Who Was Your Favorite Friend of Our BDH?

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Monday, September 18, 2017 1:32 AM


After noticing in another thread that we didn't see a lot of Inara's friends, it seemed a more lonely situation than I'd conjured before.

It seemed Monty was friendly with the crew who knew him. Not really Inara or the 3 passengers, unsure about Jayne.

Badger was a bit iffy as a friend.

Fanty and Mingo might have previously been friends, but broadwaves put a kink in that.

Inara did have Nandy (HoG) and Sheydra (BDM deleted), but not so many who weren't customers, for being such a social character.

Book had impressive status or clout with some Alliance (Safe), but not a bunch of friends walking the worlds. But he stocked up on friends at New Haven.

Other than Mr. Universe did I miss any?

Which friend did you like the most? Made you feel most to home?

Or do you think most friends were just business dealings, like Patience? Shooting you doesn't seem very friendly.

Kaylee was pretty friendly with everybody, but we only see Bester as particular interest.

Simon sorta had young River, the original version of his sister. The rest of his so-called friends apparently bailed on him.
Post-home River certainly had Simon as her best friend ever.

Jayne may not have considered Marco or the mates he shared a bunk with to be friends, but then he made up for it in Canton.

Mal and Zoe may have been the best friends either had who survived the war.
Did Wash give up his buddy circle? A wife was likely better than friend in the world they lived.

Ah, geez, I messed up the composition of this. I'll need to fix it later.


Tuesday, July 17, 2018 3:05 PM


I think Monty was probably my favorite friend. Knowing that there are other Independents out there trying to get by alters my perception of Mal and Zoe's situation for the better. Makes it less depressing, I think. Plus Monty was just fun. I would have LOVED to see him come back for a bigger appearance.

I think the Book/Jayne friendship is one of the more interesting ones.

Mr. Universe is sort of Wash's friend. We don't get any explanation in the movie, but they go into it a little more in the novelization. It'd be nice to see more of that background.

I think Zoe is one of the most short-changed. Other than Mal and Wash, she doesn't seem to have close friends aboard. When we see Monty, she doesn't even get to catch up with him. I guess she gets to talk to Tracey, at least.






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