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Monday, April 21, 2008 10:02 AM


Ok Crew here's the new diggs.

We had some loading problems with the last thread so we'll cutting it off around 200 each time.

I've had a lot of fun so far. I hope you have as well.

Where we started
Where we moved to
The one we're leaving

If we keep this up we might fill a thread just listing our old ones.

Great Job Crew. You are the best in the Verse.


Monday, April 21, 2008 10:21 AM



*abbey looks up and glares at the Captain.*

abbey *with venom*: Maybe he can help fix my gorram shuttle door. Can't schedule any business until I can close it. Wouldn't want me nor any of my belongings to get sucked out where the door should be. *she stands up, grabs her bowl and retreats towards the shuttle.*

*Oram giggles under her breath as the Captain then glares at Oram. Stan speaks up.*

Stan: What kind of business is she in?

The pain in my ass business *Watching her go* Just once I would like to...(Notices everyone watching me)

Oram: Just like to what?

Nothing. Stan I think we can work out an arrangement. Wash and I do most the flying. Wouldn't hurt to have a third. Break up some of the long nights. Just wake Wash before trying to land. We'll let her handle that part. When your not on shift you can help out Spots and we could use a shuttle pilot for some of our deals. That way Wash can stay with the boat.

*I look down at the plate that looked so appetizing before Abbey stormed off*

Speaking of Wash guess I better go relieve her for dinner.

*I get up and head to the bridge*


Monday, April 21, 2008 10:57 AM


*Stan is finished with his plate so he picks it up and sets it down in the sink. He heads up the short gangway into the forward hallfway after the Captain. Noticing briefly that the young lady introduced to him as Brit has gotten up to follow.*

*Catching up to the captain before the gangway leading to the upper deck and bridge.*
Stan: "Captain.. do you think I could maybe try my hand now?"

Colt: *Thinking for a few seconds* "I don't see as to why not. Couldn't do near as much damage here as you might closer to any planets or other such bodies. Sure, why not."

*They walk onto the bridge. Wash is sitting at the pilots control console staring out the window.*

Colt: "Wash... dinner."

Wash: "What? Oh thanks capt'n. Who's the new guy?"

Colt: "This is Stan, he just came aboard on Greenleaf. He's got some piloting experience so he's going to be flyin' every now and then to give us a bit of a break." *In a whisper to Wash* "I wouldn't trust him with entry or landing yet, alright?"

Wash: *slapping Stan on the shoulder as she leaves the bridge* "Nice to meet ya Stan."

*She passes Brit, who's just coming in, on her way out.*

Colt: *To Stan* "Alright, take a seat."

*Stan sit down easily in the pilot's seat. Leaning this way and that to inspect the various switches, dials, touch screens and knobs. He leans forward over the console and makes note of the heading and current relative speed."

Stan: "Looks.. shiny captain."

Colt: "Just keep us on the same heading and let me know if anything changes."

Stan: "Will do."

*He grabs the stick and turns to add something else, accidentally causing the ship to jerk a bit.*

Colt: "What the... what was that?"

Stan: "Oh, sorry. That was... nevermind. We're ok I.. we're fine...heh. Really."

Colt: "Keep it that way."

Colt999: "Quick! What's the name of a firefly porn site?"


Monday, April 21, 2008 11:19 AM



*Mobbex is gobbling down serving after serving, all the while looking daggers at Oram. Doc wants war? She's gonna get it, he thinks*

*He gets to his feet and stretches an arm toward the countertop, looking for his third refill, but something yanks it back onto his buttocks* Huh?

*Brit lets go off his jacket and carries on with her meal* What's your problem, fruitcake?

Brit: *doesn't bother to look at him as she speaks* Ingesting sustenance in precipitated fashion stimulates the build up of flatus along the gastrointestinal tract.

Mobbex: Wh... Why do I even bother talkin' to you? *shakes his head in disgruntlement as he plonks his bowl on the table*

*She looks up at Mobbex nonchalantly*
And don't call me fruitcake.

*She gets up and follows Stan and the Captain onto the bridge. She listens to the Captain and Stan talk back and forth, then sees Stan reaching for the stick*

You shouldn't-- *the ship jerks* Nevermind...

*The Captain and Stan exchange words and the Captain finally exits the bridge*

*Brit walks up to Stan, seeing his hands nervously controlling the equipment* You are a bird. Different from any kind known to man, itself. A bird seeking to find it's way through a darkened sky blanketed in the clouds of spectral correlation function developing coherence in dense cores to form a stellar object which soon changes to a large constellation. Your wings are different. Strange, in a way. You fly differently... inequivalently to any other warm-blooded vertebrate coming from the Aves class of species.

You are one Strange Bird...

*smiles* You can call me "batshit nuts."

*wanders out of the bridge*

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here." - Jayne Cobb (Firefly)


Monday, April 21, 2008 2:20 PM


*Oram sits on the infirmary floor, having cleaned it up and making it spotless. She’s also showered, wearing black tracksuit pants with a large purple shirt that goes down to her knees, her damp hair is pulled back into a ponytail, she's not watching anything, though her toes do wriggle every so often, and she takes a drink every now and then from her bourbon stash… Faint footsteps start coming towards the infirmary, but Oram ignores whoever is coming… or she doesn’t hear them*


Monday, April 21, 2008 3:41 PM


*Mobbex nearly stumbles over Oram as he comes into the infirmary* What the hell're you doin'?

*Oram surreptitiously hides the bourbon before responding* What do you want.

Mobbex: *walks past her and proceeds to turn the cabinets inside out* My meds got all squished up when you pounced' o' me.

Oram: *her voice sways a little as she speaks* Hey... stop! I just... *sighs* the third drawer, to your left.

Mobbex: *notices the bottleneck sticking out of behind Oram's back* 'Nice to see that you're gettin' comfortable. Not even retreatin' to the privacy o' your bunk when time comes to take a sip at the good stuff.

Oram: Y... *hips* you're a moron.

Mobbex: And you're a drunk.



Monday, April 21, 2008 3:54 PM


*she gets unsteadily up off the floor, but leaves the more-than-half-empty bottle where she hid it*

I'd rather be a drunk than you any day. You suck as a human.


Monday, April 21, 2008 4:44 PM


Mobbex: *his lips twist into a scornful smile* And you're a picture of virtue... What did'y say them pills were called again?

Oram: *leans against the bulkhead and rubs her hands against her forehead* Go to hell.

Mobbex: *chuckles at Oram's gibe* Y' know, I's wrong about you. 'Figured you for a delicate little flower of a girl. Hah! 'Turns out you're just as big of a case as anyone else here on this boat, myself included. 'Difference is, most of us actually like the mess we're in. Take me, for instance. I dig this life. I get paid, 'get to fight an awful lot, 'get to get it on when the ladies are game... and I got 'purpose. You, you don't have none o' that. It's like you're clingin' on to somethin', y' don't live. And I think outta the two of us, y're the one to be pitied... Oh, these are the ones! *holds a small plastic container high in triumph*



Monday, April 21, 2008 5:10 PM


*what Mobbex says is true in a sense and it sinks in, but it doesn’t stop it stinging. She can’t help the few escaping tears nor the wavering in her voice as she watches him attempting to read the capsule bottle*

I hate you.

*as she walks past, now in full crying mode, she slams the correct tablets on the counter for Mobbex, before heading for her bunk and locking the door, while leaving the bottle of alcohol on the ground*


Monday, April 21, 2008 5:18 PM


*to himself* She had it comin'

*takes the tablets and stuffs them into his jacket pocket*

*lays his gaze on the bottle of bourbon*


*scoops it up and takes a swig* Hmm... *nods appreciatively* Good stuff... *looks up and sees Abbey glaring at him through the window*




Monday, April 21, 2008 5:36 PM


*Abbey steps in the doorway, blocking Mobbex’s way out.*

Mobbex *slightly irritated*: Can you get out the way?

Abbey *her voice unnaturally soft, but steely cold*: What do you think you’re doing?

Mobbex *shrugs. He isn't in the mood to have a knock down with abbey too): Came here to get some meds.

Abbey: Not that. Your fight with Oram.

*Abbey takes a step towards him, not afraid to invade Mobbex’s personal space. He takes an involuntary step backwards.*

Mobs: She deserved it.

Abbey *steps forward again*: No one deserves to be spoken to like that.

Mobs: Well… she…

Abbey *steps forward again*: NO ONE!

*Mobs is now pinned between abbey and the exam table. Abbey sticks her index finger in Mobbex’s face.*

Abbey *back to being soft spoken*: You do not know anything about her life or what has happened to her in the past. Do you?

*Mobs is getting very uncomfortable at the amount of anger that abbey is so calmly exuding. He is unsettled.*

Mobs: Uh… N-No…

Abbey: I do. She is the only thing that I have left from before… *she pauses for a split second, then continues*. I will not, repeat not, let you treat her that way. Do you understand?

Mobs *stammering*: Yes… Yes, ma’am…

Abbey *gives him a sweet smile then reaches up to brush off both shoulders as it he had dust on him - Mobbex recoils a bit at her touch*: I’m glad we talked. *takes bourbon bottle away from him* You may go now.

*Mobs nods slowly and leaves the infirmary quickly. Abbey looks at the bottle, goes over to the sink and dumps it out. Then she heads to Oram's room.*


Monday, April 21, 2008 6:00 PM



shinybrit wrote:
You are one Strange Bird...

*smiles* You can call me "batshit nuts."

*wanders out of the bridge*

Stan: *Looking a bit perplexed* "....batshit nuts?"

*He busies himself with maintaining the ships heading and having the computer calculate time of arrival then decided to do the math himself, just for practice. After he begins to glance around the bridge. Captain's seat to the left. Down and in front the Avionics bay... maybe, he cannot recall but most aught threes have an EVA hatch and escape pod just under the upper bridge deck. Behind him the bridge airlock and head.

Stan: "Well. Here I am. I always wanted to...."

Spots: *coming onto the bridge* "You flying this thing up here all by yourself?"

Stan: "Then I'm not the only one who finds the fact the Captain left me up here all alone scary?"

Spots: "He must think you're trustworthy. Anyway, don't mind me, just checking the other console here."

*Spots ducks under the opposite console and opens a couple panels. After he's finished he gets up and begins to head back towards the hallway.*

Spots: "Just don't scrape her on any space debris or anything."

Stan: "Yeah, well.. I'll do my best not to."

*Stan continues checking systems and familiarizing himself with the control console.*

*A few minutes later Wash comes back in and takes the helm back.*

Wash: "So how'd it go, kid? Doesn't look like you messed anything up to bad."

Stan: "No, no problems. All shiny up here. I'm going to head back down to the galley. Let me know if you ever want to take a break."

Wash: "Sure thing."

*Stan heads back down the gangway to the hallway and towards the galley.*

Stan: "....batshit nuts?"

Colt999: "Quick! What's the name of a firefly porn site?"


Monday, April 21, 2008 6:37 PM


*Oram is pushed against the wall, crying, while hiccoughing and taking swigs from her duffle bottle. The room is in a mess as she’s unleased her anger on her belongings and such. One picture of her and the man, much younger and with no baby, is ripped and lays by the door. Abbey knocks softly at the door, but Oram just throws a spare pillow at it while taking a heaving breath in.*

Abbey: *concerned* Oram, let me in, it's ok.

Oram: *miserably* Go away…

*Outside of the room, Abbey sighs in frustration and tries to unlock the door, but with no success*

Abbey: Oram, open the door or I'll break it down.

Oram: It's my room, go away.

Abbey: You’ve been drinking while on pain medication… You’ll fall and hit your head.

Oram: I’ve done it plenty of times. It’s not the first…

Abbey: Yeah, but I'm making it the last. Open the door or I'll get Spots to open it for me.

Oram: *picking up a book and throwing it at the door* NO!

Abbey: I’m not gonna let you kill yourself with booze, open the door now!

Oram: Good, this time I’ll get it right!!


Monday, April 21, 2008 7:49 PM


*Oram hears abbey’s footsteps retreat from her door and smiles.*

Oram: About time she left. *takes another swig from bottle*

*A couple of minutes pass, then she hears abbey outside her door again.*

abbey: Open the door, mei mei. I won’t ask you again.

Oram *yelling*: What are you going to do about it?

Oram hears some rustling by the door and then a large CLICK. abbey opens the door.

abbey: You wouldn’t let me in, so I had to let myself in. *Oram scowls at her and takes another drink in defiance.* I took a look at the locks on the other rooms. They are just like the ones to the storage room at Mr. Smith’s candy store. Just needed to get the right tool. *abbey holds up a swizzle stick from her gaming bar*

Oram *miserably*: Didn’t I tell you to go away?

abbey: Didn’t I tell you that I wasn’t? *Looks around room at the mess Oram made.* Good God Oram!

*abbey starts picking up some of the stuff on the floor and comes across the ripped picture. She stands up and regards it.*

abbey: Was this your husband?

Oram *eyes her intensely*: That’s not yours. Put it down.

abbey: He’s very handsome.

Oram: I. Said. Put. It. Down. *abbey hands it to her and Oram shoves it in her pocket.*

abbey: You left your bottle in the Infirmary.

Oram: I’ll get it later.

abbey: No need. It’s been disposed of.

Oram: You dumped it out?

abbey: You don’t need it… especially not now.

Oram *chuckling sarcastically*: You gonna be my mother now? *starts to take another drink*

*abbey reaches out and snatches the bottle from Oram’s hands. Oram grabs for it trying to get it back, but the alcohol has slowed her reaction time.*

abbey: You don’t need this one either. *Abbey goes to sink and starts pouring it out.*

*With surprising strength and velocity, Oram throws a very large book at abbey, which connects with her shoulder. Abbey drops the bottle into the sink, which shatters, and leans against the wall in pain. Oram’s eyes widen.*

Oram *apologetic*: abbey… I’m so sorry… I didn’t…

*abbey pulls open the collar of her shirt and looks at her shoulder. It was already starting to bruise. She winces.*

abbey: I’ll be OK. It will heal. I am more worried about you. *Tears have started down Oram’s face.* I’m not leaving. You have had pain killers and alcohol. I have lost enough in my life and I am not losing you too.

abbey stands up and moves to Oram’s side.

Oram *quiet and remorseful*: I didn’t mean to hurt you.

abbey *pats her friend’s shoulder*: I’ll forgive you.

Oram: I don’t want to talk about it. *meaning the reason why she is doing this to herself*

abbey: I know you don’t. Maybe someday you will and I’ll be here when you want to. But this *motions around room* has to stop.

Oram *softly*: I don’t know if I can.

abbey: We’ll worry about that tomorrow. For now, I want you to lie down and get some sleep. I’ll stay with you tonight so you won’t be alone.

Oram nods as she slides underneath the covers of her bed. abbey tucks her in.

abbey *lovingly*: I will always be here for you, mei mei.

*Oram nods and closes her eyes. Soon she is fast asleep. abbey sits herself down in an uncomfortable chair by the door. She checks out the bruise that Oram gave her. The bruising is worse.*

abbey *to herself*: This should look good tomorrow.

*She shifts in the chair, trying to find some way to get comfortable and tenderly watches her friend sleep.*


Tuesday, April 22, 2008 5:50 AM


*I go back to the dorms and knock on Stan’s door*

You awake in there?

Stan comes to the door with a bad case of bed head: Yeah *yawn* I’m up.

Just thought you might want to watch Wash bring us in.

Stan: Thought you didn’t want me landing?

I don’t, but what I want and what might happen round here ain’t always the same. Won’t hurt for you to watch how it’s done.

*As I’m coming back out I hear Abbey and the Doc having a heated discussion in Doc’s room. I think back to the dinner. *

Least I ain’t the only one she fights with.

*Mobbex overhears: Who Abbey? I know that’s right.

She fighting with you too?

Mobbex: Not so much fighting. More chewing on me till I want to toss her out an airlock. Why you putting up with those two?


Mobbex: Her and the Doc. One of em dancing round here like she’s running this gorram ship. The other is half dru…*Looks up at me and stop* The other …is just…Well you seen her. Jumping on me like a lunatic.

Doc does good work. Don’t think you two fighting was all her fault. And Abbey……she pays on time and up front. ‘Bout the only source of income we’ve had lately.

Mobbex *angry*: Yeah that’s the only reason you want her around.

*I get in his face* You sure you want to go down the road? I seem to recall you getting off rather easy, stealing from the crew and all.

*Each of us sizing up the other, Mobbex back down*

Mobbex: Your boat. You want to fill it full of crazy’s it’s up to you.

That’s right my boat

*Stan and I continue up to the bridge*
Stan: Should I sleep with my door locked?

What for? *nonchalantly* Mobbex? Nothing to worry about there he’s almost harmless.

*Stan follows some what confused*

Wash thought Stan would like to see how it’s done.

Wash: Fine by me Captain (to herself) Watch how it’s done new guy.

*Alarms start to sound*

Wash: Oops got to shave the vector a bit more. *Looks to Stan innocently* I just wanted you to see …what to do if…that happened.

*A short time later were on the Book sets down soft as a feather on Creed*

*On the Comm* This is the Captain. We’re on Creed.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008 6:26 AM


*The Captain turns around and Brit is standing right there*

Colt: WAH!! *backpedals* Don't... do that.

*Brit narrows her eyes at Colt* Do you know what Creed means?

Colt: Well I don't but I'm sure you're gonna tell me.

It is a statement or confession of belief. It is derived from the latin word credo which means "I believe."

Colt: Alright then. I guess that's something new... don't know why I needed to know that.

Simply for the fact that you don't believe.

Colt: Believe in what?

*Brit walks away, passing Stan*

Colt: That girl is... huh...

Stan: Batshit nuts?

Colt: *Looks at Stan with with a raised eyebrow* Just don't say that around her...

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here." - Jayne Cobb (Firefly)


Tuesday, April 22, 2008 7:06 AM



Originally posted by Colt999:
That's right, my boat.

*Mobbex is left seething as the captain steps away.*

Fathead's thinkin' horniness 'fore business... I gotta get out o' this nuthouse.

*Climbs down the ladder to his quarters and plunks himself on the cot*

If things don't settle down some, next stop, I'm gone.

*strips down to his boxer shorts and lay his head on the pillow*

*simmers down as drifts off*



Tuesday, April 22, 2008 7:06 AM




Tuesday, April 22, 2008 7:52 AM


*Sky is sits down at the table in the galley just as they land on Creed. She notices the flowers in the center of the table are starting to wither. She gets up and changes the water in the flowers, then sets them back down in the middle of the table.*
Hm, be a while before we can get flowers like this again.

*Brit wanders in and notices the flowers on the table have begun to wither*

Brit: These have only begun to wither because the rest of us have done the same.

*Sky looks up at Brit with a "Huh?" look. Brit just knocks the flowers over and lets the water pour out on the table and onto the floor, a few dead petals flowing along with it. Sky just watches them all fall*
What you go and do that for? Don't think I'm gonna be the one to clean that up.

Brit: *Stares at Sky for a moment* I can see through you. Your lips tell lies but your eyes speak what's true.

My eyes speak... you're insane.

Brit: You're still wondering why you're here.

*Sky stares at Brit with a bit of disbelief*
You don't know that.

Brit: You don't know me. *Brit heads out and goes to the engine room*

*Sky sighs and gets herself some alcohol and begins to drink it, setting the glass down with a pugnacious expression*
Why the hell am I still here?

*gets up, cleans up the spilled flowers, and leaves the galley*


Tuesday, April 22, 2008 8:05 AM


*abbey woke up early the next morning in an incredible amount of pain. She looked at the bruise on her shoulder. It had turned an angry purplish, black color. abbey made a face. She rubbed her neck too. It was stiff and painful.*

abbey: I need to get something for those.

*She got up and checked on Oram. She was still asleep, snoring just a little bit. abbey turns and quietly sneaks out of Oram’s room, making her way to the galley. No one was there and she was thankful for it. abbey pulls out the coffee pot and sniffs it. It smells so strong that it could probably dissolve a spoon. She makes a new pot. When it is done, she pours herself a cup and sits down heavily into one of the chairs. She rubs her neck hoping to get at least one of the painful sites to lessen. She closes her eyes, trying to will the pain away. Colt comes in from the crew hallway, but since abbey’s back is to him (and she has her eyes closed), she doesn’t notice him. Colt pours himself a cup of coffee, leans up against the counter and watches her. Her posture is slumped a bit and he can tell she is exhausted. Then he notices her rubbing her neck. He walks up to the table and sits on it next to her.*

Colt: Neck hurt?

*abbey nearly jumps out of her skin and winces at the same time.*

Colt *apologetically*: Sorry… Didn’t mean to scare you.

abbey *resumes to rub her neck*: It’s OK. Just a bit tired.

Colt: Stiff neck? *abbey nods* Let me help you…

*Colt stands up behind her and starts to give her a neck massage. abbey doesn’t complain. She lets out a little moan that sends shivers up Colt’s spine,*

abbey *softly*: That feels soooo good.

*Colt smiled a bit and ran his hands further down her shoulders only to find her wince noticeably. He frowned.*

Colt: Hurt there?

abbey: You could say that. Oram and I had a… discussion last night. She didn’t like what I had to say.

Colt *slipping his finger under the collar of her shirt*: Do you mind…? *abbey shrugs slightly and he pulled back the shoulder of her shirt to look. He saw the bruise she was sporting.* Are you OK?

abbey: It’ll heal.

Colt *sitting down in the chair next to her, starting to become a bit angry*: What happened? I thought she was your friend.

abbey: She is. It’s no big deal. *Colt turns her chair to face him. She opens her eyes and notices that his jaw was clenched it anger. She smiles at him.* Don’t make a big deal out of it. She feels bad enough as it is.

Colt: What happened?

abbey: She hit me with a book.

Colt: A book? Why?

abbey: I took away her alcohol. I am really concerned about her.

*Colt starts to stand.*

Colt: It’s her that should be concerned.

abbey *grabs his arm*: It’s OK. Really. It’s just she’s been under a lot of stress lately, so she is… drinking a bit too much. So promise me you won’t do anything right now.

Colt *lifting the shoulder of her shirt and looks at the bruise again*: Well you need some takin’ care of. Follow me.

*Colt extends his hand and gently helps her up. He leads her down to the infirmary, not noticing that he never let go of her hand. When they arrive, he gets out an ice pack and gently lays in on her shoulder. She winces visibly. Absentmindedly, he brushes his hand gently down her arm.*

abbey: Thanks.

Colt: It’s gonna hurt for a while, but that should help. *moves over to cabinet and fishes out a pain killer, putting two in his hand. He glances down and notices the pills are labeled: Panaflex. Quickly he puts them back in the bottle and grabs a different one.* Anything but Panaflex right?

abbey *chuckling*: Definitely not Panaflex. Got enough to deal with right now.

*Colt hands her another type of pain killer and a glass of water. She takes it.*

Colt: Now you go on up to your shuttle and get some sleep.

abbey: I can’t… I promised her I’d stay with her.

Colt *sternly*: Captain’s orders. You have to obey. *abbey cocks an eyebrow at him.* Don’t worry, I’ll check in on her later.

abbey: I can’t…

Colt *pointing towards her shuttle*: Go now. Or I’ll carry you up there. And you know I will do it too.

abbey *smiling and saluting slightly*: Yes, sir!

*Colt and abbey stand facing each other, but neither one of them moves. They both look into each other’s eyes.*

Colt *thinking to himself*: Those eyes…

abbey *thinking to herself, remembering his tenderness when he held her during her attack*: Those arms…

*Colt blinks and backs up.*

Colt: I’ll check up on her. I have… things to do.

abbey *straightening up*: Of course… I’m going to go up… to my shuttle…

*Colt and abbey part ways.*


Tuesday, April 22, 2008 10:34 AM


*I leave Abbey with a smile on my face. It dawns on me that earlier I wanted to ring her neck. *

* Thinking to myself* Where’s this going? Is it going anywhere? *I shake my head* Who am I kidding. She wouldn’t want a guy like me….but still. *smiling again*

*I head down to the engine room to let Spots know he can use the shuttle to get the hoses. Might be a good chance for Stan to show off his shuttle skills. I enter but Spots is not around. As I’m turning to leave I hear a noise coming from the behind the core. I see the top of a head*


*She stands up and grins at me. Her face is spotted with grease*

Brit: Hello *like we haven’t seen each other in days*

What are you doing back there?

Brit: Rerouting the artificial gravity relay. It wasn’t hooked into the back up properly.

And you know that, how?

Brit: Just know

Well come on out of there. We have a mechanic for that sort of thing.

Brit: Wait he’ll miss it. The parts don’t fit. They look like they do.

Now! *She comes over and I take my shirt sleeve and wipe the grease from her nose.* No playing back here. You’re apt to blow us all up.

Brit *very insistent* Just let me *pulling away*

Stop. I mean it. I’ll tell Spots to check it out. *under my breath* Girl thinks she knows everything.

Brit: Not everything. I do know that it only takes 1.4 pounds of pressure to break a nose.

*Condescending* Well that’s a pleasant thought. Now come on I got work to do and don’t need you underfoot.

Brit: I also know your nose is going to be broken.

*I pinch the end of my nose * My nose is going to be broke *more of a statement than question*

*She gives me her, yes dummy, look and nods*

And how is that going to happen?

Brit: Not sure. But it will happen unless...

Unless what?

Brit: If you take me with you on the job, there is a 38.7% chance I can stop it from happening. But we have to leave soon.

Right *rolling my eyes* I see what your playing at. You go into town the other day and now you want to get off at every stop. Fine you can play around the boat. Don’t wander too far.

Brit: I can only save the nose if I’m with it.

You’re not going on the job and that final.

*We head into the cargo bay together. Mobbex gives his best pissed off look as he climbs the side ladder of the Mule.

Sky: All set. I talked to the seller they’ll be expecting us.

*Spots enters from outside* Got the plates pulled. Should be able to replace the hoses by nightfall.

Good take the shuttle and tell Stan to give you a hand. Oh by the way, I found Brit messing around in the engine room check it out make sure she didn’t mess anything up.

*I walk over to the infirmary to get my nock. The Doc’s nowhere to be found. Brit comes up beside me and hand me the shot.*

Brit: This is the one we need.

WE don’t need it. You’re not going. *giving myself the shot*

Brit: 34.3 % .We should hurry.

*I start to leave but see my reflection in the mirror hanging in the infirmary. Abbey flashes in my mind. Broke nose, that won’t do much to help my chances, assuming I got a chance. I look at my nose and back to Brit. She nods sympathetically *

Load up and stay out of the way. Not a word to the sellers and you best keep my nose from being broke.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008 12:28 PM


*abbey wakes up later to a wave coming in. She answers it. It is someone she knows who happens to be on Creed right now too. She books a game with him for later at his ship. She decides to go check on Oram. She goes downstairs and sees that Oram’s door is opened and the broken glass in the sink has been cleaned up. Hoping that Oram is around close by, she calls out to her.*

abbey: Oram! You around here?

*abbey hears a sound coming from inside the infirmary and turns that direction. When she nears it, she sees a glimpse of Oram running up the stairs. abbey knows that since she left her inhaler upstairs, she wouldn’t be able to chase her down, so she returns to her shuttle to get ready for her game. When she gets to the inner door, she sees a note taped to it. She opens it.


I’m sorry for hurting you last night. I wasn’t thinking right.

I’m so grateful for everything you have done for me in my life and it was no way to repay your kindness. I am so ashamed that I cannot face you right now.

Again, I am truly very sorry. Please forgive me.

Your mei mei,

*abbey now realizes that Oram was deliberately avoiding her. She sighs. She goes into her shuttle and dresses for her game. She remembers that this client likes a gamer who is pleasing to the eye (he tends to place bigger bets that way), so she gets out a short red skirt with a red shirt. Normally, she would have worn a sleeveless shirt but opted for one that covered the bruise. Lastly, she dons a pair of high-heeled shoes. She grabs her rolling suitcase that she uses when traveling to an offsite game. She shoves her inhaler in her pocket, just in case, and heads out the door.*

*Before she leaves the ship, she stops by Oram’s room and sticks a note on the door.*

Dear mei mei,

All is forgiven. You need not worry.


*abbey goes out to the cargo bay and hears Stan and Spots talking about taking the shuttle somewhere.*

abbey: Could you guys be persuaded to drop me off somewhere? *Stan and Spots nod and wave her over.* And if you could get something to fix my door while you are out, I would really appreciate it.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008 5:37 PM


A' least we're earnin' our livin'.

*Mobbex is ensconced on the back seat as the mule cruises through the open land, leaning over the armrest as he is contemplating his options.*

Captain ain't thinkin' straight. That mouthy chick, Abbey... totally spun him around her pinky finger. Limber, though... *is jerked out of his revery as the mule bumps into a tree root*

Colt, keeping his eyes on the road as he speaks: Everyone okay back there?

*Mobbex grumbles a yes, then resumes his musing*

And then there's this kwong chee duh doctor. She knows her stuff, I'll give her that, but she belongs in a suicide watch.

*Takes a glance to his left; Brit is dozing on her seat*

*And you. I ain't sure what to think, really. You're a whacko, no question about it. But you do have your moments.*

*Brit is now swaying back and forth, beaming as the wind blows through her hair*

Mobbex frowns: What're you so giddy 'bout? It ain't like y're gonna help us with anythin'.

Brit, still grinning: The tale of a sightless ape, alone in the dark... clueless...

Mobbex: Yeah, right... why're you even here? *to Colt* Cap'n, why's she even here?

Colt: 'Cause I said so, you got a problem with that?

*Mobbex scowls and crosses his arms over his chest, thinking fiendish thoughts.*

*The Mule takes a sharp Corner and a winds up at a fork*

*Colts eases up on the gas pedal; The Mule slows down to a halt as he pulls over.*

Sky, wrily: Losing your bearings already, captain?

*Colt gives her a bone chilling glare*

Sky: *sighs* I told ya to let me drive. Take the left.

Colt: Uh-uh, I'm fairly positive Casmin said "take a right at the split".

Sky rolls her eyes: Right. And what's gonna happen when you foul up the first serious deal you're tryin' to swing because you got yourself lost on the way? Colt, y' got a crew that ain't been paid in weeks, and I hate to tell you, but fluffballs and slinky dresses ain't gonna cut it.

*Colt has a come back on tip of his tongue when Brit extends her arm leftward*

Colt: *sighs in defeat* Let's go with the left.



Tuesday, April 22, 2008 6:06 PM


*Stan grabs his duffel and leaves his bedding disheveled. Heading out of the corridor he heads towards the passengers head. Upon entering he sees the shower.*

Stan: "A shower. That's something I haven't had for a couple weeks. Atleast not a decent one."

*After a short but refreshing shower Stan throws on some rough yet technically presentable clothes and heads out to find Spots and see if he's ready to go. He stops in his berth and grabs the small black syntheather case and straps it to his hip.*

*In the cargo bay a short time later.*

Spots: "Hey Stan. Yeah, Captain asked me to find you. We're going into the nearest town to see if we can't find a hose for the starboard hydraulics. The hose that we have now isn't rated for the system."

Stan: "Ok, I'm set if you are."

*Abbey walks up, dressed attractively in a short red skirt, a red shirt and high-heels.*

*Fifteen minutes later in the port shuttle.*

*Stan is sitting at the console, fiddling with the controls with more familiarity than he had with the ships helm.*

Stan: "Now this is more like it. Controls are practically the same as the skiffs back home."

Spots: "Alright then take us out. I want to get in and back with enough time to maybe fix Abbey's airlock."

*Stan begins the unlocking procedures and takes the shuttle fairly smoothly from its berth. He deftly handles the shuttle, flying low and somewhat quickly over the dense canopy of the forest. Startling birds left and right.*

Stan: "Woooo, now this is flying. I'd try her maneuverability but you all probably wouldn't like that much."

Spots: "Uh... yeah thanks for not trying that."

*He calls back to Abbey*

"You said that client was about three miles outside town set down near a resort?"

Abbey: "Yeah, he said you can't miss it. Large place, lots of glass and a golf course."

Stan: "Alrighty, we aren't much outside town as it is. We should probably swing around to the north and west here and avoid the traffic."

*Near to thirty minutes later he eases the shuttle down on a landing flat just next to a large pristine yacht.*

Abbey: "Don't forget my door now. I'd like it fixed before I get back if possible."

Spots: "Yes ma'am. I'll do what I can."

*The shuttle lifts off, heading swiftly to the northeast in the direction of the large, densely populated town.*

Colt999: "Quick! What's the name of a firefly porn site?"


Tuesday, April 22, 2008 6:11 PM


*abbey’s client meets her at the door of his ship with open arms.*

abbey *cordially*: Hello Grayson! It’s been a long time!

Grayson *hugs her*: Way too long! *stands back and looks at her* Well abbey, you are looking quite fine tonight! You lose weight?

abbey *laughing, because he always says that*: Now Grayson, you think I need to lose weight? *She looks at him coyly.* You didn’t seem to have any issues that last time you contracted my services.

Grayson *remembering the last time*: Oh yes… That purple dress you wore… Absolutely stunning. Makes me wish you were in a different profession sometimes.

abbey *blushing*: Grayson!

Grayson *chuckling*: Things wouldn’t be fun unless I got you to blush one time while I was here. *He looks at her suitcase.* Are you ready? Got all your stuff?

abbey *patting case*: All right here. Are your friends here already?

Grayson: On their way.

abbey: Great. I can get set up before they arrive. I always like to be prepared. What are we playing tonight?

Grayson: Blackjack!

abbey: Your favorite!

*Grayson led abbey into the ship, talking the whole way.*

Grayson: Got anyone in your life right now? *abbey blushed again* Hah! Got you again!

abbey *thinking to herself*: Why do I get the feeling this is going to be a long session?


Tuesday, April 22, 2008 7:41 PM


(Stan sets the shuttle down near a junk yard after some rummaging and explicatives I find two intact heavy weight hydraulic lines)

(walking up to the shack in the front of the yard)

hello anyone home.....*no answer*.. HEllo anybody..
(shrugs and walks off with some more parts then just the hydraulic lines
(rushing back to the shuttle)

ok stan lets put this place behind us

Stan: hey it must have been cheep you have more than we came for

yeah....yeah we'll go with that (shutting the door behind him)


Wednesday, April 23, 2008 5:56 AM


*The four of them arrive at the wood factory. Brit hops off of the mule, gazing at her surroundings and then rotating towards the building. The Captain is talking to Mobbex and Sky*

Colt: Mobbex, Sky… I want you two to take the first load of lumber back to the Book. Do it fast and quietly. Don’t want any trouble stirring. When you’re done piling up the first fill, come back for another. We have six loads to do so we need to be hasty about it.

Mobbex: Wait, why are the two of us going back, and you and Miss Madcap stayin here? Me ‘n Sky got to do all the work?

Colt: No, we’re going to get the lumber ready before you get back and help you load.

*Mobbex grumbles and Sky gives the Captain a glare*

Colt: *He knows exactly what Sky is thinking* Let’s just get this done…

*Colt, Mobbex, and Sky put the first load on the mule and Mobbex and Sky head out toward the Book to drop it off*

Brit: *whispering to herself* 29…28…27…26… *she’s looking around frantically as the Captain gathers up more wood for the second load*

Colt: Brit, quit… talking to yourself and come help.

Brit: I am helping. You just can’t see it. 22…21…20…

Colt: *raises his eyebrow* I can’t do all this by myself. Mobbex and Sky come back and see you’re not helping, they’ll throw a fit.

Brit: *narrows her eyes at Colt* Fine. *she picks up a large piece of lumber and piles it into the stack Colt had going* 10…9…8…

Colt: *finishes stacking the 2nd load* Well… already done with the second load and still no broke nose. I’m quite sure my nose ain’t at risk for nothing. Maybe when Mobbex and Sky come back, you can have them take you back to the ship.

Brit: 2…1…

*The large stack of lumber behind Colt begins to fall, causing one to fly into the air and toward him*

Brit: *runs over to the Captain pushing him out of the way, but the piece of lumber still strikes his left eye and under it there is a cut*

Colt: GORRAM! *puts his hand over his eye in agony as blood trickles onto it* Thought you said you were gonna protect me!

Brit: I said I’d protect your nose.

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here." - Jayne Cobb (Firefly)


Wednesday, April 23, 2008 8:48 AM


*abbey is dealing cards to Grayson and three of his friends, two of which she knows well from past games.*

Grayson *making small talk, trying to make abbey blush again*: Did you all know abbey has a beau? *He looks at his card.* Hit me! *abbey does and he gets 22. He tosses his cards at her. abbey moves on to the next guy.

Harris *smiling up at abbey’s face which is turning red*: A beau? When did this start? *thinks about his cards.*

abbey *stammering*: It hasn’t… doesn’t… won’t.

*All the guys at the table laugh.*

Harris: Hit me! *He gets a 19.* I’ll stand.

abbey *moving on next guy*: What about you Thomas? Need a card?

Thomas: Only if you tell us more about your beau? He on that ship you’re living on? *abbey glares at him and he smiles sheepishly.* Hit me. *looks at new card and motions for abbey to deal him one more which she does. He tosses his cards to her* I’m out.

*abbey moves on to the last guy, he is a newcomer and a recent business contact with Grayson. He looks at the interaction between abbey and his fellow players.*

Peter: They always talk to you like this?

abbey: Yes… Although my personal life hasn’t been a topic for a while now.

Peter: Oh. *He grins at her.* Then, is he tall?

*The table erupts in laughter as abbey blushes again. This behavior continues on throughout the session.*


Wednesday, April 23, 2008 9:06 AM


*We drive back to the Book with the final load of lumber. Sky does a good job containing her laughter at my shiny black eye. Mobbex doesn't*

Mobbex: Just so I get it straight. You brought moon brain here cause she said she could help you from getting a busted nose?

*I consider driving the mule off the hill and ending all of this before we get back to the boat*

Mobbex laughing: And then you get smacked in the head with a board and cause your nose ain't broke she thinks she done good? Here I thought Abbey had you hen pecked, turns out you'll listen to any of em.

*I lock the brakes up on the Mule. Before I can turn in my seat, Sky surprises me. She jumps out draws her weapon and levels it at Mobbex.*

Sky: You need to shut your mouth. Now. *Mobbex considers making a move but Sky has him* Colt invited you on his boat same as the rest of us. Now I've known him a long time and he always surprises me with the type of people he seems to attract. I trust him and the fact that your here means he must think your worth having around. Could be why you got off so easy stealing from the crew. Might want to consider that next time you want to give him a hard time.

*Sky holsters her weapon and crawls back in the mule.*

That was...touching.

Sky: Shut up Colt. I just didn't want that man ape to kill you when you picked a fight with him.

*We arrive back at the Book to see the Padre outside with his belongings. I get out and Sky takes the wheel*

Make sure the tie downs are secure. Don't want that load shifting when we take off. *walking up to Invictus* Afternoon Padre. Glad to see you finally came out of your room.

Invictus: I'm leaving Captain.

Kinda got that from your suitcase. Mind telling me why?

Invictus: I just can't continue living on your ship. The things I've done since I joined you. I attacked you crew. Put you in harms way. Brought a felon… a monster on your boat. I thought I was helping but ...I just didn't think things through. I killed men helping him escape. Not very Shepherd like. I'm sorry for the confusion and chaos I brought to your boat. I hope my sudden departure won't cause a problem.

Where you going to go Padre?

Invictus: I don't think I can be a man of the cloth anymore. I've broken too many oaths. I suppose I'll wander a while. Who known’s maybe I'll find a boat of my own one day. You might see me again.

You a Captain?

Invictus: Maybe you’re right. Not sure I could handle a crew. It's been a pleasure meeting you Captain. *We shake hands*

Not going to say goodbye to the rest?

Invictus: No I think it's better for me to just disappear.

*I watch the padre start down the road then head back into the Book to check on repairs. Mobbex stops me at the bay door*

Mobbex: He leaving?

Looks that way.

Mobbex: So he ain't crew no more?

No. Why?

Mobbex: No reason. I got to run to town get some ammo and such.

Fine just don't take too long. Want to get in the air as soon as the repairs are complete.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008 9:35 AM


*Mobbex trails Invictus until the ship is well out of view, then comes out in the open and calls him out.*

Mobbex: Hey! Preacher man! Wait up!

*Invictus turns around and rolls his eyes.*

Invictus: What do you want?

Mobbex: *jogs to catch up* M'sorry, but y' forgot somethin'. Somethin' I owe you...

*Invictus's countenance shifts from detachment to horror as he makes out the dastardly twinkle in Mobbex's eyes. He reaches for his hip holster and pulls out his six shooter, but to no avail, as the taller man already has him within arm's reach. Mobbex uses his wingspan to his advantage and forcefully slaps the handgun out of the preacher's grip. Invictus then throws a desperate hook that Mobbex wards off in deft fashion before countering with a roaring uppercut that connects squarely with Invictus's jaw, sending him spiraling backward.*

Mobbex: Yeah! That's bound to've knocked a handful o' chicklets loose!

*The shepherd is manifestly stunned, and fails to conjure up the wits to resist as Mobbex shoves him to the ground. He tries to find his feet, but the mercenary won't have it.*

*Mobbex parks his right foot over Invictus' chest, effectively pinning him to the ground. The shepherd winces as the keen cleats dig into his flesh.*

Invictus: Wh... wha' a'he you h'oing?

Mobbex: I seem to recall us enjoyin' a little chat about the idiosyncrasies of Karma... *He abruptly shifts the bulk of his weight rightward, forcing the air out of Invictus's lungs.*

Invictus, his face distorted into a mask of torment: Oarghhhhhh... *coughs*

Mobbex: Then I believe death threats we're exchanged. M'not positive, tough. Recollections ain't ever been my forte... *thrusts his foot further into Invictus's ribcage, cracking a rib or two.*

Invictus: URGH! *coughs* Ju'h... ju'h kill me now...

*Mobbex takes out his pocket knife and unfolds it with a flick of the thumb.*

Mobbex: *smirks* Oh, y' wanna die, now? *gets right into Invictus's face and lowers his voice to a growl* By the time I'm done, you'll be wishin' you're folks hadn't hooked up.

====================Half an hour later====================

*Mobbex is standing in the rest room, back on the Book, when Wash barges in.*

Wash: Yikes! Huh... m'sorry, the door wasn't locked.

Mobbex: T's okay. 'Forgot to lock it.

Wash: So, how'd the job go... *she gasps as she notices the red splatters on his arms and chest* Is that... blood?

Mobbex: Huh, that? No, 'just had some beets is all.

Wash, obviously not duped: Beets...

Mobbex: Yup. 'Folks grow them in the flatlands nearby. D'you know they have prairie dogs on Creed?

Wash, caught off guard by the sudden change of topic: Huh... well, no...

Mobbex: Cute lil' things. They'll even eat raw meat if y' chop it small enough.

Wash, feeling the blood draining from her face: I, huh... I think I'll go now. *She pulls a H-ey and makes a quick exit.*

*Mobbex snickers and goes about rubbing the stains off of his jacket.*



Wednesday, April 23, 2008 9:40 AM


*Grayson’s hover pulls up in front of the Book’s cargo bay. He hops out and helps abbey to the ground and then pulls her suitcase out as well. *

Grayson: As usual, it has been a pleasure, abbey. I’m down a couple of hundred credits, but my new friend, Peter, was very happy on making a gain. You’ll probably have a regular customer out of him.

abbey: That would be enjoyable. And you, please feel free to contact me at any time and I will try my best to schedule a session with you. Just this time, can we be a little more professional?

Grayson *laughing*: Now what fun would that be?

*Grayson looks up into the cargo bay where Colt is intensely studying the exchange between abbey and Grayson. Grayson notices him.*

Grayson *gesturing slightly*: Is that the guy you wouldn’t talk about? *abbey glances back, sees Colt and blushes again. Grayson smiles widely.* Got you again! My, this session has been laden with blushes!

abbey: I assure you Grayson. I do not need any help in the romance department. Anyway, he’s not my type and he’s not interested anyway.

Grayson *raises his eyebrow at her*: So that’s why he’s looking out here like I stole something from him.

abbey *eyes wide*: He is not! *She’s afraid to turn around for a longer look in fear he is actually doing what Grayson says he is.*

Grayson *nodding slightly*: He is. *abbey rolls eyes*

abbey: I am not having this conversation with you… I have nothing to say about the matter.

Grayson *smiles*: Well, then let’s give him something to talk about. *Without warning, Grayson pulls abbey into a long kiss. She is stunned but somehow manages to not make it look as it she is. Finally, Grayson lets her go.*

abbey *whispers, shocked*: Grayson!

*Grayson looks back at Colt and chuckles when he gets the response he predicted. Colt is nearly 3 strides closer than before and his arms are held straight at his sides with his fists cleanched.*

Grayson *still chuckling*: You should see the look on his face. Priceless!

abbey *still flabbergasted*: Grayson!

*Grayson spins her around and smacks her on the behind as he pushes her off towards the ship. abbey yelps at the contact and shoots him a glare as she continues walking. Grayson laughs heartily. When she is almost to the ramp, he yells out to her.*

Grayson: Wear the green outfit next time! *Grayson gets in hover and departs.*

*abbey tries to look nonchalant about the whole situation by refusing to look in Colt’s direction. However, he walks towards her and blocks her way. She looks up at him trying to say something that would allow her a quick exit, but sees the black eye and cut.*

abbey: What the hell happened to you?

*Surprised by force of her comment, Colt pauses before he answers. She sees her opportunity to bolt and does so, brushing past him toward her shuttle.*


Wednesday, April 23, 2008 11:45 AM


*Well there's your answer stupid. Guess it was all in your head*


abbey: What the hell happened to you?

*I she shoots by me and off to her shuttle. I can't help but admire her long legs as she climbs the staircase. I hear her beau's hover start back up and turn to see him nod his head and wave. Asshole......him or me?*

Sky: Load's tied down. *She watches him fly off* Should I just shoot Mobbex now. You know he won't be able to keep quite about this.

*I walk into the infirmary. Doc is there counting supplies*

Oram: Ouch. Deal go bad?

No just the wrong place at the wrong time. *I think back to the cargo bay*

Oram: Here put this on.

*She gives me something for my eye and a cold pack. I leave without as much as a thank you and head towards my bunk*

Wash: We leaving after the repairs are done or does Abbey havs a date tonight.

*I shoot a look at Wash. Toss the cold pack on the ground.*

I guess I'll go find out.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008 12:23 PM


(working under the nacelle Colt walks up)
Colt: Hey Spots how are things goin up there
**muffled speech... a audible clunk**
(Spots comes sliding out)

Just fine capt.

Colt: what was that noise

o that was just the pipe locking into place

Colt: well whats the eta?

**whiping the oil from his face** ohh about 20 min or so

Colt: ok good... anything you need a large wrench, or hammer?

no capt im fine

Colt ok you finish up here i have some Capitany things to do

------Moved to fit the story better-----
(after testing the pressure in the lines and satified, moves onto the next item on his list, Abbeys door)

Oi, one of these days im just gona tear these things off

(geting to work on the sticking rams, finishing with the door staying a hail Mary under my breath to keep the door from breaking again, walking back to the engine room to finish up on some modifications and see if Brit's rearranging of things is working)

(about an hour later asleep on the floor Colt walks in)

Colt: hey spots.... **hitting the com** DOC i need your help, engine room

(groaning, i role over)

who the what the hey now **eyes still heavy with sleep**

Colt: Oram never mind... the hell are you doing napping on the engine room floor (begins to laugh at Spots)


Colt: your face

(reaching up i feel that the left side of my face is checkered like the grating of the floor)

crap, oh and your one to talk Capitan shiner. but hey we can be messed up face buddies

(Brit come waltzing into the engine room)

Brit: oh funny Spot so atypically cheerful yet all the reasons to be angry **cocking her head to the right** can i play checkers on your face


Brit; you sure **leaning closer**

Yes im sure

Brit: Fine **sticks out her tongue**

Fine *sticking my tongue out right back*

(Brit turns and leaves skipping and humming a tune)

Colt**shaking his head*** you realize your nuts, shes nuts, and Im nuts for having you on my boat

so we are a fine bowl of mix nuts. then

Colt: ugh **turning and walking away**


Wednesday, April 23, 2008 12:46 PM


***stands there watching the exchange*****

so capt. if you got a min I would like tp tell you my story over dinner.

*****heads to my room removes the guns waters the bonzai*********

Oram: hey so how do you like the new 2nd pilot?

Wash: need some more practice. lol

I am a leaf on the wind


Wednesday, April 23, 2008 2:59 PM


*I pass Spots and Stan working on Abbeys door. I fight the urge to barge in, and knock.*

*Abbey pulls back the curtain* Abbey: Oh, it’s you. *She walks back into the shuttle*

*She changed out of her working clothes, into a silky black top and dark skirt. She looks...stunning. I can't help but stare.*

Abbey: You wanted something?

Yeah *snapping out of it* Yeah I do. We're heading out after repairs. Thought you might want to know.

Abbey: I knew.

I just thought if you had a date tonight you might want to cancel it.

Abbey: I've finished my business here.

I bet you have.

Abbey: What do you mean by that?

You know what I mean. Guess I should have inquired a bit further into what a gamer does.

Abbey: Oh you mean Grayson, that not what it looks... *the full implication of my comment sinks in* HOW DARE YOU?

Who'd a thought, Gamer is just another word for Companion with lower standards.

*A card shuffler flies past my head and smashes against the wall, followed by just about everything in arms reach of her*

Abbey: YOU HAVE A LOT OF NERVE. You fly about pretending to be a Captain. You would have been grounded by now if I hadn't come along. How many jobs have you had since I gave you my deposit?


Abbey: And I'm sure they all sleep easier at night knowing they don't have to kiss you.

Just how much does client have to lose, to get one from you?

*She stops throwing things and charges*

Abbey: I’ll black both your eyes

*I grab her hands. She struggles against me. Finally she stops*

Abbey: What business is it of yours? Why do you care what I do?

*The question hangs in the air. Do I answer it?*

*I let go of her hands and move my arm around her waist, pulling her to me. Then we kiss. Her body relaxes in my arms. After a few seconds we pull away.*

Abbey: Oh

I’m sorry I shouldn’t hav…

Abbey: No it’s alright…I mean it’s…

I just got…

Abbey: Yeah…a

It won’t happen again.

Abbey: Of course probably the stress of…


Abbey: Yes it was…I’ve heard people in that kind of situation are unnaturally drawn to one another.

Unnaturally? Yeah…yeah that sounds…I think I’ve heard that. Well I’ll be going. See you at dinner.

Abbey: Right…a…see you then.

*I exit the shuttle and see Stan and Spots trying to avoid eye contact. I lean back in the curtain.*

*Talking way louder than needed* I’ll be sure to check that scheduling issue we discussed.

*Turning to Spots and Stan* She had a thing with the schedule, lining up a game. Needed to know when we were… Door coming along nice. See you two at dinner.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008 5:51 PM


*Storms past the Captain. Makes her way into her bunk and starts cleaning it up. She shoves her clothes into a suitcase and a bag, then goes to the cargo bay, gets a box, and brings it back to her bunk where she begins putting her guns and other weaponry inside of it.*

Still on Colt's jiàn wù piece of go se ship and always takin' the fall for other people. 'Specially him. Hell, he's an old friend, but gorrammit...
And gettin' dòng xīn over his renter? What kinda person has he become? Walkin' around like he's some yào rén dú cái zhě...

*stops packing her stuff for a moment and just sits, staring at the floor. Her solemn mood quickly changes back to anger as she continues to pack her stuff up. Once she is finished, she finds Colt.*


Colt: Huh? Hey Sky, we’re gonna be heading out soon as the repairs are done so—

I want off.

Colt: You what?

I want off.

Colt: Whoa, whoa, let’s not be hasty.

I’ve been on this ship for too long. Can’t deal with this no more, Colt. We got ourselves a past and all but I don’t get anything good out of bein’ here. We’re barely survivin’ up here, Colt. And I ain’t gonna protect you from that hóu sūn giant idiot anymore. You got yourself a bunch of crazies on board, I’m surprised the gorram preacher didn’t go trigger happy on all of us.

Colt: So we’ve let a few wack-jobs on board… that’s no reason for you to leave.

Hell yeah it is! I can’t even sleep at night in fear of my own gorram life! Afraid the ape-king is gonna find his way into my bunk while on a mean streak and slit my gorram throat!

Colt: Sky, I let you on this boat because I felt you were worthy to be on this boat. It’s like you told Mobbex earlier… “the fact that you’re here means he must think you’re worth having around….” Same goes for you Sky, you know that.

Don’t change the fact that I can’t stand the people here.

Colt: You know, you complain a lot.

I, what?

Colt: Complain a lot. I let you on my boat and all you’ve done since then is complain to no end. Why don’t you quit being so gorram pessimistic and take into consideration that I let you on MY boat! I know more than anyone here that this is the only place you got, so I don’t see what you have to nitpick about. If I let you off here where in the ‘verse will you have to go? The streets? As far as I know, you lost your boat and so did I. I got a new one and you didn’t… So here I am, inviting you on mine and all you have to do is complain? You know what? Fine. Go ahead and leave. Don’t need you anyhow.

*Sky is showing no sign of emotion on her face. On the inside, she feels horribly guilty and pretty much crappy. However, her mood won’t let her push her pride aside so she just turns around and stomps off to her bunk.*


Wednesday, April 23, 2008 7:22 PM


(after finishing with his work Spots sits down in the den with his cello and begins to play) "


(Colt walks in add plops down in a big chair)

Colt: ***sigh***

(Spots looking up but continuing)

you want me to stop?

Colt: its nice its just been an interesting day
yeah i hear your conversation with sky... **pauses for a complex part of the song** it seems to me that a crew is like a family we all have a different back ground and we all care for each other when the chips are down.

Colt: are you always so philosophically while playing?

yes and no because this is my emotional outlet my pain and sorrow show themselves in every the minor cord and every song i play. also this is what i do when im not working on the boat i have a hard time thinking about the Universe and the secondary induction system at the same time ... **coming to a crescendo and finishing the song**

(Spots packing his cello)

Your a good man and a great Capitan and its my honor to keep this boat in the air **pating the wall** i think after we get payed for this lumber hall things with the crew will calm down.

(Spots standing to leave)

Colt; thank Spots we wouldn't be going anywhere with out you. we're still flying and that all that i ask of this Verse

(walking toward his bunk turning)

well ill try and keep us there

(heads of to his bunk)


Thursday, April 24, 2008 5:09 AM


abbey hears Colt trying to get past Spots and Stan as he exits her shuttle:


Originally posted by Colt999:
*Turning to Spots and Stan* She had a thing with the schedule, lining up a game. Needed to know when we were… Door coming along nice. See you two at dinner.

*abbey’s hand drifts up to her lips. It had been nice… well, more than nice… she still felt a little weak in the knees. Then a realization dawned on her.*

abbey *whispering to herself*: He kissed me! Grayson was right!

*She feels her throat constrict a bit.*

abbey *almost out loud*: And I liked it!

*She feels her throat get tighter. She almost reaches for her inhaler, but simply sits down and works on calming herself. She hasn’t needed the inhaler for a day or so. But trying to calm herself doesn’t help, because as she is trying to calm herself down, her mind wanders back to her attack while they were at the chimney in the forest. How he held her so tenderly… And now he’d kissed her. That just only opened up a whole new set of emotions, compounding her tension.*

abbey *standing abruptly*: Good God!

*abbey looks around on the floor to see a slew of things broken and littering the floor.*

abbey: Yes. I need to clean this up. Clean… Don’t think… Breathe… Clean… Don’t think… Breathe… *she repeats over and over as she picks everything up.*

*It takes about 30 minutes before everything is back in order. She notes that she needs to buy another card shuffler, a lamp and some bar ware. But she is calm. Then she hears an announcement over the comm. It is him*

Colt: Chow is in 15 minutes.

*When he was done, she notices that her heart is beating faster again. *

abbey: Good God!

*She checks out her reflection in the mirror. She touches up her make-up, brushes her hair (leaves it down and long) and considers changing clothes, but decides not to. After a couple of minutes, she takes a deep breath and puts on her “poker” face before she heads towards the galley.*

abbey *under her breath*: Here goes...


Thursday, April 24, 2008 8:53 AM


*I stand in front of the mirror thinking about the last couple hours events.*
The deal went well, not counting the black eye staring back at me. Invictus had gone. Mobbex seemed sort of up beat considering Sky had drawn down on him. Sky had thrown the fit I had been waiting on. And Abbey...well. *I think back to her shuttle and the kiss.* Stupid. What was I thinking? Will she leave? No...No she said it was understandable. Just got to pretend it didn't happen. *Thoughts of her in my arms. The butterflies in my stomach as our lips touched*

Yeah that'll be easy.*rolling my eyes*

*I head up the ladder and meet Sky in the passageway*

You still here? If you hurry you might be able to catch up with the Padre.

Sky: Don't much like the climate here. Thinking Whitefall might suit me better.

Gonna need you on Whitefall. Got a little more info on Patience. Might not be the sweet old lady we were expecting. Afterwards you can take your cut and be on your merry. Unless you’re reconsidering?

*She gives me a go to hell look and heads to the galley*

She's reconsidering.

*I enter the galley and Brit, who usually sits next to me, has taken Abbey's seat at the table. I look at her for an explanation but she’s busy...listening to the salt shaker? I take my seat.*

Smells good

Sky: Maybe you should open a lunch wagon. Might pay better.

Mobbex: Ha *reaching for the rolls*

What your not pissed at her?

Mobbex: What for?

*I'm wondering if Abbey's memory will be as short when she enters the room. I stand as she enters and immediately wince as everyone but Brit giving me a "what are you doing?" look. I sit quickly*

Glad you could join us.

*Abbey sees the seating arrangements and if it bothers her she hides it well. She sits down next to me and I smell a hint of her perfume. Funny how something like that can go unnoticed before, but now has such an affect. *thinking back to the kiss*

Sky: You don't want any? *She’s holding a bowl of potatoes in front of me*

Oh...Yeah *I take the bowl, put some on my plate and pass it to Abbey*

Abbey: Thank you.

*No eye contact. Guess I'm the only one struggling here.*

*The conversation picks up at the table. I try to nod or smile at the right places.*


Thursday, April 24, 2008 9:57 AM



Originally posted by WASHRULESBABY:
***stands there watching the exchange*****

so capt. if you got a min I would like tp tell you my story over dinner.

*****heads to my room removes the guns waters the bonzai*********

Oram: hey so how do you like the new 2nd pilot?

Wash: need some more practice. lol

I am a leaf on the wind

*Trying to clear my mind* Wash you had something you wanted to talk about?


Thursday, April 24, 2008 10:08 AM


Mobbex is dripping wet as he is making his way up the stairs to the aft hallway, his weight bag swung over his shoulder.

'Prolly should grab some eatables and hit the sack for a spell, he thinks.

He comes into the galley, drops his haul on the countertop and goes about fixing himself a bite to eat when he overhears the rather heated exchange between Sky and Colt.

That gal's got a mouth on her...

He smirks, then hoists the bag back onto his shoulder and makes for his bunk, a bowl of protein mush, some beans and a sack of sunflower seeds in hand.

Colt lifts an eyebrow at him as they walk past each other.

Colt: Stockin' up for the winter?

Mobbex: *chuckles* Y' could say that. *kicks the hatch wide with and disappears down the ladder*

He sets his lunch on the night table and drops the weight bag on his bunk, then gets down on his knees and starts yanking at something under the bed frame.

Mobbex: Aw, quit squealin' already, y're man eaters for 's sake! *drags out a sturdy wooden crate and pulls the top panel off. The squealing picks up* Yeah, I get it, y're hungry. Here, I got y' guys somethin'... *unfastens the sack of seeds and drops several handfuls of it's content into the crate* Couldn't find no man flesh this time, but this sh'd do for now. *secures the crate and shoves it back under his bunk*

Mobbex sits on the mattress and gets down to putting his snack away when...

COMLINK:#####Chow's in fifteen minutes!

He throws his hands in the hair, then picks himself up and moves toward the ladder.



Thursday, April 24, 2008 11:15 AM


*I walk in, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.*


Originally posted by Colt999:
I stand as she enters and immediately wince as everyone but Brit giving me a "what are you doing?" look. I sit quickly*

*Colt stands up when he sees me. Why he do that for? Must have had a kink somewhere. He needed to stretch out. Yeah, that’s what is was. Couldn’t have been anything else. He agreed with me. It was an accident. Stress left over from the kidnapping. It was very intense time.*

*I nearly stop when I see that the only seat left is beside him. Brit usually sits next to the Captain, but for some reason she has taken my seat. I look at her as she is playing with a salt shaker. She looks up at me and gives me a knowing smile. But how would she know? It’s not like she’s psychic. Could she have been nearby? My stomach flip-flops at the thought of someone knowing. I can only imagine what comments would be directed at us.*


Originally posted by Colt999:
*I take the bowl, put some on my plate and pass it to Abbey*

*He passes me the potatoes and our hands brush, which leaves me all tingly inside. I plop a small pile on my plate, they look good, but I am too nervous to eat. Back to the tingling… He doesn’t seem to notice. Good. It has to be leftover stress. He obviously thinks so. After all, he hasn’t even looked at me. He’s got the right idea. I think I’ll do the same. Stress… yep, has to be, but he has seemed to have gotten over it. Why am I still a mess? Well, I did almost die – but waking up with him holding me… that was nice – don’t think about that! Eyes straight ahead!*

*And what did he do to his eye? I wonder if Oram has looked at it. I should ask her. But then again, she would probably make a comment. Maybe I should just ask him? It shouldn’t be a big deal. The kiss didn’t mean anything. Yes. I will ask him later. After all, I would be this concerned about anyone on this ship, wouldn’t I?*


Originally posted by Colt999:

Wash you had something you wanted to talk about?

*Luckily, Wash seems to have something she’d like to tell us. Good. No more small talk. I can focus on that…*


Thursday, April 24, 2008 11:18 AM


*Stan arrives just moments after the captain. He takes his seat towards the aft end of the table and rests his forearms on the metal edged oak. He waits patiently as the food is passed around and takes in the crews actions and conversations. Abbey, the registered gamer, walks in about the time he scoops a couple of potatoes onto his plate. The captain seems a bit odd lately, after the argument and... whatever it was that happened between them in the shuttle. Stan decides to keep his opinions to himself and follow Spots lead.*

*The dinner progresses, conversations passing easily between the crew. There is some tension though, but the crew seems to know what topics to avoid.*

Spots: "Pass some of the greens over this way."

Mobbex: "Yeah.. alright just a minute."

*Spots heaps a couple spoonfuls of spiced greens onto his plate and passes it down the table.*

Brit: "Salt was used for currency in the ancient past on Earth-that-Was... *quietly so only those immediately next to her would hear*... rub salt in a wound and see the fire...."

*Mobbex shoots her a look both annoyed and interested, with a touch of ignorance.*

Mobbex: "That so now. What' they use for making their food taste.. salty, huh?"

*Stan decides to try to draw the captains attention away from not eating.*

Stan: "Captain? *He looks up and nods slightly* I was hoping we could talk more about a my role as part of the crew."

*Colt just nods slightly and pushes some food around on his plate.*

Stan: "Yeah.. well. Would later be a better time then? I don't want to just talk business over dinner."

*The captain looks up, finally giving Stan his actual attention for a few moments."

Colt: "Well we could always use an extra hand with the cargo, on the job and in the hold. Also, Spots tells me you handled the shuttle like a pro. *He held back Spots comment about nausea*."

Stan: "Well I don't.. I don't know about pro or anything but it just felt natural.."

Colt: *Raising his hand to cut him off* "I think you'll make a decent addition to the crew. We'll talk about cut and all that after dinner."

*He turns his attention back to his food and spears a plump new potato on the tines of his fork.*

Brit: *Turning to Stan* "... the strange bird has found a nest... he's got wings on his heart and his feet in the water..."

*Stan just looks over at her and blinks. Mobbex snorts and then looks quickly to the captain.*

Mobbex: "He's getting a cut now, too? I don't plan on givin' up any of mine so don't even think on it for a second."

Colt999: "Quick! What's the name of a firefly porn site?"


Thursday, April 24, 2008 3:30 PM


*Oram pushes her food around her plate, still supporting a migraine and nausea, but listening to the conversation around her, avoiding looking at Abbey and Colt and especially Mobbex*


Thursday, April 24, 2008 3:42 PM


*Brit holds the saltshaker next to her ear* I can hear you. The way your very molecules crystallized to form this saline flavor to add to our very own food. Goodbye, dear friends.

*Brit shakes the salt onto her heap of potatoes and takes a bite out of them* Sodium chloride, you make my potatoes taste delicious.

*Stan looks at her with a raised eyebrow, but Brit ignores it and continues eating her potatoes. She eventually looks up at Oram with potatoes in her mouth*
Flimsy when cut down, but firm when all together. They get stomped on because they’re so fragile.
*whispers to Oram* They’re like you.

Looking so tough on the outside, but really so soft and easy to break. Why do you let yourself be smashed? You have a choice.

The potatoes don’t have brains so they can just scream without a voice and wish not to become the source of a human’s nourishment. You don’t want to be nourishment. I know you don’t.
*shows that disturbing smile off to Oram*

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here." - Jayne Cobb (Firefly)


Thursday, April 24, 2008 4:03 PM


*just stares at Brit.... but comprehending what she means, and a bit worried by her disturbing smile, the hangover and nausea isn’t helping her mood*

Have you been into my medicine cabinet and take something you shouldn’t have?


Thursday, April 24, 2008 4:27 PM


*Takes another spoonful of potatoes and shoves it in her mouth, chewing and swallowing it*
You already know I haven't and you know what I mean.
I think it is you that has had something you shouldn't. Too much of one thing can be worse than not enough of it. Upset stomach. Headache.

You only make yourself feel worse as you're making yourself feel better.

*Nudges the potatoes with her fork* Worrying your best friend. You feel ashamed. Don't understand why you just can't stop.

*Picks up her plate and throws it across the room. It flies by Mobbex's head closely and crashes against the wall behind him*

Mobbex: What the-- *shoots a look at Brit*

*Brit screams, but it's not a scream of fear. It's one of anger* You large yú wán simpleton. This is all your fault! *picks up her spoon and throws it at Mobbex, Mobbex barely dodging it. The spoon sticks into the wall*

Mobbex: What in the name of shàng dì are you doin? Girl's gone mad again!

*Goes to grab the pan with potatoes in it but mobbex grabs it away and plops another pile of potatoes on his plate. Brit sits back down with an angry look on her face but then leans her head on the table with her forehead down*

*mumbles* I'm sorry... *grabs her head* I can't comprehend what I do... *looks back up and then stands and quickly runs over to where the plate broke and the spoon is stuck into the wall. She pulls it out and cleans up the glass on the floor*

*mumbling to herself* Never... comprehend... sharp silverware sunken into flesh... *she throws away the broken plate and puts the spoon in the sink. She then walks past Abbey with a frightened look on her face, but quickly walks out*

*shouts back* I'm going to sleep... It's getting too crowded!

"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here." - Jayne Cobb (Firefly)


Thursday, April 24, 2008 4:51 PM



Originally posted by shinybrit:
I think it is you that has had something you shouldn't. Too much of one thing can be worse than not enough of it. Upset stomach. Headache.

You only make yourself feel worse as you're making yourself feel better.

*abbey hears Brit's comments and although they are a bit cryptic, she understands now that Oram is badly hungover.*

abbey *as she stands up*: Excuse me, I will be right back. *she turns to leave, but trips on the chair leg and falls to the side. She manages to put her hand on Colt's shoulder to steady herself.* Sorry...

*Colt doesn't say anything back, he just stiffens a little. abbey is starting to get annoyed by the cold shoulder she is being given, after all it was an accident. She pushes that thought out of her mind as she gets back to the task at hand.*

*She goes to her shuttle and pulls out two of the House's hangover pills and goes back toward the galley. She passes by Brit who is sitting on one of the catwalks mumbling to herself. abbey kneels next to her.*

abbey *laying a hand on her shoulder*: Thank you for the head's up. *Brit smiles back.*

*abbey goes back to galley to see Mobbex leaving galley a bit agitated. The mood in the room is laden with tension. So much so that it is completely silent. Colt looks livid. He turns to Wash and asks her to share her story. Everyone's eyes turn to Wash, happy that there is something other than the argument to think about. Abbey manages to walk over to Oram, without drawing any undue attention.*

abbey *whispering into Oram's ear*: Here is some "aspirin." Please take it.

Oram: I don't deserve it after what I did.

abbey *smiling*: Let me be the judge of that. Now take them before I make a scene... Well, bigger than what seems to have happened already.

*Oram looks at her, eyes wide. Realizes that abbey is kidding and reluctantly takes them. abbey returns to her seat.


Thursday, April 24, 2008 6:03 PM


So much for not bein' sure what to think...

Mobbex stares at Brit's back as she storms out, quickly followed by Abbey. He then shifts his gaze toward the captain, his face livid with wrath.

Mobbex: That's the second time she throws a fit on me. *aims his fork at Colt* There ain't gonna be third one.

*Colt all but ignores him.*

Colt: Now put that down, would you?

Mobbex: Tyen sah! *throws the fork across the room and pounds the table with enough force to bend the wood* Don't you go pretendin' like I ain't said nothin'! Girl's turnin' into a major safety hazard! Even y' can't miss it! But that's assumin' y're not too busy gettin' into yer ranter's pants!

Colt goes rigid but somehow manages to retain his composure.

Colt: Why don't you start out for the cockpit? I'll be along in a minute.

Mobbex answers with a grunt, then stomps off to the bridge.

Colt: *turns to face Wash* So, Wash... *clears throat* I believe you had something you wanted to say.



Friday, April 25, 2008 7:26 AM


Mobbex plunks himself down on the pilot seat, spins it to the left so that it faces the doorway, and starts twiddling his thumbs.

A couple of minutes later, Colt comes in with a stern look on his face, promptly followed by Sky. Colt parks himself right in Mobbex's face. Sky rests her back against the door frame and lays her icy gaze on Mobbex.

Colt: What is it you think you were doin' back there?

Mobbex: Takin' it upon myself to clue you in is what I's doing!

Colt: Wh... clue me in? You? That's a good one. Now listen to me you half ass meathead, next time y...

Mobbex: No! Y're the one who's gonna listen. I'm not in the habit of lettin' folks with a bent for tossing houseware at me walk about safe 'n sound. If y're not gonna do somethin', I will. *gets up and makes for the doorway*

Colt: Get your butt back on that chair! We ain't done here.

Mobbex: Y' know what? Make me!

Sky straightens up and draws her gun. Colt just glares at him.

Mobbex: *snorts* See, that's just you Colt, true to form. Hiding under the skirts of your hard ass first mate... *shakes head* Some man you are. No wonder y' can't manage to get a girl's fancy...

Colt clenches his fists and stiffens his jaw. Mobbex notices.

The two men size each other up for a few seconds, then Mobbex lowers his stance and flashes his gap-toothed grin.

Mobbex: Y' wanna go, captain?







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