Firefly: After Miranda Part 9
Monday, September 19, 2011

The crew's plan to rescue the orphans goes as well as you would expect, which of course is bad for them.


- 9 -

Zoe and Kaylee moved alone the wall of the orphanage towards its front door under the blanket of graying clouds. Zoe picked the lock as she had done before and slowly opened the door.

“Okay, Kaylee,” she called after a quick look around.

The mechanic entered shacking off chill in the air, “We should have brought an umbrella, feels like rain.”

Zoe poked her head back out the door, “Let’s just get the box and go before it starts.”

The plan was to just get the control box and get back to Serenity. There the crew could go through the video and see if they found any evidence of abuse they could show the town. At least that was the plan…

Kaylee climbed up on the small table to the right of the door and pulled back the ceiling panel. Quickly she disconnected the wires running into the control box. As she brought it out of the ceiling she gasped.

“Zoe!” she called with fright in her voice.

Zoe quickly turned around and saw Kaylee with her hands up, still standing on the table holding the box. Glancing down the hall way she could see the business end of an Alliance issued assault rifle, the person carrying it was obscured by the stairway.

“You’re going to put that Mare’s Leg of yours down real slow like, Corporal Alleyne,” a deep voice ordered from the hall way, “don’t want to kill anyone unless I have to.”

Zoe slowly put her weapon on the ground, “it’s Washburne now, I married.”

“Excuse my mistake, Corporal; now slide that weapon over this way, dong-ma?”

Zoe slid her rifle passed the stairs and into the hallway, “What now?”

A very large man emerged from behind the stairs; he was wearing dark clothing, fit for combat. His face was scarred and Zoe thought she saw a hint of a tattoo on his left forearm.

“You must be Billy,” she said.

“Yup, now you two are going to take a walk with me down to the Sheriff’s office,” he then looked at Kaylee, “and you are going to leave that box right there on that table as you get down. We wouldn’t want you fiddlin’ with evidence.”

“Jen dao mei,” Zoe whispered to herself.



“Jayne…JAYNE!” the Captain yelled marching into the galley.

“Yah Cap” Jayne answered from behind Mal as he emerged from his bunk.

“Is something wrong?” Simon asked from the small seating area, lowering his book.

“Kaylee and Zoe have been gone way to long, should have been back more than an hour ago.”

“You thinkin’ they got pinched?” Jayne asked gravel.

“Don’t rightly know, but we’re going to find out. You load up, I’ll prep the shuttle.” Mal ordered and then headed through the lounge.



“Skipper,” Billy bellowed as led his prisoners into the Sheriff’s office.

Deputy Skip emerged from his small office, “What you need…” he stopped seeing Billy with his assault rifle pointed at two women, one of which he remembered.

“These two are members of that group that kidnapped that boy.” Billy explained.

“We didn’t kidnap him, we rescued him,” Kaylee protested. “They were beating him.”

“Bizui, Kaylee,” Zoe ordered.

“Both of you shut up,” Billy exclaimed, “now get into that cell.”

Billy got both the women into a small holding cell in the corner and locked the door.

“Here, give this to the Sheriff when he gets back.” Billy commanded as he handed the young deputy Kaylee’s control box.

“What’s this?” Skipper asked.

“Evidence, they were recording the kids, most likely to get buyers before they tried to take ‘em.”

“We weren’t going to sell those kids,” Kaylee said angrily. “Just go look at the other them; I’m sure you will see marks on ‘em from where they been beat.”

“Just don’t mess with the evidence or listen to them two, dong ma?” Billy ordered Skipper, while ignoring Kaylee.

“Last time I checked I took orders from the Sheriff, not from you Billy,” the young deputy protested.

“Just do it, don’t think that badge will protect you,” Billy said as he headed from the door.

“Where you going?” Skipper asked.

“To wait for their friends to come looking for ‘em,” Billy answered as he marched out the door.

“Skipper, you have to believe me. We weren’t trying to take those kids to sell. Just check the recordings in that box, they’ll prove it.” Kaylee pleaded.

“It’s evidence, Billy told me…”

“I thought you don’t take orders from him,” Zoe interrupted.

“I don’t” Skip replied

“Then don’t, and help us,” Zoe implored.

“I can’t.”

“Please, Skipper, for me,” Kaylee begged.

The young deputy looked at her and then slowly looked down at the control box in his hand, “I…I don’t know."



The Mule was parked right where it should be and there were no signs of a fight were the two things Mal and Jayne noticed as they approached the Orphanage. Each man readied their rifles as they made their way to the front door.

“Not locked,” Mal said quietly as he slowly turned that handle, “they must have gotten in.”

“Then where the ruttin’ hell are they?” Jayne questioned in a hushed voice.

Mal slowly opened the door and peered in. The coast was clear, he entered with Jayne close behind. Mal noticed one of the doors in the entrance way was opened. He motioned silently for Jayne to follow and keep his eyes opened. It was the door to the cafeteria. The two men entered the room which was only lit by the small windows along the outer wall.

“You boys are going to point those firearms skyward real slow,” a voice said calmly from behind them.

“Tzao gao,” Mal muttered as he a Jayne raised their weapons. Mal glanced behind him and saw who he expected, “Nice to see you again, Billy.”

“I thought you understood about making trouble, you must be a bit slow.” Billy commented.

“That seems to keep coming up,” Mal replied.

“You just going to talk, or are you going to shoot us?” Jayne questioned.

“First off you’re going to very slowly take those clips out of those rifles and throw them in that far corner, one at a time. Then throw the guns in the other corner, Sergeant Reynolds you first.”

Mal slowly reached up with his free hand and removed the clip from his rifle, “…and the rest of my crew?”

“I didn’t kill your Corporal, or the other girl. They’re locked away at the Sheriff’s office,” Billy replied as Mal threw away his clip and his rifle.

“Your turn big man,” Billy said to Jayne, “Then we will do the same for those sidearms, as well as that knife and that small pea shooter in the big man’s boot.”

Once both men were disarmed Billy said, “Okay, you both can turn around now.”

“Hell, you don’t look like much,” Jayne commented antagonistly.

“Jayne,” Mal cautioned

“What, you think that you could take me.” Billy asked with a smile.

“Ruttin’ right I could,” Jayne sneered.

Billy pulled the clip from his rifle and threw it and the rifle into the far corners of the room, “When ever you’re ready.”

“Jayne no,” Mal called but it was too late Jayne was charging. “Wo cao,” the Captain whispered to himself.

Billy ducked under Jayne’s first punch and drove a knee into the merc’s solar plexus. Quickly Billy grabbed Jayne by the back of the head and drove another knee into his face. As Jayne stumbled back and around Billy caught him with a right hook that crumbled him to the ground.

Billy spun back around just in time to catch Mal’s hook right in the mouth. Mal paused for a seconded as Billy smiled at him, a trickle of blood running from his mouth. Mal tried to hit him again but Billy leaned back just far enough to avoid the punch. Off balance Mal was not ready for the counter punch that crashed into the center of his face. Stars erupted in his vision and pressure built in his sinuses from the blood of his now broken nose. The next thing Mal knew he was face down on the ground.

Jayne stumbled back to his feet. Once he had his bearings he approached Billy again, this time a bit more controlled.

Billy turned to face him, “We fighting or dancing?”

Jayne angrily threw a straight right punch which just glance the huge man’s cheek. Unfortunately before he could bring his arm back Billy had counted with a hooking left to Jayne’s liver. Suddenly it felt as if every hangover Jayne ever had came back. Jayne only partially blocked the next punch, but was not ready for the front kick to his chest, nor the round house to the head that followed.

Mal saw Jayne’s body crumple to the ground from the spinning kick as he charged back into the melee. The Captain put every bit of power and weight he could as he kick the side of Billy’s knee. Billy yelped in pain as his knee buckled. As the huge man dropped down Mal leveled a punch across his jaw, then another. Mal wounded up and threw a third with all his power, he was not ready for Billy to duck his head and lean into him. Mal’s momentum threw him off balance and he fell across Billy’s wide shoulders. Billy’s reached up and grabbed Mal as he stood with a howl. A mighty heave later and Mal was sailing and twisting through the air. He braced himself for the landing. As he came down Mal’s back landed on the corner of one of the nearby tables. He felt a pop in his ribs and his wind left him. He rolled hard off the corner of the table and onto the ground. He tried to get to his feet and catch his breath, nether worked to well.

Billy spat out blood, and what Mal thought was a tooth as he approached, “I’d stay down Sergeant.”

Mal coughed as he willed himself to his feet, “I’m a little slow, remember.”

Once Billy was in range Mal threw a left, which the large man easily avoided. He spun Mal around and wrapped an arm around the Captain’s neck.

“Time to go to sleep, Sergeant Reynolds,” he said as he tightened the hold.

Mal’s world went black.



River Tam suddenly stood up from the kitchen table where she and the remainder of Serenity’s crew were sitting, “They’re on their way, we need to open up Serenity.”

“Mal and Jayne found the others all ready?” Inara questioned, “They just left.”

“No, Zoe and Kaylee are coming,” the young reader replied.

“Are you sure, they should have called.” Simon said skeptically

“Can’t, lawman won’t let them.” River explained as she headed for the door.

“What lawman,” Inara asked quizzically

“River, wait that might not be a good idea, we don’t know what is going on.” Simon protested.

“Doesn’t matter, I’m opening the door,” River stopped and answered.

“I think we need to wait mei mei,” Simon cautioned.

“No we don’t, I out rank you.” River said shortly and swiftly exited the galley.

Simon quickly followed.

Inara looked over to the seating area where Little Jayne was napping, “Oh baobao I do hope they all know what they are doing.



Mal came to lying on the floor of the orphanage’s cafeteria. After a moment he went to get up but realized his hands were bound behind him.

“Did you have a nice nap Sergeant?” Billy asked.

Mal’s head pounded, along with his face and back. “No,” was all he could muster.

“Applesauce, tain’t a zebra,” Jayne mumbled from next to Mal, only half conscious.

“Jayne!” the Captain yelled.

“What…where?” Jayne muttered as he came around, realizing his hands were also bound.

“Enough both of you, on your feet,” Billy ordered.

As Billy led the two men out of the orphanage they heard a boom. Once they got outside they heard another. Looking towards town they could see the cause. Fireworks from the center of town could just be seen against overcast sky.

“Now what the hell is going on?” Billy asked.

Mal had an idea, and hoped he was right.



The crowd of people that had gathered at the center of town parted to let Billy and his two prisoners through. The crowd was gathering around a tripod with a holographic projector atop of it. A power cord ran along the ground from the projector to the Sheriff’s office. Billy saw the two women he had captured before working on the projector.

“Stop that right now!” Billy yelled as he limped forward and raised his rife towards Zoe and Kaylee.

“Stand down, Billy,” a voice called from the direction of the Sheriff’s office.

Billy turned to see Deputy Skipper with his revolver drawn and pointed at him. “What in the name of God are you doing?” he asked angrily.

“Put the rifle down Billy, that’s an order.” Skipper replied.

“Wait,” Mal whispered to Jayne who looked as if he was going to make a move, “let’s see how this plays.”

“I don’t take orders from a snot noses like you.” Billy responded.

“What is going on here?” The Sheriff yelled as he and Preacher Evans emerged from the crowd.

The Sheriff had a hard look about him. His face was wrinkled and weathered and stood in contrast to his smooth bald scalp. A halo of grey hair seemed to float around the sides of his head. He wore and dark older style suit which made him look more like he should be mayor then the local law. Only the golden star pinned to his chest and his holster gave clues to his occupation.

“Those are the heathens that stole Andrew from the orphanage, Sheriff,” Evens exclaimed.

“…and your yu bun duh deputy is helping them,” Billy added.

The Sheriff drew his pistol and aimed it at his young Deputy, “Skip you damn well better have an explanation for this.”

“These folks are not what you think, everyone needs to see this, Sheriff,” Skipper explained.

“They don’t need to see nothing,” Billy said taking a step towards Skipper.

“I said stand down, now!” Skipper demanded of Billy.

“Or what…” Billy started

“Billy,” the Sheriff called as he moved the aim of his pistol from the young deputy to the former alliance solider, “When a deputy of mine gives you an order you follow it. You may not respect Skip as a man but you are damn sure going to respect that star on his chest. Now put that rife down, cause if Skip doesn’t end you I sure as shit will!”

Billy looked over at the Sheriff to see his eye’s blazing. He slowly lowered his rifle, and then dropped it.

“Sheriff, you are not seriously going to let these people spread whatever lies they intend to.” Preacher Evans asked.

“I reckon I am Preacher,” the Sheriff started, “If my deputy feels this strongly about it than perhaps we do need to see what they have to show.”

Skipper walked over and handed Kaylee the memory stick from the control box. Quickly she inserted the stick into the holographic projector and started to punch in the time signatures she had written on her arm.

“These folks came because they believed the kids in the orphanage were being mistreated,” Skipper said addressing the crowd. “They set up cameras and these are some of the things they caught.”

At that Kaylee activated the projector. A flat image appeared a few meters in front of it. The view was the orphanages kitchen from one of the corners of the ceiling. A man entered the door from outside pulling a young girl of maybe ten in to the room. He violently bent her over the nearby counter, lifts her dress and begins hitting her across her backside and legs with a wooden rod. Even without sound it was easy to know she was screamingans crying in pain.

“There is nothing wrong with that, the Lord commands discipline,” the Preacher defended.

The next scene was from the cafeteria. The children were eating when a small boy or about five is pulled from his seat. It appears his sin was putting his elbows on the table. He is bent over that mans knee and struck repeatedly with a wooden stick.

“Do these people think this is something…”

“Quit, Preacher!” the Sheriff ordered.

Another scene came up, this time from the entrance way. A line of children shuffled through the door followed by Preacher Evans angrily holding a one of the older boys. A moment later one of his men handed him what looked like a broom handle. The Preacher angrily started to hit the boy over and over, continuing even once the boy was on the ground in a ball. Gasps and whispers could be heard from the stunned crowed.

“Spare the rod spoil the child, this is the Lords command.” Evans yelled.

“Alright that is enough, Skip, turn it off,” the Sheriff ordered.

Deputy Skipper nodded to Kaylee, who in turned shut down the projector.

“The good book tells us these actions are righteous,” Evan’s argued turning towards the Sheriff.

“That might be the case for the Lord, but we have our own laws about how we treat kids,” the Sheriff said as he reached behind his back for his cuffs, “Preacher Evans you and your men are bound by law.”

Billy angrily started towards the Preacher as the Sheriff put him in cuffs.

“Billy,” the Sheriff warned.

“How could you beat defenseless children,” Billy asked angrily.

“The lord tells us this,” the Preacher said defiantly.

Billy’s jaw clenched, “I don’t believe you’re reading that book right, but if the lord does say that I’ll have words with him when he takes me.”

Jayne leaned over to the Captain, “You don’t really reckon he could beat up the lord do ya?”

Mal gave Jayne an incredulous look.

“Deputy, please take the Preacher here to a holding cell. Then get a few men and round up the rest. They’re at the church with the kids,” The Sheriff ordered. “Also gather up Doc Brown to have a look at them. If these vids are right he should see proof right quick. Billy, you go gather some folks to help watch them kids.”

“Yes, Sheriff,” Skip said as he took hold of the Preacher and led him away.

Billy limped over and picked his rifle up and left without a word.

“So I’m guessing this means we’re free to go,” Mal said sanguinely.

“No,” the Sheriff said bluntly, “there is still the matter of that kidnapping.”

“…but we was just trying to help,” Kaylee pleaded.

“I reckon that is so, if the Doc Brown comes back and verifies what we saw then you’ll be released. Until then please come with me.”

“Sheriff, it looks like my men could use a doctor, we have one our ship. Let me go fetch him please.” Zoe asked the Sheriff.

The Sheriff looked over Mal and Jayne, “Well it does look like Billy did a number on them, fine but just you.”

“Thank you,” Zoe replied before jogging towards the orphanage to retrieve the Mule, unfortunately the horses they had used to pick up the projector and fireworks were no longer around.

“Now the rest of you, please come with me,” the Sheriff said as he walked over and grabbed the Captain’s arm.

A moment later the heavens opened and the rain began to fall.


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Well, at least Billy came around.

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No other comments from anyone, come on!

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I'm not sure why there aren't any other responses, maybe it's just a slow month. It happens sometimes. Apparently a number of us go to school or teach.

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m52, sorry I couldn't comment earlier, I've been away for work. I'm glad Kaylee and Zoe were able to get the projector set up and show the townspeople what was going on in the orphanage. Too Mal and Jayne got beat up in the process. Hope they're going to be alright. And I hope Preacher Evans gets what he deserves. Thanks for continuing your story. I'm looking forward to your next posting!

Friday, September 23, 2011 8:36 AM


You don't have to apologize, life happens. I just wondered where everyone that normally feeds my ego had gone. ;)

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I know how important that feedback is! There's nothing like posting a story and not hearing from anyone to make you :-( But on the other hand, when the comments do come in, it's :-) Comments make you feel like writing more.

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Comments are much like word-crack!

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Update 11-06-2011

Corrections and a bit of a rewrite.


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