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Monday, July 26, 2004 6:08 AM


"I did a lot of laughing yesterday, " Alan Tudyk tells SFX."We were laughing a lot, it;s a good time."

No, he hasn't just been to see the new Garfield movie. Tudyk's actually discussing the filming of the Firefly film Serenity, in which he plays the pilot of the titular ship. It's a role he's thrilled to be reprising, although he's not actually the big action hero.

"Wash does a lot of this; I land the spaceship and I go Be careful everybody!'" he explains, "and then they do these extraordinary things and they come back and I go, 'Thank God you made it! Strap in, I'm going to fly!' I do the babysitting job on the spaceship"

It's been a year since Firefly finished - did it feel weird walking onto set again?
"It is weird. It was the first day of shooting, so I was sitting around the monitors and I saw a scene between the characters Simon and River and I said 'Holy shit! This is really hapenning, we're making a movie of Firefly!' It's wild. It was fun to act the characters again now that we're so much closer. It's better this way, there's a lot more to pull from the familiarity of it. Everybody knows each other so much better now."

Does he think that the film can surpass what was achieved in the television series? "Well, I hope so! Firefly wasn't given much of a chance on television."

Luckily, Universal pictures gave it a second chance to the tune of $40 million. Wash can see the difference the dollar is making already. "Joss Whedon was up in a helicopter on Wednesday, which was something we never had the budget for on the TV show.They were filming a landing sequence on this planet that ahd been burned up and destroyed. So he was up in a helicopter for a few hours in the morning. lying in a helicopter - it really gets you up in the morning! Better than a cup of coffee I think.

"He's having a blast, we all are. I did a lot of laughing yesterday. A lot of laughing...there's just been a lot of play. There's one scene with Summer Glau where the camera sweeps by all of us and ends up on her, adn we're doing it again and again.Finally Nathan said 'Summer, hey on this next take could you do a little less 'cuckoo-cuckoo' and a little more 'uh oh uh oh' and try and lay off the 'whoah, whoah'? Do that.' It's just, like, crew people fucking with each other. Throughout the whole thing it's going to be fun doing that"

So, can he spill the beans about the storyline?
"Simon and River are still wanted by the Alliance. In the new movie a new agent is assigned, he's called Chiwetel Ejiofor. He's the new agent that's assigned to go after Simon and River and he's very,very good at his job and causes all sorts of problems. We also mentioned the Reavers in the TV series, these men gone mad on the edge of space. In one episode we showed that they're cannibals and they sew the flesh of their victims onto their clothes. They're a very dangerous force, but you never follow them in the TV series; we didn't go on long enough to see them. You will be seeing them in the movie and they are scary. That stuff's exciting!"

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one word - shiny!

Keep flying


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Not sure how i missed this post until now. :o


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America loves a winner!


btw...Just saw I,Robot. Much better than I was expecting. That is a darn good movie.

" They don't like it when you shoot at 'em. I worked that out myself. "