Friday, November 21, 2003

There must be better things to do than the washing up!


Joss Whedon, the rightful owner of Firefly, would probably never do this with these characters. But I would ... sorry Joss.

* * * *


Cap'n's workin' late again, porin' over his papers. Plannin' and schemin' and tryin' to fix up new jobs. Oughta be in bed 'cos he looks real tired, but that ain't his way. Always puts Serenity an' the rest of us first. He's a real nice man, always lookin' out for us. Pretends he's mean an' grumpy but you know he'd do anythin' for you. Reminds me of my Daddy. Got that same air of dependable authority. 'Course, he's a sight more shuai than my Daddy ever was. Even when he's tired, like now. But specially when he smiles at you. He's got a way of lookin' right into you when he smiles that lights up a little fire somewhere deep inside you. Gives you a real warm glow. Makes you feel right proud that he cares for you... Only sometimes it makes me feel kinda sorry there ain't more to it than that. But I ain't stupid. I know he don't think of me like that. I don't make the air crackle like it does between him and 'Nara.

* * * *

Ain't a power in the 'verse that can stop Kaylee bein' cheerful. Not fancy ladies in their finery sneering at her shop-bought dress, not takin' a bullet to the stomach nor a tight-wound doctor who never seems to be able to say the right thing. Not even a great mountain of greasy plates. Just listen to her, singing away to herself as she sets about the washing up like it was one of life's greatest joys. She's so good to have around. Some of that cheeriness can't help but rub off on you. I ain't s'posed to have favourites, being the Captain an' all, but sometimes I just wanna pick her up an' squeeze her tight.

* * * *

I like bein' on my own with him. It's a real peaceful feelin'. Don't have to say nothin' – I just get on with workin', happy to know he's nearby. When other people're around I feel like he don't notice me. They're usually demandin' all his attention. Jayne he gotta keep on a tight leash and even Wash needs tellin' sometimes. Simon – well, Simon's new and he got a lot to learn about life on a ship. And Book just riles him up with all that God talk. River's like a bomb waiting to go off so it's only natural the Cap'n's always wary with her around. If Zoe's there, he usually wants her opinion on things I don't begin to understand and if Inara's in the room, there's all that love-hate tension goin' on. I just fade into the background. I don't make him angry, don't get under his skin at all. I must be the only crew he's never shouted at. Don't think I'd like it if he did, but then again, maybe I'd like to be able to get his eyes blazin' and nostrils flarin'. Don't know how Inara can resist all that passion in him.

* * * *

Wonder if the Doc'll ever respond to her advances? Don't seem likely. Not while River's still so needy. Poor li'l Kaylee an' her crushes. How come a smart girl like her takes a fancy to the likes of Bester? Funny to think she was on her back first time I saw her. Didn't please me none then. Like the thought of it even less now. Summit damn unsettlin' about hearin' Kaylee breathe like that. An' then Tracey. Poor, stupid boy. Just as well I wa'n't wired up to that monitor when it started bleepin' out his interest in her. Might have made my shootin' him look premeditated.

Looks like she's nearly finished. Better get this mug over there before she starts lecturin' me about tidiness. Damn but she's cute when she does that.

* * * *

“Whoa!” Mal exclaimed as he and Kaylee collided into one another. He was behind her, trying to sneak his mug in amongst the remaining dishes, when she suddenly turned and walked straight into him.

* * * * He's so warm and solid, I think I could stay here pressed up against him for ever.

* * * *

God but she smells good. And she feels so soft and welcomin'. What in the nine hells am I thinkin'? This ain't supposed to happen ...

* * * *

“Cap'n! What're you tryin' to do?” Her eyes were wide with confusion, searching his face, trying to make sense of it.

He pressed his lips together and frowned. “Well, Kaylee. I was tryin' to kiss you. Can't 've been doin' it very well if you need to ask...”

She opened her mouth to speak but no words would come. She just stared, uncomprehending, into his blue, deep eyes.

Suddenly his left arm was round her waist, pulling her in close and his right hand was cradling the back of her head, fingers pressing into the nape of her neck so that she couldn't help but tilt her face up towards his. He kissed her again, longer and harder this time. His teeth grazed her lips and the mind-melting sensation of him sucking on her tongue threatened to turn her into pure liquid heat. All she wanted was to dissolve into him, be totally absorbed by him..

When at last he pulled away from her, he allowed himself a small smirk of satisfaction at the way her eyes had become dazed and unfocused. She gave him the sweetest smile of unembarrassed adoration and reached up to take his face between her hands.

“No,” she answered, her cheeks flushed and breathing shallow. “You're doin' it just fine.” And she sighed a sigh of pure pleasure into him as he put his mouth over hers once more. It felt like she was breathing new life into him.


Friday, November 21, 2003 2:44 PM


woo hoo!

Friday, November 21, 2003 3:31 PM


Shiny, shiny, SHINY! I loved this so gorram much. It was lovely seeing the ping pong thoughts back and forth between the Captain and Kaylee and then the part where he gives in to his urge to kiss her and Kaylee telling him so sweetly that he was doing it just right. Sigh. Didn't I have to go and turn into a great pile of sentimental goo? Bless you and *xie xie*. Wish there was more... Ali D :~)
You can't take the sky from me

Tuesday, March 1, 2005 11:55 AM


"All she wanted was to dissolve into him, be totally absorbed by him." >>> Now that is a GREAT line.

Just like Ali, you've turned me into a blob of sentimental goo. Well done!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 8:21 AM


this makes me smile :o)


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