Mal as Anime
Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Next in my line of anime versions of the crew is Mal: Crits/suggestions gladly accepted.



Tuesday, August 30, 2005 11:46 PM


Well at least the torso. Cloths just add complexity really, plus I can always add them later if needs be ;)


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Merry Christmas
Kaylee tries to decorate the engine room for Christmas.

DragonFly Assualt Transport
Latest updates for the DragonFly Assault transport.

The DragonFly was used by the independents as an Assault transport, combat medivac and combat supply craft during the Unification war. Cheap tough and rugged they distinguished themselves in various conflicts, especially in the special forces role, inserting and extracting troops deep behind enemy lines with startlingly few losses.

This Ship is called Shadow, remembering the Alliance destruction of that planet during the unification war.

The modelling is almost done on this. A few embellishments left, and I want to add a small airlock. The internal areas are mostly done (though you can't see them here) with just some minor updates to go. She's mostly rigged for animation and just requires texturing.

Not Firefly related.

Just my entry to the scifi-meshes Sensei challenge.

DragonFly Assualt Transport
Had some time to do some modelling recently, here is the result. Not finished yet, just the basic shape, the interior, hull plates and other embellishments still need to be added, not to mention texturing, but it gives you a rough idea.

The back story is that the DragonFly class Transport was used by the Independents for long range troop carrying (Special Forces insertion etc), supply drops and ferrying the wounded. After the war they were either scrapped or sold onto civilian buyers, where they found employment with smugglers and even as blockade runners due to their survivability and speed.

Serenity In 3DS Max
All external modelling has been completed now, just needs the internal areas visible from the outside, texturing and rigging to be completed.

I hope the file isn't too large.

Mal as Anime
Next in my line of anime versions of the crew is Mal: Crits/suggestions gladly accepted.

Kaylee as Anime
Been doing a bit of drawing and decided to do a series of Anime versions of the crew. Heres Kaylee:

Serenity Model Update
Finally finished the detailing on the crew dome/cockpit area, i've still got to detail the shuttle dock and add cockpit windows but i'll be doing that when i've modelled the shuttles and cockpit interior.
Oh and I just passed my driving test! Woo-hoo :).

Serenity Model Update
Managed to get time to do some more work on my model of serenity so thought i'd upload what i've got. The engines and thrusters are finished now, and the crew section just needs detailing.

Serenity Model Update
Requested that i add some 'sneak previews' of the model as i go so here is one...
Completed the detailing on the main engine 'prongs', and added the 'rotator' within the arch...
Ill try and add images every now and then as specific parts are completed, progress is going fairly slow tho... :)