Dystopian movies which are no longer Dystopian

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Saturday, June 22, 2024 7:23 AM


...joking of course

Dollhouse universe kind of looks ok, Dollhouse seems like a happy universe when compared to realities in this real life era of drug runners, a looming recession which the media will not admit, Trump Biden politics and open border and human traffickers, potential wars on multiple front, a pointless war in Asscrackistan, shipping stoppages and BLM Antifa riots

Total Recall, there are jobs, the economy moves, people are working and Arnie can take a Martian vacation...we finally got to Mars!

The Fugitive its possible to clear your name when framed, Lawfare and BigTech isn't really a thing and Big Pharma is beaten also Chicago looks nice no dozens of mass shootings by rappers every week.

Latveria, the country ruled by Marvel's Doctor Doom, ok this is the asshole Eastern European Dictator Version of Tony Stark Ironman but with some Magical DrStrange Witchcraft stuff and Robots everywhere, Dictatorship attitude but the streets are clean, no muggings, no invasions, no wars.

Japanese took California in the Man in the High Castle is set in an Alternate History, no reparations, no drug gangs and nobody pooping on the street, Washington, D.C. doesn't look so good after 1945 in this timeline, wiped out by a German atomic bomb, it could be argued some parts of the USA are even 'better' especially some lower crime areas of the neutral zone maybe even life could be better Chicago or current Commiefornia, trains and bus service running on time etc.

Atlas Shrugged as bad as it is maybe its better than current

Energy problem solved in 'Fallout'...however it gets worse the World and America is stupid enough to get a war happening, the big one , nukes dropped everywhere in this version of the USA the other backstory leads to a nuclear apocalypse and post apocalypse story, but for a while it was ok with a 1950s 60s retro-future aesthetic, the background doesn't seem official or canon since it is based on a video game franchise

Interstellar...going to other Solar systems, Artificial Gravity, Blackhole Singularity Science, FTL travel, pretty cool universe.

The Fifth Element, flying cars, space travel, great Opera music, some funny looking Prince guy doing a live stream less annoying than livestreams of today.

Gotham City, movie Batman would have power slammed George Floyd's face into the floor then Adam West Batman would given him an Anti-Covid Anti-Fentanyl antidote with his utility belt cured him and said something that would have made him change his ways, then he might have given Cops a lecture for being poor at their job, cartoon Batman would have beaten back the brainwashed zombified BLM Mob or stunned them by him merely standing there among them...

The Batman Enters The Protests!!

in real life the mere presence of the Batman costume has an effect on people


Tuesday, June 25, 2024 2:09 PM


That's quite a diverse list. I wasn't expecting to see The Fugitive on there. That's why I'm now confident that you're not A.I.

I'd put Idiocracy on there too. They had a Time Mashine. Charlie Chaplin tried to take over the world with his Nazi dinosaurs, but they UN-Nazied the world with the UN.

I'm no Fallout lore expert, and I know they barely scratched the surface in the show, but I don't think they did anything in the show that would break it. People in the gaming community give Todd Howard a lot of shit for certain choices he's made, but I think that having him actively involved in the making of the show really helped preserve it. They didn't just let a bunch of diversity hire weirdos make their own story like a lot of these productions do.

I'm looking at you, Black Wesker.


Trump will be fine.
He will also be your next President.






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