Escape From Tarkov, new hotfixes to patch 0.12.4: here are the various changes

UPDATED: Monday, March 30, 2020 21:12
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Monday, March 30, 2020 9:12 PM


[url=] Euros[/url] The work for balancing and improving Escape From Tarkov is proceeding at full speed as the developers of the Battlestate Games team had guaranteed to the community in the last Twitch live in which the team showed the news coming with the patch 0.12.4. In the last two weeks the team has worked hard to make hotfixes to balance the new mechanics of overweight or overweight in Italian which has aroused many controversies in the game community both for its extremely "hardcore" nature and because now players are forced to carefully choose which items to withdraw and then resell based on their value.

In particular [url=]tarkov roubles[/url] the players have continued to report errors or mechanics to be improved within the gameplay which have been corrected or modified in the last two days with a series of small hotfixes. Among these the first "sly" arose who sought exploits to advance their character's Strength and Endurance skills in a very short time so that they could get around the new mechanics inserted carrying as much loot and weight as possible without " to benefit ”from the malus behaviors. Here are the details of all the changes and improvements that the developers of Escape From Tarkov have included in the latest hotifxes:

Fixed a bug that caused the player to freeze inside the loading screen after canceling the matchmaking;
Fixed a bug where players could not crouch while carrying the maximum weight limit;
Fixed a bug where the sounds of noises and sirens on the Interchange map overlapped;
Fixed a bug that prevented players from running even if they had the stamina bar at their maximum;
Fixed a bug that prevented players from picking up items when using the Slim Medical Backpack;
Fixed a bug where enemy footsteps were not heard inside dormitories on the Customs map;

Speaking instead of the changes to the mechanics of overweight the developers have decreased the weight necessary to level the skill of the Force and have added the heavy and labored breath together with the tremors to the hands after the player finished the stamina for running or jumping. In addition the developers kept track of all players who used exploits to level skills and proceeded to reset them to level 0 as a punishment.

Finally according to Battlestate Games Escape From Tarkov will continue to receive changes to the mechanics inserted and to solve problems born from previous updates and in the coming weeks it should update again to version 0.12.5 of which the CEO of Battlestate Nikita Buyanova had hinted as described in this previous news. provide you a fast convenient and safe way to get this currecny you can choose to buy cheap EFT Roubles here.






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