatross.”


Sun light poured into the office from the large full wall window. The view of the capital below was spectacular. Alone a man in his forties stood looking out at that view as he had many times before. He was impeccable dressed in perfectly fitting gray suit. The cortex screen on the large desk behind him buzzed softly. The man turned and walked to his desk and took his seat without the hint of being rushed, once situated he touched the screen and the face of an older man appeared.

“Mr. Simmons, we have completed the analyses of the samples taken from the Serenity crew member. It is confirmed. The samples showed evidence of G-23 exposure and the levels of metabolization byproducts indicate the exposure occurred around the time of the Miranda incident,” the older man explained.

Mr. Simmons smiled, “Very good doctor, has there been any word on the Tams?”

“One our remote sensors in the Heinlein system pick up a signal from the implanted tracking devices. Calculations of their course and speed suggest they are headed for Triumph or a nearby moon,” the doctor replied.

“Thank you, Doctor, I will let you know when I have decided on our next course of action,” Simmons said before turning the cortex screen off.

He opened the drawer on the right side of his desk and retrieved a small picture. It held the image of an eight year old River Tam standing in front of the large window in the very office he sat.

“Well my dear it seems as if my suggesting you for the Academy was spot on. Not only did you manage break out of the most secure government facility in the core, you also revealed the Parliament’s biggest secret. You are truly something special. I think we will have to meet again. I think you need to work for me.” Mr. Simmons said to the picture with a smile.


Sunday, March 18, 2012 4:47 PM


I liked your resolution of this tale, and your epilogue opens the door for the next! Things aren't over--someone is always looking for River. I'm glad SImon was able to come to some form of reconciliation with his family. Thank you, m52nick, a very good story.

Monday, March 19, 2012 9:21 AM


You're very welcome, and thanks for the comments

Monday, March 19, 2012 10:26 AM


Ooh, this was a good one. Lots of loose ends tied up, a little bit of crow eaten, and more trouble on the horizon.

But I wonder if Mal and company pulled something tricky with the trackers. It'd be nice if the Alliance tried to follow them and ended up finding a bird out in the middle of some forest or something.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 10:22 AM


Jayne has such wonderful ways of saying thank you. Cleaning the gun :) Nice touch.

Monday, April 2, 2012 7:51 AM


Pretty cool and nice length on the chapter.


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