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Tuesday, March 7, 2006 3:13 PM


I was thinking of making a text based mmorpg based on Firefly.

I need decent program to make it.

But also I was wondering about using the Reavers as the Powerful race, the humans/browncoats as balanced and Alliance as Speed.

Have a thing were you could go to planet to planet ond moon to moon in a spacial field.

Get different kinds of ships based on if you are a Reaver, Alliance, or Human/Browncoat.

Have wars betwwen the different people.

Be able to make clans with others.

Note: This is only in planning but it may or maynot become a online game.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006 4:45 PM


I'd make it alot more in depth than races and clans, which get which ships and have what characteristics.

Do something like this, at least for character creation/development.

Each character chooses his physical attributes first, male or femal, hair color, etc. Then they choose an parents occupations and starting planet. That'll give them initial stats (intelligence, strength, etc) as well as initial skills (Dad was a sherrif, start out as level 2 guns and level 2 charisma). Starting planets have most to do with starting intelligence (quality of schools), initial health (quality of medicine) and ruggedness, and...

Initial allegiances. A core planet character will find it easier to sympathize with the alliance, rim planet less easy. What's that mean? Charisma (not reputation) bonuses and penalties for Alliance and Independence characters, NPC's and clans. You'd also throw in some RPG factions, like the Tongs and such, so it'd be much more complete (like the series if it continued :-( ).

Ships would be available to whoever could afford them and have the right connections to get them. Obviously, most characters, unless the go up the Military 'clan,' will not see the inside of a cruiser.

Here's the hard part: reavers. You expressed an interest in allowing characters to become Reavers. This is how'd I'd implement that. For the first couple of weeks/months, have a fully functioning Miranda that characters could spawn on. Those characters will become Reavers at a set date, and suffer zero social interaction with anyone but Reavers. If subsequent characters want to become a Reaver, they create a natural character, and turn on the convert option. Then they simply find a why to be attacked by raver breeding parties. The reavers decide they need to replenish the ranks, and the character is converted.

The hardest part, in terms of game balance and design, would probably be character deaths. If you spent two months creating an Alliance spy who gets under the sheets of browncoats, what if she gets caught and shot by her now-ex-lover? Someone might be a little torqued if he has to start from scratch. On the other hand, there has to be a significant penalty for, well, failing to keep alive!

A couple of final points: I'm envisioning a complex and huge 'verse in terms of character dynamics. Some people would band together and form small firefly crews. Some would want to be part of the Tong organization, or on Havan, or the Miners Guild, or Companion's Guild, or Alliance Military.
To make things work, I'd have two kinds of 'clans.' NPC based and person based. A person based clan would be limited severly in size, and general freeform as to how it's run and what it's goals are. A NPC clan, like the military or large guilds, would have higher leadership NPC's and intermediate leadership a mix of NPC's and characters.
The NPC clans would have to have administrator set goals. News waves would also be sent by an administrator across the verse: The net effect? A continuous verse with a storyline that is partly affected by the failures and successes of the different clans. Not a huge story line that everyone follows, but definate changes in climate and moods and freindliness between clans. Maybe a civil war, winner undeclared until one side is anhilated or surrenders. Maybe the remnents of that side, on their own will of course, create a secret rebellion (an NPC based clan).

Ok, how cool would that be? I just love the idea of one group of characters chasing another group around the verse because they were shortchanged, or an Alliance cruiser chasing after a fleeing Firefly with a fugitive on board. I like the idea of pitting characters against each other with goals, goals more substantial than simply gaining experiance points and getting all the gold and weapons of the now dead character.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006 5:03 PM


Objects In Space is an online MUSH.

Perhaps they've done what you want to do. Perhaps not. At any rate, it wouldn't hurt to check it out

Also, if you are planning on making this yourself from scratch, this is going to be useful for you.

It outlines the problem and some techniques to solve them.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006 11:21 AM


I got more, people could set bounties on certian characters that you would get paid to kill, if you could find them. You could be different classes such as bounty hunters, snipers, soldiers, officers.

Bounty hunters would get paid more to collect bounties than regular ppl. Snipers would be more accurate. So each of the classes would have special boosts.

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