European Parliament vote: The rise of the nationalists

UPDATED: Sunday, June 2, 2019 15:30
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Monday, May 20, 2019 4:22 PM


I believe in solving problems, not sharing them.

There is a good chance that "Euroskeptics" will take 30% of the EU Parliament vote. That includes Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party, Marine Le Pen's National Rally, Salvini's La League, and other nationalist/populist parties, misnamed "far right" and "right wing" by the Eurocentric/globalist media.

The forces for further EU "integration" are carrying out a full-court press to derail the nationalist/populist surge, attempting to smear anyone and everyone running on a Euroskeptic platform as "Russian dupes". (Gee, where have we heard THAT before?) There is turmoil within the Austrian nationalist coalition as one of their members was filmed two years ago (by whom?) discussing bribes with a (supposed) "niece" of a (so far phantom) "Russian oligarch" ... seems a setup to me ...

But the latest event is sure to overtake the Austrian turmoil as


Hundreds Of "Black Vest" Migrants Seize Paris Airport Terminal: "France Does Not Belong To The French!"

Yesterday, hundreds of undocumented migrants took control of Terminal 2 of the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris France. Approximately 500 migrants seized the terminal.

“France does not belong to the French! Everyone has a right to be here!” one person can be heard yelling into a loudspeaker.

The protest was organized by the migrant support group “La Chapelle Debout,” which said their members call themselves “Black Vests.”

The group comes amid the country’s months-long “Yellow Vests movement” over tax reforms; French citizens are required to carry yellow vests in their vehicles for emergencies. (source)

A quick-thinking person took video, which has been widely shared across Twitter.

#Update: Just in - Video of the moment these 400 African illegal immigrants stormed in the terminal of the Charles de Gaulle Airport in #Paris. #France
— Sotiri Dimpinoudis ?? (@sotiridi) May 19, 2019

Here’s some follow-up video.

#Breaking: Just in - Reports that undocumented immigrants are protesting in the Charles de Gaulle Airport in #Paris right now and won't let people board their flights until they meet and talk with with the prime minister Édouard Philippe of #France, Riot CRS police on the scene.
— Sotiri Dimpinoudis ?? (@sotiridi) May 19, 2019

Migrants warn it won’t stop here.

The organized group released an official statement and warned this will not be the last effort such as this.

In an official statement, the group asked to meet with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe over the country’s asylum policy and the leaders of Air France. They demanded that the airline “stop any financial, material, logistical or political participation in deportations.”

Later Sunday, an Air France delegation met with the group, a member told local newspaper Le Parisien.

A migrant who took part in the protest warned it wouldn’t be the last.

“We have targeted Air France, and other actions will follow,” he told the paper. (source)

All of the migrants involved appear to have a common thread.

#Update: Just in - All of these undocumented immigrants are from African decent, and are demanding that prime minister Édouard Philippe, will give all of them permanent legal status and papers to stay in #France. And saying we will not leave Charles de Gaulle Airport in #Paris.
— Sotiri Dimpinoudis ?? (@sotiridi) May 19, 2019

What an incredibly dangerous precedent

The migrants are reported to have refused to allow passengers to board their planes until their demands were met. They were held back by riot police but actually got a meeting with a representative of Air France.

What kind of precedent does this set? One tweet even suggests “Prime Minister Édouard Philippe caved into their demands and gave them all permanent legal status, though that hasn’t been confirmed.” (source)

#Breaking: Just in - The situation around the Charles de Gaulle Airport in #Paris has ended, when 400 illegal African immigrants stormed the terminal and demanded from prime minister Édouard Philippe, will give all of them permanent legal status to stay in #France.
— Sotiri Dimpinoudis ?? (@sotiridi) May 19, 2019

This means that you can go into a foreign country and make demands and people will actually listen. People will actually capitulate to your demands in a place where you are by the grace of the local government. If there was any doubt that there’d be more of these types of sieges, I think we can lay that to rest right now. We have not seen the end of the Black Vests

I’m not against people migrating to other countries. I’ve done it myself and I’ve brought my children back to my own country. But there are processes. This is not one of those processes.

Currently, reports say the siege has ended. There are no reports of arrests.

France does not belong to the French, indeed.


Sunday, May 26, 2019 5:03 PM


I believe in solving problems, not sharing them.

Macron loses to le Pen.

Pity would be no more,
If we did not MAKE men poor - William Blake

"The messy American environment, where most people don't agree, is perfect for people like me. I CAN DO AS I PLEASE." - SECOND

America is an oligarchy .


Sunday, May 26, 2019 5:14 PM



...and I feel fine.

Do Right, Be Right. :)


Monday, May 27, 2019 8:10 AM


Follwing this news feed and some shocks but a lot of predictable results, if the reports are true and I'm sure they are still counting votes and probably will count and do second re-counts on close results and re-check results for days to come

Repot says

Greens and some Leftwing Socialist type European parties made a gain / comeback across all of Europe

but rightwing Anti-Euro or Nationalist Parties have also comeback or made advances

I think the enviornment, your rivers, your farms, clean green policy is important but I don't trust hipie green types, I think it could be a push for more taxes
It could be a push also for more anti immigration, like Trump's election with the Wall

It's hard to simplify something as complex as Europe but maybe its current direction can be compared to a US Federal or global system, sometimes EU elections do not reflect on National elections, i guess its like how a US President can still win and rule but lose Congress and Senate power during the Mid-Term elections, will this predict all national local votes in months and years to come

Germans the current Enviornmental movement was probably born out of the push to clean up an old polluted Germany, the Greens surge with heavy losses for
Germany's old Merkel style ruling parties in EU election, the nationalist AFD are probably the main rivals to Green

French, again Nationalists and a trend in Greens, the current leader Macron loses EU elections to Marine Le Pen’s far-right, the Greens are already forming a global EU bloc. Maybe its the uncertainity in France, Marine Le Pen's nationalist Rassemblement National won the EU vote, maybe Macron was damaged by all the weeks and months of 'Yellow Vest' protests, or maybe the story is also about the gains of the Greens and Nationalism in France.

England vote British result, again Anti EU Nation State parties, I did see a gain by Lib Dems, the Liberal Democrats were seen as a fringe party kinda like an independent voice such as Jesse Ventura, Ralph Nader in US politics, I remember some old guys talking of Lib Dems they were 'king makers' a smaller part holding balance of power in a coalition government, there seems to be a history of sleaze about them Thorpe affair of the maybe 70s or 80s was a British event were one homosexual guy tried to hire an assassin to kill his 'lover' but the hitman missed and shot they guys pet dog instead, police arrested everyone? A new party the 'Brexit' party has made huge gains, the party built in a few days by Nigel Farage, the old UKIP has been almost wiped out. Not sure about local Welsh or Scottish Nationalists but the Green have made big gains also while the Traditional Conservative and British Labour have been wiped out.

Italy again a far-right surge? or growth of Nationalism or Very Strong Conservatives or Anti-EU in the north and the populist 5Star Movement, old parties getting knocked down

Spain seems a little more difficult to read, you had a bunch of Socalist Liberal pro EU group, European People's Party and then Anti-Globalist, Anti-EU Nationalists, the Spanish are part of larger voting groups and political blocks inside the EU a weird bunch allinged with Progressive Alliance of EU Socialists and Democrats, Anti EU Nationalists and European United Left–Nordic Green Left, the rightwing Vox and Pro EU Socialist Workers' Party seem to have gained, again like England you have internal politics with Andalucia, Basque Country, Catalonia, maybe even old island colonies in the middle of the Ocean like Canary Islands, the Gibraltar EU Brexit thing? Seems to be another pro-EU and anti-EU gain with new fringe paties, I'm not sure how Spain will join with the wider EU political alliances

Poland again probably gains for Hard Euroscepticism plus Anti-EuropeUnion voices and Pro EU parties or Pro-Europeanism

Greece looks like the ruling Left group will be defeated by Conservative EU sceptics maybe, national government at home may collapse Greeks will have a snap election following this

A lot of feeds on twitter, the Lefty guardian and Rightwing Breitbart gave some good coverage in the run up, you can see a lot of feeds on MSN, Fox, youtube and Aus news gave some good detailed reports

Some dumbass worthless Swedish feminist party lost its only seat in Europe, the overseas Romanians seem to have blocked streets across Europe while voting at their embassy and voted Pro EU, the Czechs Huge win for pirate party! Downloading, copying movies music, torrent stealing party, there was also SPD - Not Nazis, because there is an actual Nazi party running who prayed to Czech cosplay Hitler or Musolinni or some weird shit, in Finland seems to be a Green Enviornmental party, the Greens acorss Europe, the Brexit party and nationalist anti EU Le Pen have more or less declared Victory in EU Election

That's my take on it


Monday, May 27, 2019 12:15 PM


I believe in solving problems, not sharing them.

The results, in numbers


Populists Shatter EU Status Quo With Strong Showing In Parliamentary Vote

The preliminary results from the European Parliamentary elections are in. And just like the polls anticipated, the pro-European status quo has suffered a serious blow.

Winning over 30% of seats, Eurosceptic parties and anti-establishment groups now control their largest bloc of votes since the first EU Parliamentary election in 1979.

Meanwhile, the long-ruling "grand coalition" of center-right and center-left parties (the EPP, a collection of center right parties, and S&D, a collection of center-left parties) lost its combined majority, though both coalition groups retained a plurality of seats (180, or 24%, for EPP, and 146, or 19.4%, for S&D).


Though pro-European groups together maintain a clear majority, this broad grouping has become increasingly fragmented, which could complicate policy making, while a strong showing from eurosceptics will mount a serious challenge to the status quo, according to a group of analysts from Deutsche Bank.

This shows us two things: first, the pro-European camp has definitely become more fragmented and could not prevent losing some seats to the Eurosceptics who dream if not (anymore) of the end of the EU at least of a substantially different one. Second, pro-Europeans group together will still hold a clear majority of two-thirds of the seats in the next EP. This means: policymaking for them will become more complex and require broader cross-party agreements and discipline. But Eurosceptics will not be able block decisions unless centrist pro-European parties fail to cooperate.

There are a couple of things to know about the EU Parliament; and the first thing to understand is that the EU really does suffer from a "democracy deficit". Unlike the Parliaments of member states, the EU MPs cannot craft and introduce legislation. THAT can only be done by the European Council, which consists of unelected bureaucrats. What the EU Parliament does is consent (or not) to the measures proposed to it, and that is passed by a simple majority (376 out of 571 votes). There is no 2/3 requirement on regular votes, and therefore no way that a stubborn minority can block anything. However, they CAN make a lot of noise.


Typically, turnout in the EU Parliamentary race is lackluster, similar to that of a (typical) American midterm election. But this year, turnout surged to its highest level in decades: With a provisional turnout of 51%, the strongest in 25 years, electoral turnout broke the downward trend of the past decade (that's compared with 43% in 2014). However, differences in turnout were substantial across EU members, with the UK and Eastern European states recording the lowest turnount.

In the UK, which only opted to participate in the vote at the last minute as part of a can-kicking agreement with Brussels to extend the deadline for the UK's departure from the EU, Nigel Farage's Brexit Party won a plurality of votes (31.7%) - though liberal-leaning media outlets in the UK opted to spin the result as a victory for the "remain" camp, as the LibDems, Greens, SNP, Change UK and miscellaneous other parties won a combined 38%.

Despite being only four months old, Farage's Brexit Party emerged as one of the largest parties in the European Parliament (it's tied for first with Angela Merkel's center-right CDU/CSU, both with 29 seats). Merkel's CDU/CSU and SPU saw their support plunge below 29% and 16% respectively in their worst result in a national election.

Matteo Salvini's League Party came in second with 28 seats. Poland's Nationalist Law and Justice Party came in third with 23, while Marine Le Pen's National Rally Party won 22 seats, ahead of the 21 seats won by French President Emmanuel Macron's La Republique En Marche. Viktor Orban's Fidesz won 52% of the vote in Hungary, taking 13 of Hungary's 21 seats.

Though Sweden's Social Democrats remained the largest party in Europe, Sweden's anti-immigration Sweden Democrats won 15.4% of the vote, up from roughly 4% in the 2014 EU Parliamentary vote, growing their share of seats from two to three.

In Greece, Alexis Tsipras's Syriza was defeated by the center-right New Democracy Party, prompting Tsipras to call an early general election where New Democracy are expected to triumph. If that happens, it would end Syriza's four-year stint ruling Greece.

I think one of the major effects of the EU Parliament vote will be on internal (national) elections. For example, altho the Austrian nationalist coalition threw out their nationalist chmapion (Kurz), HIS party (People's Party) won a thumping victory in Austrai.


However, analysts are skeptical that the eurosceptic groups will be able to overcome partisan squabbling and work together to form a pan-European coalition - which is the only way to exercise real influence within the European Parliament. They will also lose some of their support when the UK finally leaves the bloc (if that ever happens), and the UK's 73 parliamentary seats are redistributed.

Here's what a group of analysts from Deutsche Bank said.

With above 30% of seats, Eurosceptic and anti-establishment groups and (nonaligned) parties are estimated to have increased their weight in EU policy making over next five years. But we remain doubtful that these groups will manage to permanently overcome their (many) differences and use their leverage to promote their own coherent policy agenda.

One issue: Whether Farage's Brexit Party will break away from Farage's longstanding alliance with M5S in the EU Parliament to instead align itself with Salvini's League Party. But the same issue exists on the other end of the spectrum, as DB points out.

Balance in the next EP will also depend on group formation over the next few weeks. Big questions remain e.g. regarding the planned joint group between the liberal ALDE and French President Macron's Renaissance as well as the composition of Italian Deputy PM Matteo Salvini's new far-right Eurosceptic alliance and the efforts of Five Star Movement to create a new (also Eurosceptic) anti-establishment group, potentially to be joined by Nigel Farage's Brexit Party from the UK.

Whatever the case may be, the election of the next European Commission President looks to be an incredibly fraught process, as none of the 'lead candidates' will find it easy to win a majority of support. A lengthy standoff with the European Council could push the appointment of the next Commission beyond October, which would raise serious questions about the bloc's governability. EU leaders will meet on Tuesday at an informal summit to begin what could be an extremely fraught process of picking the next top jobs (which, remember, will include the next board of governors and president of the ECB).

The increased fragmentation on the next EP will make the appointment of the next Commission President a potentially lengthy procedure. None of the EP's "lead candidates" will find it easy to secure support of a majority of the MEPs and the Council might see this as a reason to deviate from the "lead candidate" procedure altogether.
A lengthy standoff between Council and Parliament as well as intense negotiations on the top jobs between leaders could push the appointment of the next Commission beyond October. This would reflect badly on the EU's prospective ability for constructive policy making and joint decisions and could thus impact market's confidence and trust in the single currency.

During the campaign, Farage tried to cast the vote in the UK as a referendum on Brexit, a theme that most of the British media quickly embraced. And according to Commerzbank's Thu Lan Nguyen, the Brexit Party's performance suggests that the odds of a 'no-deal' Brexit have indeed risen - though Nguyen insisted that 'no deal' isn't the most likely outcome. Boris Johnson becoming prime minister would increase the odds of no deal even further. Even if new elections are called, it likely wouldn't tip the balance of power in favor or against Brexit.

In the mean time, the GBP spot rate will continue to move sideways.

In summary: The vote was a sweeping victory for populists, a fact that the liberal press across the Continent has been working to obscure.

- Farage wins in UK.
- Le Pen wins in France
- Salvini wins in Italy.
- Orban wins in Hungary.
- Right wing surging in Sweden.

Massive success for the right-wing and EU skeptics this election!
— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) May 26, 2019

Pity would be no more,
If we did not MAKE men poor - William Blake

"The messy American environment, where most people don't agree, is perfect for people like me. I CAN DO AS I PLEASE." - SECOND

America is an oligarchy .


Monday, May 27, 2019 10:28 PM


I believe in solving problems, not sharing them.

Pity would be no more,
If we did not MAKE men poor - William Blake

"The messy American environment, where most people don't agree, is perfect for people like me. I CAN DO AS I PLEASE." - SECOND

America is an oligarchy .


Tuesday, May 28, 2019 12:02 AM



My take on it is that "Centrism" as we know it is dying off. The Establishment is in its death throws.

This isn't anything new. This happens ALL THE TIME in history. Being a "Centrist" means something entirely different over a 50 year period than it did before.

My suggestion is to go with it, but to be careful who you're voting for when making change.

Today they'll vote for Nigel Farage. I hope he can do it, because if he doesn't do what needs to be done, maybe they vote somebody like Tommy Robinson next time. And if that doesn't work out, well, people might just start throwing molotov cocktails in the streets.

It's a lot easier to rework existing structures than to burn them to the ground and start over.

Do Right, Be Right. :)


Tuesday, May 28, 2019 3:44 PM


America loves a winner!

Stunning ! Shocking ! Or maybe, not so much.

The Euro elitists fail to grasp the will of the people, yet again !

Why won't these ungrateful peasants fall in line??


Sunday, June 2, 2019 2:36 PM


When you've got people like Steve Bannon and Seb Gorka actively working to promote fascism in Europe...


Sunday, June 2, 2019 2:44 PM



Muh fascism.

Do Right, Be Right. :)


Sunday, June 2, 2019 3:30 PM


I believe in solving problems, not sharing them.

REAVERBOT should stay out of posting about politics, its programming is too limited to respond with anything other than "Nazi", "troll" and "Russia" (or convenient synonyms).

Pity would be no more,
If we did not MAKE men poor - William Blake

"The messy American environment, where most people don't agree, is perfect for people like me. I CAN DO AS I PLEASE." - SECOND

America is an oligarchy .






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