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UPDATED: Monday, February 23, 2009 13:50
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Monday, February 23, 2009 1:28 PM


I would like to invite all the Firefly Role players to come check out the 3D Second Life sim, the accounts are free to make and we have a great build with all the little details that Joss wrote into his series/movie.

If you need help with your avatar or any of the aspects of Second Life, – set up and account and download the software - contact Panda Morpork in Secondlife, I can help you get yourself set up.

THE CONCEPT: ============================

A role-play sim based on the Firefly television series / Serenity movie. The characters and players are loosely based on the show and movie.
The meter for the sim, will be based on survival, you will do what you need to stay alive, flying and stocked with supplies.

This is a Roleplay sim, enhanced with combat when the situation calls for it. We offer an enriched environment that allows our players to live where they play.

TELEPORT into the Eavesdown Docks:

KEY POINTS: ===========================

The sim will have 3 firefly ships and crews, the captains will be picked on a first come, first come serve, they will pick their own crews and appoint the duties within their crews.

Alliance/Federation positions will appoint laws and enforce said laws, according to the series/movie.

Reavers will hunt, kill and maim for survival and scavenging of supplies.

Bounty Hunters - will utilize Alliance/Federal bulletins to track and ascertain a fugitive and bring them in for a reward.

RULES: ===========================

1. Do no bring any drama to this sim.

2. You must wear the sim meter

3. Observers are asked to wear an Observer Titler and not participate in the Roleplay, you may IM someone for information on the series or to ask questions, do not interfere in the Roleplay or speak in the open Out of Character.

4. Have alittle fun, the series was based on a sense of humor, enjoy yourself and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

CONTACTS: ===========================

In Second Life
BrianJ Jenkins
Panda Morpork (

PICTURES: ===========================

Come live where you play, we are looking for quality players to enhance our experience.


Monday, February 23, 2009 1:50 PM


Your little role play sounds good.
But FYI, you prob wanna post in firefly UNIVERSE
since Virtual Firefly is for a specific role play.
You would prob get more reads.

...Also, I can kill you with my brain.






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