Godzilla: King of the Monsters

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Friday, March 8, 2019 9:20 PM


America loves a winner!

Putting this above all others as my 'want to see ' category. Been looking forward and getting updates as best I can, primarily on the YouTubes channels. Great stuff, btw.

However, also been looking back at the 2014 movie. Minor things I picked up, from multiple viewings and some things don't make sense.

Early on, young Ford Brody is making a birthday sign for his dad. On Ford's bedroom wall, is a poster. It's a poster of 2 kaiju fighting. They look extremely similar to Godzilla and a MUTO. What's up w/ that ?

Oh, and Ford's mother, Elle, tells the elder Brody that Ford made a sign for him, but then he acts all surprised that she tells him it's his birthday, AFTER the discussion where she says she'll go pick up a cake on her way home from work.

After the brief skirmish between the flying Muto and Godzilla in Hawaii, we see the US navy 'tracking' Godzilla as he follows the MUTO. US carrier and other ships are literally right next to Godzilla as he swims. He's not bothering them, and all across the Pacific, they don't shoot him. And yet, the US military puts tanks on the Golden Gate bridge, which is loaded w/ civilians.. how is this even possible ? They've known where Godzilla was , all the way from Hawaii to S.F. tracking him , and yet the army acts all surprised and defensive, as he approaches the city ?

How did the female MUTO escape all detection until the folks at Monarch figure out there ' might 'be a problem in Vegas. And then voila ! There she is, 300 ft tall, having just popped out of the nuclear storage facility , which was in direct eye sight of Las Vegas, in broad day light. No hint of a problem before that though, huh ?

I hope they don't make these sort of faux pas in the upcoming movie. I guess we're expected to overlook such things in origin movies.






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