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Monday, November 20, 2006 6:25 AM


Hi all just wanted to finally chime in on what I have seen here and around the scifi 'verse. I grew up trek and then into TNG from there it was Voyager and then to Farscape. When firefly came on I thought it was a great concept, but before I had a chance to get around to watching it, it was gone. I saw and bought Serenity, then the series, now I am anxiously awaiting HD so I can repurchase.

The question as to why all the best SciFi disappears yet American Idol and Dancing with the Stars are over the top remain is easily answered; but what to do is much harder.

I love most scifi, but one reoccuring theme on most boards is "our show's better than your show". While a little rivalry is always nice, I think that is at the heart of the problem. We are too factioned.

We go to the same cons, we like alot of the same things, and indeed if put in a room with American Idol fans we would undoubtedly find each other and stake out a corner for ourselves. But we can't agree because firefly is great, everything else sucks, or Trekies are the only true scifi fans, or Farscape is the only good scifi show, or whatever.

It propose we (and I am posting similar threads on the other boards I am on) look together to find a way to unite our campaigns a bit. Too much good scifi is going down the drain right now. Imagine if every trekie, scaper, gater, and viper pilot were to work together. If we could cooperate, we would be a force to be reckoned with.

Any thoughts? (other than this was too ruttin' long)


Monday, November 20, 2006 6:37 AM


I haven't found that attitude among Browncoats, at least not to any great degree. Most of us are also (or originally) fans of Trek, Star Wars, or other SF as well as Firefly.

One lament we do hear often is that the fare on TV today -- especially reality programming -- is basically crap... but I doubt we'd get much argument about that from other SF communities.

Frankly, we've seen far more antagonism from other fan communities than I've seen directed from Browncoats to other SF franchises. Check out some of the negative comments on Amazon or IMBD for examples.

And Dark Angel fans are probably the worst of the bunch, since Firefly replaced DA in the time slot. Can't really blame them for feeling bitter.

I'm pointin' right at it!


Monday, November 20, 2006 3:08 PM


Welcome Kinetic:

I know everyone has a favorite, so they think it is the best. But you will find here that we discuss other SciFi shows. We have a Discussion Format just for that purpose. You will find fans of Trek, Farscape, and just about every SciFi created.

I'm a Flash Gordon fan from the serials starring Buster Crabbe. See. Now you made give away my age. Well it happens every couple of weeks anyway.

So look us over and you find us discussing the whole SciFi verse.



Monday, November 20, 2006 10:51 PM


I have never been against other Sci Fi shows, I'm just not a fan, I watch most shows as they fly by but apart from Star Trek growing up and Firefly I don't really like any Sci Fi (not including red Dwarf which is a sitcom) I would never attack someone who said that Farscape was better than firefly, I would simply assume they had never seen firefly with an open mind.

Vote Day 1st December 2006
Together we will triumph.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006 2:10 AM



Originally posted by Kinetic:

Trekies are the only true scifi fans

P'shaw. Only those who read the literature of the Golden Era are true science fiction fans, far superior to your piddling "scifi"

Heh, just kidding. I agree that there is a goodly amount of rivalry during discussions that sometimes lead to debates that sometimes lead to bar brawls and waking up in the morning with blood on your hands and a torn "Trekkies Rule" t-shirt as your pillow, but by and large I think that's all part of being a fan. The SF fan has usually been marked by the teensiest bit of . . .shall we say "ego" for lack of a better term when it comes to their 'hobby'. They generally think they're not better than the average joe, but probably smarter (this theme has been studied in short stories since the 40s and 50s. Kornbluth's 'Marching Morons', anyone?) and it just kind of carries over in our dealings with other fans.

I think it's our equivalent of sports rivalries. Our show or author or movie or franchise - well, that's our team. If we meet another fan we have an instant friend for life and if some other bastard wants to put that down - well, fisticuffs of the intellectual variety to you, sir!

But at the end of the day I think we're all there to help each other out against the real enemy. Those damn jocks and prom queens. So, in my rambling way - my suggestion to unite all the Geeks and Nerds under one banner is to give them a common pan-scifi cause.

Like getting the SciFi channel to give up their idiot notion of going mainstream and returning to its niche market which can serve it so well. I think we can all agree that wrestling has no damn place on the channel.

If you can't do something smart, do something right.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006 3:31 AM


I agree with all of you, there does seem to be less of a rivalry here than other sites and true most fans here followed Joss, and there is nothing wrong with that.

I just wonder what kind of economic power we could wield if all scifi (not the channel, the genre) fans worked to save good shows and get better ones on the air. The Idea of a common banner may be idealistic, but is it unrealistic?


Tuesday, November 21, 2006 11:31 AM


No, it's not unrealistic (nor idealistic - I've tried to 'unite people under a banner' and it's nothing but a bitch) - you just have to be very careful to craft your arguments so that different audiences see the message and how it applies to them.

If you can't do something smart, do something right.






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