Jayne Goes Home
Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Oh wow, I can't believe I finished this, it's about Jayne going home and rekindling lost loves- does that make it a romance? It doesn't seem very mushy oh well


Jayne Goes Home

Jayne lay in his bunk, glaring at Kaylee knowing that his glare doubled her meddling. "Come on Jayne, Cap'n says he needs everyone on side for this. This town can be a mite ornery 'bout strangers and if they find they don't meet all of us well we might lose the job." "Tell Mal I'm sick." Kaylee fixed him her widest shiniest smile and called out for Simon.

When the doc walked in he looked warily at Jayne's gun collection. Putting on his best serious-doctor face Simon checked his temperature. "Kaylee would you please go tell the captain that Jayne is indeed ill and unable to join us." "Right you are Simon, and Jayne I'm sorry I thought you were faking." With that little remark Kaylee bounced out of the room.

"Why are you so anxious to avoid this place? It's not another town where you're a folk hero is it?" Simon sat on the chair across from Jayne and stared at him. "Naw. I'm just sick is all." "Jayne, I can go and tell Mal that you have made a miraculous recovery, or you can stop being a pathetic infant and tell me." The options as Jayne could see them were this: Tell the truth and have the whole gorram crew know his past, lie and have the whole gorram crew think they know his past or he could shut his mouth and then the cap'n would find out he was fakin and drag him on this job, by his neck, then the crew would find out everything all on their own. "Look I pulled a job here a few years back and went south, the other guy shot through with everythin and I was left with nothin." "Ok, forget I asked I will tell Mal you're sick- you can keep up this charade as long as you need, but just remember Kaylee will mother you and I won't stop her and if she finds out we've been lying I'll say you threatened me and I won't be the one getting berated."

The crew spent a long day in town getting to know the locals, as policy on some border moons dictated. As it approached dusk, Mal sent his crew back to Serenity to start making some supper. He however had some business to set up in the general store, according to Badger the owner of the store would have money for the cargo they carried.

Behind the counter was a redheaded female and she barely looked old enough to be out of school. "Mrs Cobb, hi. I have a package for you from Jayne." "Oh Rose honey, thank-ya. I'm sure one day he'll come visit- he keeps promisin' me and his Pa and Jayne says he misses you so much- he always drops a greeting to you in his letters, and there was that beautiful shawl he sent you last winter." Mal smiled, Jayne had said that shawl was for his sister. "Mrs Cobb-" the redhead Mal now knew as Rose was blushing awful fierce "Just, just give Jayne my warmest regards." She handed the older woman her package and some other purchases. Mrs Cobb wished her a nice evening and left. "Rose is it?" Mal asked approaching the scarlet-faced girl at the counter. "I do believe we have a common acquaintance." "Oh, did Badger give you my order?" Mal winked at the young girl, grinning. "Well yes he did and I have the order at my ship, it's being unloaded as we speak." The young girl broke out into a beaming grin, "You're much prompter than I hoped, this is spectacular news. I will be around first thing to take my order and give you your payment." "Actually I was thinking if you didn't have dinner plans maybe you could have supper with my crew and myself." "Well, I'm not sure, I still have a lot I need to do here." "Please it would be my pleasure and my crew would be very interested in meeting you."

Jayne felt Mal's hand close around his shirt. "Sick men need to eat Jayne- if you're sick you will march into that kitchen and you will eat with us. If however you are just hiding something from me then you can stay here and mope and not get paid." Jayne glared at Mal and slowly considered the consequences. "Ok, gorram it let go of me. I'll come eat." When Kaylee saw Jayne walk in her smile grew even wider and Zoe's eyes had a look, like she knew sumthin he didn't. 'Damn women, why Mal keeps a ship full of 'em I'll never know' Jayne thought. "Jayne?" And in that one word he almost lost his temper. The entire crew is sitting there and River, that crazy brat, is sitting there next to Rose MacGovern as if they were school-yard chums. Mal did this and Jayne wanted Mal dead, or maybe in pain, yeah lots of pain. "I can see this wasn't a good idea, I should go." Rose had dashed out of the room before Jayne could fully bring his mouth to speak.

"Jayne shouldn't you go after her, she looked upset." Zoe raised an eyebrow the rest of the crew looked shocked. That nice, normal girl wasn't just interested in Jayne, but she was completely smitten with him. "Now Zoe, I think our Jayne is still feeling under the weather, maybe if he tells us what's going on he might start to feel better." Mal's eyes glinted with dark humor. "I grew up here, well not here just over the river." "Aww and you and Rose were sweeties?" Kaylee's smile got wider and Jayne's face reddened. "N-no, no, no we weren't that way." Inara smiled quietly, she'd never seen Jayne so embarrassed, it was amusing. "So Jayne, what way were you then?" He got up and left the room, the sound of the crew's laughter in his ears.

Rose MacGovern had been Mayflower queen the year she finished at school out of all the girls in the town she was picked, not just because she was the prettiest but because she was a good girl. So when she picked Jayne Cobb as her Mayflower king the entire town, including Jayne, almost died of shock. But on the day of the festival when she and Jayne walked down the main street together, the entire town watching, she knew that one day this would happen on her wedding night and that Jayne would be on her arm. Over the years that firm belief had melted into become a daydream, and that daydream shattered when she realised that Jayne had been in town a full day and hadn't even shown himself.

Jayne hit the side of the ship as he left it, he could still feel everyone watchin' him and how in the 'verse did Mal know to bring Rose back to the ship? Ruttin' Hell this is a big manure-filled mess. "Argh, why did she even come! I'm no good, don't she know that." He yelled at Serenity. "She didn't know Jayne," Mal sighed. "I heard her talkin to your ma at the general store and I thought a reunion might be of interest." "Might be humiliating s'more like it." He glared at Mal. "You had no business pryin' like that- I don't go muckin up your life." "You bein on my ship seems to muck it up just fine most days, and don't you be forgetting it." Mal could still see the humor in this, but the girls ganged up on him and made him check on Jayne. "Aww hell with this, I'm goin' for a walk."

Jayne found himself where the old school used to be. No-one used the old school, a new school had been built a few years back so the town didn't need it anymore, around the side, was a big, old tree. In the branches of the tree was an old swing and sitting there on the swing was Rose. She was watching him, Jayne could tell, he had that sense of being well, hunted. "Jayne?" He swallowed, there was going to be a conversation and he'd have to talk to her, but all he wanted to do was stand there and watch. She was still purty as a picture. "Jayne, say something, don't just stand there like a wet sack." "Um, hi." He felt his face burn. He wanted to say other stuff, but...

"That's all you have to say to me? You say goodbye to me 9 years ago and all you have to say now is Hi!!" Her cheeks turned white and her eyes flashed. Jayne had seen enough angry women in his time to know now was the time to just shut up and shield himself, sure enough she started hitting him. Mind you it was those little girly hits that didn't do nuthin' but he could tell she was putting some force behind them. She continued her ranting "How dare you!" She shoved him, it didn't do any good, in fact instead of Jayne falling back she became unsteady and fell forward. "You can't just come home and not show your face! I waited for you. And oh when your mother finds out- what do you think it would do to her?! Did you even think of that?" Jayne just stood there holding her arms. But she was looking at him as if it was finally his turn to say sumthin' so doing the first thing that came into his head, he kissed her.

Rose forgot she was angry. Forgot everything except the feel of a kiss she'd waited so long time for. Until she opened her eyes. "You can't just kiss me and make everything Ok. You need to do a lot more." Jayne knew he was home free now, the crew back on Serenity may not believe him, but he had a way with girl-folk. "And you can forget about that too- you think I don't know that look Jayne Cobb?" Putting on his best innocent face, he raised his hands. "Ok, Ok I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was back, it's complicated is all." "How complicated?" She still looked mad but at least she'd stopped hitting him. "I've done a lot since I left, most of it's well theivin and the likes." "So you've been in trouble- you don't think I can forgive that?" Rose furrowed her brow at Jayne and boy did his knees almost give in, regaining his footing he started trying to find words to explain the mess he was in. "You don't get it, you never got it. I'm trouble Rosie. You don't want nuthin to do with someone like me. I brawl, I cuss, hell sumtimes I pick fight just cause there's sumone to fight with." She stood there smiling. "Jayne Cobb you did those things while you were here, it didn't make a lick of difference. I was just happy for you to look my way and smile sometimes." With that she smiled at him and turned to walk away. "There's the harvest dance tomorrow night, and we'll still be here- if you wanted we could talk more then." Jayne called after her. "I expect more than just a conversation Jayne, I expect to dance."

Walking back to the ship Jayne hardly realised exactly what he had gotten himself into but bright and early that morning when he was woken up with the smell of home-made flap jacks and fresh eggs he almost thought he was at home in his own bed. "There's my Jayney pie. Get up, now. Rise and shine." "Ma, what are you doing here?" Jayne rubbed at his eyes. "Why miss Rosie paid me a visit bright and early, and told me to come right over because my son hadn't seen a decent breakfast since he was last here." With that his mother swept the bedding out from under him. "Ma, that ain't fair. Give me my stuff." Jayne grabbed at his bedclothes. "Ma, what are you doing? Get out."

"Now, now don't snatch Jayney pie." Kaylee giggled from the doorway. Jayne lunged for the doorway, intent on catching Kaylee and ringing her neck until that giggle caught in her throat. "Now Jayney your mother cooked us all a delightful breakfast, come and eat with us." The doc was standing there, smirking. "Which by the way Mrs Cobb, I don't believe I thanked you on behalf of my sister and myself." "My, my such manners from such a charming boy." Mrs Cobb smiled, her face lighting up, there wasn't a lot of similarity between Ma Cobb and her son Jayne. Where she was short and plump, Jayne stood tall and broad-shouldered, the one thing that Kaylee could see mother and son sharing were their lightning sharp hazel eyes.

The day dragged on and everyone was laughing at him, and if they weren't laughing at him they were ordering him around. His ma was doing the orderin' and the crew were doing the laughin'. Rose was there overseeing the supplies being shipped into town and even she was smiling as if she knew a secret. Her and Kaylee and Inara all gigglin' at him, like he was a big joke. Maybe he was. Here he was a grown man getting bossed about by his mother like he was some ruttin' pansy, like he was the doc.

By the time they were all finished with the unloading and the last deliveries had been made Jayne just wanted Mal to start the ship so that they could get of the ruttin hell of this rock, when Rose appeared. "So Jayne will I meet you in town? Or, Or would you come and collect me?" "He'll come and get you dear, in our buggy. Jayne get on back to your ship, get cleaned up." Ma Cobb just jumped in, her quiet authority rang out and Jayne just nodded quietly.

"Wow Jayne I never thought of you having a family." Kaylee beamed at him as she picked up a crate and handed it to Simon. "Do you have brothers and sisters? What about a pa?" Jayne just turned away from his crew-matesa and headed into the ship. "I've got two sisters, fully-grown and my ma, pa's dead but we don't talk about it, coz it hurts ma." If everyone hadn't been quiet at the exact same second no-one would have known what Jayne had said.

River turned and smiled. "I hear bells Simon, music, it sounds white and shiny." At that moment the band struck up, you could hear them from town. "I hear it too River. It's coming from town" Simon smiled at his sister glad that this wasn't in her head. "No silly, not that music, this music is like wedding bells." She turned and smiled at Jayne.

"So there's a shindig in town, Jayne?" Mal asked just as Jayne was getting ready to leave, ok sneak out. "Yeah, it's not for ya'll or anything, it's just the Harvest dance." "But we can go, right?" Kaylee brightened, "coz it'd be shiny to be able to go." Jayne's eyes narrowed. "Yeah jusy to laugh at me no thanks little Kaylee." Kaylee's eyes went wide. "No Jayne, it ain't like that." Kaylee looked hurt. Jayne felt something inside him soften. "All right, ya can come if ya want." Then he glared at them "But whatever happens you can't give me any ruttin' grief, Ok?" With that he turned and stomped out.

Approaching Rose MacGovern's small cottage Jayne felt his palms sweat and the lump in his throat rise and he couldn't help but feel the nerves. He had to remember he was fully grown and fully experienced. Well experienced with sex. He'd never had a girl around long enough to do much else. Didn't think it was worth it, 'but Rose' he thought 'could be different.'

She was waiting outside for him as the buggy pulled up and as the lump in his throat tightened so did another part of him. Her red-hair was piled up on the top of her head, hanging down in tendrils and she wore a red dress that Jayne knew would be imprinted on his memory for ever. At the last second he remembered his manners and he climbed awkwardly down from the buggy to help Rose on. "You," Jayne swallowed "You look purty, Rose" "Thank-ya Jayne." Rose smiled.

The road into town was longer than Jayne remembered. Painfully long. Rose kept up the chit-chat. Seemed to Jayne that was one thing that most girls had in common the ability to talk a man's ear off. Mind you with Rose he found himself volunteering information and not just grunting like he did with Kaylee or leering like he did with Inara. "So how long have you been with is it Serenity?" Rose asked him, she wouldn't let him break eye contact for anything longer than a few seconds to make sure the road was clear. "Yeah it's Serenity, and Mal hired me maybe seven years ago." "Have you," Rose paused and smiling she said "No, I'm not asking that, it's not important." She leant her head on his shoulder. "Instead I just want you to know I've missed you." Jayne smiled at her. It took him a lot to say this. He wasn't big on the whole talking thing, but Rose she was real smart and she liked talking things out. "I- I missed you too, I'm sorry I didn't see you sooner." The blush that started at his cheeks made it's was down his neck and under his collar, and as inappropriate it was Rose couldn't help but wonder how far down that blush went. She smiled. "Were here."

"Simon, see the faeries?" River giggled spinning in a full circle to gain the full effect of a street covered in tiny glowing lights. "They are darling." Inara commented as always she looked completely flawless, so unattainable. Simon's gaze drifted to Kaylee. "You look beautiful" he whispered in her ear. Kaylee smiled, glowing inside and out. "Hey look it's Jayney!" River chirped. The crew of Serenity turned and watched as the buggy pulled up. Jayne was wearing black pants and a white collared shirt. "His ma musta made him change." Kaylee mused. Stepping off the buggy he walked around and helped Rose out, by putting both hands on her waist.

"Well now, I think we all best be put on our manners, we wouldn't want to make Jayne look bad in front of his kin, now do we." Mal turned and offered Inara and Zoe his arms. "Isn't it usually Jayne making us look bad?" Simon mused. He was rewarded by a quiet snickering from the group. "Now everyone, big smiles and best behaviour." Mal wandered over to the Mayor whom he had met briefly the previous day.

The night was passing in a soft haze. Something Jayne could keep with him for long nights in the black when he got to feeling whimsical and Rose couldn't help but cling to Jayne's arm so unbelieving of this night and that it would all to soon be over. "Don't forget you owe me a dance Jayne," Rose smiled slyly at him from across a table filled with food. Almost as if it were fate a song struck up that Jayne hadn't heard since the Mayflower parade. It was the song that they danced to, the night before Jayne left. He didn't even ask, she was in his arms before the song had finished the opening. "Now there's an interestin' sight folks," Mal gestured with his chin to where Jayne and Rose were dancing in the middle of the floor, completely unaware that they were the only couple. The song sounded to Simon and River like a tango their mother liked to play at the grown-up dinner parties. River squeezed his hand as if she recognised it too. As the dance ended Jayne froze, suddenly realising that the entire town, and the entire crew of Serenity were watching. He was sure he could feel Mal's eyes, filled with sarcasm, keeping him rooted to the ruttin ground. The whole town was now buzzin with gossip. There were whispers amongst the little groups and Jayne could feel it.

"Walk with me?" Rose asked. She had spent a whole evening trying to convince him to be at ease with her and now she feared she had undone everything. But she needed to try something so gently she slipped her tiny hand in his and they walked out of the way of the town's stare.

"We need to talk Mal." It was the day after the party, the crew had been up bright and early, well except for Jayne. He was just walking in now, standing in the cockpit of Serenity. Jayne had hunted Mal out as soon as he had gotten on board. "Well talk Jayne." Mal regarded the mercenary carefully, he was brash to the point of stupidity but surely he wouldn't just leave, on a whim, not just for some girl. "I wanna ask Rose to come with us." Jayne bit his lip. Mal weighed up his options. This girl was obviously important to him. But was she so important that if Mal said no then he would be losing a valuable member of his crew? Mal didn't want to test that. "Ok, ask her." Jayne had stood there shifting from foot to foot, like a kid scared of punishment, now his face broke out into a grin. "Aww shucks Mal, thanks and if there's anythin' I can do, if you want Vera she- she's yours." Jayne was actually beaming. He left the ship hastily and started running, knowing Rose would be working he had to move quick. Bursting into a store full of people, acting in a very unusual way, a very un-Jayne like manner. Rose watched him burst in and her skin tingled, running hot and cold all at once she walked over and ushered Jayne away from all her customers.

"You want me to come with you?" Rose looked stunned. "But I just, I don't know." "Please." His eyes became big and he looked scared. Scared that she would say no and that next time they would be back at square one. "When do you leave?" "Mal's aimin' to bein outta here by dusk." Shaking off the bad grammar Rose smiled. "If I'm there, I'm there. If not, I love you." She gave Jayne a brief kiss and walked away. 'She weren' so chaist last night.' Jayne thought grinning at his memories, private ones that he'd take away with him forever. The day wore on slowly, Mal and his crew trading looks about the upcoming departure, Jayne was on edge and doing all the grunt work by himself- shaking off even Mal's requests for a hand. Eventually River grabbed the other end of a crate and announced in a motherly tone "You don't want to hurt yourself." She wondered whether she should give up what she knew, but then despite what the voices told her she was worried she was confused, worrried she'd be wrong. When they put the crate down River patted his shoulder. "It's OK Jayney."

"Don't tell me you were going to just ride off into the sunset Jayne, without sayin goodbye to your ma." Ma Cobb stood in the door way of the ship, arms filled with pastries, pies, honey, preserves she'd even raided the herb garden and gotten the butcher to slaughter a pig. Jayne smiled at his ma, the woman's heart was as big as her mouth. "I hear you payed a trip into Rosie, this mornin' " she smiled at her son. "Now Captain Reynolds, you bring my son back this way as soon as you can get round to it, Ok?" Malcolm started taking packages from Ma Cobb and smiling he promised that the next time they were within hailing distance he'd make sure that they visited. River stood just outside the ship, tilting a jar of honey in the sunlight, watching the way it twisted and shone in the light. Smiling to herself 'it'll be dusk soon' and with that Jayne was ushering Ma Cobb off the ship explaining how they had to go and that he'd behave and wear clean clothes and keep warm. All the thing's mother's make you promise when you leave them, all the thing's Simon makes her promise before he agrees to leave her be.

It was just approaching dusk when they were going through final preparations, they had permission to land on Calsep a week from now. Jayne watched the sun sink, and with that so did his stomach. "I'll go start the evenin' meal." He announced to the crew. Jayne rarely cooked, only if there was somethin' eatin' at him. "Need any help?" Asked a female voice, it wasn't a member of the crew though. He turned around sharply and his heart was in his throat. Rose was standing there, case in hand. The crew looked on, and even Zoe was begrudgingly smiling. Inara and Kaylee were tearing up and River watched from the level above, so glad that she was right. Even Simon looked a little choked. But Rose and Jayne barely noticed that. "Show me where to put my things first, and then we'll eat, you have a lot to teach me Jayne." Jayne took her case and her hand and led her down the corridor. "We'll start with teaching you how to shoot." He said. Mal bit his lip and smiled at Zoe. "Well Sir, things around here just got somewhat more interesting." "That's the way I like it Zoe, well what's everyone starin at, we got a job waitin for us."




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