A Jayne Fic Part 6- Girl finds herself in some trouble
Thursday, December 29, 2005

Umm I received a suggestion to bring back the person who beat Abbey to a pulp in Part 1 well I took their advice, I hope you like it. Also I deal with the issue of Jayne's aversion to kissing, publicly


A Jayne Fic Part 6- Girl finds herself some trouble

Jayne was doing weights in the cargo hold when he heard River's announcement. "We'll be landing in twenty minutes. Jayne watch your head." As she said that he felt his head hit metal. "Oh gorram, ruttin' stupid crazy psycho girl." He muttered through clench teeth. "The correct term is psychic Jayne- psycho would imply I'm crazy." River's voice echoed through the ship. He heard Simon's laugh from behind him. "She has you all figured out Jayne." Mal's voice came from the stairwell. "Let's load up the mule- Alfie's gonna want this cargo as soon as we hit planet-side." The handsome captain glanced over at where Jayne sat. "Before you do anything Jayne- could you find it in yourself to go put a shirt on." As Mal and Simon had started loading the mule Jayne decided to take his sweet time finding a shirt to change into, let the doc pull his weight for a change.

"Abbey feel like coming shopping with us girls?" Kaylee looked over at where the young redhead was curled up on a chair with a book Inara had leant her. "I think that would be just what I need- take my mind off the fact that Jayne could be going to get shot at, you know just for something different." Kaylee gave the girl a hug. "Don't worry none- it's why the Cap'n hired him, he's good at gettin shot at- he's got a natural talent for it." She beamed at her as Jayne walked into the small kitchen area. "Don't get shot." Abbey looked at him in earnest, trying to make the mercenary promise. "Can't promise that, it's like makin Mal promise not to argue with 'Nara." Kaylee bade a hasty exit in the direction of the bridge. Jayne looked around making sure no-one was listening. "I can promise I'll come back." He said quietly, the mercenary gave her a brief, chaste kiss and headed off to help Mal. Zoe stood in the dorway, she had just witnessed the exchange between the fearless mercenary and Abbey. Quietly she slunk off to go tell Kaylee.

The girls had been wandering through the market for a few hours when Kaylee finally brought up the interesting piece of news that had been brought to her attention by Zoe. "So you and Jayne- you're close?" Asked the mechanic, her eyes twinkled with mischief. "Well I would have thought that considering your bunk is so close to ours you would know that Kaylee- although considering the noises you and Simon make I'm surprised you can eavesdrop on anybody else." She winked. Kaylee didn't blush though. "What we mean dear is, well," for some reason Inara didn't know how to broach the subject quite as easily as Kaylee. "You kiss." River put it blankly. "He said he doesn't kiss- but he kisses you." Abbey just frowned. "I don't believe you, Jayne kisses me all the time. Surely you must have noticed?" They shook their heads. "Whatever kissing you kids do," Zoe remarked "He makes sure there isn't anyone around- probably doesn't want us makin fun." With a roll of the eyes Abbey announced to the girls that she'd prove them wrong.

It was getting late when Abbey caught sight of a stall she absolutely had to see. "It's things you can't normally get out here on the rim- who's in?" She glanced around at the girls. "You go, we'll get started on supper." Zoe said. Paritng ways Abbey reminded them that she would show them that Jayne did indeed kiss her, and that he did it well. Pointing at the case of drinks she asked the vendor, "How much?" "For you, Abbey? Let's say... 60,000 credits." "What the gorram hell are you doin here Andy?" She felt her hand immediately drop to the gun Jayne insisted she carry. Now she wished she hadn't told him that he'd been overreacting. "You packin' metal now sweetcakes?" Her eyes narrowed. "Ohh c'mon, you travel on the only working firefly ship in this quadrant and you don't think I'm going to find you cutie?" She felt a gun barrel at her back, as it loaded. "No guns boys, I can deal with this." He waved his hand at the guys standing at her back. "That was my share to sell- it was my choice who to sell it to." Abbey was amazed at the resolve in her voice.

"That's Ok, I'll just take the money you owe me and be on my way, I won't even touch a hair on your friends heads." Abbey knew that Mal, Jayne and Simon would be onboard Serenity by now so the girls were safe. Besides with Zoe and River they would have been safe anyway. "I don't have it- I gave it to Captain Reynolds for a place on Serenity." A boot landed in her back and sent her sprawling, hitting the ground hard she tasted blood. Andy went to the front of the stall and hauled her up by the hair. "Ya know I love your hair- it's great to get rough with, so thick and soft." "Are you trying to hit on me- or hit me?" She glared up at him as his fist came down to meet her jaw, tasting more blood she let out a small whimper as her head spun. "That better?" He snarled, landing a blow to her chest, knocking the wind from her.

"I'd leave her alone, unless you have a death wish." Mal's voice rang clearly through the now empty market place. "Unless of course you want the angry mercenary standing behind you to shoot you coz you're beating up his girl." She heard somewhere the sound of a weapon being loaded and the safety being clicked off- you get to learn that sound pretty quickly round Serenity, especially when you're sharing a bunk with Jayne Cobb. Andy lowered her to the ground, her head was spinning and she just couldn't get up. "Abbey, you all right? Do you need the Doc?" It was Jayne's voice, edged with concern. "I'm fine."

A couple of shots rang out and she heard a gurgling sound as Andy sunk to his knees almost next to her. Next thing she knew there was a smacking sound of fist hitting flesh repeatedly, turning her head slightly she could see Jayne holding a wounded Andy by the collar, repeatedly smacking Andy's face with a clenched fist. "Jayne.. JAYNE!" Mal was trying to bring his wayward crew member under control. "Jayne- go see to Abbey she's hurt!" It was then that she felt her head spin out of control. Jayne's strong hands held her gently by the shoulders. "Jayne, I don't feel so well." She said as he helped her to her knees. "Stop, for a second." Doubling over her stomach heaved. "It's ok." He rubbed her back, holding her hair gently as she vomited all over the dusty ground. "There's always carrots Simon, why are there always carrots?" River asked her brother loudly. He frowned at his younger sister as he moved forward to take a better look at Abbey.

Lying in the infirmary staring at the walls Abbey's head spun. "You know we really gotta stop runnin inta each other here." Jayne smiled at her while Simon bandaged his bruised knuckles. She managed a smile. "Ok Jayne you're fine, just watch that hand- it could sting if you get it wet, Abbey those painkillers should kick in soon, you'll be up and about tomorrow," Simon smiled "and for the record I agree with Jayne, you really ought to be more careful." He left the room. Abbey closed her eyes, but all that did was make the colors behind her eyes spin in whirlwind patterns. "How do you feel?" Jayne asked. "Like River just landed Serenity on me, Oh god Jayne, did I throw up on you?" Abbey blushed. "Only on my boots, it's Ok they needed cleanin anyways."

Abbey groaned and then her conversation with the girls this afternoon came back to her and she laughed. "What's so funny? You aren't seeing things are ya?" "No, just something the girls were insisting- it's silly, they said you wouldn't kiss me in front of any of them, something absurd about how you know they'd laugh at you." Jayne just looked at her, he wasn't denying anything and Abbey's headache magically started to clear. "You won't kiss me in front of them will you? How come? Are you actually worried they'll laugh? Would you hide your feelings like that?" Her voice started to slowly take on an edge. "I'm, uh- Kaylee's callin' " That morning Abbey was still fuming, and Jayne hadn't even come back to explain, maybe this whole ship-life things had been a mistake.

River stood at the door looking in "Are there still carrots in your tummy?" She asked. "No River- the carrots are gone, and so is most of the pain in my head." "Good, I can talk." River held up her hand as if to say she didn't want to be interrupted. "Jayne loves you, but he can't say that, he doesn't have a problem with kissing you, but he can't say that either. He is worried that we will laugh at him-" "Let me guess he can't say that to me either." River narrowed her eyes as if to order her not to interrupt. "But he's also worried," she paused and took Abbey's hands "he's worried that you'll leave- he doesn't want to say things to you that he will be reminded of if you go." River fixed Abbey with her big eyes "Do you get it now?" She spoke slowly, as if Abbey wasn't quite all there- as if she and River had switched mental states. The seventeen year old glared again "Didn't I make it clear I'm not a psychopath?" She stormed out muttering something about why she bothered helping anyone ever.

Feeling humbled Abbey decided to go join the crew for breakfast. She walked in and fixed everyone, including Jayne with a smile. "How does the patient feel?" "Umm kinda groggy and a little sore," she flinched as she sat down. "I'm sorry," she said looking at Jayne. "I didn't mean what I said." She took a seat next to him. "Ohh you two have a little spat?" Mal rolled his eyes and reached for the coffee. "Ya know next time you wanna yell at me- give me some space between questions." Jayne grinned at her. "Oh and for the record," she whispered in his ear "I'm not going anywhere- I thought I made that clear you know with the act of giving Mal money so I could stay." Jayne cast a glance around the table, biting his lip. River clapped her hands before reaching for some eggs. Turning to where Abbey sat Jayne cleared his throat, as if he was going to say something and kissed her, long and hard. When he finally pulled away he noticed the smiles that the girls shared. "Jayne," Simon remarked "I thought you didn't you kow kiss." He cleared his throat loudly. "Jayne, I know you're relieved to know the girl's ok but no more displays like that while we're eatin' please."



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