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"The Diamond"

By Serenity’s Girl Spoilers/Timeline: Takes place 1 month after Firefly Season 1 Finale “Objects in Space and 5 months before Serenity: The Movie

Disclaimer: The Characters that appear “Firefly” are property of Joss Whedon, Tim Minear and Mutant Enemy. No Copyright infringement is intended in the writing of this fan fiction. Story based on the Television Series “Firefly” by Joss Whedon

4 years earlier… Planet: Shadow Year: 2513 “What is that dad?” a then 11 year old Ashlee Reynolds asked. Ashlee was the daughter of Mal Reynolds and Josephine Myers. Mal had returned to shadow to show his daughter and her mother the ship he had bought. “It’s a ship silly” Mal responded. “Oh Mal, it’s beautiful, I think” Josephine Myers who was Mal’s girlfriend responded as the three looked at the enormous ship. Mal and Josephine never married. Josephine’s mother would not allow it, but Josephine wanted him to be a part of his daughter’s life and knew he wanted to leave Shadow to join the independents to fight against the Alliance. He promised he would come to every birthday and every Christmas and that he did with the exception of The Intergalactic Battle in 2506, The Battle of Du Khang in 2510 and the Battle at Serenity Valley in 2511 in which the Independents lost the war against the Alliance. “What are you going to name it?” Ashlee asked. “Serenity” Mal replied “You’re not going to name it after me” Ashlee said. “No, sweetheart” Mal said “I don’t think Pumpkin would be a good name for a ship” he teased “Daddy, your silly” Ashlee said laughing “I like the name its prettyy” “It’s very pretty” Mal replied

4 years later… Serenity Year: 2517 “Ashlee” Mal said knocking on the door to her bunk on Serenity; her bunk was across from Kaylees. “Come in” Ashlee responded. Ashlee was now fifteen, about 5’4” brown hair and brown eyes. She wore a dark blue pair of jeans and had a red and white t-shirt on; her mother had sent a wave to Mal asking that he take her for awhile. Seeing how the Alliance was running most of the schools on Shadow which was her home planet. Josephine hated the alliance; she felt her daughter would benefit more by traveling the ‘verse. Mal was hesitant at first seeing that Ashlee was a bit young but Zoe convinced him telling him that it would be good for River to have someone else to hang out with then they were all out on a job. “How do you like your room?” Mal asked climbing down into the bunk. “Kaylee and Inara did a good job” he continued looking around. One side of her room she had a bed and the other side had a desk and a small bookshelf, she was allowed to decorate it how ever she wanted. “It’s nice” Ashlee said smiling “Smaller then my other room but nice” “Oh, I should probably tell you that um…about…stuff I do and…well…you see…what’s so funny?” Mal said seeing her laughing a little. “Zoe told me everything” Ashlee admitted sitting down on her bed. “She did” Mal replied “Serenity is a smuggling ship” Ashlee said. “Oh, is that all she told you” Mal asked, not knowing if Zoe told her about some of the illegal operations they had taken on. “That’s about it” Ashlee said with a smile. “Why is there more to it?” “Well you promise you won’t get upset” Mal asked nervously.

“Zoe!” Ashlee said as she climbed out of her bunk. “She’s down below” Wash called from the bridge. “Thanks!” Ashlee called out as she went to find Zoe. “What happened?” Wash said walking to the bridge steps and seeing Mal coming out of Ashlee’s bunk. “I told her about some of our jobs” Mal admitted. Ashlee made her way to the cargo bay where Zoe, Jayne, Kaylee and Book were taking care of the small cargo that they were taking to one of the border planets. The small cargo just happened to be Black Market Beagles that Wash had suggested them taking on months before. “Hey, how do you like your room?” Kaylee asked smiling “It’s fine Kaylee thanks” Ashlee said “Zoe….” “Ashlee wait a minute, let me explain” Mal said as he came down the stairs. “What’s going on?” Jayne asked walking into the hold with some large holding Kennels that would be used to hold the puppies. “Explain what?” Book asked as he started handing Jayne the small puppies that seemed were highly active and seemed to want to try and get away instead of be put inside the kennel which had a window for the pups to breathe. “Zoe, my dad has lost all sense of reason” Ashlee said. “What are you talking about?” Zoe said with a small laugh. “I told her about some of our jobs” Mal said. “I told her we sometimes take on illegal ones and she freaked out” “Ashlee, that’s what smuggling ships do they take jobs that are sometimes not always legal” Jayne responded as he closed the kennel and left to get another one. “But, I heard stories about what the Alliance does to people they catch stealing…Penal Moon” Ashlee said in a worried tone of voice. “Honey, your father is very careful when he does these jobs” Zoe said trying to sound reassuring, “Honest” Mal replied. “Ash, I would never put you or anyone of my crew members in harms way, I promise” “I believe you, but…” Ashlee replied. Looking a little uncertain “I was just a little…” “Shocked” Book replied walking off to find one of the small dogs that managed to get away. Kaylee followed to help him. “Maybe a little” Ashlee admitted “Hey Mal, we will be arriving at New Melbourne in a few hours” Wash said over the intercom. “You promise to make sure the puppies are given good homes” Ashlee asked “I’ll do my best” Mal said with a smile. “So you’re ok with it” “I guess, I don’t know…I” Ashlee said with a half smile “I guess it will be something I’ll have to get used to” “You have nothing to worry about I’m very careful” Mal said as he helped began helping Jayne. “Hey dad” Ashlee asked. “Hmm…” Mal said. “Can I keep one of the puppies?” Ashlee asked hopeful “No” Mal said smiling. “Never hurts to ask” Ashlee said as she left the cargo bay leaving the others to there work.
A week later the crew of the Serenity was docked at the Space Bazaar for the next few days to rest and purchase anything they needed. The Black Market Beagle job given them enough money to also get the much needed repairs Serenity needed. The Space Bazaar was huge, it was full of people bustling about to and from the shops, restaurants and more small vendors that sold just about anything you can think of. Everything from jewelry to clothes to electronics were sold here. “She likes to draw” Simon said while cleaning up the infirmary. “She could use some more colored pencils” “Do they sell those at the Bazaar?” Jayne asked. Jayne was struggling to find a perfect gift for River and had come to Simon at least a dozen times asking what she liked. “They do” Kaylee answered, she was helping Simon. “Want me to show you where they sell them” “No, I can find it” Jayne said leaving for the Bazaar. “Ever since he ended up picking the short straw he hasn’t stopped bugging me about what River likes” Simon said smiling. “I guess he just wants the present to special, it is from all of us remember” Kaylee said beaming a smile at Simon. “Yeah” Simon replied.
“What are you going to get with your share” Inara asked Ashlee. “I don’t know” Ashlee replied looking at some clothes. “Don’t you have enough Clothes” Zoe asked seeing the two. Wash and Zoe spent the day shopping and were heading back to the ship. Wash was carrying most of the items while Zoe probably carried one or two bags. “A girl can never have enough clothes Zoe” Ashlee said with a smile. “Spoken like a true teenager” Wash responded. “Oh Inara, Mal was looking for you” “Oh ok” Inara said “What did he want?” “I didn’t ask” Wash replied with a slight shrug while trying to maintain control of the armload of bags. “Where is he?” Inara asked. “At the ship” Zoe responded. “Well I guess should go see what he wants” Inara said smiling “Do you mind?” “No, not at all” Ashlee replied smiling “Go on I’ll be fine”
“How much for these pencils” Jayne asked the art supplier. The art supplier had a wide variety of art supplies everything from paints, colored chalk, pencils and more. Most of his supplies came from Sihnon. Jayne had picked out two sets of colored pencils that also included some colored chalks and some paints. He hoped and prayed that River would enjoy it. “25 credits for both sets plus the drawing pads” the supplier replied. “Great!” Jayne said smiling and handing the man the money and walking back towards Serenity. “I hope your friend enjoys her gift” the man said. “Me to” Jayne said turning back to the supplier. “Jayne” Book said seeing the tall mercenary with a large package, Book was out doing some shopping of his own. “Hey Shepard” Jayne replied. “I found River the perfect gift, I got her two new sets of art stuff plus some new pads for her to draw on” he continued showing Shepard. “I think she’ll enjoy that” Shepard replied “I would probably take it back to Serenity I saw River wondering around” he smiled. “Oh yeah good idea” Jayne said hurry off, while watching for River. “See ya!”
“Mal” Inara called entering the ship. “Up here” Mal said from the catwalk “Come to your shuttle so we can talk” “Ok” Inara said as she made her way up the stairs. “What did you want to talk abou…?” Inara said but was interrupted by Mal giving her a kiss. “What was that” Inara said a little surprised. She stood back and turned around and let out a smile and then turned back to face him. “I…um…I wanted to tell you I am glad you’re not leaving” Mal admitted. “By kissing me” Inara replied. “Well….um….Yes and um…” Mal smiled. “I…I” “Mal what is it?” Inara said a little concerned. “I love you, Inara” Mal said. “I love you” Inara stepped back, she wanted to say something but was suddenly at a loss for words. “I….” Inara said responded.
“What about this?” Ashlee said holding up a shirt. “I like it” Kaylee who had just joined Ashlee and Zoe. Wash had left the two of them alone while he returned to Serenity to put away the things that he and Zoe had purchased. “Excuse me” a tall man said coming up behind Ashlee. “I’ve been asked to give this box to the young lady” The man was tall, dark complexion for dark hair and brown eyes; he wore a brown suit and was holding a small brown box in his hands. “Who are you?” Zoe asked. Eyes narrowed slightly in suspicion “And who is giving this gift to her” “I was told only to give her the box, I don’t know who or what it is” the man said handing the box to Ashlee and walking away while the women where briefly distracted. “Should I open it” Ashlee asked. “Where did he go?” Kaylee said looking around the crowed for the mysterious stranger not spotting him and wondering how he could have disappeared so quickly. “He just disappeared” “Maybe we should take it back to the ship” Zoe responded with a mild hint of concern to her voice.
Back on Serenity Simon put the box under a small scanner and they saw it was a small object. Jayne slowly opened up the box and took out a necklace with a huge blue diamond in it, the diamond had a silver chain on it as well. “Shiny” Kaylee said taking the necklace. “Why would they give this to me” Ashlee asked. “I don’t know” Simon asked. “Maybe they thought you’d like it” he continued handing it to Ashlee said. “I don’t even like jewelry” Ashlee said. “Tattoos you like” River said peeking in. “You have a butterfly tattoo on your ankle” “River” Ashlee said shocked. “Get out of my head!” “When did you get a tattoo” Mal said entering the infirmary, he had heard what River had said. “Mom let me have one” Ashlee said. “When were you going to tell me” Mal asked. “She wasn’t” River replied. Ashlee gave River a look to which River seemed oblivious of. “Can we get back to the necklace, please?” Ashlee responded changing the subject. “I say we sell it” Jayne said. “No” Ashlee replied holding it close to her and giving Jayne a look. “It’s from the Earth that Was” River said with a far away look taking the necklace “How do you know?” Wash asked. “It holds memories and they speak to me” River said suddenly blinking and handing it back to Ashlee and promptly leaving. “Perhaps we should find the man who gave it to her” Simon suggested “Good idea, in the meantime we have a birthday to celebrate” Mal reminded them. “You sure do” River called out.
That night they celebrated River’s birthday. Kaylee and Book made dinner and baked a cake. River sat at the head of the table and loved all the attention. “Um…this is from all of us” Jayne said handing River a badly wrapped item. “Go ahead and open it” “Oh!” River said excited as she tore the wrapping paper off the gift and the look on her face made Jayne smile. “I love it, Simon look” she said holding up the pencils and the paper” “Oh, wow” Simon said with a smile full of brotherly love. “Thank you” River said “I…I…really love it”. “Glad you like it” Inara said smiling. As they celebrated the necklace that was left in the infirmary started to glow a strange blue glow that only lasted about a minute. After the party was over Zoe, Wash and Jayne cleaned up. Mal was on the bridge, Inara, Kaylee, River and Ashlee were looking over the necklace. Simon was busy in his room when he thought he saw a flash of light and a loud scream. “River!” Simon said running into the infirmary and seeing the necklace on the floor and River standing over it. Simon saw her face and it was as if the blood had been drained out of her. “What happened?” “Kaylee, Inara, and Ashlee…the necklace….it took them” River said shaken. The two looked at the necklace that still was glowing, what ever happened to the three Simon didn’t want it to happen to him and River either.

“I can’t find them anywhere” Zoe said to Mal who was in the passenger dorm area of Serenity. “There just gone” Wash replied following Zoe. “Let’s go back to the Space Bazaar and see if we can find that man who gave Ashlee the Diamond” Mal said. “Wash” “Already on it” Wash replied heading for the bridge. “One thing, why wasn’t River taken” Zoe asked. “I don’t know” Mal said. “Lets figure that out later, right now we have to find away to get Inara, Kaylee and Ashlee back” “River” Simon who was in the infirmary with River, she was holding the diamond in her hand. Mal had remembered she had mentioned the diamond in some way was speaking to her. “Anything” Mal asked Simon as he entered the infirmary. “I know where they are….” River replied and continued to stare into the Diamond.

April 14th, 1912 – Titanic The Earth That Was 11:30pm It was, a calm and cold night on the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic, 1st Officer William Murdoch and 6th Officer James Moody were at the bridge looking out into the calm sea when Mr. Moody looked over and saw a strange light starting to form outside near the bridge. “Look” Moody said pointing to the right side of the ship. “What is that?” Murdoch asked. “I don’t know” Moody said “Should I get the Captain” “Maybe you should” Murdoch responded. Moody left just as 4th Officer Joseph Boxhall entered the bridge and saw Murdoch and the strange light. “What is it Mr. Murdoch?” Captain Smith asked entering the bridge and saw what the two were staring at. Mr. Moody couldn’t really explain what it was so he just asked the Captain to come to the bridge. “What’s that noise” Moody asked. “I think it’s coming from what ever that is” Boxhall answered. The light started to shimmer; they saw a figure jump out of the light and land hard on the deck. She was wearing blue pants and a green shirt; she had long brown hair that was put back in a braid. “Ow” Ashlee said slowing getting up, she saw the four men who appeared a bit shocked. “Who are you?” she asked. Inara and Kaylee soon followed and after a couple seconds the light disappeared leaving the three stranded. Captain Smith walked up to the three. “Who are you?” Captain Smith demanded keeping the shock he felt firmly controlled. “I’m Inara, this is Kaylee and Ashlee. Where are we?” Inara asked. “The Titanic” Murdoch said walking up and standing next to the Captain. Looking at the women a little fearful, not at all sure what was going on. “What was that thing you came out of?” Boxhall asked, his voice an octave higher than normal almost unnoticeable. “We don’t really know exactly” Kaylee replied. “We were just….”

“Iceberg Right Ahead” Moody called from the bridge.

2517 Space Bazaar

Serenity returned to the Space Bazaar and Mal, Simon, Jayne, Wash, and Zoe went there separate ways to find the stranger. Zoe did her best to describe what the man looked like. For the next hour or so Mal must have asked atleast a dozen and dozens people and even went to the shop where Ashlee had been shopping, the shopkeeper didn’t remember anyone coming in to deliver any items customers. Zoe had no luck at first and then she saw a man delivering some packages and went up to him.

“Hey remember me from a few days ago you gave a friend of mine a small box” Zoe said.

“Um…oh yeah I remember…is there a problem” the man said.

“Can you come with me for a minute?” Zoe asked.

“Sure” the man replied. “Is there a problem?” as he followed her.

His name Richard Collins and he worked for the intergalactic postal service making deliveries. Zoe found Mal and asked Richard to tell them everything.

“Some gentleman came to me when you arrived and he pointed to the young lady and told me to give it to her” Richard said, they were in the dining area of Serenity.

“Do you know his name?” Mal asked.

“Um…Atherton something” Richard said.

“Atherton Wing” Mal said annoyed.

“You know him” Richard replied. “He has a small Space ship here and I believe he’s still here you want me to show you where”

“Can you” Zoe asked and then looked at Mal who looked as if he was ready to explode.

“I should of killed him when I chance” Mal said and throwing a mug across the room and causing it to break when it hit the wall, causing River to jump. “Sorry River” Mal said smiling at the girl.

“What’s going on?” Richard asked a little confused.

Atherton Wing sat in his shuttle with a large book in front of him, the book said “Book of Spells and Magicks” he was not sure if his revenge on Mal and Inara worked. As he sat in his room he thought he heard a commotion outside of his room, he went to his door and was surprised to see a not very happy Mal standing before him.

“Hello Ath” Mal said before punching him out.

When Atherton awoke he found himself locked in the infirmary of Serenity. A communication device was sitting on the table with a note asking him to turn it on.

“What’s going on” Atherton said “I thought I…”

“Got rid of us” Mal using a communicator and speaking to Ath from outside the infirmary. “Tell me Ath how tell me you did it”

“You can’t hold me here” Atherton said. “When I get out I’ll…”

“You’ll do what” Mal replied. “I’ll let you out as soon as you tell me how to get my daughter, mechanic and ambassador back on Serenity”

“If you want them back you have to see Akira she’s a witch, she lives here at the Space Bazaar, I told her I wanted to cast a spell and she is the one that cast it, she’s the one that sent your friends away not me” Atherton said.

“If anything happens to them, you will wish I had put that sword through you” Mal said and then headed to the cargo hold.

“Hey you said I can come out if I told you” Atherton said.

“I lied” Mal responded as he entered the cargo hold.

April 15th, 1912 – Titanic The Earth That Was Inara wasn’t sure how to explain it to Captain Smith, the very idea of people flying around in space was most likely unheard of in this part of earth’s history; besides this the ship had hit the berg and Smith ordered the lifeboats to be uncovered and the passengers be wakened.

“So you really don’t know who sent you here” Smith asked Inara while on the bridge. .

“No, Ashlee’s father has probably made a few enemies in the past few years and I am sure one of them had something to do with this as to who it was I have not idea or how they did it” Inara said. “We didn’t mean to frighten you or your crew honest”

“I know you didn’t mean any harm, I want to get you three to a lifeboat and then when I call the boats back we can figure this all out” Smith replied with a small smile.

“That sounds like a good idea, I’ll go find them” Inara said leaving the bridge. By 1:45 am on the 15th of April half the lifeboats had already been lowered. Earlier the three were placed in lifeboat number 2 and as the lifeboat made its way from the ship Inara, Ashlee and Kaylee were awestruck by the size of the ship.

As children there parents and teachers in school would tell them about the history of The Earth That Was. The three never dreamed they would be seeing a piece of that history. The three also tried to stay warm under with the blankets they were given, it was very cold and they were not used to this kind of weather.

“What’s going on” Kaylee said in tears as the three watched the ship start to sink faster, she could hear the screams of the people left behind.

“Don’t look Kaylee” Inara said holding on to Ashlee and Kaylee, Inara had to stay strong for all three of them, she prayed Mal and the others would find away to find them and fast. Ashlee sat in shock watching and wanted to say something but nothing would come out.

2517 Space Bazaar

After talking to Atherton again Mal and Zoe left to find Akira, one of the vendors told the two where she lived when they arrived Akira welcomed them.

Her place wasn’t very large, there was a table with come tarot cards and a large cauldron, on one side of the room there were shelves with many books on magic and spells on the other side was a another shelf with herbs and other items for magical uses, there was also candles of all colors as well.

“Welcome Malcolm Reynolds” Akira said, she was old and looked to be about eight years when in fact she was a couple thousand years old. She had long white hair and wore a long blue dress.

“How do you know my name” Mal said.

“I knew you would be coming, it was in the cards” Akira said with a smile. “You have lost something Important you”

“Yes, my daughter and two members of my crew” Mal responded. “You gave a man by the name of Atherton Wing a diamond that had a spell cast upon it, it sent my daughter and two of my crew to god knows where and I want them back and you’re going to bring them back”

“Atherton told me an enemy had created a great wrong and I see that was untrue, I can see it in your eyes and heart” Akira responded “I will help you get your friends back. First we need the diamond”

“Got it” Zoe said holding up the diamond in question.

“Now I need a few items” Akira replied and pointed to the shelves and told the two exactly what she needed in order to perform the spell. “What now?” Mal asked bringing Akira the items she had requested.

“We have to find them first” Akira said placing the items in the cauldron with the diamond.

Before Akira could finish she poured a yellow/green liquid into the cauldron that caused a huge puff of smoke, she then said a small chant and looked into the cauldron.

“I see, I know where your friends are” Akira said looking at the two of them.

“Where are they?” Zoe asked.

“About 600 years or more years into the past” Akira said up at the two.

“The Earth That Was” Zoe responds.

“I can open a portal but not for too long, once you have found them, you must go back into the portal and you find yourself back here” Akira said.

“Got it” Mal said anxious to get his daughter and two crew members back.

“Ready” Akira said smiling “Here we go” she said as she began reading a chant. As she read a portal began to open allowing Mal and Zoe to enter.

April 15th, 1912 – Titanic The Earth That Was

Inara awoke to find it dark and quiet; she looked around and then realized where she was. She remembered Kaylee and Ashlee had fallen asleep sometime after the ship had sunk. The screaming of the people left behind had faded and she could see what looked like other lifeboats nearby.

“What time is it?” Inara asked.

“Probably four thirty or five am I believe” Officer Boxhall said from the other side of the lifeboat.

“A Ship!” someone from a nearby lifeboat is heard yelling “A Ship! Look!”

“I don’t see anything” a woman from lifeboat two said.

“I see it over there” Inara said pointing to the west. “Look where I’m pointing, see the lights”

“She’s right” another passenger also in lifeboat two said.

“They can’t see us” a woman said.

“We have to make them see us” Inara replied.

“Everyone yell out!” someone from another nearby lifeboat called out.

In about three other lifeboats someone had taken there hats and lit them and started waving them in the air. Kaylee and Ashlee woke up and Inara told them they had seen a rescue ship.

April 15th, 1912 – Carpathia The Earth That Was

Onboard the Carpathia Inara, Kaylee and Ashlee had something to eat as well as some tea. The three were on the deck when Officer Boxhall approached them and told them the fate of the Captain, Moody, and Murdoch.

“I’m sorry; Capt Smith was kind under the strange circumstances of our arrival” Inara said.

“I wish I knew how to help you” Boxhall said.

“As I told your Captain I only hope that….” Inara said and heard some noise behind her.

She turned around to see a bunch of people moving away fast from the same strange light that had brought Inara, Ashlee and Kaylee to the Titanic the night before.

“Do you think?” Kaylee asked Inara just as they saw Mal and Zoe walk out of the portal frightening a bunch of passengers, some started screaming and some even ran towards the bridge.

“What’s going on” Officer Lightoller said walking up to the four and seeing the light and two people standing in front of it “What is that thing?”

“Our way home” Ashlee said running up to Mal and Zoe.

“Whose way home” Lightoller asked a bit confused. Boxhall didn’t say a word he just watched the three left.

“What took you so long?” Inara said running up to Mal and Zoe.

“I’ll tell you later, just get in” Mal said and followed them in.

2517 Space Bazaar “Inara” Atherton “I’m so sorry…I” Inara didn’t say a word she just punched him hard in the nose, knocking him over.

“Get off my ship!” Inara said yelled “If I ever see your little pathetic face again you will wish you were never born”

Atherton didn’t say a word; he just stood up and ran as fast as he could. He didn’t look back to hear Inara and Mal laughing, Atherton stopped running when he looked up to see Jayne standing on the cat walk with River.

“Keep running Ath” River said smiling.

Back in the infirmary Simon made sure that Kaylee, Ashlee and Inara were ok. They had told them what had happened and Simon and Book were both curious about there little adventure, the three didn’t much want to talk about it so the two didn’t bother to ask much.

“Simon!” River called from her room two days later.

“What?” Simon said looking into her room in the passenger dorms.

“Bring me some something to drink I’m sick to” River said laying bed, she was referring to the fact that Inara, Kaylee and Ashlee had become sick with colds, they were living in Inara’s so the others wouldn’t catch there colds.

“You’re not sick River” Simon said smiling at his little sister.

”I am to sick” “Sick of always being left behind on Serenity” she said crossing her arms and giving Simon a scowl yet pouty look.



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Hi! I revised it while I finished it! It's long it grew to 19 pages, I never wrote anything that long before. Most of my fics are usually less then 10 pages. I hope people like it, i did my best.

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It was cute and defently out of the norm. Now that you finished your first one when can we expect your second one?

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Glad to see the story here in it's full form. It sure as an interesting tale, not quite the same as what's usually posted here. I hope to read more from SerenitysGirl soon!!!

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