Through The Dark Of The Black: Chapter 1. Arrival in Deadwood.
Sunday, January 24, 2016

"What's so important about being proper? Don't mean nothin' out here in the black"


"Kaylee!?!?!? NOW WHERE IN THE HELL IS THAT GIRL?!?!?! KAYLEE!!!!" Mal ran around the corridors of Serenity in search of his mechanic. Serenity's engine burning hot and making an awful screeching noise like the distant whine of an old great steam engine. "In here Cap'n!!!" Kaylee said. "Kaylee you don't get in that engine room and make sure everything is ship shape we ain't ever making it to Deadwood on time". Kaylee glared at the man she called her Captain, "I'm working on it but that grav thruster ain't working proper, she's being pushed too hard". Mal grew concerned as Serenity's tired old engine strained under the pressure, "Look just get us to Deadwood on time, we don't complete this job Fanty and Mingo are gonna wear our hides like fur". Kaylee hopped through Serenity's corridors and into the engine room, working like mad to get Serenity safely on the ground. Mal headed up to the bridge to check on Wash and how things were going and starting to wonder if they would ever make it planetside at all. "It's okay I swear I got this ain't nothing to worry about Captain I promise!" Wash was wiping sweat off his brow and the massive planet of Deadwood came into view. Deadwood is a planet in the Blue Sun system on the outer rim. A border planet filled with nothing but thieves, liars, whores, and the finest in beverages that make you blind. Fanty and Mingo had sent Captain Malcolm Reynolds and his ragtag crew on a smuggling job. They were to pick up some weapons in a border town on Deadwood and bring them back to Beaumonde for a nice little credit payoff. The payoff seemed solid enough and with Badger still upset with Mal's "pretentious" attitude the crew of Serenity had no choice but to deal with Fanty and Mingo. Mal wasn't all too fond of the twins, on more than one occasion they have gone back on deals they've made. This deal however seemed decent enough and Serenity was long overdue on repairs. Thankfully Deadwood even though it's a backwater moon filled with nothing but thieves has some solid repair and fueling depots. "Captain you better prep for landing, looks like Kaylee fixed up the engine room and we're coming in nice and smooth" Wash smiled and got the landing gears ready. "Yeah she's one hell of a mechanic that little Kaylee, ain't no one better than her" Mal said. Mal started heading for the cargo bay when Jayne popped out from his bunk. "Hey Mal we headed out I mean cuz I hears that Deadwood got some nice bars and a bit of tasty if you get my meanin" Jayne had a hopeful look in his eye. "Jayne you ain't getting drunk and you sure as all hell ain't getting sexed, we're here to do a job not have you carry you passed out through the middle of town" Mal said slightly annoyed. "Aw but Mal!!!" Jayne pouted. "I said no and that's final now grab Vera and let's go this ain't exactly a friendly settlement and I ain't looking to get myself shot, we need that oversized gun of yours" Mal turned, grabbed his coat and headed for the cargo bay. "Sir you ready for our arrival? Zoe was standing ready at the cargo bay doors. "Ready as i'll ever be Zoe now let's go take these guns and get paid.....I'm anxious to take Fanty and Mingo's money". The cargo bay door opened with a creak and a loud alarm, the cargo bay was filled with the red light of the door's alert system. The sun shined bright and hot on the little town while screaming and drunken debauchery was heard in the distance. Mal's coat swayed in the breeze as they stepped off Serenity and towards the sound of the lawlessness of town.


Sunday, January 24, 2016 11:38 AM


Liked it,thanks

Sunday, January 24, 2016 5:58 PM


thank you! I don't really know where I want to go with this story but I want it to be sort of an old fashioned western type of story. Similar to the opening of Our Mrs Reynolds where the western influence was really prominent.


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Through The Dark Of The Black: Chapter 1. Arrival in Deadwood.
"What's so important about being proper? Don't mean nothin' out here in the black"