Firefly mobile phone
Tuesday, July 26, 2005

designed for kids under 13 1 touch 911 button on the side, and 2 buttons pre programmedfor specific numbers on the front.



Tuesday, July 26, 2005 8:51 AM


One touch 911? That's going to get a lot of kids (and parents) into trouble...

Wednesday, July 27, 2005 1:49 PM


I think it's cute, at least...

Saturday, July 30, 2005 4:14 AM


Unless you were being sarcastic, I don't think it's trying to enslave the youth. I think it's just made for younger children who may have trouble with a real cell phone.


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2nd take at a better pic
take 2!!!

one of the few perks of working retail...
as one of the FEW perks of working a shitty 3rd shift retail job, i was able to snag the Serenity shipper (the cardboard in store display) before they threw it away!

Jayne in the Alliance??????
ok, well the Rebel Alliance anyhow...
this is from page 80 of the May '05 Toyfare (#93)as part of their Star Wars toy guide
I can't help but think Jayne when i look at #6 (Endor Rebel Soldier)

Framed Swag
finally got access to a decent digital camera, and decided to show y'all the frame job i did on my BDS (Big Damn Screening) Swag. Went to the June 23rd Columbus Ohio Screening.
making up this collage are the little one sheet poster(upper left)and both front and back of the fold out booklet-thingy. the white thing in the lower right is the transcript of the video intro/speech given to us all by joss.(I found it on here with in a day or two of the screenings)
please comment, make suggeestions, etc.
Keep flyin' y'all!
( oh and to the folks who asked me at the screening where i got my "Advanced Screening Tour" t-shirt,if ya ain't found it by now, the cafepress store is called "big red button" )

Firefly mobile phone
designed for kids under 13 1 touch 911 button on the side, and 2 buttons pre programmedfor specific numbers on the front.

Idea #2
aforementioned Second image.
took this screen cap from caption tightpants #29
Previous if from a series of images posted here last summer of serinity over various cities. ( i honestly forget who did those, or i would give credit where it is due...)

Idea #1
sampmple image of an idea i had for a poster or some such for the screenings. this is my first real attempt at photo editing, and my software is kinda very old. anyone please feel free to improve upon/ make your own versions for the sreening in your town.a second image posted seprately.( oh yeah, this is for the columbus ohio screening.)

A little late but.......
Wish i had found this sooner and posted it here, but oh well.....