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Tuesday, April 22, 2008 2:39 AM


This thread is for the side trip the Wash's mechanic and pilot take in a shuttle to Greenleaf, for the purpose of making necessary repairs and having a girls' day out.

The main adventure story (a job on Jiangyin!) is on the Wash's new page:


Tuesday, April 22, 2008 2:50 AM



TRANSMISSION from transport ship WASH to 蒼葉 医药 农业机械 修理厂 六:

MSong to CTrilling AT Greenleaf Medfarm Machinery Maintenance Bldg. 6:

Hey there Cal, zěn me yàng?

I need your help, old friend. My new ride has a problem, and I'd like to make some repairs at your place. I need to grow some fuel cell matrices: need two, want four. I won't be coming in on the Wash herself, I'll be using one of her shuttles, so I'd like to get clearance to land in the yard; I have a passenger, so I'd rather not have to wade through the jungle with her. She's our young pilot, fresh out of school and still wet behind the ears, and I guess the Captain didn't want her getting "lost" on Jiangyin. Is Cal Jr, gonna be around? Girl's a little blue on account of our previous captain disappearing on us, and a little distraction from a strapping young buck might be just the ticket.

Attached is the list of all the supplies I'll be needing, and enough credits to cover them. While the soup's cooking I want to throw a couple of kimchi pots if you can arrange some firing time for me, and of course we'll want to do a little shopping, visit the farmers' market, pick up some fresh herbs and vegetables, and some seedlings for the hydro. Is that good nursery still in business?

Cal, two more favors: Don't be so formal, call me Tillie. I've gone back to my border ways, so don't tease me. I may even wear pigtails. Dong ma?

I'll wave you with the shuttle info and ETA when we hit dirt on Jiangyin.

Duō xiè,
Tillie Song
mechanic, WASH

蒼葉 医药 农业机械 修理厂 六 = Greenleaf Medfarm Machinery Maintenance Bldg. 6
zěn me yàng = how are things
Duō xiè = thanks a lot


Wednesday, April 23, 2008 1:33 AM



TRANSMISSION from 蒼葉 医药 农业机械 修理厂六 to 葉:

CTrilling AT Greenleaf Medfarm Machinery Maintenance Bldg. 6 to MSong AT transport ship Wash:

Tillie my dear,

You'll be happy to know we got the tanks all set up and ready to go. One of your buddies from Aquila stopped by with some Aught Three fuel cell frames. We already got the electrolytic compound brewing away, and the soup should be all ready by the time you dock. Your friend here is leaning over my shoulder and wanting me to ask if you plan on cooking a meal while you're here; I imagine he'll be staying for that. Mighty enthusiastic fellow.

Speaking on a similar subject, my boy is looking forward to escorting your young pilot around. I'm assuming you won't leave them absolutely alone?

Maya says you can have as much access to her wheel and kiln as you want, and she won't let you pay for clay or glaze. She took the liberty of making a pot for you and filling it already, so it's all sealed and ready to go when you leave.

Please wave me the dimensions of your growing space; I got a line on several hydro units, but I don't want to buy unless I know it'll fit. Jasper was not happy to part with his favorite nutrient mix for the growing medium -- that is, until he heard it was for you. What did you do to him? I never see that man crack a smile, then I say your name, and I'm dazzled by a shining set of teeth.

Let me know if you intend on visiting the medmarket so I can arrange an escort. They've had a new rash of criminal activity (and resulting police presence) over there, with some serious incidents, so I'm not comfortable with you going unattended. I'm sure your friend here will also be happy to walk around town with you, hefting your market bags with his large arms.

Wave me with the dimensions I need, and I'll be expecting another when you hit Jiangyin.

Cal Trilling
Lead Maintenance Engineer, Bldg. 6
Greenleaf Medfarm Machinery


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Thursday, April 24, 2008 9:58 PM



TRANSMISSION from WASH Shuttle 1 to 蒼葉 医药 农业机械 修理厂 六:

MSong to CTrilling AT Greenleaf Medfarm Machinery Maintenance Bldg. 6:


Just left Jiangyin, on course and running smooth. ETA fifteen-thirty your time, I think. More accurately, eight hours from your receipt of this wave. How's that?

See you in the world,




Friday, April 25, 2008 9:33 AM


*lays out on the sofa resting a bit, then looking over at tillie who is at the controls asks blushing*
D-do you think we'll meet any...boys?


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Friday, April 25, 2008 12:03 PM


*chuckles* Jordyn honey, if you want to meet boys, there will be boys. Cal has a son, and -- well, let me explain from the beginning:

Medicine's big business on Greenleaf. There's lots of jungle and rainforest, just the right land for growing medicinal plants. Drug companies and hospitals run huge farms on Greenleaf, and factories where they make the drugs and other medical supplies.

Where we're going, the place where I'm gonna fix the fuel cells, is a great big garage where they maintain the farm equipment and vehicles for a hospital factory. My friend Cal is the boss there, and he's gonna help me with the repairs.

*Tatertot:* B-but what about the boys?

*laughing* I'm getting to that right now. Cal's got a son just about your age, and last time I seen him he was growing up into a very handsome young man. Of course, if you don't like Cal Junior's looks or ways, there's plenty of other young men working in that garage. There's also the market where we're gonna do some shopping, where you might see any number of young farm boys, doctors' sons, junior business men, all manner of boys. *they giggle a little at the thought*

*Tillie stops smiling, gets a very serious look on her face*

But listen, Tate, this is important: if you decide you want to spend some quiet time with a boy, you can't just go off with him, dong ma? *Tate looks at her, shocked* I'm not your mother telling you not to play doctor, it's not like that at all.

There's bad people, drug smugglers, who ask people to carry packages for them, or invite them to a meal where they end up swallowing stuff. You can't always tell who's bad and who's good. Pretty boys can be mighty persuasive, and I don't want you bein' made sad for any reason at all. I don't want some boy with the face of an angel to get you all moony-eyed and then take advantage.

That's why the Captain was tellin' you be careful. She cares about you too, and she needs you. You're the pilot. You're a very important person on the Wash, a member of the crew, one of the team.

Okay, enough serious talk. You just relax and close your eyes and think about cute boys. We'll be there before you know it.


Friday, April 25, 2008 12:49 PM


*swallows hard, shakes her head to try and get rid of the worry, she lays down and trys to focus on what this Cal might be like,then a thought comes to her and she turns back to tillie and asks*
What about you, Tillie? Any guys you know and fancy in Greenleaf? *giggles*


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Friday, April 25, 2008 7:46 PM


Ain't been on Greenleaf for a long while, so any boys I fancied back then probably got married by now, maybe even sailed off-world. *Tatertot looks a little sad* Don't mean I can't fancy someone new, though. *Tate smiles again*

But I tell you, if it's a hot day, just get me a chair and a fan and I'll sit there watching all the fine young men working hard with their shirts off, happy as can be.

*Tatertot laughs at how Tillie is so matter-of-fact about boy-watching*

Also, there's a visitor from Aquila showed up talkin' 'bout my cookin', but Cal didn't go so far as to mention his name. So that's something to look forward to. Lotsa fine-lookin' folk on Aquila...*closes her eyes, remembering* Yeah, so, mystery guy. Could be cute, who knows? We'll find out when we get there.


Friday, April 25, 2008 11:26 PM



TRANSMISSION from WASH Shuttle 1 to 蒼葉 医药 农业机械 修理厂 六:

MSong to CTrilling AT Greenleaf Medfarm Machinery Maintenance Bldg. 6:

Hey Cal:

Just got an eyeful of an Alliance Bulletin that says some scary stuff about crime on Greenleaf. Is it as bad as the bulletin says, or is it Alliance overstatement, only applicable to Core high-rise types?

Take a look for yourself, the cortex link is:

Do I have to hire an armed escort or what? Got a young pilot here needs to be kept safe, not to mention I personally enjoy not being robbed at gunpoint. Gonna be there in just a few hours, so I would like some assurance that my goods, my boat, my pilot, and my person are reasonably likely to stay intact.

Cal, I'm already waiting for your reply.




Saturday, April 26, 2008 2:14 AM



TRANSMISSION from 蒼葉 医药 农业机械 修理厂六 to 葉 航天飞机 第一:

CTrilling AT Greenleaf Medfarm Machinery Maintenance Bldg. 6 to MSong AT Wash's Shuttle No. 1:


Calm down at once, dong ma? The "serious crime" being broadcast on the Alliance bulletins consists of two recent bar fights and a mugging, all of which occurred on the other side of the planet, and --coincidentally or not-- all of which involved VFF crew members. The disturbances didn't happen anywhere near the Belt, and didn't have anything to do with medical supplies or any of our local troubles.

Seems there was a girls' night out and a boys' night out, and both parties caused a little ruckus. Then, a couple of folks walked down a lonely road acting intoxicated and wearing flashy jewelry, so they got mugged. The only wonder I have is this: since when do the purple bellies pay any attention to back-water brawls? Only thing I can think of is, some of those crew members are under the watchful eye of the U of AP.

Yes, we do have our troubles here in the Belt. There are smugglers, and a heavier police presence as a result. But it's no more dangerous than when you were here; in fact, it's a little safer now, since that Niska fellow pulled out his interests here.

As far as armed escorts go, there are plenty of strong young men to squire you and your pilot around town. Any weapons they have are legal, with up-to-date permits. Now stop your nonsense and get the heck on the ground. Maya and CJ (and your Aquilan buddy) are all pestering me for your ETA.

Cal Trilling
Lead Maintenance Engineer, Bldg. 6
Greenleaf Medfarm Machinery



Saturday, April 26, 2008 2:14 AM


===============FLYS BY===========================
===========SCANS SHIP FOR BOUNTIES===============

Q: So, you're a bounty hunter?
A: That's not it at all.
Q: What are you then?
A: I'm a bounty hunter


Saturday, April 26, 2008 2:50 AM


Nice to see some new faces on the 'rim' eh?


Saturday, April 26, 2008 2:56 AM


Hmmm. A new cappytan of the WASH. I wonder what happened to the old one?
Kidnappin' was it?
Don't fret mates, your friends on TRANQUILITY are on the case.
[My latest job assignment.]


Saturday, April 26, 2008 3:09 AM


I was bored

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Sunday, April 27, 2008 3:42 PM


*smiles and lays back down and naps, then wakes up from tillie tapping her lightly on the shoulder*

Tillie: Wake up mei mei, we're here.

*rubs eyes* Ok...*yawns*

*walks with tillie off the shuttle and they run into a man mentioning something about CaptainWalker*
Who are you? And do you really have information on CaptianWalker? *her eyes are wide, tillie looks at the man suspiciously*


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Sunday, April 27, 2008 5:32 PM


*holding Tatertot's arm, Tillie guides her quickly past the strange man* Don't even look at 'im, honey; don't matter if he's talking the truth or not, it ain't our concern. Fella want to mention Walker, he should mention 'im to Cap'n Zero, not us.

*several mechanics take the man aside who'd approached Tatertot, and walk with him out of the shuttle landing area*

*Tillie sees Cal standing a few feet off, shakes her head as he approaches* Hey Cal, you wanna explain how this fella's our welcoming committee 'stead o' you?

Cal: Sorry 'bout that. C'mere you! *he grabs Tillie in a hug* Cal: Been too long, little girl.

*Tillie hugs him back* You too, old man. Where's the folks?

Cal: The whole gang's in the garage, waitin' on ya. Put on a spread too, so hopin' you're hungry.

*Tatertot pipes up* Food?

*Tillie laughs* And here I forgot to introduce you to our pilot, Jordyn Tate. Tate, this here's Cal, Cal Senior that is. He's the boss here.

Tatertot: Pleased ta meet ya. *holds out her hand*

Cal: *smiling, shaking hands* Likewise. Glad to welcome you to Greenleaf. Now let's get ourselves inside.


Monday, April 28, 2008 9:58 AM


*tater watches the man walk away and her mind drifts off until she hears*

Cal: The whole gang's in the garage, waitin' on ya. Put on a spread too, so hopin' you're hungry.

Food? *tillie and cal senior both laugh and tater blushes*

*tillie introduces cal to tater and tater shakes his hand, his hand shake was firm but gentle. his smile was bright and she could tell already that he was a sweet man. which lead her mind to wonder once more to cal jr. is he just as sweet...*

Tillie: Hey, Jordyn honey? C'mon inside. You still sleepy? I'm fine....*tillie giggles then leads her inside*


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Monday, April 28, 2008 6:12 PM


*inside, several tables are set up with food, and people standing around and sitting on benches waiting to greet the two young women. As they approach, one young man stands up and strides towards them with outstretched hand. He's tall and muscular, with darker hair and eyes than his father*

*shaking hands vigorously* You're Tate the pilot, ain't cha? I'm Cal Trilling Junior, Cal's son. You can call me Cal, or Junior, or CJ. Just don't call me Trilling, there's way too many of us so we just go by first names. *blushes at having blurted out such a long speech* Oh, hey, Tillie, how ya doin'? Been a while.

Tillie: Hey, squirt. Ai ya! You got big!

*blushes even more* Yeah, I grew some. So Tate, uh Tot, uh...? How you like to be called? Anyhow, we got some good grub -- ain't Tillie's cookin', but it's still mighty fine and there's plenty of it. I saved you a seat on the good bench, too. It don't wobble none at all, so you ain't gotta worry 'bout spillin' your cider or nothin'.

Tatertot: *a little overwhelmed from all the handshaking, but at least one word gets through* You got cider?

Oh sure, 'course we got cider. Hey, you must be famished after that long flight. C'mon with me and I'll get you a plate.

*He guides Tatertot to the food table, and Cal and Tillie watch with amusement as Cal Jr. piles all the best food on her plate, gets her situated at the table, and then practically dashes back with a cup of cider*

Tillie: Surprised he didn't spill the whole thing, running around like that.

Cal: Surprised he didn't break his fool neck jumping over that stool like that. *bows* Well my lady, may I escort you to the dining table? *holds out his elbow like a dandy*

Tillie: *curtsying and putting her arm through his* Charmed, I'm sure. Don't mind if I do. *they go to the table and help themselves to the food*


Tuesday, April 29, 2008 11:32 AM


*as soon as tater walks in a large hand takes hers shaking it hard, tater is speechless, not only from this sudden hand shake but by its owner. it was Cal Jr. and he was gorgeous everything after that happend very fast so she didn't have much time to process her thoughts the only thing she managed to say was*

You got cider?

*in a rush Cal Jr. leads tater to a table throwing on more food than she could possibly handle onto a plate then sitting her down he runs off to get the cider. he comes back quickly with her cup and his own plate of food.*

Oh wow, Thank you, but you didn't have to do all this for me.

CJ: Its no problem, um, you never told me what you like to be called? *he digs into his food*

*tater takes a bite of her food as well, not as good as tillie's cookin'... she smiles to herself then answers him after she chewed and swallowed*, Tate, or Tot. Whatever strikes your fancy. As for yourself I think I'll call you CJ....if you don't mind?

CJ: *smiles* CJ's fine. I think I'll call you Tot though...because your a tiny little thing.

*tater lets the small remark slide, before she could open her mouth to speak tillie takes a seat next to her along with Cal Senior*


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Tuesday, April 29, 2008 7:44 PM


*grins at Tatertot* Don't mind us, this is the only table space left, is all. *turns away to talk to Cal, leaving Tot to continue her conversation with CJ*

So how we doing on the work prep? Got a feeling my captain wants me back on the Wash sooner than possible, so even if I got a notion to linger it ain't about to happen.

Cal: I understand, kiddo. Not that I couldn't use your help around here. Or some of your gyoza. *they both laugh* I'll show you the set-up after your meal; eating ain't lingering, it's refueling.

*they get back to their meal*


Tuesday, April 29, 2008 10:27 PM


*Tatertot and CJ are sitting at the dining table talking and eating. CJ notices that Tate's cup is empty*

You want some more cider?

*CJ leans toward Tate to get the cup, at the same time as the person on his other side gets up from the bench. The bench tilts, and CJ falls against Tate in a sort of hug. Tillie, on the other side of Tate, collapses in a fit of giggles as she falls against Cal*

Tillie: *mock-hitting Cal on the arm* I thought you said this was the good bench!

*they right the bench and sit back down, and CJ holds Tate's arm to support her as she catches her balance* Are you okay?

Tate: *still holding on to his arm, looks up with a blush* Yeah, I'm fine.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008 10:56 AM


CJ: I'm real sorry about these benches. *he taps on the bench as he says this. tater notices she is still holding on too his arm and quickly lets go, turning bright red.*

CJ: Well, I'll get you some more cider then.

*tater can only nod, CJ smiles then walks away.*

Tillie: Well, well now, what do we have here...?
*tater shoots tillie a dirty look, tillie gives her a grin in return*

Oh stop Tillie! I just met him! *tater grummbles and stuffs food in her mouth. CJ comes back and sets the cider infront of tater.*

CJ: Here you go Tot!

Thank you. *Tater smiles and trys to look in his eyes but they end up looking only at the cup, feeling alittle awkward she turns to tillie and asks..*

Hey jie jie, are you going to wave CaptainZero after we eat?


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Thursday, May 1, 2008 10:59 PM


*smiles* Well first Cal's gonna show me the prep for our repairs. That way, when I wave the Captain I'll actually have something to report to her. It's gonna take maybe half an hour or more, so if you want to hang out with CJ for a spell that's fine. *winks* Then we can get Cap'n Zero on the voice link, if you wanna say hi too. I think she'd like that.

Tatertot: *smiles and looks down* That'd be great, thanks.

Sounds like a plan, mei mei. *stands up from the bench, and points to a set of double doors* See over there? That's the room where Cal 'n me are doin' the work. If you need me that's where I'll be. Ask CJ to show you around the place. There's lots to see: there's a nursery - not for babies, but for baby plants - and all kinds of machines, and an indoor waterfall that cleans the atmo, and probably all sorts of things I ain't even seen, new since I been here. So go sightseeing a while and meet me back here in forty-five.

Tatertot: Meet you where exactly?

*Tillie puts her hand on Tate's shoulder* You meet me right back here on this bench, if you ain't already found me in that workroom. Unless I'm in the --washroom, uh, washin' my hands, that's where we'll meet, how's that?

Tatertot: That's shiny. Meet you right back here.

*gives her shoulder a little squeeze* Good. Have fun. *she and Cal leave for the workroom*


Thursday, May 1, 2008 11:14 PM


*Tillie and Cal walk through the doors into the workroom. Everything's set up for her repairs, and even the equipment from the shuttle has already been brought into the room. Tillie turns to Cal with pleasure and surprise*

Tillie: How'd you get all this done already?

*Cal beams with pride* Well, you did give us a goodly bit of advance notice. I had plenty of time to get things set up. Plus, I had a little help. Folks 'round here remember you, and wanted to help out. Many hands make light work, so we were able to get a mite done 'fore you arrived.

Tillie: *hugs Cal* You're the best!

*Cal grins from ear to ear* Well, let's get you started so you can give your new Captain some glad news when you wave 'er.

"What the hell's goin' on in the engine room? Were there monkeys? Some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose?"


Thursday, May 1, 2008 11:34 PM


*CJ watches Cal and Tillie go off to the workroom, and sighs a big sigh of nervousness, afraid that now they're alone he won't know what to say. Tatertot looks up at the sound, with a questioning look*

So, what do you feel like doin' first? Wanna take a stroll, maybe stretch your legs a little?

*He helps her to get up from the bench, and notices the touch of her holding on to his arm. Again. That same instant, she pulls it away and blushes*

Tatertot: Um, Tillie said somethin' about an inside waterfall? *she looks hopefully up into his face*

*CJ sighs another sigh, this time of relief because now he has a good topic of conversation* Yeah, that's right, it's real pretty and it's got a function too. More'n one, actually, it does a lot of jobs.

*They leave the table area and walk through another part of the building, past a number of enormous farm machines*

Careful now, watch yer step. There's parts and tool boxes all over, don't want you trippin' or barkin' yer toe on somethin'.

*He takes her arm, again, to help guide her around the obstacles in their path*

"We are just too pretty for God to let us die. Huh? Look at that chiseled jaw."


Saturday, May 3, 2008 12:18 PM


*tatertot blushes as she is guided by CJ to the inside waterfall, when they get there tatertot smiles*

Its gorgeous.

*CJ smiles aswell happy to have something he could talk about*

CJ: Yep, not just hear for its good looks, it has alot of helpful funtions...*CJ goes on expaining the inside waterfalls purposes but tatertot ends up spacingout and stares at him without realizing it.*

CJ: Are you listening?

Oh yea yea I am!

*looks at her with a teasing grin, tatertot was worried he noticed that she was staring but instead he said...*

CJ: So..your really pilot?

Sure am! But...I'm not the best pilot out there...infact the WASH is the first boat I ever took out into the black...

CJ: Tillie told my old man that you are an ecellent pilot...heck your a young one to boot, thats pretty impressive if you ask me...

Thank you...

CJ: All you need is alittle more confidence.

Thats true...*she runs her fingers threw her hair and twists it around her finger looking down at the ground, and adds..*
I've never had much confidence....

CJ: Me neither.

You seem pretty confident to me.

*he shrugs* Nah...I was afraid to even talk to you when you first came here...thats what all the shaking was all about...I was nervous...

Well theres no need to be. I'm pretty easy going.

*CJ nods* So what else do you wanna do?

Lets check up on Tillie and your dad...Tillie told me we might go shopping.

CJ: Alrighty. *CJ takes tatertot's arm again and guides her out*


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Tuesday, May 6, 2008 1:19 AM


*Tillie and Cal come out of the workroom, wiping their hands and sticking the rags in their back pockets*

Tillie: Well Cal, you've outdone yourself. You did so much prep we're gonna be finished half a day early. Looks like I'll have to take Tate shopping after all!

Cal: *chuckles* Oh, it won't be so bad. I got a half dozen men just achin' to squire you two around the markets 'n flex their muscles totin' yer parcels. But Maya won't forgive you if you don't make a flowerpot or somethin' outta that clay. You'll be needin' some pots to put the medicine in anyhow, 'n for that pickled cabbage mess you gals used to make.

*they see Tate and CJ back at the bench*

Cal: There she is, why don't you gals go wave yer captain, make your report, and I'll gather up the boys.

Tillie: *beckons to Tatertot* C'mon, let's go say hi to Zero, see how she's doin'. How 'bout that?

*they return to the shuttle*

Cal: *gathers the men around him* Junior, you seen that fella when you were walkin' with the pilot?

CJ: No sir. No sign of 'im.

Cal: Men, we gotta act natural and look sharp. This here's s'posed to be a restful shopping trip for these ladies. You keep 'em safe, but keep it light. Don't make it feel like they're surrounded by guards.

Everyone: Yes, sir!

"What the hell's goin' on in the engine room? Were there monkeys? Some terrifying space monkeys maybe got loose?"

"We are just too pretty for God to let us die. Huh? Look at that chiseled jaw."


Tuesday, May 6, 2008 1:51 AM


*in the shuttle, Tillie has been trying to hail the Wash with no luck. She sends a report by text-wave instead*

*putting her arm around Tatertot* Sorry, honey, I wanted to hear Zeros's voice too. *seeing the looks of sadness and worry that flit across Tate's face* Now you know our Captain's a big girl. She's off doing a job, and we still have some work to do too. It's shopping time! Let's think of a nice captainy gift for Zero, show her how much we like having her be our captain and us on her crew.

Tatertot: *brightens right up; her face practically glows as she starts thinking of possible presents* Oh, I like that idea!

*They meet up with Cal's men outside the shuttle and head off for the market*

"Terse, I can be terse. Once in flight school, I was laconic."


Tuesday, May 6, 2008 9:55 AM


*tatertot walks out with tillie and spots Cal and CJ along with a group of men waiting outside the shuttle*

I didn't know that everyone was tagging along...

Tillie: Is that a problem?

Oh no no! Its just...odd...

*CJ walks up to tatertot and smiles*

CJ: Its nothin' to worry about Tot, but we just feel its safer if we escorted you young lady's around the market....

*tatertot looks behind CJ at all the other men, and shakes away a uneasy feeling that pops up in her stomach and sighs*

O-ok then.

Tillie: Come on mei mei, we have shopping to do!

*walks along side tillie and CJ, and looks at various stands and shops and thinks of what might make a good gift for zero*


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Tuesday, May 6, 2008 9:00 PM


Hey Tate, how do I look in this? *Tillie twirls around in a pink flowered silk jacket several sizes too large*

Tatertot: That's so big it would even fit that guy! *pointing to Kevin, a very tall young man in the group who's leaning against the side of the cargo mule*

Tillie: What a jing cai idea! *she puts the jacket on Kevin, who good-naturedly clowns around to the delight of the ladies*

*while they're having fun, two of the men go into the building across the road with a list Tillie gave them, bring out two crates and several smaller boxes, and put them in the mule*

Tatertot: *nudging Tillie* What's that?

Tillie: It's medicine.

Tatertot: Why are you buying medicine? Are you sick or something?

Tillie: No mei mei, I'm just fine, it's for the ship. Zero asked the Doc to make a list of what we need, and I'm picking it up for them. Now honey, I would love to buy this top for you. The colors go perfect with your eyes.

Tatertot: Really?

Tillie: Uh huh, and when you tried it on before I saw CJ looking. I think he likes how it looks on you too.

"Terse, I can be terse. Once in flight school, I was laconic."


Wednesday, May 7, 2008 10:39 AM


*Decides to try out newly learned skills and sends a wave to the shuttle*

Girls! The captain and spine are back, and they are ready for some criminal endevours! Hope you are moving along well on your side!


Wednesday, May 7, 2008 10:32 PM


*A group of Alliance Law Enforcement comes down the road on patrol. They poke through the goods being sold in the stalls, they look in customers' sacks, they ask for IDs, but they don't seem particularly interested; they're just making routine patrols and being routinely annoying. Most of the people in the market ignore their presence; a few stiffen and look nervous as they pass, and some look furtively around for escape routes just in case.*

*Tillie is holding a handful of tea leaves to her nose when the patrol passes by, inhaling the precious fragrance. She smiles at the tea merchant*

This one, xiān sheng; truly a jīn jīn jué pǐn. *The tea merchant bows at the compliment* Please let me have a tin of this one, and two catties of the green. *The merchant weighs the tea and puts it in containers for Tillie* Duō xiè.

*Tillie goes over to the mule and hands the boxes of tea to the tall young man named Kevin* Mule looks to be gettin' full up. Now seems an opportune time to drive back, load all these goods on the shuttle. Anything else we buy we can tote on our shoulders, dǒng ma?

Kevin: You sure you wanna-- *follows her glance to the retreating backs of the policemen* Yep, sounds like a plan. *he talks to the driver and the man who's tying down the cargo net, and they drive off* Okay, that's done, what's next?

Tillie: The pilot's looking for a gift for our captain. I hope she finds somethin' soon so we can start back already. Been tryin' to let her an' CJ have some time together, but I'm gettin' a mite fidgety.

*goes over to Tatertot and CJ* Hey kids, don't mean to interrupt but I'm gettin' sunburned; maybe we could step it up a little?

xiān sheng = sir/mister/teacher/(title of respect)
jīn jīn = delicious
jué pǐn = very rare work of art
duō xiè = many thanks/thanks a lot
dǒng ma = understand?/get it?

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Saturday, May 10, 2008 8:25 PM


*tater blushes when tillie calls to her*
Ok Tillie, just need to find Captain Zero something!
*tater is looking over some jewelry, does Zero like jewelry... then she spots a kindof choker necklace with a dark red emerald in the middle. tatertot picked it up and looked at the price that isn't so bad.. she smiled to herself i think zero would look great in this...*
Tillie do you think Zero would like this?

*tillie walks over to her and looks at the necklace*
Tillie: I think she would. Good choose.

*tatertot grins at tillie* Also I got this for you...*she pulls out two matching braclets that had beeds shaped like flowers, the one she hands tillie was yellow and the one she kept for herself was pink.* I got these awhile back when you weren't lookin'.

*tillie takes the braclet and gives tatertot a big smile*
Tillie: Thank you, mei mei! You didn't have to buy me nothin'!

Your welcome. But I wanted to buy it for you in a way of thanking you...for buying me the shirt...but also for always being there for me.
You really feel like my jie jie.

*tillie smiles to tater again and gives her a small hug*
Come on. We should head back.

*tater nods then goes to pay for the necklace. then she walks next to tillie and CJ as they head off out of the market*


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Sunday, May 11, 2008 1:44 AM


*As they walk back, Tillie plays with the bracelet, twisting and turning it, admiring how it looks on her wrist* This is so pretty. What a thoughtful gift. I got the best, sweetest pilot in the whole 'verse, ain't I CJ?

CJ: Can't argue with you there, Tillie. *he puts his arm around Tatertot's shoulder as they walk down the road. Tate's eyes sparkle as she looks up into his eyes, and she sneaks her arm around his waist*

*Tillie walks a little ahead, so they can have a teeny bit of privacy. She catches up with Kevin* They look sweet together, don't they?

Kevin: Sweet, yeah, but he ain't half so good a guard lookin' all moon-eyed at her.

Tillie: You didn't train him for this, I'll bet.

Kevin: And how am I supposed to do that?

Tillie: Well, it seems to me you can guard and flirt at the same time, you should be able to train him to do it. Even when we put that jacket on you, you were on the job; I saw.

Kevin: Thing is, we're just pretending. Looks more natural us clownin' around, not so much like protection. But him, he ain't flirtin', he means it, and he ain't on full alert.

Tillie: You sure about that? *winks at him*

Kevin: Now you can just stop right there. *pretends to swat her*

Tillie: Me, I can kid around and be alert at the same time. For instance, you notice we got company? On your twelve -- no, one.

"Terse, I can be terse. Once in flight school, I was laconic."


Sunday, May 11, 2008 2:48 PM


*Up ahead by the side of the road is a lopsided haycart, with what looks like a broken wheel. A man is crouching down on the far side, presumably to check or fix the problem*

Tillie: Ain't right somehow. Could be what it seems, but somethin' feels off.

Kevin: Best treat it like a trap, then if it is or if it ain't we're ready.

*The group tightens up around the two ladies*

CJ: *squeezes Tatertot just that much closer to him, and murmurs into her hair* Hey Tot, you stick close by me now, y'hear?

Tatertot: Sure thing, CJ. *she hugs his waist a little tighter*

"Terse, I can be terse. Once in flight school, I was laconic."


Sunday, May 11, 2008 4:03 PM


***Transmission to Wash's Starboard Shuttle***

Tille, Tot? I want you to start heading home right when you're finished with the repairs. Meaning if you're done now, then leave now. We got to make our way to Beaumonde and I need my pilot to get there. Xie xie.

***End Transmission***


Sunday, May 11, 2008 8:08 PM


*As they approach the haycart, Tillie feels more and more anxious. The person who had been behind the cart seems to have disappeared*

Kevin: Ain't no one with any sense gonna try and take us. We got too many men, and too little of value on us, to make us an attractive target. Even if there's bad guys they ain't gonna go for us.

Tillie: Yeah, but something still ain't right.

*They pass the cart, and nothing happens. Kevin turns to look back, and sees a patrol just coming down from the market.*

Kevin: Could be they're after the purple bellies.

Tillie: *turns to look at the approaching patrol* Oh, this ain't good. We run to get out of the way, the feds'll come after us assuming we've done wrong, and run smack into it. We try to warn 'em, we become the enemy and both sides'll go after us.

Kevin: Only thing to do is keep goin' slow, and hope the feds are smart enough to spot trouble.

*The patrol comes up upon the haycart. Several cops go over to inspect, and one starts poking the hay in the cart. Suddenly there's a loud
BOOM, and the cop flies back to the other side of the road, while a huge fireball rises into the sky. The concussion knocks most of people on the road down*

CJ: Tot, you okay?

Tatertot: Yeah, what happened?

CJ: Explosion. Knocked us over.

*They pick themselves up and go to the others still on the ground. Gradually everybody gets back on their feet*

Tatertot: Where's Tillie?

Tillie: Here, Mei mei. *She's helping Kevin sit up. They both are covered with small cuts and some deeper gashes*

Tatertot: *horrified* What happened? Jie jie, are you all right? You're bleeding!

Tillie: Jordyn honey, it's okay. We just got cut up a little is all. C'mon, we gotta get ourselves inside.

"Terse, I can be terse. Once in flight school, I was laconic."


Monday, May 12, 2008 12:19 AM


*They finally reach the compound. Cal gets them all into the infirmary. Kevin gives his report as he's being stitched up, then Cal comes over to the table where Tillie's getting her new stitches*

Tillie: How's my pilot doin'?

Cal: She's just fine, not even a bruise. I sent her off to the shuttle to check for messages. Wanted her out of the way while we talk.

Tillie: What's going on?

Cal: There's gonna be trouble, big trouble. Alliance trouble. There's casualties on that road back there, and a lot of questions coming our way. You know there'll be an inquest, and hearings, and lots of waiting for officials to show up. Best you get on your way now. The Wash's fuel cells are already loaded, along with all the cargo. We refueled the shuttle; ain't nothin' keepin' you on this rock but your wounds. From what I can see you ain't hurt bad enough to keep you here, and so I'm kickin' you out.

Tillie: You're a good man, Cal. Proceedings could take a month, and my ship needs her pilot and mechanic. I can't spare the time.

Cal: That's my good girl. *they laugh*

Tatertot: *runs in a little out of breath* Cap'n Zero waved us! She wants us to get back to the Wash right away! We also got a wave from Upperson, the one Spinebite shot? Seems like she was just practising, but the one from Zero was urgent, seems like.

Tillie: That's fine, honey. We gotta follow our captain's orders *winks at Cal* so we better get a move on. I ain't done gettin' sewed on, so why don't you go say g'bye to CJ? Take a couple minutes alone with 'im. *Tatertot leaves* See, that's perfect. I'll leave a copy of the captain's wave with you, so if you have any difficulties you can prove I was ordered to leave by my Commander.

Cal: Thank you for that.

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Monday, May 12, 2008 12:21 AM


Tillie: *to the doc* Enough of that. Just butterfly the rest, I got no time for fancy needlework, dong ma? *to Cal* Anything else I can do, make what's coming any easier for you and yours?

Cal: Yeah, I got some -ahem- cargo hanging 'round the shop I'd rather not be here when the purple bellies come poking around. You wouldn't mind --

Tillie: Anything you want gone, stow it on the shuttle. I'll take it off Greenleaf for you, no problem. Just mark it so I keep it separate from the goods for the Wash. Don't want to present the Captain with somethin' ain't hers.

Cal: It's as good as done. Meet you at the shuttle. *he leaves*

Tillie: *gets down somewhat gingerly from the exam table and goes over to Kevin* Thank you for protecting us so well. Think I'm gonna buy you that silk jacket for a present.

Kevin: Don't make me laugh, I'll split my stitches. *he reaches up and grabs the back of her neck, and pulls her face to his* Never dull when you're around. You gotta come back again, and this time stay long enough to cook a meal. *whispers in her ear* Miss the taste of your cookin', bǎo bèi.

Tillie: *whispering back* I made some gyoza special for you. Maya's got 'em at her place, hidden under a frozen chicken. *kisses his cheek* Gotta go. *Kevin grabs her in a hug, and they kiss for a moment* Hey you bèn dàn, you're getting blood all over me! *they laugh* See ya, Kev!

Tatertot: *comes back in, her face flushed and her hair a little messy* Cal says it's time to go; you ready? Hey Kevin, it was nice to meet you.

Kevin: You too, Tot. You take care of my friend there, dǒng ma? *Tatertot nods* See ya, Tillie.

Cal: Okay troops, time to depart. *puts an arm around each one as he walks them to the shuttle*
Very nice to meet you Tot, and we hope you'll grace us with your presence again. Tillie, always a pleasure. Now scoot.

*Tillie and Tatertot board the shuttle, and Tillie takes the helm*

Tillie: Here we go. Nice trip, huh? Always interesting when it ends with a bang.

"Terse, I can be terse. Once in flight school, I was laconic."


Monday, May 12, 2008 1:35 AM


*Tillie looks down, sees blood seeping through some of her bandages*

Better get this wave sent before I pass out. *sends transmission to Captain Zero*

*Tillie engages the autopilot, then goes aft to check on Tatertot. She's snuggled up on the couch fast asleep, with a smile on her face*

Sweet dreams, mei mei.

*Tillie gets out a roll of bandages and dresses her wounds. She hangs up a makeshift hammock of cargo webbing, wraps herself in an old coat, and drifts off to sleep*

See you in the world.

Join Tillie and Tatertot as they return to the Wash for the next thrilling adventure―this time they're off to Beaumonde!

"Terse, I can be terse. Once in flight school, I was laconic."






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