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Saturday, November 4, 2017 3:32 AM


Greetings fellow Browncoat,

This is a call to arms, a signal sent out to all Firefly fans who want to keep the 'Verse a real living expanding thing.
I have been a Browncoat since the inception of the Southern California Browncoats, and a fan of the 'Verse since The Train Job first aired.
I have long felt it my mission, my calling to help keep the 'Verse alive, and now my ship and crew are about to launch...
The Ghost Ship, that is, an incredible, innovative, evolving card and board game system based in the Firefly 'Verse.
There are a handful of Firefly board and card games in the ‘Verse…this one is different. This will be the VERY FIRST in which you are not playing a ship, or a crew, or an abstract concept, YOU’LL PLAY A REAL INDIVIDUAL IN THE ‘VERSE. With your own mini, in the Deluxe Board Game. Also, it’s not one game…it’s three. WILL BE based in the Firefly 'Verse, if we manage to raise enough to keep the interest of those rights lawyers over at Blue Su...I mean Corbis Associates. I contacted them regarding arranging FF rights, but when they found out our business plan was to launch on Kickstarter, they slammed their airlock shut in my face.

I Am Not Asking For Your Credits, I am asking that you keep this signal alive, and send it out to all sectors of the Internets. You'll buy the game Ghost Ship 'cause no Browncoat (or even purplebelly) will want to miss out on playing it. But more than that, I am asking more of you than I even have before...
With the active help of the Browncoat community, we can make a ruckus big enough to change their minds, and when we do, I will tell them, "You will arrange Firefly rights for our game system, and at one-third off your asking price!"
I got myself a ship and a crew, and all we need now is fuel. Enough to make the trip out to this liner we passed, floatin' in the Black all cold and lonely. Because that's the premise of our game, Ghost Ship.
If you like what you see, sign up on the Kickstarter Preview Page linked below, then KS will send you ONE wave, the day the project launches.
If you like it even more, reply to me and I’ll put you on the Weekly Ghostly Mail List. Once this salvage mission succeeds, my crew intends to recreate the greatness that once was with WEDONesque, as well as starting a gaming & science fiction magazine both e-and-paper.

I'm not askin' to be carried...I can still walk on my own, but you can kick the wave onward, using your own ship's signal rig.
I ask that you check out our project, and bark it up ‘till it rabbits into the Black (as opposed to the red)!
We launch as soon as Kickstarter approves our flight-plan. A matter of mere days. No longer than it’ll take us to eat through those mystery meals.

Captain Max, "The Blue Wizard," {Maximillian d’Erembourg, a sci-fi space opera novelist who worked with Ray Bradbury, and now is committed to keeping the Dream Alive in the gaming universe}

p.s., I apologize if you get this more than once, I tried to scan the list to see if I doubled anyone up, but I'm not as sharp as a Tam!

Some people start Kickstarters, some people juggle geese.
That’s all I’m sayin’.






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