TRANQUILITY 平静 [ Part 8 ]

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008 1:04 PM


here's our story from the beginning...

TRANQUILITYS journey Part 1
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'The Intruder'

'A Change In Command'

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'The Gemini Project'

... a large explosion rocks the building. - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008 5:01 PM


(Elbarto is standing in the middle of the testing center, which is a huge gym. Elbarto looks up to see Colonel Cole and some scientists watching his every move.)

El: What are you planning Cole?

Cole: It's been a while since I've seen you in action Gideon. This exercise is to see what you can do.

(A large door opens up and six men with stun batons walk in. They line up shoulder to shoulder.)

Cole: All you have to do is beat them Gideon.

El: Exactly what is my incentive?

Cole: They have been ordered to kill you.....GO!!

(The men rush at Elbarto. Elbarto looks around for possible weapons. He sees a seven foot length of pipe propped up against the wall. He runs toward it and grabs it. Elbarto puts both hands in the middle of the pipe and holds it level in front of him. The first man reaches El. El swings the pipe down and trips him, then he swings the other end of the pipe into the man's ribs, breaking them. He then takes a step to face his next attacker.)

(Cole watches Elbarto dispatch the other five with little trouble.)

Cole(Thinking) He hasn't changed a bit. His speed is incredible. He watches the eyes of his attacker so he knows when they are going to move before they do.

(El finishes his last opponent and looks at Cole)

El: Are you satisfied.

Cole: Did you have to kill them?

El: I don't think they are all dead. Why don't you come down here and see for yourself.

Cole: I don't think so. Anyway, that's enough for today. Before you go though, I want you to know that I'm disappointed in you. You allowed yourself to get hit.

El:(Shrugs) Nobody's perfect.

(Guards come in to bring Elbarto back to his cell. )

Elbarto:(Thinking) I think my rib is bruised. Oh well, it couldn't be helped.

(As The guards escort El back to his cell, he thinks back on the fight. More specifically, the part of the fight where he got hit. He could have swung his hand around and parried the blow, but his hand was busy taking a knife off of a dead body and slipping it into his clothing.)

When you can't run you crawl. When you can't do know the rest.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008 8:47 AM


The explosion knocks shiny off balance, The door is jammed shut from the force, separating shiny and the Captain.

Shiny is inside the building, she can barley see in front of her, the room appears to have no windows. She can hear a dripping sound
and smells what she thinks is steam.

Shiny slowly walks forward.

She thinks she hears something but not sure if it's her mind playing tricks.

She can tell that their are metal tables
with some type of instruments on them .

She continues walking slow she holds her gun straight in front letting it lead the way.

She hears another noise

she turns her head and see's Oreo staring straight into her eyes.

Being startled shiny jumps backwards shouting.."captain!"

Oreo grabs shiny by the throat
and throws her across the room.

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008 6:52 PM


the TQ team wakes up on the ground... all except for SHINY.
they get up, still dazed from the explosion.

SHADOW: "where's SHINY?"
"she must have gotten inside."

they try to open the door but it's jammed shut.


xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Thursday, November 20, 2008 4:59 AM


(Oreo begins laughing as shiny is hurled into the air)

Oreo- you must be the runt of litter.

(Shiny lands hard onto the ground, her pistol falls from her hand and underneath a pipe Unit. she quickly struggles to her feet, desperately trying to keep Oreo in eyes sight)

Shiny- Oreo, please listen to me. The Capt. and everybody is just on the outside, we don't want to hurt you. We just want to help. Take you back home.

(Oreo lets out a roar, grabs shiny and throws her into a table with surgical tools. Shiny lands hard to the ground, but not without injury. A four-inch cutting blade is lodged into her right thigh)

Oreo- Home?! I don't have a home. Why would I wanna go with you? The same people that wanna experiment on me (chuckles) maybe even kill me.

(Shiny pulls herself to the wall, her right hand covered in blood from trying to keep pressure on the area just above her wound)

Shiny- Oreo....

(Oreo suddenly shouts)

Oreo- my name is Echo One! You should know that, you created me!

(Shiny flattens out against the wall as Oreo advances towards her)

Shiny- Or...Echo one, stop! Please! Listen. We are not the ones who turned you into this. It was the alliance. I am.... we are your friends. Don't you remember any of it? You're part of Tranquility. Our family. O2, El, pathfinder, Capt., The twin’s storm and Summer and Kat. And me, have you forgotten me?

(Oreo slams his fist into the wall beside shiny's head, causing shiny to turn her head)

(In a deep growling voice)

Oreo- What about you?

(Without looking at Oreo, shiny responds in a low shaky voice)

Shiny- yo..yo.. me.

(Oreo backs away)

Oreo- You! Why would I love you?!

(Shiny looks at Oreo who is still backing away)

Shiny- I don't know, you never tell me how you feel, but I know. You love me, that’s why you haven't killed me yet. Somewhere in you, there is the oreo i know, fighting to come back. And Echo one, you can throw me around all you want, but, i'm leaving here, alive, with OREO! Do you hear me?

(Oreo starts turning over tables and throwing chairs)

Oreo- Why should i believe you? You come in here with your love tales and bombs

(Shiny snaps back)

Shiny- what bombs? You’re the one who rigged the door to blow.

(Oreo rushes into shiny and grabs her by the neck and lifts her off the ground)

Oreo- I don't need explosives to kill you or the rest of your friends. Just time and I got all the time in the verse to do it.

(Shiny gasping for air responds)

Shiny- you (gasp)didn't rigged the door?(gasp)

(Oreo somewhat annoyed at the question)

Oreo- let me make myself perfectly clear once more.... I don't need anything but what I'm using to choke the life of out you, to end your life.

(Shiny begins desperately grasping for air and struggling to free herself)

Shiny- thi.... think about it oreo, you were there when we (Gasp) land and when we got to the compound. The explosive was set (grasp for air) from the inside...

(Oreo unknowingly loosened his grip allowing shiny to fall to the ground)

(Oreo thinking to himself)

She’s right, the explosive was set to take out both them and me. What the hell is going on?

(Oreo looks down at shiny and kneels infront of her)

Oreo- something just ain't addin up, but it's playin in favor of you. (Sighs) Ok, lets says I actually believe everything you tellin me. Can you.... fix me. Give me back my memories. Help me find out who's trying to kill me.

(Shiny rubs her throat and responds in a gruff voice)

Shiny- yes, the whole crew will help, who ever is trying to kill you, is trying to kill us as well, but I need your help first.

(Oreo leans in)

Oreo- do you really think you're in a position to bargain with me?

(Shiny confidently leans forward)

Shiny- You help us get El back and we will help you get back your memory, along with finding out who's behind all this. Do we have a deal?

(Oreo stares into shiny's eyes)

Oreo- I'm I really in love with you?

Shiny- (nods).... yes

Oreo- then we have a deal, but, if you have been less then truthful to me, I will rip you apart. Deal?

(Shiny shivers at the thought, but she's know she isn't lying)

Shiny- Deal

(Suddenly loud explosions are heard outside)

Shiny- what going on?

(Oreo begins to "Change")

Oreo- Sounds like our assassinator, know his plans went bust and is here to finish my job. We need to get outta here.

(Shiny limps over to a chair and sits)

Shiny- we can go out the way we came in. the explosive fused the door shut. It's...jammed.

(Shiny looks down at her thigh)

Shiny- plus, I'm not really in to much shape to do much runnin around anyways.

(Oreo walks over to shiny, looks down at the wound, then into shiny's eyes. suddenly, shiny's lurches forward, screaming in pain. Oreo tosses the blade onto the ground and begins looking for something to wrap shinys wound with.)

Shiny- Gorramn son of a....a little warning next time would pull a prieum you know.

(Oreo cracks a grin and continues to search)

Oreo- You're a tough little girl.

(shiny thinking to herself)

Shiny- Little girl? If I had my gun, I'd.....

(A loud bang fills the room shiny and Oreo are in. both duck down behind an overturned table.)

Man- Look over there. He has to be in here somewhere!

(A voice over a com interrupts the frantic searching)


Fredro. Sgt. Fredro, are you there?

****Ends com****

*****Fredro coms****

Fredro here.

****Ends coms****

****voice coms****

i want a status on the situation!

****Ends Com****

(Shiny's eyes widen)

Shiny- (in a whisper) I know that voice.

****Fredro coms****

I have my men tearing this whole place apart. If he's here, we'll find him.

****Ends com****

(shiny grabs oreo's hand)

Shiny- It's Irish. that rat. He's the one behind this.

(Oreo throws a look of confusion across his face)

Oreo- Irish? You mean that thin neck idiot thats working with Jaykins. You're twisted girl.

(Shiny looks at Oreo in surprise)

Shiny- He's working with Jaykins?

(Oreo rolls his eyes)

Oreo- yeah, the both of them got some lab on one of the outer rim planets. Dropped me off here, told me to kill you guys for what you did to me.

****Irish Coms****

I want that reaver dead, and the tranquility crew as well. do you understand me?

****Ends Com****

Fredro- Ok men, you heard the man, ain't nothing in here, move to the next room.

( Fredro and his men continue on to the room. Shiny and oreo, wait before making a move.)

Shiny- how'd they get in?

Oreo- don't know, but that's our ticket out.

(The two silently exit the room, using the entrance of Fredro and his men. Shiny thinks to herself, how happy she is to be alive, and to be with Oreo, but she knows the only thing keeping him from killing her is a "Deal'.)

Shiny-(under her breathe) I guess that will have to do for now.

(Oreo and shiny step out in a hallway. the only hint of light is an emergency sign about 400 feet infront of them.)

Shiny- it so dark in here?

Oreo- what are you, afraid of the dark?

(Shiny snaps back)

Shiny- I put of with you, so why would i be afriad of the dark.

(Suddenly Oreo backs up in the previous room again pointing into the darkness)

Oreo- Becasue of them.

(Shiny without question back up behind Oreo, as the two figures of Echos 1 and 2 come into veiw)

Oreo- ooooooooh we are in trouble.

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. - May the road rise with you.


Friday, November 21, 2008 10:22 AM


As echos 1 and 2 are slowly making their way down the corridor,

Shiny starts crawling on the floor
looking for her gun, Shiny whispers
"dammit Oreo, If you didn't throw me around
Like some rag doll I would have my gun".

Shiny see's her blood smeared on the floor,
Her thigh is bleeding worse.
She tears the bottom of her shirt off
and ties it as tight as she can around her thigh.

shiny stands up "Oreo I cant find my gun any ideas"?

Oreo just stares at shiny not saying a word.

Shiny, "I had no choice,
I had to wrap my thigh,
Thanks to you!"

Shiny walks over to the jammed door,
"is their anyway you can open the door?"

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Friday, November 21, 2008 11:15 AM


(Oreo replys, still keeping his eyes on 2 and 3)

Oreo- less you got another set of explosives under whats left of your shirt, i'm gonna have to say no.

(shiny kicks the door)

Shiny- so what are we gonna do now?

(Oreo arches his back. the familair making begin to appear all over arms, face and next. the black pupils in his eyes fade out. the reaver has surfaced once more)

Oreo- We separate,Can them guessing still i can figure something out. I'll get the big one to follow me, lead'em into the next room. you make a break for the hallway. it's dark, you should be able to her.

Shiny- Wha....But....

(Before Shiny can finish her sentence Oreo shouts at Echo three)

Oreo- Hey Double Ugly, try and keep up

(Oreo takes off, knocking over furniture and chairs behind as echo three sprints after him.)

(Shiny is left staring at Echo two, who is grinning back)

Echo two- Such a coward he is, leaving you to face me all by yourself with your wounded leg.

(shiny wipes her palms on her pants, muster's all the will power she can and takes off for the entrance to the hallway)

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. - May the road rise with you.


Friday, November 21, 2008 11:46 AM


Shiny's running as fast as she can. She can hear Echo 2 laughing, Mocking her.

Shiny keeps running then in one quick motion echo 2 jumps infront of her and slams shiny backwards.

Echo 2;" i think i'll have a little fun with you before i kill you. Like a cat with a mouse."

Shiny can barley get enough strength to lift herself off the floor.

she looks down the hallway as she pulls herself up and can see a faint light under a doorway.

Shiny Thinking (if i can just make it to the door.)

Hoping the door leads to the outside, its the only hope she has.

Shiny takes off again running, not looking back.
she has not too far to go.

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Saturday, November 22, 2008 7:05 AM


it's dusk outside the building, and SHADOW and the TQ team try in vain to open the fused door.

"ok, lets see if there's a way in somewhere else... around back maybe, but keep quiet just in case. they may still think we're out front... or dead."

the team starts quietly around the building.
suddenly SHADOW stops and holds up his hand to stop the team.

"i thought i heard SHINYS voice."

after waiting a moment, and hearing no more sounds, SHADOW starts moving forward again, motioning to the team to follow.

SHADOW: "ho."

they start to walk. just then SHADOW stumbles.

KAT: "captain! you ok?"

SHADOW: "yeah."

KAT: "no you're not, you're bleeding."

SHADOW looks at his chest, where KAT is pointing.

SHADOW: "probably shrapnel from the explosion... i'll live. my coat stopped most of it."

SHADOW thinks... 'thanks for the special browncoat PATH.'

SHADOW thinks... 'there's a lot of sparkly stars out very early tonight... maybe they are fireflies. - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008 8:41 AM


As shiny reaches for the door knob she feels her leg is being pulled from underneath her and falls.

Echo 2 is dragging shiny backwards

Shiny face down tries to grab on to the floor
but its no use.

Echo 2 swings shiny back into the room shiny lands hard.

Echo 2 laughing,
"Whats the matter shiny?
you weak pathetic girl,
your no match for me so why try?"

Shiny looks at Echo 2,
"I will die fighting if I have to."

Over the com shiny hears Irish's voice.
"Shiny why do you try to save Oreo, haven't you learned their is no saving him, or yourself as a matter of fact.
the com ends.

Shiny is weak, bruised and bloody,
she looks at echo 2 and then back down at herself.
she tries to get up off the floor she can't.

Shiny starts thinking"This is it, I'm gonna die, and for what? for someone who cant be human or is capable of having sincere feelings?"

She thinks of her life before Tranquility.
"was it that bad, compared to this?"
shiny can feel herself lose consciousness.

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008 9:46 AM


outside the building SHADOW quickly patches his wounds, and regains his strength. then the team starts moving again, trying to find a way in the building to help SHINY and find OREO.

SHADOW: "we have to find her soon. i'm starting to forget what her voice sounds like."

just then the team hears a 'CLANK' sound, then... faintly... what sounds like the word 'fudginator' - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008 10:50 AM


(Just as shiny ios begining to lose conscienceness, Echo two knees down next to her, grabs her buy the front of her shirt with her Right hand and raise her Left, balling it inot a tight fist)

Echo 2- (Laughing) you should have seen what we did to your wannabe boyfriend. (Echo 2 leans in close to shiny's ear)

Echo 2- (whispering) I was there when they cut him open like a roosted pig. I watched as they stripped every last memory of his family, his crew ...and you.

(Shiny suddenly growing more and more angry with every word that came out of 2's mouth)

Shiny- you are a monster, you all are, except Oreo only has one thing that makes him different from you.

(Echo smirks at shiny, fist still balled ready to deliever the last blow)

Echo- and whats that?

(Shiny suddenly wraps her finger around a medical instrument and with the last bit of energy, shiny thrust's it into the eye of echo 2)

Shiny- the difference is....He's not you.

(shiny watches Echo 2 flale about on the floor in pain Screaming, occasionally swiping and punching in mid- air)

(Shiny propers herself up against a turned over desk, her vision blurring. Echo 2 suddenly stands to her feet, bleeding pouring down her face. echo 2, begins advancing towards Shiny, panting, and breathing hard.0

Echo- you...little...bitch...I'm going to replace my eye with one of yours then gut you like a fish.

(Shiny, still slipping away, notices a figure approaching from behind echo 2. It was a big, broad figure. Shiny, tries to adjust the focus in her eyes. The figure was bleeding. Had cuts all over his face, arms and his shirt was bloody and ripped. Echo, catches a glimpse of shiny looking past her. echo 2 grabs a broken leg from nearby table and whips around swinging it. The figure catches the table leg. Echo 2 stares in shock at the sight of Oreo, still alive. Oreo grins at echo 2)

Oreo- you know, I don't think you should have called her a bitch....

(Oreo jams the rest of the medical instrument sticking out of Echo 2's eye deeper into the socket. then he throws his arm around her next and squeezes till the only sound that could be heard was a loud, almost deafening SNAP! Oreo drops Echo 2's body to the floor.)

Shiny- (weak) Oreo, you're not dead?

Oreo- yeah, imagine that. you'd think i had done this kinda stuff before.

(Shiny still weak)

Shiny- Did you hear what she said about you?

(Oreo nods his head)

Oreo- I heard enough to believe everything you've told me.

(Oreo scoops up shiny)

Oreo- But for now, we need to get outta here.

(Shiny slips into unconscienceness)

(Oreo looks down at her)

Oreo- Hey...Hey! You with me?

(Oreo shakes her alittle bit)

Oreo-Hun dan!

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. - May the road rise with you.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008 1:57 PM


SHADOW: "those sounds are coming from this small vent. it's too small to crawl through but we can put a charge in it and blow it open. that will get us inside."

SHADOW puts a charge in the vent and sets the digital timer.

SHADOW: "everybody get clear!."

bomb: 60...59...58...57... - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008 4:59 PM


Sensei Ojin sits at his desk, looking out the long thin horizontal window, at the Dragonback mountain range,
waiting for a very important message. actually one of two messages.
Moments later, DR LI, one of the many surgeons on AQUILA,
rushes to OJINS office and pushes the glowing blue button to the right of the door.
the office door chimes...

OJIN: "Enter."

DR LI enters and walks up to the window next to OJIN.

DR. LI: "Sensei, we have just received the 1st micro chip smuggled to us by 1 of the 2 'carriers' from the DESERT GUILD on DUST PLANET.
I have just successfully removed it from his neck intact. Is there any word on the e.t.a. of the 2nd 'carrier'?"

OJIN: "The signal from the hidden transponder on his ship, TRANQUILITY, shows him on SILAS 5.
We may need to 'escort' him here soon, that data is crucial."
"let us view the data on this 1st chip."

The 2 men sit at the large computer terminal next to the desk and insert the 1st chip.
The computer begins to make soft beeping sounds.





Message ends.

OJIN: "I have an old student of mine on TRANQUILITY, ELBARTO. He may be the best equipt to help us getting SHADOW back here and as a special ops agent to remove the key elements in this horrible ALLIANCE experiment. I shall try to contact him."


Thursday, November 27, 2008 4:57 AM


the charge blows a hole in the wall.
the team rushes through and sees SHINY and OREO standing in a debris filled room.
SHADOW looks at both of them, sees that things are ok with them and, without saying a word, looks each in the eye, then looks at the opening in the wall.
then one final look... the 'can we go now?' look. - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Saturday, November 29, 2008 6:08 AM


Shiny feels Oreo shake her.

She opens her eyes and smiles,
"just the person i wanted to see".

A boom is heard, Startled oreo swings around still carrying shiny.

Captain and crew are stepping thru the hole they just blasted in the wall.

Captain doesn't have to say a word Oreo and Shiny follow them out.

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Saturday, November 29, 2008 9:05 AM


xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Monday, December 1, 2008 5:12 AM


(Oreo, still holding shiny in his arms follows the captian back to the mule. shiny looks up at oreo)

Shiny-(Thinking to herself) You believe everything i've told you now, but you still don't remember. Hopefully one day all this will be over. Maybe one day you're tell me love me.

(The crew arrives at the mule. Oreo Sets shiny down inside and steps away. Captian notices Oreo's hesitation)

Captian- Hey, whats the matter with you? you act like you've never been in the mule before.

(Shiny leans forward in her seat)

Shiny- He hasn't, Sort of.

(A puzzled look sets onto the captain face)

Capt- Shiny, what in the verse are you talking about?

Shiny- the Alliance....they experimanted on him. Brained washed him and wiped his memory.

(Kat comes from around oreo and gently grabs his hand)

Kat- not again...This can't be happening.

Shiny- He doesn't remember anything or any of us.

Captian- Huh choo-shung tza-jiao duh tzang-huo! Damn the alliance....alright lets get back to the ship and we'll figure this out.

(Shiny extends her hands to oreo beckoning him to get on . The rest of crew boards the mule and they make their way back to the Tranquility)

(Once back on board, Shiny is moved to the infimary and the rest meet in the galley.)

Captian- Wheres oreo?

Path- I believe he's with Shiny in the infimary.

(Captain Leans forward placing his elbows on the table.)

Captian- ok,, things didn't go according to plan back there...

Kat- Never Do.

Captian- but we have Oreo back, but he's basically no use to us still we can get his memory back. Also, we still have to locate and rescue El.

o2- but Oreo is our strong man and with him the way he is...

Captain- this may turn into a sucide mission.

(Kat clinches her fist. the captain notices)

Captian- Something botherin you Kat?

Kat- you all are talking About Oreo like he's some kinda....thing.

Captian- Well, he is a thing...

Kat- He's a person! My Brother! You all sound just like what he's been running from, just like the alliance.

(Captian quickly intejects)

Captian- Kat you better think long and hard before you continue. We all know what he is, and truth be told, Oreo is as much as part of this crew as everyone else, but he has a job, just like the rest of us and without him we don't get El back. All i'm trying to do is get things figured out. Dong Ma?

(Kat bites her lip and nods in agreeance)

(Captian looks over to Path)

Captian- So, Do you think you can Fix him.

(Path folds his arms)

Path- It would take a 3D neurolizer for me to be able to determine what exactly they did to him...

Captian- Okay, so where do we find this 3D neuro-thing.

(Summer and Storm speaks in unison)

Summer and Storm- An alliance Medical facilty...

(Captian shakes his head)

Captain-(With sarcasm) Great.

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. - May the road rise with you.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008 11:28 AM


Thank you for tuning into today's edition of "The Verse Signal" on Alliance Network 386. I'm Phillip yang and along side of me is my co-host Michelle McBride. In todays segment I'll be talking to you about The fugitives of The rogue vessel firefly "Tranquility". Guys what are you doing? do you really think you can escape from the alliance? I mean, I 've got to admit, you given them a run for their money, but do you think you can keep running forever?

Michelle- I agree Philip, Tranquility, the cat has been let out of the bag. the whole verse knows about the two Alliance projects you stole. They've tried to bargain with you, and you refused, so what now? i'll tell you what,you all will be captured and if you play your cards right you're only spend life and not death in the penial system.

Philip-Absolutely correct, but i don't have to tell you which option i have my money on. (Laughs). Now, a more serious matter. The extremely dangerous and highly unstable fugitive, Oreo, has struck again, with so far seventeen murders on the familar grounds of Silas Five. I'm sure alot of you remember the major explosion of the Silas Five Medical Labortory some months back, that resulted in more the Fourteen deaths. The alliance has issued a tougher security measure to be passed and also patrols have tripled in the shipping lanes, Check points and docking Ports.

Michelle- I'm Michelle Mcbride

Philip- And i'mk Philip yang for "the Verse Signal" on the Alliance Network 386


Tuesday, December 2, 2008 5:36 PM


"we also need to make a quick stop on AQUILA, OJIN needs to see me briefly."
we'll head there 1st, then get ELBARTO on our way to this neural scanner place.
then we'll get our OREO fixed up, then we all get to throttle him, shiny?... no, not you SHINY." - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008 8:02 AM


*In the Infirmary*

Shiny walks over to a cabinet to find some bandages.

Oreo is sitting on a stool with his head in his hands.

Oreo:'is it really true that I'm part of this crew?.

Shiny:" yea its true'.

Oreo;" what about Kat. is she really my sister?

Shiny:" Oreo look at me"

Oreo lifts his head and looks at shiny.

Shiny: "Oreo I need you to trust me,
I would neverlie to you or try to deceive you in any way.

You are part of this crew, but this crew is special.. We are family, You are part of this family.

We will help you in anyway possible.

Shiny sits down:"now will you help me bandage up my leg"?

Oreo walks over to shiny and starts putting antiseptic on her wounds.

Shiny is grimacing from the sting.

Oreo:" why would care so much about me?

Shiny: " right now... I want to hit you.

Oreo looks at Shiny with a concerned look on his face.

Shiny laughs:" just wrap my leg.

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008 10:29 AM


(The Captain walks into the infirmary)

Captain- Well heres a sight I thought i never see. Oreo doin the doctorin'.

(captain Looks at shiny)

Captain-How are you feelin'?

(Shiny, still grimacing from the sting of the antiseptic)

Shiny- I'm shiny captain, Oreo here is doing a crack job of fixin me up here...course, if it hadn't been for him tossin me round like a rag doll in the first place....

(Oreo, lets the comment go and continues to finish)

Captain- Well, Oreo wouldn't be Oreo if he differnet go round tossin folks about. Thats what I hired him for, but i would like it if the tossin' was to dealt towards folks who weren't art of this boat. Dong Ma?

(Oreo still not sure about the whole situation, looks up at shiny and nods his head in agreeance)

Captian- Well, i just came to let you know what the plan is.

Shiny- (sarcastically) wow, we have a plan?

Captain- Yes, Shiny, on few occassions i do come up with a plan or at least i try to.

(Captain looks over at Oreo)

captain- Seems there might be a way to get oreo memory back, by use of a neuro- logic-thing or other

Shiny- you mean a 3D neurolizer, it's used to project a 3D image of the.....

(Captain Cuts of Shiny)

Captain- Yes, that thing. But according to path, the only places we can find one is an Alliance Medical Facilty. So you know what that means.

Shiny- we have to be bad guys again?

Captain- Yep. Also, we'll be making a stop on Aquila for a spell, gotta make good on a little business there.

Shiny- And Elbarto?

Captain- As soon as we can jump start Oreo head again and get him back to his old self, well the "self" we're used to, then we go get El.

Oreo- sounds like a plan...

(captain pats oreo on the back)

captain- see, i'm starting to like him again already. Chows in Ten.

(captain leaves the infirmary)

Oreo- shouldn't put to much weight on it, might start to bleed again.

Shiny- great, so how am i supposed to get to the galley.

(Oreo sets the rest of the bandages on the counter and then scopes up Shiny into his arms.)

Shiny(thinking to herself)- Ask a stupid question...Get oreo carrying me to the galley

(With shiny in Oreo arms, he turns and leaves the infirmary heading towards the galley.)

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. - May the road rise with you.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008 10:47 AM


(In a hallway)

(As the eight guards take El back to his cell. a ninth guard appears)

Guard 9: I need four of you. a new shipment is coming in and you guys know what that's like.

(Four guards follow the new guard down a hallway)

Elbarto (Thinking): This is my best chance.

(Elbarto reaches into his back and grabs the knife he has tucked in there. He uses the blade to free his hands. He takes the knife and jabs it into a guards neck. Then he steps behind a second guard and puts him in a neck hold. The front two guards turn around, guns blazing. The bullets go into the armor of the guard Elbarto is holding hostage. El then uses the guards gun to kill the front two. Finally he breaks the last guards neck. Elbarto realizes he has only a minute or two to get to Claire. Elbarto straps an assault rifle to his back, and takes four pistols from the guards. He puts two pistols in the small of his back, and one in each hand. He takes off to get Claire.)

(Elbarto makes it to the cell without running into anyone.)

Claire: Gideon!

El: Claire we are getting out of here.

(El throws claire a pistol)

El: Know how to use one of these?

(Claire catches the gun and chambers a round)

Claire: You bet.

(Claire looks into El's face and sees him smiling)

Claire: You're having fun aren't you?

El: Is is that obvious? I love the thrill of battle. Battle is where my sense are heightened the most. Plus you heard what Cole said. I'm a killing machine. I would hate to disappoint.

(As if on cue a guard rushes around the corner)

Guard: Freeze!

(Without looking, Elbarto raises a pistol and shoots the guard in the head.)

Elbarto: Lets move.

(Elbarto and Claire start running down the hallway.)

Claire: What's the plan?

Elbarto: We need to find a radio so i can contact my ship. Then were gonna make our way to the motor pool and steal something with wheels.

Claire: That's it?

Elbarto: Don't worry, things are bound to get more complicated.

When you can't run you crawl. When you can't do know the rest.


Thursday, December 4, 2008 5:58 PM


the crew meets in the galley.

"ok, here's the deal, we should be landing shortly on AQUILA. this will just be a brief visit.
OJIN needs to see me, plus he may have intel on ELBARTOS whereabouts, his spy guild is everywhere.
he'll also have detailed info on the neuro-thinga-whatchy that OREO needs, beins' that AQUILA has many medical experts."
"to get inside the ALLIANCE medical facility we'll have to dress like a cleaning crew... maybe KAT can create some badges for us.
PATHFINDER you'll probably have to run the neuro-thinga-whatchy once we get inside the ALLIANCE complex."
"SHINY, you'll stay on TRANQUILITY with THE TWINS and O2."
"now let's eat and get to AQUILA."

"O2, take us in when you're ready."

SUMMER looks at STORM who is leaning over.

SUMMER: "are you ok?"

STORM: " i don't feel right." - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Friday, December 5, 2008 10:43 AM


(summer and Storm sit across from Oreo,Staring at him. Ocassionally whispering to one another)

Storm(Whisper)- He's sad...

Summer(Whisper)- I know...

Storm (Whisper)- but I can't read his mind, he's blocking.

(summer continues to stare)

Storm(Whisper)- I don't feel right...

(Shiny notices the twins staring at oreo, she signals to them to stop staring, but she herself can't help but to take a glance at Oreo)

Shiny(thinking to herself)- What are you thinking?

(captain suddenly Breaks the the silence that is surrounding the table)

Captain- After we rescue El, and get Oreo's brain pan working right, we need to see bout making some coin, which menas we need to start finding some deeds need be doin.

Kat- But Captian, you seen the wanted posters and the news on the cortex, everybody is lookin for us.

Captain- Yep, I was thinkin per-maybe-haps we hit some of the backwater towns, the Mudder's camps and the like. Can't restock and make repairs with cashy money.

(Shiny suddenly speaks out)

Shiny-I wanna go with Path and Oreo...

(captian folds his arms)

Shiny- Well, that just ain't gonna happen. You're the best with the twins. can you imagine o2 babysittin? It be like two telepathic bulls runn circle round a rodeo clown.

(o2 shots the captain a look of sarcastic gratitude)

Shiny- But captian, i've been there with Oreo everytime he's been hurt, it might make the whole gorramn thing go more smoothly with him havin me there.

captain- And what if it don't go smooth...

Kat-which it usually don't

Captian- Will you stop that?

(kat tries to hide a slight smirk)

Captain- What if Oreo decides to go all wooly and start hurlin you about again. I can't afford to loose the verse's greatest mechanic.

(Summer stands up)

Summer- he won't. He want's to be better.He wants to remember.

(Storm grabs Summer by the wrist)

Storm- what are you doing summer? you can't read his mind, remember?

Summer- no, but i can feel his heart.

(the crew looks at Oreo, who is deep in thought and not wary of the conversation going on around him)

Shiny- Please captian, Let me go?

(captian,still staring at oreo leans forward in his chair, arms still folded)

Captain- What do you think Oreo? Oreo?

(Shiny shakes oreo to try and snap him out of his trance. Oreo suddenly face forward, his face landing square on the table and he begins snoring)

Captain(Surprised look on his face)- tell me he didn't just pass out...

(kat leans over and removes a napkins that covering an empty bottle of whiskey)

Shiny- wow this whole time, i thought he was just deep in thought.

Path- I guess its nice to see some things haven't changed.

(The whole crew begins to laugh, something that hadn't been done in quite some time)

Captain (still chuckleing)- you know, someone is going to have to carry him to his bunk.

(The crew suddenly becomes quiet. a few seconds of staring at on another goes by and then in unison)

The crew- I think he'll be fine here.

(And continue laughing about the situation)

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. - May the road rise with you.


Friday, December 5, 2008 1:03 PM


"did OREO just go crazy and pass out?...
or am I going crazy... because i'm going to let shiny go on the mission... and then he passed out? i think it's the latter."
"we actually may need a mechanic for this job because we will need to acquire, or build, a small ship to move around on the planet.
that means KAT, you'll have to stay with TRANQUILITY, dong ma? if anything happens to us, you come down and get us, savvy?
if we are going to look like a real 'cleaning company', or better yet 'maintenance' company and walk through the front door, we'll need to have our own vehicle, and SHINY can put one together, plus we can't just fly into ALLIANCE space with TRANQUILITY. OJIN may have a vehicle we can use, if not, we'll hit a scrapyard for parts."
" 'kay, we should be breakin' atmo' in a few... so prep for a short stop then it's off to... i think ARIEL, that would be the likeliest place for the kind of tech. that we need."
"KAT, start the hacking of the ALLIANCE system and set it up so that we are the new maintenance company. then tell their system that there is a problem on the same floor level where the neuro-thinga-watchy is, so we can get there a little easier."

SHADOW starts to walk out of the galley and turns around:
"...and when we land, someone please wake up SK... i mean OREO."

STORM looks at SUMMER: "i really DO feel sick and dizzy."

PATFINDER walks over to STORM and puts his hand on STORMS head. then looks to the group.
"he's burning up! let's get him to his room. OREO must have brought something back from SILAS 5 with him. these TWINS would have a different immune system than we do, we never thought of that."
"we better check both of you out." - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Friday, December 5, 2008 7:35 PM


TRANQUILITY sets down in DRAGONBACK mountains of AQUILA.
KAT shakes OREO to wake him up. they join the rest of the crew outside the ship, except for SHINY, who stays aboard TRANQUILITY to take care of THE TWINS who are now both showing signs of the same sickness.
the crew is greeted by SENSEI OJIN and his staff and lead to a banquet hall for a meal that includes real food.
while the crew is still eating , OJIN leans over to SHADOW to whisper something.

OJIN: "SHADOW, there is a pressing matter that needs to be addressed now, please follow me."

the two get up from the long banquet table, almost unnoticed in the festivities, and proceed out of the hall, down a long corridor, and into a small medical room.

OJIN: "please sit down SHADOW, this should just take a moment."

OJIN takes out a small laser scalpel.

OJIN: "turn around please." - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Saturday, December 6, 2008 4:50 AM


Ojin anesthetizes the back of Shadows neck and uses the laser scalpel to quickly remove a microchip from the base of his neck.

Ojin: "I'm sorry that we had to use you as a 'carrier' for this information Shadow, but this data is too important and i needed it urgently.

Shadow: "So that's why my neck was bothering me. How'd that get there? What is it? Why was it there? Who put it there?

Ojin: "Slow down my old friend. Here's what is happening:
The Alliance has many secret projects, one of them is your friend Oreo, as a subject in the 'Operation Reaver Echo One' [Two and Three] Project.
Another is 'The Gemini Project', which the Twins Storm and Summer are part of.
This latest project is called 'The T.S.R. Echo'.
It is a hybrid project of the 1st 2. It is generating 'Super Reavers' with heightened awareness and mental powers, and always produces twins -
1 male (xy chromosomes), and 1 female (xx chromosomes).
My spies from the Desert Guild on the Dust planet learned of this secret Alliance project when they infiltrated the underground base there, not the 'outpost' that's in the small town, but a large, subterranean complex in the desert. A perfect place for a hidden base-inhospitable for miles around.
When you were in the jail on Dust planet, The Guild arranged for you to be set free into the desert, where you could be 'retrieved' and brought to the Guild base. Then we inserted this chip in your neck for transport here.
We use humans for this sort of transport for many reasons:
1. The human body acts as an insulator for the chip.
2. This method also reduces the chance that the chip may be stolen or lost.
3. It also reduces the risk of damage.

I'm sorry we had to use you like this my friend but this Alliance project must be stopped and the data on this chip, and the 1st chip that we received a few days ago by the 1st 'carrier', is of the highest importance.

Shadow accepts the apology from his old teacher, then they reminisce of the the time when Shadow was rescued from raiders on his homeworld [planet Shadow] and brought to Aquila when he was just 7 years old, were he was given The nickname 'Shadow'.
Finally the two rejoin the banquet.

Shadow: "Sensei, I'm worried about my crew member Elbarto. He's also on Dust planet but missing, and we fear the worst.

Ojin: "I do not think we've heard the last from my old student Elbarto. When he was here on Aquila before he joined your ship, he was more than just a guard. He is ninja trained and an expert in desert survival. If he doesn't escape outright, he may send You or I a signal to reveal his location. he could convert any type of electronic device into a beacon if so needed. If he needs water he could dig deeply into the sand and extract the moisture from the wet sand below."
If you dig deep enough, Shadow, you can usually find what you need."

The two finish their conversation.
Ojin is seen encouraging Oreo, then giving a small device to Pathfinder.
Finally Ojin asks Shadow one last thing:

Ojin: "Shadow, when you are on Ariel, if you can, please try to locate the any information about another of my old students, Derrial Book, it would mean a lot to me."

The Tranquility crew begins to prepare for the next mission: Ariel

Shadow: "O2, clear all your plastic dinosaurs off the control panel and take us out to the black."

Shiny: "So, about this 'ship' we need for
'the maintainence job', are we buildin' a ship or fixin' a ship?"


Sunday, December 7, 2008 9:41 AM


Once you all decide let me know.

Shiny walks to the infirmary.

Shiny: Hi Path, are the twins sick?

Pathfinder walks over to Shiny and whispers.
"somethings not right,
their both showing signs of a sickness,
but my reader is saying their fine".

Path looks at shiny, "This concern's me,
We need to quarantine them, Until I find out whats going on."

Shiny,: "quarantine? isn't that a little drastic?

You should talk to Captain first,
plus maybe their bodies are doing a good job at fighting the sickness off"?

Path: "Shiny somethings wrong, you need to remember these twins where part off a breeding program through the alliance,

Their is more to this than meets the eye.
And I aim to find it out.

Perhaps I will wait on the quarantine,

But If I feel it's necessary I will.

Shiny; " know better than us."

Shiny turns to walk away then stops, "path are we in any danger?"

Pathfinder looks at the twins then back at shiny.
"I don't know shiny, I hope not."

Path grabs his scanner and starts scanning summer.
Shiny watches path for a minuet then leaves.

She walks to the galley and sits down.
She's in deep thought.

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Monday, December 8, 2008 11:29 AM


(Ojin turns to leave with the Captain leaving Oreo and kat in the Hallway, suddenly Oreo callaspes. Kat Quickly kneels down to aid him)

Kat- my god...

(Kat immediately jerks her hands away from him, the captain and ojin come running back)

Captian- Kat, what the hell happened?

Kat- I don't know, he just fell out and now he's feels like he's on fire.

(Captain reaches over and touches Oreo on his forearm and quickly jerks his hand away)

Captain- Gorramnit!

(Ojin Reaches for a com and the wall of the hallway)

Ojin- I need medical personal in The SouthWith Hallway! Bring, Cold water, rubbergloves, and towels!

(Back on The Ship, path is in the process of scanning the twins, when he accidently brushes against summer. Instantly he jerks away dropping his clipbaord)

Path- What?

(He's turn to Storm, takes a few deep breathes and grabs Storms hand. instantly a burning sensational engulfs his arm and he let's go. quickly making his way to the sink, he cuts on the cold water and runs his hands through the water.)

(Path reaches for his com)

****Coms Shiny****

Shi...Shiny, you might wanna get to down here a.s.a.p!

****Ends com****

(Shiny doesnt't bother to even com back, she ruches out of the galley and down to the infirmary)

Shiny- What's going on?!

(Shiny rushes over to check on the twins)

Path- NO! (Stopping Shiny in her tracks) Don't touch them.

(Path shows shiny the burn in his hand)

(Shiny looks in bewilderment)

Shiny- I don't understand, their fevers are hot enough to burn skin, but not the sheets on the bed...or the bed.

(Path still feeling the after affects of the burn)

Path- It is quite remarkable,but at the same time something very dangerous is going on with these two. We need Oreo back here, i need to run some tests on him.

Shiny- I'll com the Captain...

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. - May the road rise with you.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008 5:14 PM



"captain, get back to the ship, we have a medical emergency back here! its THE TWINS, and maybe PATH too, he touched them and something happened. and bring OREO. PATHFINDER needs to check him."

SHADOW: "he'll be coming back on a stretcher, he's down too! looks like some kind of contagion.
we may have to use TRANQUILITY as a makeshift quarantine lab. we'd better all get aboard and get into the black so's we don't bring a 'world o' hurt' to the people of AQUILA. we'll work this out on our way to the scrapyard on ARIEL, hopefully we get this sorted in time. 'sides, maybe the med facility on ARIEL will have some meds we can 'borrow' to cure this. we'll be on the ship momentarily."

the medical team wheels OREO onto TRANQUILITY while they ice him down-careful not to touch him. - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008 8:27 AM


Shiny's watching the crew bring Oreo to the infirmary.

Shiny, "Captain whats going on? This doesn't make sense."

Captain,"I don't know."

The Captain walks over to Path and looks at his burn.

Shiny stands next to Oreo she can feel extreme heat radiating from his body.

Shiny keeps putting ice and cold cloths on Oreo.
She watches the steam raise off of him.
"Oreo you'll be OK."

Oreo opens his eyes and looks at shiny.

Shiny turns away Hoping he dosen't see the doubt in her eyes.

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008 9:22 AM


(In an instant the twins and oreo begin to convulse.)

Captain- Everyone! Stay Back! Don't touch'em!

Kat- What In The Verse Is Happening To Them!

(The Twins begins Screaming, Their arms and legs bucking and frailing around, Oreo, Screeching and imitating the same movements as the twins)

(Slowly the three begin to calm down, each foaming at the mouth and breathing hard. Thier eyes closed.)

(Captain Grabs o2 by the arm)

Captain- Get to the brigde and plot a gorram course to ariel. Now!

(o2 dashes out the infirmary up to the brigde. Path visual scans the three.)

Path- I think whatever happened has sub-sided, for now, but It looks like they're in a coma.

Shiny- a...a coma, oh my god...

Path- I don't think it's serious (Knowing in the back of his mind that the situation was pretty damn serious), but we need to get them to the Ariel Med lad as soon as possible. What ever this is..I don't think its contagious, least not for us, but for them, it might...

Captain- Kill them. FAY-FAY duh PEE-yen, Kat come with me...

(Captain rushes out and up to the brigde, Kat follows)

(Shiny looks at path, wanting to say something but the words are just caught in her throat)

(Path looks at shiny knowing what she wants to say)

Path-yes, shiny, it's serious. you better go see whats going on up on the brigde, I have everything in hand here, i'll com you if things worsen. oh, here take this the captain, you can look it over if you want too, I'd been searching the cortex for any information i could find on Oreo and found this.

(Shiny takes the paper and Makes her way to the Brigde)

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. - May the road rise with you.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008 10:35 AM


(The sound of foot steps approaching can be heard, without even turning artound to see who it is, irish beings to speak)

I've just recieved word back from our clean up crew on Silas 5. No sign of Echo One or the crew of tranquility. (Turns around in his chair)They got away, again.

(A figure standing in the shadows on the tiny cubicle room steps forward)

My dear Irish, the raid on Silas 5 was merely a smoke screen for the real Plan to be set into motion.

(Irish looks at Jaykins in confusion)

real plan sir?

(jaykins places a hand on Irish's shoulder)

Yes, I've had this all planned out his since after the chou ma niao stole my Bride to be from me. I had a team set up ventilation units all over the complex on silas 5. For the past months thy've been pumping a deadly neuro agent in the air around and in the complex.If all goes to plan, I guess our little toys should be going through a very painful and violent shut down of the nervous system.

(Irish interjects)

But known of our people have been sick or died...

(Jaykins chcukles)

Correct, it's only deadly to those who share the bio- genetic gene, like those twins and that freak Echo One.

(A smrik creeps over Irish's face)

But what of the crew of tranquility?

(Jaykins lets out a loud burst of laughter)

They are no more of a concern to me, They will be dealt with in time, it's echo one and the twins that i wanted, dead or alive.

(Jaykins crosses arms and begins to leave the room)

But, unfortunatly they choose "Dead".

I will find him among you,even though you don't see him........


Wednesday, December 10, 2008 7:02 PM


SHADOW stands next to O2 on the bridge as TRANQUILITY takes off for ARIEL, and thinks...

* that was not a funny joke but i was trying to ease the tension. *

TRANQUILITY flies at top speed and soon reaches ARIEL.

SHADOW: "O2, put us in orbit. we're not landing TRANQUILITY, beins' that we're wanted and all. so you and i are taking a shuttle with SHINY down to the
FOX IMPOUND SHIPYARD to procure a vehicle that we will modify into a maintenance ship to 'service' the ALLIANCE facility.

* coms KAT *
"KAT, i need you on the bridge."

KAT joins the two on the bridge.

"KAT, i need you to fly the ship while O2, SHINY and i go rebuild a small ship for this mission, dong ma?
when we're finished, and we have a working vehicle, we'll fly it back here with the shuttle. then i'll take OREO, THE TWINS, PATH, and SHINY with me to the ALLIANCE med center to get OREOS brain scanned and get medicine for him and THE TWINS. there's a lot of 'moving parts' to this mission so we need to communicate with each other."

"SHINY, meet us in shuttle 1."

SHADOW, O2 and SHINY fly shuttle 1 down to the FOX IMPOUND SHIPYARD - a huge section of ARIEL that is used to impound confiscated ships, as well as a junk yard, and begin to look for a usable vessel to rebuild into a 'maintenance' ship.

they wander through the IMPOUND for a long time until they turn a corner, and stop in their tracks, stunned at what they see... a FIREFLY... an '03'!
then they see the golden shield painted on the side with the chinese symbol 平静.

SHINY: "what's TRANQUILITY doing down here?"

SHADOW stares at the ship.

SHADOW: "thats our sistership, SERENITY!.
we share the same chinese symbol, [ 平静 ].
it means tranquility AND serenity.
so this is where she's been. i would love to get her out of here, but right now we can't. we have a mission. plus we don't have enough to buy her from the yardmaster here... but OJIN does.
i'll let him know about this, but right now we need a maintenance ship.

they all take 1 last look at SERENITY, then move along again, finally finding a usable ship for the 'ARIEL job'.
SHADOW pays the YARDMASTER for the ship and flies it back to TRANQUILITY, behind O2 and SHINY in shuttle 1.

the crew fixes the maintenance ship and paints her the 'look the part'.

SHADOW: "looks like we're ready to hit the hospital. let's get O and THE TWINS." - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Thursday, December 11, 2008 2:55 PM


Shiny follows capt to the infirmary.

Shiny,"Captain I forgot, Path handed me this paper to give to you."

Shiny hands Captain the paper, she continues to the infirmary once inside the room she walks over to the twins they both appear to be sleeping, she looks at Oreo who also looks to be sleeping.

Shiny to Path," Captain wants them ready, The maintenance ship is leaving for Ariel soon. Path I'm worried, about this, the twins and Oreo are so unreliable in their actions, I don't think it's safe."

Path scanning Oreo, "I know Shiny, But lets hope once we scan Oreo's brain We will be able to help him and possibly the twins.

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Saturday, December 13, 2008 1:43 PM


* incoming message from AQUILA *

"SHADOW, here are the access codes you'll need to access the ALLIANCE facility for your friends' procedure, and for the subterranean records level, where i hope you can find the records we talked about on my old student DERRIAL BOOK.

access codes to follow:

OJIN out.

the ARIEL team is assembled -
they board the maintenance ship and head to the ALLIANCE FACILITY on ARIEL, where KAT has hacked into the hospitals system and set up a 'maintenance' issue on the level close to where the neuro imager is.

"O2, there's a small moon nearby.
land TRANQUILITY there until you hear from us, it's safer than staying in orbit. its not a habitable moon, so you'll have to stay inside, but it's a good hiding place."

the team lands near the hospital and enters with the codes that OJIN provided.
they walk through a long labyrinth of hallways until they come to the 'imaging lab'.

"well PATH, looks like here's where you do your thing with OREO and THE TWINS. SHINY, stay and help PATH work here, i'll be baaaack."

SHADOW uses his other codes to access the stairwell to the subterranean records level,
and again to open the door, once he reaches it.
the door slides open... 'whooosh' then closes, 'whooosh'.

feeling overwhelmed SHADOW thinks:
*this place is huge*

he begins walking through aisle after aisle, trying to find any reference to DERRIAL BOOK.
finally, after 'kind of' figuring out the categorization system, SHADOW finds a section called OP/AG:BO-BU.
hurriedly, SHADOW flips through a bunch of IDENT CARDS until he gets to 'BOOK-DERRIAL'.


he looks at it...

then he starts to leave... then stops,
looks back at the long rows of filing cabinets...

"i wonder..." - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Sunday, December 14, 2008 7:33 AM


SHADOW slowly walks back towards the long rows of filing cabinets, his mind now churning.

* they must have records of everyone in the 'verse here, these files go on for a mile. that's why OJIN sent me here. this is the main records section for the whole ALLIANCE. there must be records on all of us in here. *

SHADOW rushes back to the files and starts looking for all the crew members' files by name.
stopping again he remembers the 'paper' that SHINY gave him from OREO.

* maybe it has info on it that i can use to help my search here. *

he takes it out and looks at it:

* there's a couple of codes embedded in the fabric of this document!
1 above the eagle... and another down here, on the right, in chinese.
well 1st lets look up SKYE L. JORDSON. *

SHADOW roams the aisles until he comes to JOR-JOS, and finds file:
AL/CIV/EXP# 666-543-8766-MDK 'SKYE L.JORDSON'.
he tries to open the small locked safe that's inside this file drawer but its locked.

* wow, locked, even to people with the clearance to get this far. *

he starts to move on to the next crew members name but stops.

* hmmm... wait, lets try this code thats above the eagle. *

he tries the code.
it opens the small safe.
SHADOW takes out the contents.
a few very interesting documents, some other personal items which he puts in his browncoat and a different type of IDENT CARD.

* looks like an access card. i'm thinkin' i may need this sooner than later. *

a door opens behind him... - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Sunday, December 14, 2008 11:27 AM


Shiny helps path put the twins under the neureo scanner.

Path:"Shiny stay near the door if you hear someone... signal me."

Shiny nods, she walks over to the closed door and listens as she watches path start the machine.

The images of the twins brains are displayed, Path goes as close as he can to the images and say's

with a shocked look on his face."how could the alliance do this to innocent children?"

Shiny, "Path what is it?"

Path,"they stripped their amygdala."

Shiny,"what does that mean?"

Path," It strips them of their ability to filter out fear, which means they feel everything."

path downloads the information into his device.

Path," Shiny help me with Oreo."

Shiny helps put Oreo under the scanner, She walks
back to the door.

Shiny whispers, "path I hear footsteps coming."

Path stares at shiny, Shiny holds her breath,
The foot steps pass by and fades away.

Shiny,"it's ok now."

Path starts up the machine again and Oreos brain is displayed.

Path, " I've never seen anything like this".
he walks around the image.
Path stops walking and starts downloading oreos info into his devise.

Shiny just stares at the image. then looks at path.

Shiny," I don't know much about this stuff but I know Oreo brain dosen't look like what i thought it should.

Path, "Your right shiny, its like the alliance tried to pull apart oreos brain and rebuild it to their specification. No one with a conscience could do this.
I will need to examine this further once where back on Tranquility."

Path then takes a needle and extracts blood from oreos vein and puts it in another machine to examine it.

Path," the readouts show extremely high levels of a paxillon hydrochloride compound."

Shiny looks at Path," I could of told you that."

Path downloads all the data to his device.
Then he helps himself to all the medical supplys and medicine in the room in hopes it will help the twins and Oreos sickness and restock the infirmary.

Path, Ok Shiny Where done here help me get them ready for our departure.

Shiny walks over to the twins and put them back in the maintence cart then helps Path put Oreo back in his.

Shiny straining and out of breathe,Pushes Oreo in the cart, She accidentally bangs his head on the side.

Shiny, "sorry Oreo."

Path," don't worry shiny he didn't feel a thing."

Then Path, pulls out a syringe and injects Oreo with a medicine that will help him wake up.

Path," I don't know how long it will take for Oreo to respond to the injection, So maybe I will give him a tattoo."

Pathfinder and Shiny both laugh at the thought.

Shiny pushes the twins down the hallway and path is following her.

Shiny whispers loud enough for path to hear her,
"where the captain? shouldn't he be here by now?"

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Monday, December 15, 2008 10:47 AM


(Path pull the sryinge from Oreo's arm and wipes a small stray of blood from the poke area)

Path- Ok there, i don't know how this is going to react with oreo's body, but hopefully it'll help bring him round.

(Shiny looks over at the twins)

Shiny- What about the children?

(Path wraps the syringe in a piece of cloth and puts it in a bag)

Path- The medicine is experimental to say the least. I don't want to use it on them till i see what it can do.

Shiny- so you're using oreo a lab rat!

(Path motion for shiny to keep her voice down)

Path- No i'm not...well, yes, i guess. I need to know the side affects. Oreo's body is more then capable of taking the punishment. If there are side affects, i'll have better knowledge on how to improve the medicine and make it safe to be able to give to the summer and storm.

(Shiny, somewhat aggiated knows that alot of the medical jargon goes over her head and she has yet to see Path harm anyone.)

Shiny- Path, i hope it works, cause if it doesn't...I'll never forgive.

Path- Believe me, that'll make two of us. I'm pretty sure with the data i collected on the three of them, i'll be able to reverseing what the alliance did. At least for the twins.

(Shiny quickly looks at Path in confusion)

Shiny- The twins? and Oreo too right?

(path turns his head away from Shiny)

Path- From what i've see of his neuro images, Oreo's brain is beyond repairing...

Shiny- beyond! how can he be beyond?

(Path once again motions for shiny bring her voice down)

Path- Look, for the most part the body can heal its self alone with the help of white blood cells, red blood cells and the like right?

Shiny- I guess...

Path- thus, the begins to, regenerate, or grow new skins cells from a knife would or a gun shot. Well oreo is still capable of doing that on the outside of his body, still heal like a normal person, but on the side of his body it different.

Shiny- Different? How?

Path- Part of his brain, were removed and replaced with synthetic's, micro chips, old parts and some new. His body was never able to adapt to the constant experimenting. So, i guessing when the alliance began introducing reaver D.N.A with his, they over whelmed his body in order for his genetic make-up, his body, what ever you wanna call, to accept and become the half breed that he is now. shiny, I'm sorry, there is no way to reverse what they have done to him. The best i can do for oreo is help him control it better so thathe can live a somewhat normal life, but from now to the end of his days, he will forever be half human and half reaver.

(Shiny fights to hold back tears)

Shiny- So thats it? theres nothing more then surpressing it that we can do? I told him we'd help him, we came all this way to find nothing.

(path puts an arm around shiny)

Path- even in the darkest night, one can always find light. I won't give up shiny, as much as this big lug gives me headaches he is still family and crew. Just like the twins, you and everybody else. We don't give up. I promise you, i will keep trying.

(Shiny tries to quickly wipe a tear before it falls donw her cheek)

Shiny- Will you be able to bring back oreo's memories?

(Path quickly perks up)

Path-Ahhhhhh...that i can do, and i already know how. I'm going to need your help. but first, lets get outta here and find the captain.

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat. - May the road rise with you.


Monday, December 15, 2008 6:05 PM


... then ... whoosh, the door closes.

SHADOW looks for the best hiding place.
the back wall. it has some inlets where some doors are.
he quietly moves to the back, and ducks into an inlet. he hears 2 sets of footsteps walking towards him... getting closer and closer.
he tries the door but it's locked.
then the footsteps turn and walk down the aisle where SHADOW came from. he carefully looks around the corner just in time to catch a glimpse of the backs of 2 men in suits with blue hands.
they continue walking down the aisle of the vast records complex.

* maybe this access card from SKYES file will work. *

he slides the card into the card slot and the door opens. he quickly moves inside and the door closes.
SHADOW now sees a sign on the wall:
= S E C R E T P R O J E C T R E C O R D R O O M =

* well, lets see what i can find in here. *

SHADOW, now familiar with the filing system, moves to the JORDSON file area and opens the file drawer with the access card.
he pulls out the 1 document inside:

"THE TWINS!" SHADOW says out loud, realizing their records could be in here too.

he moves to the 'S' area.
he finds both of their files and uses SKYES [OREOS] access card to open both.

* why does HIS card unlock all these these things? he's more than just some experiment. we'll have to have a chat when we see him. *

SHADOW takes out STORM and SUMMERS IDENT CARDS from the file and puts them in his coat.

i need to find the rest of my crews files, not in here. this is just secret projects.

SHADOW carefully checks the larger room that he just came from... no sign of the 'blue hands' men.

* i need to get this info for my crew. *

he heads back into the vast file room. - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008 10:34 AM


SHADOW quietly looks for all the crew members' files and finds them all, one by one.

[see all the TQ IDS full size here]:

he puts them all in a secret compartment of his brown coat, and works his way towards the door.
he gets there.
enters the code... bzzzz - 'ACCESS DENIED'
again... bzzzz - 'ACCESS DENIED'
he tries SKYES card... 'ACCESS DENIED'

"i knew this was too easy." - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008 11:53 AM


badger then sits at his desk and opens up a channel to the ships listed on the bomb letter [except for serenity because she is unmanned]:

"to the crews of tranquility, independence, browncoat and Pegasus - my readings show all of you with your engines currently 'powered down'.
lets keep it this way shall we? i have activated the 'sonic sensor' on the bombs that are attatched to each of your engines, which means...
'you power up - you blow up'!
lets see what you're all made of."
Countdown clock 00:00

I'm above You... better than.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008 1:26 PM


Shiny," Path we need to find captain, somethings wrong he would of met up with us by now.

Path,"I know, I was thinking the same."

Shiny, "we can't keep pushing the carts around like this we'll get caught. I would of thought the drugs would of kicked in with oreo by now, He hard to push."

Shiny starts to think about the situation and cant help chuckle.

Path in a loud whisper,"someones coming."

Shiny and path start pushing the carts faster down the hallway.

Path whispers, "shiny in here."

shiny runs to the front of the cart and starts to push it back through the door that path is holding open. They push the carts against the wall that shares the door and they crouch down.

Shiny whispers,"path I cant hear anything, do you?"

Path shakes his head.

Shiny, "what the....?"

Path turns and looks where shiny is looking.

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008 8:08 PM


KAT goes to the engine room to confirm BADGERS threat.
she finds the situation just as he described.
she runs back to the bridge.

KAT: "O2, try to reach the CAPTAIN or SHINY, anyone, and let them know about the bomb.
tell them we can't fire the ships engines or it will detonate."


xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Friday, December 19, 2008 11:21 AM


Shiny and Paths eyes meets.
Path can see the concern shiny feels.
Path stands up and walks over to one of the long lab tables.

Shiny walks up next to him and looks at a jar that has an unusual object in it.
Shiny with out breaking her gaze.

"Path what is it", then she walks to the next one and looks. "I've never seen this before."

Path, Flipping through a folder that was placed next to one of the clear jars.

"there are some sort of experiments, Its seems like a breeding lab of some sort".

Shiny, " breeding lab? what are they trying to breed?

Path," It seems to be Baby's, I think these jars hold the failed experiments."

Shiny," do you think this is how the twins where given life?"

Path,"It is possible Shiny."

Shiny starts walking slowly past the four Lab Tables. Looking at each Jar and glass canister.

Shiny,"this is sick, How can the alliance do this? and live with themselves?"

Path,"Shiny they think their making a better society, Therefore their doing nothing wrong.

Shiny looks at path. "you seem intrigued by all this?, not disturbed like I am."

Path," Shiny I understand you thoughts and share them with you."

Path takes a few folders and Tucks them under his coat.
"Shiny we need to find the captain lets go."

Shiny stares at path for a moment the walks to the cart, She opens it and whispers, Oreo can you hear me? she receives no response, She closes the lid.

Path opens the door a crack and looks up and down the hallway.
"OK Shiny its safe".

path holds the door open as shiny pushes one cart through then the other one.

She and Path continues pushing the carts down the hallway. Looking for any sign of the captain.

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.


Friday, December 19, 2008 4:52 PM


SHADOW looks for a different exit when, from behind him comes 2 blue handed men in suits.
SHADOW runs in the opposite direction but is grabbed by 2 ALLIANCE soldiers. - TRANQUILITYS War Room [and Lounge] - TRANQUILITYS LEVEL 5 CLEARANCE

xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Saturday, December 20, 2008 4:18 AM


Badger once again 'coms all the ships with bombs in their engines:
Pegasus [colony cruiser docked at Colony Station 1]
Serenity [she is empty, only the Yardmaster at the Fox Impound Shipyard on Ariel gets the 'com]

"To all ships: I wish to make this interesting, so... starting tomorrow, Sunday,
I will disarm 1 bomb, on 1 of the ships, per day.
Do the math, 5 ships, with only 4 days left at that point.
Now we're having fun, yeh?"

Countdown clock 00:00

I'm above You... better than.


Saturday, December 20, 2008 8:29 AM


xie-xie, SHADOW captain 平静
Someone tries to kill you... you try to kill'em right back.


Sunday, December 21, 2008 2:17 PM


Badger 'coms the 5 ships:
"As I promised, i will disarm 1 bomb in one of the ships."
He pushes some buttons on his remote device:
"There. the colony ship Pegasus is free. Tomorrow 1 more ship will be spared."

Countdown clock 00:00

I'm above You... better than.






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