Monday, November 14, 2005

A couple months after Serenity. in Kaylee's point of view on how the crew is dealing with things. Major Movie Spoilers.


this is my first Fanfic so please comment it isnt that great just somthing I have been thinking cbout since I saw the movie. I am all for constructive critisism but keep in mind I have a frail ego and I cry easily soo... enjoy!

Kaylee scanned the crowd at Persephone hoping against hope to see the Cap’n coming back.

No such luck. Kaylee’s hopeful face wilted, she had so wished to get out of here early, just being here was giving her goosebumps. All she wanted was to get back out to the skies, back to the total blackness were she could hide away from the memories.

It was odd how nothing had changed in such long a time. Here she was sitting in the bright sunshine outside Serenity, sitting in just the same way that she had been another day long ago. So little had changed that she was almost expecting the preacher to come walking out right now bearing his secret box of strawberries. Kaylee smiled with delight at the thought of those strawberries… they’d been so good.

That smile slid right off Kaylee’s face as quickly as it had appeared, the Shepard was gone now and there was no use workin’ herself up thinking about him. While the world outside stayed unmoving, never-changing, her Serenity had seen many a change.

She glanced down at the golden wedding band on her finger, not all the changes had been bad.. it was, in fact, this very same spot were she had first seen the only man who’d ever been able to tame her. Not only that but this place had also brought with it, River, the most extraordinary child she’d ever met. River was probably up in the cockpit right about now awaiting a call from Mal announcing their return she’d probably be playing with Bucky and Bob… she loved playin’ with those dinosaurs.

Zoë had thought that Wash woulda wanted River to take the little toys, she figured he’d of wanted someone who’d of loved them and gotten as much joy out of ‘em as he had.

Kaylee felt her eyes burning and quickly blinked away the tears. She worried a lot about Zoë, sure she put on a brave face but that wasn’t fooling nobody. Everyone saw that her light was gone, the brightness that had once filled her eyes whenever she saw her husband had disappeared to be replaced by sorrow that seemed never to go away.

The memory of Wash still haunted them all, Kaylee especially, she had never been good with death and seeing him pinned there, unmoving when they had gone to remove his body, he was skewered, still in his chair, he didn’t even have time to say goodbye , Kaylee could still see him every night in her dreams His once joy filled eyes now empty and lifeless. But even worse was the sight of Zoë when she went back to see the body. Kaylee’d never, in her four years of knowing Zoë, seen her cry. But Zoë, the warrior women, the never flinching Zoë had broken down at the sight of her husband. That was something Kaylee could never be prepared for. Nothing that had happened in the last few months she could have been prepared for.

Ever since Miranda She had tried to help, she had tried to be her normal optimistic self, she had tried to fix it … ‘cause that’s what she was good at wasn’t it… fixin’ things. Unfortunately this seemed to be one of those things her father always told her about, the kind that couldn’t be fixed. Like Mal, he’d been even more sullen then usual. In some way,… some sick, twisted way Kaylee knew he blamed himself for what had happened and though she knew it wasn’t true sometimes she felt like blaming him to. It was just…just good to have someone to blame things on even when you knew it wasn’t true,…. cause some things that are blameless they just don’t feel right‘less you find something’ to blame. Everyone felt the absence of Wash’s ice breaking humuor and the Preachers wisdom. Even Jayne… though he wouldn’t admit it. He just dealt with it all the only way he knew how with crude jokes, many and often.

She had often felt as though nothing’ could ever be the happy again… but always when she had those horrible thoughts she would see somthin’ to change her mind. Like Mal comin’ out of Inara’s shuttle lookin’ happier then she’d ever see him before. It gave her hope, it cheered her up,… which was good cause Kaylee without cheerfulness was like Jayne without Vera, And while some changes were horrible… she looked down at her swollen belly and she thought that while some changes did make you wanna throw yourself out of the airlock. .. Others…well others they weren’t to bad at all.

Kaylee felt a hand on her shoulder, she looked up to see Simon standing next to her. He leaned down, kissed her, and began to lead her inside. As Kaylee followed her husband into Serenity. She thought things might turn out okay after all. Give ’em time and they might become downright Shiny.


In loving memory of Hoban Washbourn… soar like a leaf on the wind

And Shepard Book… your with God now


Monday, November 14, 2005 5:20 PM


only thing that brought it down was the amounts of grammar. I liked very much how she was back where it all started, yet it was all so different. And *aw* when you mentioned the golden wedding band and even bigger *awwww* when the pregnant belly came into the picture.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005 1:49 AM


i will not cry. i will not cry. dammit!!!

*looks up* HOW IS THIS ONLY A SEVEN?!?


Thursday, November 17, 2005 4:17 PM


misskitten if there is gonna be another it wont be for awile... i am not as good at coming up with ideas as you are in your Pretty ... pretty which by the way is amazing I dont post things ;less i come up with a really good idea... which does not happen very often.

Friday, January 13, 2006 3:01 AM


Grammer errors?...only lawers care bout grammer errors...

You did good CAT1630RD.

let your participle dangle baby...and your spellin be bad.


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A couple months after Serenity. in Kaylee's point of view on how the crew is dealing with things. Major Movie Spoilers.