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Thursday, March 15, 2007 9:58 AM


Bidding for Sweet Charity the III commenced today and will be open until March 24. Go here to bid:

For a thorough pimp list of all the hos and their fandoms, go here:

But to whet your appetitie, here's the firefly section of the auction summarized for your perusal.

Just like YoSaffBridge, Sweet Charity is the bad penny that refuses to stop showing up and almost leaving you for dead. Once again, Charity Hos have signed up to have their skills sold off to the highest bidder.

Firefly should be proud of the astounding 44 hos offering their services. Or chagrined, it depends on your viewpoint. But it's a good cause, so let's not debate the morality versus legality of companiondom, k?

21 hos are offering to write firefly fanfic to spec for you.

Agent Rouka will write a non-epic sized fic specifically for the Firefly fandom. Just no male slash and no Mal/not-Inara. You know you want more from Rouka, so now's your chance.

Amara has written Firefly crossovers before, so why not get her to write the one you've been obsessed with. Or just straight firefly and she says no subject too taboo. Open your wallets if you don't want Stargate Atlantis to steal her from you.

apckrfan will devote a month to writing in the fandom of your choice!! You heard that write -- no sissy one story from apckrfan -- one fic a week or even more. apckrfan is making this offer to a lot of fandoms, so if you want all the fanfic you can handle for a month, keep an eye on this one.

Azar is offering a non-explicit crossover with Torchwood's Captain Jack Harkness. I don't know the fandom, but I hear good things about it and Azar. Definitely a steal at whatever price the winner gets for her.

browncoat 2x2 is another Firefly only gem available. Only limitation is no male slash or River pairings from her.

dannisupernova mainly writes Firefly and Xmen, so you know you'll have competition from one fandom for her talents. No slash, but other than that she's offering any rating and any length! Woo hoo.

esotaria is offering original fiction or fanfic for several fandoms including firefly. As a bonus, she'll record a reading of the story that she writes and send that to you as well.

krazykid197 is offering ~5000 word fic to a lot of fandoms, so hurry and buy her up. Plus, krazy will do crossover and almost any AU other than mpreg.

lucasharper is well known to hardcore fireflyfans, but he's also putting himself out there to new fandoms of Heroes and Supernatural, so watch out. Humor and action are what you're likely to get from him, and it will be worth every penny.

MusicDenoted will do her best to please your story craving even if that means writing a crossover. Haven't you always wanted a Lost/Rent/Firefly crossover? That's what I thought!

nikijane specializes in angst, which means she specializes in Firefly, no? Don't let the Veronica Mars and Supernatural fans take her from you!

Poisontaster, poisontaster. The epitomy of the oscillating fan. Trust me when I say any price is a steal to get this talented writer to put your Firefly idea to paper. There is not enough Firefly fic written by this woman, I promise you. I beg you to buy her already!

prehistoricasea will write you firefly or even Firefly Real-Person fic. You know you want to see more hijinks from Fillion and Maher as they incessently tease Summer. Now's your chance.

sathinks is offering one gigantic 20k story or four smaller ones -- crossovers and AUs welcome -- all tailor made for you. She's offering this twice!! So you could get two full months of firefly writing just for you. Think of the plot lines you could accomplish.

Settiai is offering any genre, any pairing, and even crossovers are fine. And trust me, she's offering herself to many fandoms, so there's alot of crossover fodder there.

sevenfists is willing to write pretty much anything for you. Now's your chance to get your Niska backstory, methinks.

Squish is another Firefly only devotee and is offering one fic with accompanying icons!! Any pairing, any genre, as long as it isn't underage or non-con.

tabaqui writes slash, and boy does tabaqui write it well. She'd prefer to do Firefly as a crossover like she has before, but she's willing to try whatever YOU want.

thea, there is not enough thea fic in firefly, browncoats. Hear my plea and rectify this!

thunder nari really wants to write you more Simon and Wash stories, but is willing to venture out to other characters...and *gasp* other fandoms. Don't let thunder shrug off the browncoat!

12 hos are offering to vid Firefly, but bid high, because most are also offering themselves to those young, live fandoms like Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Heroes. Remind those young 'uns that we're meaner, and by gone it, we got a movie because of it. Nyah Nyah.

Ancasta is offering one vid - gen, het or slash, but she'd prefer it if you don't make her vid to gangster rap or heavy metal. Sounds to me like she's begging to be bought by a Firefly fan with a Johnny Cash fixation.

Charmax, aaah, charmax. Really, firefly is missing out by only having two vids by her. Someone with a lot of cash needs to rectify this and make her vid more Firefly post-haste.

ChicaFrom3 has mostly vidded Lost and Doctor Who, but she lists Firefly as being source she has in her paws. Plus, she only has a few squicks and is willing to sacrifice even those if someone bids enough money!! Finally, you can have that River/Book vid you've always dreamed of.

Elishamarie is open to pretty much any music (no rap or heavy metal though. Yeah, more Johnny Cash vids!), any vid, any slash, even AUs. She hasn't done a crossover vid, but for the right price, you too can have your very own Firefly/Roswell vid.

fabella is fab by name and so is her work, trust me. She's produced vids for a wide variety of fandoms, all fantabulous, so you cannot pass up the opportunity to nab her for a FF vid.

Gianduja Kiss is also willing to do a multifandom vid if you so choose to whatever song or pairing you have. Or you can just say Firefly and sit back and wait for the masterpiece be delivered to your inbox by July 31st.

Jessie's only qualification on her offer to vid is no rap or screamo, other than that, she's yours to use as you choose!

LithiumDoll keeps saying she'll make more Firefly vids, but she's yet to escape the siren lure of Supernatural. Make it happen!

meivoicis doesn't want to vid a ballad, but other than is open to anything. Just bid quick before those upstarts of Supernatural and CSI snatch her up.

Milly is another one that you'll have to battle the Wincesters for, but she's definitely worth it.

Ringwench has made plenty of Firefly vids, but this doesn't mean you should let her vid a different fandom now! Watch out for the Potter fans, though.

SabaceanBabe's vidding muse has been eaten by BSG of late, but for the right price, you can bring her back to Whedonism and Firefly in particular.

Only 10 hos are offering to do graphics for firefly this time around.

Dawnydiesel will do icons, wallpapers or headers, but she's also offering herself up to Bruce Campbell and Christian Kane fans, so be ready to pay, browncoats.

deathisyourart has two special offers out to the Firefly fandom (among others): 2 wallpapers or 1 wallpaper and 1 banner (for fic or LJ). Trust me when I say a banner for your LJ by deathisyourart will complete your life and make you well liked. Really!

Mab81 is offering you her willing bitch-dom in the form of your own mini comic book! I've lost count of how many different kinds of fantastic that is. You can provide the words if you want something adapted or let Mab81 run with it all.

meivocis is also offering her graphical tallents -- wallpaper, lj header, 10 icons, cover art, whatever. Any pairing, any character.

pangea maru is offering a set of five icons or two icons and a banner. But if you want something special, buy her and then get her to make it.

SabaceanBabe is offering icons, wallpapers, and banners -- trust me, you need to see what she can do with Mal. Trust me!

Talula will make you a graphics pack consisting of 1 wallpaper, 1 layout header, 5 LJ compliant icons and 1 signature banner. That's a steal at any price, folks!

thedothatgirl will make you a handdrawn sketch of any firefly character!! Who can pass up their very own Wash?

VeetVoojagig is also offering icons (30!!), wallpapers, banners, photomanips, or pretty much any other Firefly graphic offering you can think of!!

wideocean is offering 20 icons!, 1 header + five icons!, or 3 wallpapers!! Other options available on request.

Soundtrack mixes and more!
Azar will make you a fanmix
BrownCoatTabz is offering a podcast offering dedicated to you and your choice of stories/character/etc
deathisyourart is offering a detailed vid concrit
jebbypal is offering story betaing or 1 fanfic concrit,
loveisntbrains is offering concrit beta for fic
Melymbrosia will give you meta on the subject of your Firefly choice.

Wow, just wow. And if none of that appeals to you, you can get esotaria to knit you a Jayne hat!!

Sweet Charity -- Fandom is indeed squishy and generous.


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Check out the non-fandom related Apparel, Jewelry and Miscellaneous hos!! Oooooh, aaaah!






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